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Hi everyone, I’m monkeymonkey42, and my very good friends gave me permission to post their stories on here, a while back, except for the Goldilocks one, that’s mine! They told them to me and I wrote them out for you to read. I really hope you enjoyed those stories?

And this is my real story of the most memorable girl I’ve ever met. I’ll call her Sassy, not her real name of course, she’d have my balls if I shared that with you.

Ever met a woman who likes sex in risky situations? I mean where you are most likely to get seen, caught or end up with an audience? Sassy is one of those women. She told me once that she walked past a building site full of construction workers, wearing only a hi-vis vest and masturbated for fifteen minutes in front of them. That’s what I mean, she’s that woman.

I met her in a bar, set up for us by an old friend of mine and when I asked her to tell me a bit about herself, that’s the first thing she came out with. I rubbed my crotch while she explained it to me. Such an exhibitionist.

How do I describe her you ask? Five-nine tall, brown wavy hair, pretty round face, her eyes remind me of Bambi’s, wide open and sparkly, she sees things that nobody else would. Her tits are perfect, 38c cups, the smoothest legs I’ve ever felt in my life. She has an even thatch of pubic hair, she likes to feel grown up, and men tend to take her seriously if down there isn’t looking like a ‘veal cutlet’, her words not mine. Her pussy lips weren’t too large, she wasn’t tight either, very experienced too, let me tell you.

Sassy told me she was very young when her hymen broke, a boy just lifted her skirt and shoved his fingers in, not for long but she remembers the thrill of everyone seeing him do that. Lost her virginity to four boys at once, they cornered her and she just let them ravish her. When I met her she was 23, I’m a little older.

Right getting back to the story, so we’re in the bar, and we’re talking and hitting it off, and she’s giggly a lot, so I ask why. Her cheeks are flush and she’s blowing her hair from her face, almost every five minutes and sweaty.

“What’s going on with you, Sassy?” I say.

“I’m trying one of those love eggs, it’s in me right now, and I feel so fucking horny!” She’s waving her legs apart and together, enjoying the sensation.

“Whoa! Really?”

“Yeah, check it out?” She invites me to look under the table and true enough, there’s a wire up her snatch, no panties, brown velvety pussy, lips are loose, oh man she wasn’t lying, the juices were definitely flowing. My cock cartwheeled in my pants so quick, I couldn’t think for a minute.

I sat back upright again, trying not to bring attention to her, but she loves the attention, she puts her hand between her legs and pulls the love egg out of her, showing me the complete thing, buzzing and soaking wet. People in the area can see us too, she takes a napkin and sucks the juices from it, wraps the napkin around and puts it in her bag. When we finish our drinks and leave the bar people were actually applauding. We were smiling. We certainly felt the attraction, just like my friend promised.

That was the first night I met here. She jotted down her number and told me to call her the following Friday, she promised me a hell of a time. Kissed me goodbye and said we could be incredible together. She squeezed my cock before getting in a taxi, it was still half mast from her display earlier, everyone was looking of course. I quickly got used to getting stared at.

Friday morning I texted Sassy, she’s a court reporter, she might be depraved and into debauched sex, but she actually has a good job.

“Might wanna meet me at the cafe around the corner, before we go into the court at ten o’clock?” She said and I started off to meet her.

We had coffee, then went into court where she was taking notes on a fraud case happening that day, the public can sit and watch. We sat in the middle row, she took out her notebook and settled down ready. Then we start talking. Sassy goes first.

“I enjoyed the other night, and liked what you’re packing in those pants of yours, bet I can make that big old cock of yours come in sixty seconds, and if I do that, we get to have our first fuck tonight. What do you think?”

“Sixty seconds, in here? Must be honest, I can’t even make myself do that.”

“I’ve jerked about eighty cocks in my lifetime, forty of those in sixty seconds or less sometimes.”

“Well I like fucking, so if you can do that? I’m definitely up for it.”

“Right, take my magazine and hold it on your left thigh?” She says, and I obey, then she turns her back to the guy to her right.

Sassy unbuckles my pants fully and instantly pulls my cock out, I’m hardening straight away, ten seconds in, next she pours some weird gel on the tip and I feel so incredibly hard, like rock candy in her hand, twenty seconds in, she swirls her thumb around the head and smooths the gel down my shaft, thirty seconds have gone by, and my cock is hot, then she starts to close here fist around and furiously jerks me from shaft to tip, forty seconds have gone by, she’s looking in my eyes while jerking me, fifty seconds and I feel the come swell up my cock and then wham, I’m coming loudly into the magazine, sixty seconds, just like she said.

“ooh aah, ooh aah ha, ha!” I go, loudly.

She grabbed for a tissue whilst everyone heard me come and wiped me down, gently put me back in my pants and buckled me up again, a little jizz got on her forefinger and she licked it off with wanton abandonment and waited for the session to start.

“You’d better be good at fucking? Because I keep my promises.” She held my hand and then sighed loudly. The folks in our row just laughed. I’d completely forgotten about them.

We finished in court had lunch and made arrangements for our fuck, later. She kissed me good and proper and I knew then she was really into me, it didn’t matter who was watching, the fact she was doing all this with me is such a turn on.

“I’ll call you about eight, soon as it’s dark, no underwear okay? When I give the location, you’d better come running boy, see you later, monkeymonkey!” That’s the first time she called me it, so it stuck and I use it for producing these stories. She kissed me again and then went back to work.

I got ready and only pulled on some loose joggers, no briefs and a white t-shirt, then the phone rings, at exactly eight o’clock. I hastily answer.

“Meet me at the theater? Nobody’s there right now, I’d love to fuck you on that big stage in there!”

“I’ll see you there soon.”

I scurry out to my car and drive to the theater, Sassy is waiting outside, dressed in a bright yellow plastic coat, zipped up to her throat, no shoes or bag, just the coat. I park up and greet her with a big kiss, she squeezes my cock one more time. checking that I’m going commando. Shes smiles, and those pretty eyes light up.

“Why did you choose here?”

“It’s quiet until nine, we’ve got an hour on the stage before a band is playing tonight, my friend set it up for us.”

“Awesome, let’s go in then?”

“I can’t wait!”

Sassy was so keen for us to do this and I felt like the k** who’d gotten all the candy. So we weave through the theater lobby and up some steps into the stage door and out, we’re surrounded by musical instruments, obviously ready for later. We walk out into the middle and there’s some wooden boxes of various shapes. The curtain is closed off from the auditorium, then she turns to face me.

“Okay here, you can start by taking off this coat for me?” She said, so I moved in closer. “Slowly pull down the zipper?”

My hand moves to the zip and I do what she asks, sliding down the zipper easily and smoothly, her cleavage appears, I open the coat around her smashing tits and stare a them, my dick is swelling up right now, then I lower the zip past her belly and lastly open it up at her pussy, all tidy and I’m feeling very horny.

“Take the coat off?” She demands, and I slide the shoulders off and take the coat from her, she is absolutely stunning, naked.

Her tits are so nice, brown aureole, nipples taught and ready for my mouth to explore, she comes in close and takes my hands, places one on her breasts and the other between her thighs, so I begin the dual tasks of pleasuring her in both areas. Her pussy is moist and partly open, my cock is stretching at the joggers and she sees it grow.

Sassy reaches for my shirt and roughly tugs it over my head, I like roughness, so I’m not bothered, my friend must have told her. She’s researched me, I thought. Then she tugs down my joggers and cups my balls very quickly, with one hand and jerks my cock slowly to it’s full potential, with the other. She kneels down and my cock goes in her wet mouth and she salivates to get further down. This feels so fantastic. Sassy licked from balls to head and sucks me in one more time, moving me back and forth nodding and licking again, we head to the boxes. She halts her blow job to position herself on the boxes, one leg down lower and open from the other, her hips are back and her tits are jutting straight out. She spreads her pussy lips out and I can see her pinkness inside. She presses two fingers in and starts to arouse herself.

“I will need to have total stimulation before the main event, understand?” She wants to have an orgasm from my legendary foreplay, otherwise nothing else can happen, no problem.

I start by kissing her lips and my tongue darts in and out of her mouth, the same mouth that just sucked me raw. I kiss her cheeks, then nuzzle her ears and run my mouth down the sides of her neck, licking her shoulders from right to left and she’s already sighing, I move my hands to her breasts and massage them, flicking my thumbs over her nipples, tweaking them and twisting them more erect, then go back to kissing them and licking in between her cleavage, she’s looking at me the whole time. Those eyes are so damn sexy.

My hand moves back down to her clitoris and I rub my thumb over the hood and push it gently back, my forefinger rubs her in a circle before moving slowly down her slit and my fingers venture in. She’s soaking and so easy to enter, and her sighing is getting more passionate now. I stop lapping at her breasts to kiss her deeply again and she gets fully involved with that too. My fingers work their magic downstairs flowing deep into her and she’s bucking on my hand as juices are beginning to ooze out.

I can feel her whole body tensing up as she prepares to come for me, I break from kissing and step between her legs, push them more open and have access to her whole cunt . I lick up the groove and linger on her lips with my mouth, sucking them in, she’s churning away on those boxes and sighing once more, the juices are coming fast and my face is covered.

I lick and finger simultaneously. Then it happens, she erupts loudly, spraying a fine long jet of ejaculate, right into my face, she’s calling and moaning and sighing while I still have my tongue in there, just tasting the whole lot. The stage looks a right mess but that’s just the beginning. We’ve been about twenty minutes and I’ve stimulated her fully. Her face tells it all, the same as at the bar.

Sassy give me one last blow job, long and deep, before we get to it. My dick is fully erect and ready to go, when people from the band start to sidle in, to rehearse, they stare at us, then we stare back.

“Oh come on, you’re a rock band, haven’t you seen sex before, just jam as if we aren’t even there!” Says Sassy. Her nakedness and mine right there for them to see.

They just move around us to sort out their instruments, and Sassy moved me onto the boxes, lays me on my back, gets up on top of me, my cock standing proudly up and she squats right down on me, and begins to fuck me. Slowly pressing her pussy down my cock until her ass is squashing my balls, then she rises up again, the band players are watching her ride me, and they’re also starting to play music. She starts to bobs up and down on me, her thrusts getting easier, then she moves her hips in a circle, while I’m up there, starts to gyrates and it feels terrific. She speeds up a bit, but not too fast, easy strokes and my cock is loving it. Her cervix is working open and closed around my shaft, and I’ve never felt such a feeling before, it feels like an extra dimension or something, can’t totally explain.

Sassy kisses me deeply and my hands grab at her tits, pulling at her nipples and squeezing them hard together, she’s already gasping to breathe and the band are now tuning up with scales, as if to create a rhythm for us, but we’re really focused on each other.

Sassy gets off me and offers up her ass, leaning on another box, before pushing my cock into her the curtain opens to the auditorium, the lights brighten up and people are sitting in their seats waiting for the band to begin, man there must be about fifty people there already, but anyway on with pleasing Sassy’s pussy. I glide up deep into her and fuck quickly, the crowd is murmuring but it’s just noise to me. I hold her hips firmly and move back and forth, the squelching started up again and I feel her pussy convulse and I move back as another stream of ejaculate sprays out on to the floor, the audience gasp at the stream of liquid coming from her. Her moaning tells me the orgasm is starting up.

“Oh, fuck my ass? Please fuck my ass?” She begs.

I push Sassy to her knees on the lower box, her ass is high up in the air, ready for me, I spit on my hand and polish my dick, then push into Sassy’s ass, haven’t done anal until now, but it felt even better than easing up her pussy, I’m halfway in and I start to push and pull back, getting further with each thrust, her feet are flaying as I start pumping at her asshole. My balls sound great slapping against her pussy, and she’s reaching with her hand to rub her clit, building herself up for yet another orgasm, as I’m feeling the tingle too, I driving into her faster now and her wails are loud and my balls start to tighten up.

“Don’t pull out, come in my ass?” She calls out.

Sassy gives out a loud moan one more time as I’m at full throttle, my cock feels hot and hard, then both together she comes loudly and I come loudly, and my cream hurtles up her asshole, and she’s making so much noise, by the time we’ve slowed down more people had gathered and the band are playing proper songs now. Sassy and I looked at each other, we were totally satisfied by our fuck as we slowly got dressed, I picked up her coat and she swept it around her, I gather my joggers and pulled them up and just carried my shirt with me, we bow to the band and turn 180 and bow at the audience too, they all clap and the band plays a tune of do, do, do do, do, do, do! And a tap of the drum too, as we walk away.

“Oh, you are officially my man! You were fantastic, my pussy and ass haven’t felt like that in ages. When can we go again? You pick the destination.” Sassy, was impressed with my sexual prowess, wanted it again almost immediately, she put her fingers to my nose and all I can smell, is pussy. Now that’s an incentive.

“Tomorrow night on the beach, I’ll call you with the time.”

“Abso-fuckin-lutely!” She kisses me long and deep, I’m pleased with myself as I fulfilled my promise and she wants me again.

I drive her home and on the way she’s tosses and sucks on my cock, making me come as we reach her door step, she squeezes my balls and puts me away again.

“Just a small bonus for being so fucking good,” “Catch ya later, monkeymonkey.”

I mean wow, she’s so good at what she does, and such a great influence to be around, talk about eye opening sex, and the people watching us go at it, must be so jealous of me.

Sassy and I dated for two years, then we got invited to a sex party, and suddenly loads of doors opened up for her and she left her job to be a party organizer, different direction for me, I like writing and so we broke up, all amicable and on occasions we meet, but agreed not to go back there.

Have to tell you though, I haven’t met a woman quite like her after that, not even close!

Hope you enjoyed it?

The end.

Hope you liked my story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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