School Santa on Lock Down

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School Santa on Lock Down
My neighbor is the PTO president and she asked me a while back if I would come to the local middle school on the last day before winter break and be a part of their assembly. I said sure and marked it into my schedule.

So yesterday I show up at the school and am being led through some back hallway to the stage when an alarm sounds and the principal comes over the speaker declaring the school to be on a lock down. The secretary looks around and pulls out a key and opens a door marked “In School Suspension” and shoves me in and tells me she will be back when the all clear sounds. And just like that, the door closes and the lock snaps and I am alone locked in a small room.
“Wow, what did they bust you for, Santa?”

I whirl around and there sitting on the floor in ripped jeans and a body hugging shirt was a girl that was probably in the 8th grade. She pushed herself up and I thought that she was a miniature wet dream come to life! Shoulder length brown hair fell straight over her shoulders. Unlike most of the girls (and secretaries for that matter) she had boobs that while just barely mouthfuls, stuck out proudly from a tight hard body. Her waist curved in and the way she wore her jeans emphasized the fact that her hips had widened like a woman’s already.

But it was those brown eyes flecked with green that did not seem to miss a thing that held me. She looked at me as if she had seen every porn video I had ever watched and now wanted to make them all come true! Her lips began curving up as she walked around the desk and leaned back on it. She folded her arms under her tight tits and smiled as she watched my eyes roam over her body and my face turn red.

“If you are Santa, then what’s my name?” she chuckled.

Without missing a beat, I replied. “Trouble! You are definitely on the naughty list!” I turned and grabbed the handle to the door, but it was locked from the outside.

“Ummm, yeah you are in detention with me and until they check the whole school for bombs or guns or d**gs you and I are stuck here. Oh, and I already disconnected the video camera two hours ago. So yean, you got it right, I am Trouble. But I could also be your Hoe Hoe Hoe.”

I turned and walked over to a table and put the sack of candy canes I had brought on it and sat down on the chair. I immediately knew it was a mistake because I was now on eye level with the girl and what little authority height and size gave me immediately flew out the window. “You really are on the naughty list with a mouth like that!”

“Oh the mouth is one of my better parts. ” She stood up from the desk on the other side of the room and slowly walked toward me, putting one foot directly in front of the other. As she did she still had thigh gap! She moved like a cat slowly stalking me. “Some of my parts are damned bad according to the principal.” She stopped inches in front of me and put her feet just wider than shoulder width apart and stared at me with those dark eyes. “Of course, you are Santa and you know better than anyone. Because if you see me when I am sleeping, you know I sleep naked and like to cum before I fall asleep every night!”

I glanced toward the door and she reached out with long, soft fingers and took my chin and focused my attention back on her. “No one can see us. And we are always the last rooms checked during lock down because we are already secured. We have all of the time to do whatever Santa wants to do with this naughty elf.” She moved that hand to my shoulder and her other hand went under the white fur bottom of my coat and grabbed my rock hard cock! The smile on her face made it damned near impossible for me to swallow!

“Don’t worry Santa, you won’t make a mess. My Daddy popped my cherry last year for Christmas. He was drunk and thought if he fucked me really hard and made it hurt I would not want sex for a few years.” She leaned close to my ear and I could see down her top, how the flesh swelled before slipping under a white bra… a thin white bra that her nipples were poking through. “But Daddy was wrong. I liked it rough. And I want to fuck your candy cane prick until you fill my mouth, my pussy and if you want, even my ass with your elf batter!!!”

I snapped. I pushed her back and stood up and spun her around. “You think you want fucked? You think you have had it hard? You don’t know shit, little girl, but you are going to get an education in fucking today!” I had her body pressed back to front against mine, the root of my cock and balls pressed against the swell of her ass while one hand squeezed a breast and my right hand slid down her flat belly to between her legs and began grabbing her pubic bone and pussy.

She groaned and reached back and pulled my head down to her long thin neck as she tilted her head to the side. I bit and sucked on her neck and she started grinding her hips back into me and onto my fingers. I slapped her pussy a couple of times and she yelped and then shuddered. She really was a naughty girl!

I pushed her toward the table and sent candy canes flying to the floor as I lifted her up and laid her on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the table. I unzipped the coat and sent it flying onto a chair and undid the suspenders allowing the pants to fall down around the tops of my boots. She grabbed my underwear and pushed them down as best she could and my already dripping cock fell out and almost straight into her greedy little mouth.
I reached across the table and pulled her shirt up to just under her armpits. She sat up and pulled her shirt up and unsnapped her front closing bra before going right back down and grabbing my cock and using her tongue to lick my salty semen!

Her tits were perfect! Lying on her back, they were just little more than thin pancakes of flesh with ping hard buttons in the center. I grabbed each nipple between my thumb and finger and was surprised by how much tit was really there and how that firm and soft texture blended in such an erotic dream! The hard little buttons of her nipples lengthened and I watched her bend her knees up toward the ceiling and flap her thighs together before spreading them clear open. With one hand she pushed the tip of my dick between her wet hungry lips and her other hand reached down and undid the button on her pants and started working the zipper down enough so that she could push her hand inside her pants
Being the gentleman that Santa is, I ran my hands down over those ribs and flat belly and pushed the zipper all of the way down and then as she raised her hips up off of the table I worked the tight fabric over her hips and ass and down her thighs. Of course, leaning like that over her pushed my cock deep inside the furnace of her mouth and I realized that she was right. Her mouth was incredible!!!

She wriggled and pushed her pants and panties down revealing a delicate little slit glistening with lusty liquids with just a sparse light cover of thin brown hair that looked so innocent… as her fingers did wicked things! I began focusing my own attention on my cock sliding in and out of her throat. I could actually see the tip of it enter her throat and make it expand and as I put my hand around her neck it was just about the hottest fucking thing I have ever felt!

I was rapidly approaching an explosion so I pulled out and grabbed my nymphomainic little friend and spun her around . I pulled her pants off and looked down at her as she smiled up at me. “I am going to fuck Santa! Damn! ” She laughed and I threw her pants against the door and then slapped my hard slimy dick across her little slit. I could just see the hint of two soft smooth pedals of her labia peeking out and with one hand I opened her slit and with the other, I put the tip of my cock against her opening and started to enter her.

It has been 3 years since my wife died and I lost my own virginity nearly 50 years ago to a girl much like this one. I do not know if I have felt anything as sweet since that moment! There is just something about an eager young woman’s cunt that is unlike anything else! She both resisted the thick girth of my throbbing cock and yielded and even pulled me deep into the wet hot love tunnel of her vagina. As she moved beneath me, the ripples stroked and massaged my cock and her moans and filthy mouth only served to inflame me more.

I would love to describe every moment, every thrust and every wet, sound and slap of our bodies as we came together, but my mind spun out of control and I was unable to do much more than remember to breathe. I remember shuddering when I finally was root deep into her and she was arched up with just her shoulders and back of her head on the table… I was holding her ass just off of the table. She was impaled and my balls were bouncing on that incredible ass.

I remember slowly sliding in and out and that she put her heels up on my shoulders. I had full control and was soon driving all of the air out of her with each hard, bone shattering thrust of my hips into her ass and thighs! Had anyone been even within 30 feet of the door in the hallway they would have known what was going on. There was no mistaking our moans, her soft cries… the slapping of sweaty flesh and the squishing of a cock into a flood cunt. Over and over I fucked her until I saw her biting her lip, squeezing her nipple in one and her other hand was furiously rubbing her little clit toward what I was sure was going to be at least her third orgasm peak. I went so hard into her, that my balls lodged in her ass crack and when she squeezed, I exploded.

I pushed her back all of the way onto the table and kept driving hard into her, smashing her petite little body between my own and the table. Every trembling movement of hers made me explode, twitch, harden and squeeze more of my cum out of my toes and into her until it was running out of her and over my nut sack and into a huge wet puddle on the table.
She was whimpering and mewing, “Oh yes, oh fuck yes Santa, give it to me. Oh fuck yes!”

I managed to somehow push myself up off of her. We were both covered in sweat and sex and I stumbled a step or two over to the chair and fell back into it. I sat there watching her chest rise and fall and I could see her heart pounding inside of her rib cage. She was the very image of perfection! I closed my eyes and leaned back never wanting to forget a single detail of what I had just seen.

I must have passed out because I did not hear her, but the next thing I knew, I felt the weight of her forearms on the tops of my thighs. I looked down at her and she was smiling up at me. There was nothing innocent about that look either! She took my wet, slimy, shiny cock log and while cupping my balls in the other hand she stuffed the whole swollen, soft thing into her mouth!! I felt her sucking on me and then her head started pulling back until the tip of my cock popped out from her lips with a noisy wet pop. She giggled and there was no denying that my prick was a little more straight.

Hell, during our last 10 years of marriage if I had sex twice in the fucking week I was lucky! I had no idea if I was even capable of getting it up a second time in a day, let alone an hour, but I was not going to stop little Miss Trouble from trying!!

No, I was not rock hard in 10 seconds, but within a couple of minutes of her working me over with her talented mouth, I was serviceably hard. We did not say anything, she just stood up, pushed my knees together and then facing me, mounted my hips, pushing my cock into her sopping wet cunt.

I wrapped my lips around her nipples as she wrapped her pussy around my dick and this time we slowly and almost romantically fucked. Her small body slowly rose and fell and after a few minutes of slow fucking she raised my chin from her chest and she kissed me, slowly. “Santa, all I want for Christmas is to be loved. You fucked me. Now, … let me love you.”

I was stunned. She looked into my eyes and I looked into her soul and we became lovers. Our tongues and lips teased, touched, chased and loved each other. It was different and in ways even more intense as she controlled the tempo, depth and passion. My heart was pounding as we got nearer and nearer and she ground that tight little body harder and harder into mine. I felt her tremble as she sucked my tongue into her mouth and then she impaled herself all of the way down onto me one more time.

I held her tight to my body and she clutched onto me as we gave one another an orgasm that bounced between us for what seemed like ten minutes. We kissed and were in no hurry to uncouple as I slowly softened and fell out. She got up and went over to her gym bag and grabbed a towel and wiped between her legs and then came over and helped my wipe off my very happy and satisfied cock.

We had both just gotten dressed when the speakers came on announcing that the assembly was cancelled as was the lock down. The buses would be ready to take student home in about 10 minutes.

“Santa, will you stop by my house on Christmas? Mom will be stripping and I don’t want to be alone.”

“What about your Dad?” I asked without thinking.

“Mom and Dad divorced last summer. I don’t even know where he is.

I said sure, and to my surprise, she pulled out a notebook and wrote down her cell phone number and address. I am going Christmas shopping for her this afternoon. For filling my old sock puppet with joy this Christmas, I figure the least I can do is give her one day of spoiling… and who knows what else!!

Yes, this is fiction. Don’t get butt hurt over it.
I thought of it the other day as I was at a school for something else and… let me just say, I came three times over the last couple of days playing it out in my mind before writing it down. I hope you enjoyed it too. If you did, let me know and give me a vote. Who knows, maybe I will follow it up with a Christmas story!!!

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