second part of my night

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second part of my night
he had his pleasure I had mine,we went back up stairs.smiling we all sat around the bar laughing and joking.All the time I looked at J.his smile his manner I could see why he ran a place like this.A swingers club is perfect for a man like him ,oh and a single woman like me.
You meet all sorts of people ,many of them over the years have become really good friends,and no I haven’t bedded them all !
There are some I would have loved to mind you but a girl has to pick and choose carefully I think lol.
Wnen J. invited me here many yrs ago I hadn’t imagined just how much I had changed not just in the way I looked or dressed but the person I was,love was a no no and just picking someone up on a night out was a no no to.I didn’t want to bring my family into it,and my home had to be my sanctuary.
he really turned me I on looking at him as he poured the drinks we were all relaxed and knowing he had his cock waiting in anticipation turned me on even more.We would wait as usual for everyone to leave ,we like the whole place to ourselves lol.
we had many rooms to choose from .the dungeon(with chains hanging wantingly from the wall,with its one way window so people culd watch .or we had the cinema room with porn being streamed in there constantly.or the glory hole .lol I must say I only fell once for that joke lol.
but no when everyone had left we first sipped coffee whilst reminiscing over the past and the stuff I got up to ,I reall was a naughty girl sometimes lol.
I was just so getting frustrated I just wanted him to pounce ,lol but he didn’t he just took down his trousers and told me t get on my knees .no I didn’t need telling twice lol.
his thick black cock was still soft as I sucked it deep into my throat,oh my I had missed this .mmmm I loved his cock growing in my mouth.he sat down in the chair just behind him and ordered me to suck his huge balls of course I did so .
I don’t often need telling twice lol.
he layed his head back resting on nothing and closed his eyes as I slowly began to fuck his cock with my open wanting mouth,i loved this bit ,id tease him with each suck and lick ,he would shudder each time I lowered my mouth so his cock rested deep in my throat,he would then hold my head down so I couldn’t move and proceed to fuck me hard,the pressure of his cock and the girth stopped deep in my throat,he moaned allowed”swallow ,slut” …….I was so turned on by this I could feel my pussy getting wetter with each command.
He got up and made me stand before him,”take your dress off”.
I did I was just about to return to my knees when he got up and made me stand wide legged and told me to bend over ,he came behind me and spread me legs wide and opened my pussy lips as wide as he could,forcing three fingers straight up me he bent my head down and the smacked each butt cheek till I screamed out. He then made me gush on his finger and as I gushed he forced even more fingers in till he hard his hand up me I groaned with pleasure and pain ,”you will take it bitch”,he said ,
Iloved this I was in pure heaven he just fucked me as much as he could with his hand ,even trying to force his other hand up to .
We rtired to the bedroom to finish where we had started the night wasn’t over yet….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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