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As the months elapsed Grace seemed to further loosen her restrictions and became addicted to online porn and all the variations of human sexuality she could expose herself to. I bought her a webcam so she could get on these chat rooms and expose herself. She a bit timid at first but in no time she was masturbating with a frenzy. She went to a local adult book store that sold a dizzying array of vibrators and other sex toys and soon had amssed a substantial collection—a toy to pleasure every conceievable orifice. I watched her as she joyfully plunged these massive dildos into her pussy for whomever was watching. She had one of those double-ended ones which she inserted into her cunt and the other end up her ass.
She still fantasized about having sex with another woman. She went to this salon to get her hair done and told me how this one girl named Lois flirted with her but she was too shy to actually respond. The girl was in her early twnties and covered with tattoos—very butch and very sexy according to Grace. I went with her once to see this girl for myself. She wore a black tank top shirt that displayed her heavily tattooed arms and faded jeans that molded perfectly over her rather petite legs. I was starting to get a hard on looking at her. I wondered if her pussy was natural or was it shaved bald. I rather prefered nature bushes myself—the thicker the better. Grace and I shaved her pussy just because she wanted to see what it was like bare. She didn’t care for it even though it did make her pussy a littel more sensative when I ate her out. I sat and watched as the girls whispered between one another. Several times I saw Lois look over at me and gave me a big conspiratorial smile. My heart leapt. Did Grace give away our secret to this stranger or perhaps she just figured it out on her own.
We arranged to meet for lunch the three of us. As we about to leave Lois reached out and squeezed my hand. This androgenous girl had really got under my skin. Grace was glowing. At the arranged time we picked Lois up. I figured they had something already plotted and I just went along. Grace and Lois sat in the back seat and just stated make out passionately. For Grace’s first lesbian encounter she took to it quite naturally. She slipped her hand up under Lois shirt and fondled her petite breasts, tweaking the dark nipples between her thumb and forefiinger. LLois was thrusting her tongue into Grace’s mouth, and she likewise. Lois had pushed up Grace’s shirt and opened her front-fastening bra and out spilled Grace’s sizeable tits into her waiting hands.
“I love big tits,” said Lois as she plunged her face into the soft white flesh and suckled on the nipples.
I was deangerously dividing my attention between the road in front of me and the girls in the back seat. I had to find someplace to park. I was not going to let this moment pass by while I just drove mindlessly around. I pulled into the mall parking lot—far enough away that no one would spot us. I parked and sat and watched them—oblivious to anything. They pulled off one article of clothing after another another until they they were both totally nude. Lois’ body was covered with more tattoos than I had ever seen on any one body. They moved with each undulation of her body, shimmering with sweat. I reached out and ran my fingers down the length of her muscular body, down to her buttocks and into the recess of her ass. She moaned softly when I gently introduced one finger into her asshole. The muscles of her rectum opened and clenched my finger as it slowly advanced.
Grace intoxicatingly watched all of this. Lois kissed her way down over Grace’s belly, lower until she was now buried between Grace’s fleshy thighs. She licked loudly. Grace’s body twitched and arched upward. I momentarily dislodged my finger only so that I could get out of the car, take down my pants and join them in the back seat. My cock was swollen and sore from straining against my jeans. I opened the beat door and saw Lois’ sweet ass poised up int the air waiting for me. I rubbed some saliva over the length of my cock and positioned myself toward her asshole.
“Fuck me!!!” she said, looking over her shoulder at me, her eyes wild and her face glazed with Grace’s juices.
With one thrust I plunged my cock into the depth of her ass. She let out a strange and almost a****listic yelp. I was not sure if I was hurting her but she said nothing about stopping. I fucked her hard. All two bodies slapped against one another. I looked at Grace whose eyes were rolled back in her head and her tongue flicking her own lips, moaning deeply, lost in another world. I reached out and kneaded Grace’s lovely tits, the tips still wet with Lois’ saliva. It didn’t take long for me to come. I discharged the whole of my load deep into Lois. When I finally within I saw a river of sperm dribbling out and onto the seat.
Lois continued nibbling Grace’s cunt for a few minutes afterward until Grace at last let out a sharp cry. Her face tightened, her body rose suddenly off the seat and nearly tossed Lois away, but she held on like any good cowgirl and finished the ride. Grace’s body gave a few more minor tremors but I could tell she was finished. Her eyes opened and she looked over me, her smmile was radiant. I leaned over to her and kissed her sweetly on the mouth. Lois had slipped out of the car and was hurriedly redressing. It was time to go back to work. She’d have to wash off a bit before resuming work.
We drove her back to the salon. The two girl sat in the back playfully fondling one another. Lois’s small hands continued to stray over Grace’s tits. She gave Grace and long kiss goodbye as she got out of the car. She came over to me and gave me an equally passionate kiss. We exchanged nmbers and promised to see one another sometime soon. Grace stretched out on the back seat.
“I can still smell her pussy,” she said.
The car was heavy with all of our combined scents. I didn’t even want to open the window. I drove on and was intoxicated with it all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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