Serving My Mistress

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Serving My Mistress
This true story happened just yesterday…

The day started like any other, with me waking up my mistress Chrissy by licking out her sweet delicious pussy! She loves me waking her up that way, infact she demands that I act as her special alarm clock, waking her up precisely at 8:30am everyday with oral sex, as it gives her a “great start” to her day, and I great start to mine aswell!

Anyway, after massaging her juicy pussy and hard clit with my tongue to orgasmic heaven, I drank every drop of cum she squirted out and she then had a stretch and looked down at me, my face between her creamy thighs, and thanked me with a pleased smile on her beautiful face.

“Good morning Ms,” I greeted smiling back up at her, “did I do good?”
“Mmmm yeah,” she moaned, “you did very well…” She had another stretch as I moved up and out the covers of the bed and laid down beside her.

“Now that I’ve given you your breakfast!” She said cheekily, “go and get me mine, I’d like a slice of lightly buttered toast and a glass of water, now please.”
I nodded and obediantly followed her command as I must always obey her, I made my way down to the kitchen and made her breakfast up. Once her toast was done I buttered it lightly and I brought it up to her on a serving tray and placed it lovingly on her lap, though she looked a bit cross to me.

“You’re late,” she sternly told me, “You should always take no more than 4 minutes, but you took 5-”
“I’m sorry Ms I didn’t mean to take so long.” I pleaded.
“Don’t interrupt me!” She demanded, “You must never do that! Understand?”
I nodded at her and apologised once again.
“For that, you must now kiss both my feet and while you’re down there, massage them real nice and don’t stop for anything ’til I tell you to.”
“Yes Ms.” I nodded.

I made my way to the bottom of the bed and kneeled down before her right at feet, I then caringly lifted her feet up and placed them on my lap.

“Kiss them,” she commanded with a cute smile, whilst lifting a foot up and rubbing her sole onto my lips, “go on, kiss them both.”

I puckered my lips up and planted a big kiss on her foot just below the line of her toes, she rested her foot back down on my lap and lifted up her other foot to my face and told me again to kiss it, which I did.

“Good boy,” she praised me, “now give them both the best foot rub you can give while I enjoy my breakfast, I wont accept anything but the best!” She giggled at me as she then picked up a slice of her toast and took a bite out of it.

I began to massage her feet for her, starting with her left foot, I held it gently in my hands my fingers resting on the back of it as I used my thumbs to apply a nice pressure to her sole, working my way slowly up and down it massging from just below her toeline to the very bottom of her heel. I was so focused on pleasing her feet that all I could hear from her was the crunching sound of her toast soon followed by a pleaseful moan, I wasn’t sure wether she was moaning contently from the footrub or the nice toast! Either way, I just knew I was doing a real good job, as when I finished with her left foot, I kissed each toe and placed it gently down on my lap and began to do the same with her right foot.

“Mmmmm that was a lovely piece of toast babe,” she complimented licking her lips, “and this footrub isn’t too bad either! Thank you, that’s enough you can stop now.”
A big smile grew on my face knowing I pleased her well and stopped massaging her foot. She must have been thirsty ‘cos she drank all of her water down in one go and then told me to clean up.
“May I have some food now Ms?” I asked.
“Um…” She thought about it for a few seconds then replied, “Oh ok, seeing as you have been a very good slave to me this morning, you can have some food, afterall you’ll need to keep you’re energy up for what’s in store later.”

I didn’t know what she meant by that but I thanked her anyway and made my way down to the kitchen, taking the tray with the empty plate and glass on it with me and quickly washed it all up. I then had a slice of toast which I made for myself earlier and drank some water to wash it down with, then made my way back up to my mistress.

I walked into a now empty bedroom, she had gone to the bathroom presumably to go to the loo and clean her teeth, basically doing her usual morning routine. I awaited patiently for her and when she walked back into the room I smiled at her and asked, “Ms, may I go to the bathroom to have my morning wash?”
She looked my naked body up and down and then looked at my cock, which was hard from serving her all morning, and she then nodded and looked back up at me while saying, “Yes you do that, but don’t take too long now, I got a treat for you.” She winked at me and that made my heart flutter as I wondered what it was. I quickly went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and splashed my face with some water and rushed back to the bedroom, to my mistress.

“There you are,” she said cutishly to me, “you shouldn’t keep a girl waiting long, it’s bad manners!” She giggled in a sexy way and patted the bed, “come and lay down babe, I need to give you your treat now.”
I obediantly did just as she told, and laid on the bed next to her. She moved sightly and pulled out a blindfold from under her which she had been hiding from me by sitting on it.

“Now I’m going to put this on you, and you’re going to do just as I say, understood?” She asked already putting it on me as I agreed.
I was now laying there blind, naked and awaiting my mistress’s orders.
I felt the weight shifting on the bed as she moved about, I couldn’t quite tell what she was doing but I suddenly felt her beautiful soft yet firm bum lower down onto my chest, realising she was now straddling my chest with her pussy real close by to my face.

“Please Ms, may I have just a little peak?” I inquired.
There was a pause then she replied, “Hmm ok then, but just a quick peak.”
She lifted up the blindfold reaveling the wonderful sight that was before me, her juicy pussy was right there above my eyes and as I looked up from it I saw her beautiful eyes looking down on me with a big smile on her face, it was just a little peak though as she quickly pulled the blindfold back over my eyes and told me that’s all I’m seeing for now.

“Now, I’m going to lower myself right down on your mouth, and you are going to stick your tongue out and lick my lips.” She commanded.
I held my tongue out as I felt her begin to lower herself down on me, the sweet smell of her pussy intensifying the closer it got ’til suddenly I felt the soft flesh of her lips touching the tip of my tongue. I began to slide my tongue slowly around on her before I felt her hold herself open and commanded me to put my tongue inside her, so I licked my way right into her tight little wet hole and began to fuck her with my thick eager tongue. She sat there on me grinding on my tongue pushing her body up and down on my face while moaning out loud in pleasure and letting me know just how good a job I’m doing of pleasing her.

“Now lick and suck my clit you stud!” She demanded.
I felt real flattered that she called me a stud but I didn’t dwell on it as I then used the tip of my tongue to feel my way to her hard throbbing clit and then, wrapping my lips around it, I began to suckle on it as hard as she was demanding for and as I was, I was pressing my tongue against it. It was driving her wild, she was pretty much screaming in pleasure from me ’til suddenly…

“OH MY FUCKING GODDDD!! I’M GONNA CUMMMMM!!!” she screamed as I felt her squirt, the force of which was like that of a highpowered showerhead!
“DRINK ME YOU BASTARD DRINK ME!!” She commanded whilst cumming.
I held my mouth open over her hole as she took over rubbing her clit fast with her fingers, she was furiously squirting directly into my awaiting mouth, though it was such a forceful squirt of cum that it was covering all of my face, needless to say I ended up drenched in her sweet delicious juice!

After she finished her orgasm, she let out a huge sigh of relief and thanked me for giving her lots of pleasure.
She then moved herself down so she was sitting on my belly and took my blindfold off.

“You know I got to be honest,” she started, “that was MY treat, for me… Now I think you’ve definately earned YOUR treat!” She grinned at me as she started to go down on me.

“Oh thank you very much Ms!” I said not hiding my enthusiasm.

She went down ’til she was right between my legs and took hold of my now rock solid cock massaging it in her hand, I watched as she began to lick her lips.
She then pulled my foreskin right back revealing my large helmet and she began to lick it real slowly almost teasing me by licking it so slowly, she licked her way around on me and then down the seam of my hard cock ’til she got to my balls, and placed them in her mouth and started to suck quite hard.
“Please don’t suck my balls too hard Ms,” I pleaded, “they are real sensitive just suck them lightly.”
She stopped and said, “Uh uh uh, I don’t think you’re in a good position right now to be telling me what to do!” She giggled teasingly as she put my balls in her mouth again and sucked on them even harder!
“Ahhhh nooooo!” I groaned gripping the sheets real tightly, “please dooon’t!”
She just giggled and carried on sucking with all her might while my eyes began to water and my balls began to ache loads in her mouth. She eventually stopped after a couple minutes and just teased, “Oops, was that too hard?”

She chuckled as she looked up into my now watery eyes and then licked her way back to my helmet.

“You know you love it really,” she teased, “oh well, I’m sure this will make it up to you.”

She placed her lips around my hard helmet and began to suck on me, starting off gently but getting harder and harder with every suck ’til she was sucking on me real powerfully, I felt like my helmet was going to swell up like a balloon it was so hard!
She then pushed her mouth right onto me forcing my helmet right to the back of her mouth as she took all 7 inches of my stiff cock into her mouth and sucked furiously on me, working her lips up and down the base of my cock. After some good sucking action and loads of moaning on my part I felt like I was going to cum any minute.
“Oh Fuck!” I yelled realising that ‘any minute’ was now, “I’m gonna cum! I’M GONNA CUMMM!!”
She pulled me out of her hot wet mouth ’til it was just my helmet left placed on her tongue, she wanked me real hard and fast with her hand as she awaited for my hot cream to splooge out right into her mouth, she sucked on me like as if she was sucking yoghurt out through a large straw, making me cum loads with such force. Once I had cummed, she put my cock out of her mouth and swallowed every drop of me, moaning in pleasure as she did, before then licking my helmet clean.

“Oh god that was real tasty!” She exclaimed, “you’re a very good slave giving your mistress lots of yummy cum!”
“Thank you Ms, and thank you loads for giving me that real special privilage of your mouth,” I responded, “I am very honoured by that.”
She smiled and told me how good I was at serving her, I felt so flattered and got that real good warm feeling inside me knowing I’ve pleased my mistress really well, I was extremely happy, as was she!
We cuddled up together, I always know I’ve done really well when she cuddles me.

“You are very good at serving me and my every want and need,” she praised, “I wonder how well you’d be at serving more…”

“How do you mean, Ms?” I asked.

“Well…” she began twiddling her finger around on my chest, “It’s just I got something that you are going to have to do for me soon. You see, I’ve been telling all my girl friends about you, about how I got you as my slave to obey my every word and do anything for me that I demand of you, they’ve never had a guy to do that for them, so they are real curious about what things they could get you to do for them…”

“Oh…” I replied astounded, “well as you know, I am only your slave, I must only obey you, but if you were to command me to obey your friends as well then I shall, keeping in mind that you are the only one who ever as full control of me.”

“Good boy! That’s what I wanted to hear!” She praised patting my head playfully, “‘cos I already invited them all around later, and you ARE going to obey them and serve them like you serve me, is that understood?”

“Yes Ms.” I nodded, “I shall do anything you and they command.”

“Good,” she smiled before kissing me, “they should be around any minute now.”

Just as she said that, the door bell rang…

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