Serving My Mistress… & Friends! pt. 2

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Serving My Mistress… & Friends! pt. 2
The 3rd and final part of the “Serving My Mistress” trilogy.


In the now lit up basement, I saw infront of me what my Mistress Chrissy had prepared… A torture rack! It looked like a normal long wooden table with leather wrist/ankle restraints at the top and bottom of it and a wheel at the top which, when rotated, tightens and constricts the chain attached to the restraints, causing the stretching out of the victim’s body, that victim soon being me! I don’t know how I’ve never noticed her setting that up in the basement before, but I realised right away from seeing it that all 4 naked mistresses are going to have loads of fun with it on me.

“You like?” Asked Chrissy with a menacing look on her angelic face.
I was lost for words and utterly gobsmacked, I tried to protest but no words escaped from my mouth. Chrissy just giggled, as did the other women.

“Well go on, lay down on it!” Ordered Clair impatiently.
“You heard the lady, do it!” Barked Chrissy.

I wanted to run but I couldn’t, I’m far too submissive of a slave, I HAD to obey. So I bit my lip and laid down on it with my back pressing against the smooth wood panelling and obediantly without command I slid my hands and feet into the openings of the leather straps.

“Comfy?” Chrissy teased, as Tara Clair and Anna looked at me like hungry tigresses looking at a fresh chunk of meat. Chrissy began to tighten the restraints around my wrists and Clair did the same with my ankles, making sure there was now no chance of me breaking free no matter how hard I may try.

“So, who wants to be the one to stretch him?” Chrissy asked the ladies.
“Ooh ooh me please!” Tara shouted excitedly putting her hand up, “I’ve always wanted to do this to a guy!”
“Ok then,” replied Chrissy, “Don’t stop ’til you feel he’s had enough.”

I gulped as I watched Tara make her way to the head of the rack, soon standing by the wheel and placing both hands on it, looked at me like as if she’s just won the lottery.

“I know you’re a pretty tall guy as it is,” she commented, “but I recon I can add another 2 or 3 inches to you!” She chuckled devilishly as she began to turn the wheel tightening the chains.

I suddenly felt my arms and legs begin to straiten as I heard the wheel clunk with every turn. It wasn’t long at all ’til I felt the real tight tension on the chains of my restraints, and I began to feel like my arms and legs couldn’t stretch any further.

“Owwww! Enough no more please!” My pleas fell on deaf ears.
“Awwww is it too much for you?” Tara asked teasingly as she stopped turning the wheel.
“YES!” I splurted out, “Please Mistress Tara, I can’t take it no more!”
“Awwwww you really want out of this, don’t you?” She said faking sympathy, “Well there’s only one way you’re going to make me stop this… BEG ME!” She ordered and laughed evilly as she carried on turning the wheel, having to use all her strenght now as the tension was already very tight.

“AHHH!! Stop! Please! STOPPP!! OWWWW!!” I groaned aloud in agony.
“‘Please stop’ what?” Asked Tara, still pulling.
I thought I was about to pop I was stretched that far!

“Hehehe, ok I think he’s had enough now.” Tara said smiling at the delight of the pain she put me through.

I felt totally wrung out, I couldn’t move at all for any slightest attempt just left my sides shoulders and waist aching more. I was completely helpless and at the mercy of all 4 of the beautiful women, and they sure weren’t done with me yet!

“Well, I think he definitely won’t want to displease us now!” Smirked Clair.
“Yeah,” agreed Anna, “now let’s have our fun with him!” As if that wasn’t fun enough for them watching me be tortured!

“He loved that really,” Stated Tara, “Look how hard is cock is!”
I shouldn’t have been turned on by the pain but the fact is I get such a big kick out of a woman having total control over me, physically and mentally, so I couldn’t help but to have such a hard cock from that.

“Let’s begin!” Chrissy told them.

The women began to climb over on top of my helpless body, sitting on different parts of me. Chrissy was sat straddling my thighs, Clair was sitting on my lower belly facing Chrissy, so they both had access to my cock and balls.
Tara was sitting a little further up my belly, her back leaning against Clair’s and Anna was sitting on my chest but with her gorgeous well-rounded ass facing towards me as she faced towards Tara. All that weight on me felt like a heavenly burden.

Chrissy and Clair began to play with my cock, I don’t know whose hands and fingers were doing what to me but one of them was tickling my balls with her nails and the other was gripping hold of my rock hard cock and began to slowly jerk me off. I could tell they were enjoying loads playing my body.

Tara and Anna however were having fun playing with eachother! From what I could tell, Tara had her hands on Anna’s firm rounded tits rubbing and massaging her erect nipples with her fingers, as Anna had sucked on her fingers and placed them to Tara’s tight little pussy, rubbing her clit before pushing them into her fucking her with them loads. All of which, on top of me!

I couldn’t help but to stare at Anna’s lovely ass, well it was just mere inches away from my face! She was sitting so close to my face that I could just about smell that sweet musky yet deightfully enticing smell of her asshole, I wanted to lick it real bad and as luck would have it, my wish was soon granted!

“I’m going to give you my ass,” Anna told me sternly looking down at me over her shoulder, “and you are going to lick it, wether you want to or not!”
“Ok Mistress Anna, I will.” I nodded and held my tongue out in anticipation.

She turned to look at Tara again and as she did, she lifted herself up a bit off me and moved her wonderful ass just those few inches closer to my face and lowered herself right down onto my awaiting tongue. She sat so my tongue was buried right up into her tight little pink asshole, and I got that awesome spicy taste covering the tip of my tongue, I wiggled it around a little inside her though my movements were quite restricted as she was real tight, but after a minute her ass loosened up a little and gave me more ease at pleasing her with my tongue. All the while she and Tara was softly grinding their soft wet pussies on my body whilst now fingering eachother and kissing.

At that same time, Clair and Chrissy was jerking me off real hard and enthusiasticly, even giving my real thick helmet a little hard suck every now and then, and it wasn’t long before I felt real close to cumming.

“Mmmmmmmm..” I moaned in pleasure under Anna’s ass.

“Oh,” I heard Chrissy say, “I think he’s going to cum any minute now.”
“Tut tut,” tutted Clair, “He should know better than to do that without permission.” She suddenly gripped my cock extremely tight in her hand, I groaned in pain.

“Don’t you DARE cum until I say it’s ok to cum!” Ordered Clair to me, “Is that understood?!”

“Mmm mmm-mmm mmm…” Is all I could mumble out.

“You what?!” Barked Clair.

“Oops sorry.” Anna giggled as she lifted herself up off my mouth.

“Yes Mistress Clair!” I uttered quickly.

“Good,” she responded loosening her grip on my cock and continued to wank me off. “Carry on.”

Anna lowered herself back down onto my mouth as I carried on licking her ass.
I felt that awesome feeling of being real close to cumming but I held on with all my might so as not to cum, it was such a tough thing to do what with Clair and Chrissy seemingly doing all they could to make me cum, but I held out, I don’t know how I just knew I had to!

After what felt like forever of both licking Anna’s ass and holding on for dear life not to cum, I finally heard the nicest command ordered to me that day.

“Right you ARE going to cum now you piece of shit! Or else!” Clair demanded as Chrissy held my helmet onto her tongue wanking me off fast and hard.

“MMMMMMMMMM!!!” I moaned loudly with such relief underneath Anna’s ass as loads of my creamy cum shot out of my rock hard throbbing cock all over Chrissy’s tongue, filling her mouth up.
She moaned in pleasure and swallowed a little of it, and snogged Clair to share the rest with her.

“Mmmmm lovely,” Clair said licking her lips after swallowing her share, “At least that’s one thing good about you, slave, you give a nice sweet cream.”

They licked my cock and helmet clean and got off me.

“Ok that’s enough now, ass-licker” Anna ordered me as she too got off me.

Tara looked at me with a smile, still sitting on me and said, “This was fun.” She then waved playfully and got off me and stood with the rest of the girls.

“Right now baby,” Chrissy started, “We’re going to go upstairs and have some more fun, but before we do, you are going to kiss each of our asses and thank us for letting you serve us like this.”

“Yes Mistress Chrissy.” I nodded obediantly.

“Good,” smiled Chrissy, “Well start with me, kiss my ass and thank me.” She ordered as she turned around and positioned her naked ass close to my face.
I kissed her cheek, and was ordered to kiss the other as well, which I did.
“Thank you Mistress Chrissy.”

She moved out of the way as Anna then walked over to me and pushed her bare ass to my face and ordered me to kiss it.
“Thank you Mistress Anna.” I thanked her after planting 2 kisses on her cheeks.

She walked over to the stairs as Tara walked over to me and did the same.
I kissed her ass and like before I thank her with a, “Thank you Mistress Tara.”

Tara followed Anna to the stairs. I then looked at Clair and watched as she walked over to me with a look on her face like as if she was up to something. She was rubbing her tummy and as she stood by me revealed to me,
“I got a little surprise for you…” She turned around pushing her naked ass to my face, and just as I puckered up my lips to kiss her…
“Kiss this!” She ordered letting out a loud fart right in my face!
She laughed wickedly at me as did the other girls.
“That’s what I think of you!” She teased and laughed again.

She still had her ass real close to my face, almost forcing that humiliating musky eggy smell to linger around my nostrils,
“Come on then, you filthy a****l,” she commanded, “kiss my ass and thank me!”
Despite the humiliation, I willingly did as I was told and I kissed her ass.
“Thank you Mistress Clair.” I begrudgingly thanked.

She smiled in a wicked delight as she walked over to Tara and Anna.
“Come on then girls, lets get ready for the fun to continue upstairs!” Clair said excitedly as all 3 started to make their way up out the basement.

“I’ll be with you shortly!” Chrissy called out to them, “just got to take care of the slave!” She turned and walked back over to me, smiling as she did.

“That was pretty funny, huh?” She chuckled teasingly to me. “Anyway baby, we’re going to go have loads of fun now upstairs, I’ll see you later.”
She was about to turn and walk away but I quickly told her to wait.
“Mistress Chrissy, How am I meant to serve you if I’m down here and you’re all up there?” I asked.

“Oh,” she giggled, “well it’s just we’ve had all the fun with you that we want for today, so I’m just going to keep you down here and come back for you tomorrow to have some more fun!” She had a big smile grew on her face.

“Tomorrow?!” I repeated in shock, “Please Mistress don’t keep me down here on my own, I don’t like it down here please keep me anywhere else but not down here!”

“Awww what’s wrong with here?” She asked unsympathetically, “This is going to be my dungeon to keep you as my prisoner in, and if you don’t like the idea of that, well maybe if I were to yank the wheel a bit more I’m sure I’ll tighten any disobedience out off you!” She threatened.

“Oh please no!” I quickly yelped, “I’m sorry Mistress Chrissy, I’ll be real good I promise! I won’t make another peep.”

“Oh I know you won’t,” she replied as she reached under the rack and pulled out some ductape, “I’ll make sure I don’t hear another peep out of you!” She quickly taped my mouth up and proceeded up the stairs, stopping by the door to turn round and look at me.
“See you later!” She waved to me before turning the light off and walking out the basement. I then heard her padlocking the door, so even if I somehow managed to get off the rack I’d still be trapped down there!

I spent the following few hours laying naked there tied to the rack and in complete darkness, listening to the faint sound of the girls moaning and screaming in pleasure as they had a real long eventful threesome up above. and when they had finished, all the noise they were making had died down. I realised after a while that they must have now gone to sleep, for it was real late and all was deathly silent.

I spent the night like that, with very little sleep as I was too uncomfortable, and finally after what felt like years to me, morning had came and a little later, I heard the padlock being taking off the basement door as the girls came back down and released me, but only to make me spend the rest of the day using me for all their pleasure and doing as they wished to me and making me do any and everything that they commanded of me to do for them.

After a long exausting day serving them, Tara Clair and Anna left for their homes, and I was left with my Mistress Chrissy, ready to serve her as she wished. Just has I always love to do.

The End.


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