Sex Education & Single Parents Part 5

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Sex Education & Single Parents Part 5
This is part 5 of a story of taboo sex being discovered by some and encouraged by others. Stop here if that is a problem if not enjoy. Here are links to the earlier parts

Ron followed Elly into the house and even as he did his mind returned to the instructions from his sexy neighbor who was also his daughter’s gynecologist had given him. How was he ever going to deal with helping her learn to squirt? Then he remembered that Monica had also told them that certain porn videos might help Elly have an orgasm that would release her built up female juices. He went to his bedroom and retrieved his tablet. He did a quick search for female masturbation videos that included squirting. There were number of them and he quickly watched a couple. The first was a rather skanky woman who used a large vibrator on her clit and then pushed three fingers deep in her pussy. Then there was a geyser of juices as she bounced her ass. The next was better and appeared to be a college girl masturbating on a web cam. He watched as she used various toys and her finger to increase her excitement. He noticed how she used two fingers to hook into her pussy obviously rubbing her g-spot as her thumb rapidly stroked her clit and then her pussy squirted as the girl’s body jerked with pleasure. This was what Elly needed!

While Ron was watching the videos Brad was next door waiting for his mom to come home. It was Friday night and she usually got extra kinky with him at the beginning of the weekend. Then his phone range and he noticed that is was his mom.

“Hi Mom, are you coming home soon?” He asked.

“No baby, I need to go see your Grandpa tonight. I will be home late but sleep in my bed and we can have fun when I get home.” Monica said as she headed to her father’s condo which was an hour away.

The interaction with Ron and Elly had pushed her over the edge and she was now determined to renew her sexual relationship with her father. Monica had been her father’s lover until she went away to college. It was then that she decided that she needed to explore more conventional lovers. She had been adventurous to say the least with both men and women lovers, group sex, interracial sex, and even bondage. The reality was she never found anything as exciting as her daddy. At least that was true until she had caught her own son masturbating and started to lend a hand so to speak. Her hand had become her mouth and then her pussy. All these thoughts were going through her mind as she raced to her father’s condo with her greatest fear that her daddy would not want her.

“Gee Mom; I hoped you would be home tonight. I really was looking forward to fucking you.” Said the disappointed boy.

“I promise I will take really good care of you baby! Mommy will give you something new when I get home that you will really enjoy.” Monica said as she imagined letting her son fuck her cum filled pussy. The cum hopefully being supplied by his Grandpa.

Brad hung up the phone and was disappointed but he decided that he would use his mother’s absences to explore his most recent obsession. He had been watching Elly Taylor next door for a while. She was so sexy! The young teen boy slipped out his back door and eased down the side of the Taylor house until he came to Elly’s bedroom window. When he first peeked in there was nothing to be seen but a few minutes later Elly appeared.

Just few minutes before Ron had called Elly into the living room.

“Baby, Monica said that you should try to have orgasm’s that help relieve the buildup. She said that some porn videos might help you learn how to stimulate yourself. I have one here on my tablet. Why don’t you see if you can try to do what the girl does to see if it will help you?” Ron asked as Elly looked at what he had handed her.

Ron watched as Elly headed toward her bedroom. He already began to envision her on her bed holding the tablet and rubbing her pussy as she learned how to squirt.

Brad watched Elly as she undressed. This was his first time seeing his sexy neighbor nude. Her body was so different than his mom’s mature soft curves and big tits. His mom had pale white skin that had very few freckles while Elly had milk colored flesh with reddish brown freckles everywhere. His cock grew stiff as the petite girl pulled off her top revealing her small perky tits. Then she shimmied out of her shorts and turned towards the window. He could see her pussy covered with light red hair. His mom kept her pussy free of hair and he found the difference sexy. Then she picked up the tablet and lay back on her bed. Her legs opened and he watched as she began to rub her pussy. Brad pulled his cock out and spit in his hand and prepared to cum when she did.

Ron remained in the living room and thought about his sexy little girl. His mind flashed on watching her masturbate as he jerked off as she watched. Again his mind visualized his cum splattering her sweet girl face. He had a raging hard on. His hand squeezed it and he knew he was going to jerk off. Then he remembered the training that Monica had given him and he remembered how good the taste of her pussy was.

“Fuck! I bet Elly’s is even better!” Ron thought as he heard Elly moan loudly.

Ron felt like he was in a dream as he found himself walking down the hall. There was a part of him that wanted to turn back but he told that part he was just going to make sure the video was helping. When he approached her door it was partly open. He looked in and could see her nude on her bed. Her fingers were rubbing her pussy as she watched the tablet.

Ron quietly pushed the door open and watched as Elly masturbated. Every time Elly moaned it was like a shot of whisky. Then Ron could hear the sloppy wet sound of Elly rubbing her teen pussy. She was so wet. His mouth watered at the thought of what she would taste like.

Unknown to Ron, Brad was also watching Elly as she probed her teen pussy. He was pumping his boy cock and trying to wait for Elly to orgasm. His mom had trained him to be disciplined about not cumming until the woman was satisfied. Of course Brad would love to help his slightly older neighbor to be satisfied as he envisioned fucking her. Then Brad watched as Elly’s father stepped into the room.

“Is that video helping?” Ron asked.

“Oh Daddy! I’m so horny! I need to cum like I did at the Doctor’s office but I can’t!” Elly said as she thrust her fingers into her pussy.

Ron watched and he could see that she was withering in sexual arousal but frustrated as her orgasm lay just out of reach.

“Baby, the Doctor showed me some things that might make it better but Daddy will need to touch you for them to work. Are you ok with it?” Ron asked as he licked his lips.

“Please Daddy I need to squirt!” Elly moaned.

“Ok, Daddy will help you!” Ron said as he laid down alongside of her.

Ron looked at those perfect A cup tits with those pointy nipples. He lowered his mouth to just above her tit and let his tongue probe a circle around the aurora before his lips sucked the hard nipple into his mouth. He felt Elly jerk as her hands gripped the quilt on the bed.

“Yes Daddy! That feels….ahhhh…. So good!” Elly screamed loud enough that Brad could hear her through the closed window.

Ron could feel the hard nipple in his mouth as he sucked on it while his tongue swirled on it. Elly’s hand now held his head as she moaned excitedly. His right hand was on the young girl’s abdomen. The feel of her firm soft flesh was more pleasurable than he could have ever imagined. His hand worked down to her small tight vaginal mound. He could feel that soft sparse pubic hair on the palm of his hand as his fingers stroked up and down the aroused lips of her pussy. He then rubbed her clit as his mouth released her nipple. He looked down into her half open eyes as he gently rubbed her swollen clit.

“Does it feel good when Daddy touches you?” He asked as she moaned and pulled his head back to her tits.

“Yes Daddy!” She moaned as he again began to suck on her tiny tits.

Ron pushed his middle finger into Elly’s pussy. It was incredibly hot and slick with lubricating juices. Then he pushed a second finger into her. He quickly located her G-spot that felt much larger than Monica’s had earlier in the day. He began to rub it and felt Elly buck her hips as he massaged her. Ron again looked at her and could see her face turn red as the physical stimulation made her heart pound. Ron then leaned to her mouth and kissed her. Her mouth opened to moan and he pushed his tongue deep into her mouth. Her own tongue began to play with his and the taste of her mouth made him burn.

“I think this is working baby! Daddy can do one more thing that will probably help even more!” Ron said as he moved his head between her thin teen thighs.

Ron inhaled sharply as he put his nose just above her clit. The smell of her excited cunt made his cock drip pre-cum to the point he could feel it seep through his pants. Then he moaned as his tongue began to lap at her pussy. Elly pushed her pussy into his face as she grabbed his head. Ron pushed his tongue into her pussy and he quickly felt her juices running down his face. He looked up and Elly was looking down at him as her hand pulled on her nipple and she bit her lip.

Outside the window young Brad was losing control as he watched the taboo oral sex unfold before his eyes. He wanted to see the oral sex turn into Elly being fucked.

Ron pulled back from Elly and again pushed his two fingers into her cunt. He found her gland and began to rub harder as Elly bucked wildly. He could see she was almost there. He put his thumb on her clit and rubbed hard.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh! Aghhhhhhhhh!” Elly screamed as Ron looked at her face and then a spray pussy juice hit his face so hard it made him jerk.

“Yesssssss! Oh fuck! Yesssss!” Elly moaned her hips jerked out and an even bigger jet of girl juice shot from her pussy soaking Ron’s chest and lap.

Brad watched open mouth as Elly squirted an amazing amount of girl juice into her father’s face.

Ron watched as Elly collapsed back on bed breathing hard. He stood and looked at the sexiest woman he had ever seen. His shirt and pants were soaked and he pulled the shirt off over his head and again looked at Elly’s face and then her still aroused and open pussy. Ron unbuckled his belt and then slipped off his pants and boxers in one movement. His cock stood straight out and seemed to point at her. He then took her legs and placed them on his shoulders. Elly was shaking as he placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy. Then he pushed and watched his cock sink into her.

“Aghhhhhh Daddy!” Elly moaned as Ron mounted her small body and the last three inches of his prick pushed into her tight almost virgin hole.

Brad was now pumping his erection wildly as father began to pound the daughter. “Fuck her! Fuck that sexy bitch!”

Ron was now lying on top of Elly and his ass was driving his cock into her. Elly put her small arms around him and then dug her nails into his back as she got her first real fuck.

“Yes Daddy fuck me!” Elly moaned as Ron kissed her neck and fucked her as hard as he could.

Ron lifted up and looked at her and then he felt his cock throb! He was cumming! He was shooting into her sweet young pussy and his balls kept putting more into her. Never in his life had he had a larger load of cum. He then looked into Elly’s face that was glowing. He slowly pulled back and watched as his cock slipped from her cunt. As his cock head popped out a large stream of sperm ran from her hole.

Outside Brad could see the cum and he groaned as his cock shot stream after stream of sperm on the wall. What he had seen was so sexy and he hoped that when he told his mom that Taylor’s were having taboo sex maybe they could figure out how to have it together.

Ron smiled as he watched his cum dripping from Elly. He then looked to see her smiling at him.

“Thank you Daddy! I want to fuck again! Can we?” She asked excitedly.

“Yes baby but daddy needs a little recovery time. That was awesome! I sure am glad you are on birth control.” He said as he lay beside her and fondled her body.

Elly snuggled happily but in her mind she remembered Monica telling her that the pill would not work for the first month and that she should use a condom until then. She wondered if she should tell Daddy but then she tingled with the feel of his cum dripping from her. She knew she wanted this even if she did get pregnant.

As Ron and Elly basked in the afterglow of their first fuck; Monica pulled into garage of her father’s condo project. Her nerves increased as she wondered how she would tell her Daddy that she wanted to renew their taboo relationship that she had ended some twenty years ago. Since then there had only been a distant relationship. Monica wondered if she should have called but now she was standing at his door. She pressed the doorbell. A minute later the door opened.

“Did you forget your key…..” Her daddy said before he realized that the person at the door was not who he thought it was. “Monica!” He said with more than a little shock.

“Hi Daddy! Can I come in?” She asked.

“Well yeah. It is good to see you he said as he showed her in.

They walked back to the living room and her father turned off the TV which was playing a rather graphic video of an older man fucking a younger girl. Monica also noted that there were a number of sex toys and a tube of lube on the coffee table.

“Are you expecting someone?” She asked a sexy grin as she picked up a long slender butt plug.

“As a matter of fact I am. So what brings you here?” He asked.

“Daddy I made a mistake…..can we still have our special times like before I went to college?” She asked.

His eyes looked at her with the same intensity he had that always intimidated her when she was young. He stood up and walked over to her. Then he opened his pants and put his cock on his sexy daughter’s lips. Monica moaned as she felt his cock push to the back of her mouth.

“Daddy has been waiting for his special girl to come home.” He said as she groaned and sucked his cock harder.

“Looks like you started without me!” Said a woman’s voice.

Monica looked up to see a woman who was probably in her early twenties standing by the door. She had Raven black hair and dark brown eyes to match. She was absolutely drop dead gorgeous.

“Come on in Courtney. I want you to meet Monica!” Her daddy said.

She let his cock slip from her mouth as the sexy woman slipped her arm around the man who was at least forty years older than her. The two kissed passionately as Monica watched with her father’s cock jerk just in front of her. Then Courtney’s hand gripped the back of her head.

“Go ahead and suck our Daddy’s cock!” Courtney said to Monica who happily sucked. “Does her mouth feel good Daddy? Maybe even better than mine?” Courtney said with a fake pouting tone.

Monica could not help but wonder who this woman was but she seemed to be turned on by her taboo relationship with her father.

“Baby your sister wants to come back to Daddy. Isn’t that wonderful!” Her Daddy said.

“Yes Daddy! I hope we can all play!” Courtney said with giggle as she began to undress.

Monica watched as she slipped off her clothes to reveal a wonderful body. Her skin was an almond color that argued that she was racially mixed. She was wonderfully curvy and her large tits had dark brown nipples. Then Courtney knelt in front of Monica’s Daddy.

“It is my turn s*s!” She said as she put the old man’s dick in her mouth and pumped fast before deep throating him.

“Get undressed Monica! Daddy wants to fuck you!” Her father commanded and she quickly complied. “Damn baby you look even better now. Bend over the couch!”

Monica bent over and then moaned as Courtney moved between her legs and licked her pussy from below. Then her Daddy stepped behind her and rubbed the head of his cock in her slit until it wedged in her vaginal opening. Monica remembered that night so long ago when Daddy first fucked her. She wanted it so bad! Then his cock pushed home as the sexy blonde groaned as nine inches of Daddy pushed into her.

“Oh Daddy that looks so hot!” Courtney said before she resumed licking Monica’s pussy.

Her Daddy held her shoulders and pumped his cock in and out of her. Then Courtney began to gently rub her nipples while continuing to flick her tongue on her tortured clit. Monica’s orgasm ripped through her as both her Daddy and his friend laughed and continued to use her.

“I still love seeing you cum baby! Now, Daddy needs to cum too!” He said and then he started thrusting and grunting as he inseminated her for the first time in twenty years.

As he pulled out Courtney cleaned up any sperm that dripped from her pussy. Monica collapsed on the sofa and her father cuddled her from the right side as the naked black haired sex goddess moved to her left. As they sat there enjoying their post orgasm glow; Monica began to wonder just where her elderly father had met the young sex pot.

“Wow that was fun but just who are you Courtney?” Monica finally asked.

Both her father and Courtney laughed but then they both hugged Monica.

“Monica, I would like to introduce you to your half-sister, Courtney. Her mom was my secretary about the time you went to college and she is also going to be your stepmother.” He said as he again laughed.

(I hope you enjoyed this little tale. There is more but I will only publish if you show your interest with a thumbs up)

To be continued….

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