sex on the lawn chapter 3

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sex on the lawn chapter 3
Sex on the lawn
Chapter 3
The Cottage
We got out of the car and Tammy said her Tummy was hurting where he had kicked her this morning, and then I only just sore bruises on the top of her left arm, and said “did he do those to you to” she knew what I was on about and said I will show you the rest after, let’s have a look around OUR new home shall we babe” holding her as close to me as I could we went to find the wheelbarrow with the door keys where hidden. “Babe” she said “look at this back garden, its massive, and I love that Privet hedge, it must be seven foot tall, alright for my sunbathing and making our babies in, I’m not joking, I love feeling the sun warming my pussy believe me” over by the hedge was an old wheelbarrow and Tammy went over to it pulling her up her mini skirt to reveal a lovely white bottom and said “ do you like” I said “that’s the best ass in the country” what I never noticed was, Tammy had undone the button on her mini dress and was now bending over looking for the key, she stood back up and turned facing me with a bunch of keys in her hand, then started running back dancing when the mini dress fell to the floor and I said “you are beautiful my baby, all over, and you will never have to worry about anything ever happening again” with that she jumped on me, rapping her legs around me as tight as possible and giving me the sexiest kiss I have ever had, her tongue was right in my month playing with my tongue and I could feel her really pressing her pussy tight against my lower Tummy I could feel the crack of her pussy and I knew she could feel my cock starting to get harder, we stopped kissing and I carried her towards the back door, she pushed her hand down between our body’s and started to undo my zip and pulling my now hard cock out, pushed him between her very wet pussy lips, he was that hard and she was that wet he just slide into her cunt and as we walked towards the door it was like having it on the lawn, she said “Keith I can feel your cock and it feels like he is right up in my pussy, every step you take he is rubbing against my clit, if feels fantastic too” “ open the door love” I said and we entered the cottage (in more ways than one). Tammy said “if you go and get our things out of the car and lock it up, I will phone Kate and let her know we are here, I said I would phone when we arrived, ok babe, oh yes can you please bring my skirt in with you, love you millions and millions” I said “will do, love you millions too babe”. I went out after putting my baby back on her own feet putting my wet cock back into my jeans, I could hear Tammy singing in the living room and I knew she was a lot happier than this morning. I went and pick up her skirt, and had a good look at the garden, Tammy was right, you could be out here with nothing at all on, the only things that could see you was the birds, the garden was about thirty foot long by about thirty two wide, it needed a lot of work, Tammy and myself like gardening so we will be able to do it as we liked. I walked back out though the back gate to where the car was, moved it closer to the cottage and started to get our things out of the boot, hearing the front door keys in the lock, I looked up to the door and there was the loveliest and most sexiest being you could ever wish to see, I knew we were meant to be together from this moment, we would have a fantastic life time both of us could feel it, Tammy I said “ good job I am not the paper boy or postman because I have just seen the most beautiful thing in my life and it would have sent them blind ha” Tammy said “ what about these then” and pulled her T shirt up revelling two great looking tits, I said “I will never give up looking at the most beautiful body in this country” she said “well you will have to for about an hour” covering her breasts back up and asking for her skirt, which she put back on “ I just phoned Kate, she is over the moon to know we are here, and is asking her friend from the village (Amy) to come and show me how to turn the electric on, come and look what she left us for tonight, taking some of our stuff in doors she took me into the living room and there on the table was two bottles of champagne, a portable TV, and a letter which read.
Hi Tammy, I’m pleased, everything has worked out and you have at last left that nuttier you was with, if I had been with him I would be in prison by now because I would have killed the bastard. They say dreams don’t come true, yours sure have if Keith is with you, he has been the only one you have ever kept on about for years now, you wondering how big a cock he had to how long he could keep it up, I bet you have some idea now lol, YOU DIRTY GIRL, the house is yours, I have already told you this. It will be my dream if you accept it, after all you are my best mate, big sister and was always been there for me, when you and Keith get married it will be your wedding present anyway from me, I will come up tomorrow afternoon to see you, give you two lovers sometime together ok, oh yes, in the cupboard by the cooker you will find some potatoes, some beans (fresh today) a loaf of bread ,butter and Amy will bring the steak enjoy, don’t, do anything I wouldn’t,
Love Kate xxx
Tammy said “Kate told me millions of times to follow my heart, if you felt the same way about me; we would be together one day. You never knew how much money I got left me did you?” I said “no” Tammy said “put it this way, we will never have to worry about anything, if we want to go on Holiday doesn’t matter where we can afford it, in fact, I knew Kate had this cottage some time ago, if you had not come with me I was going to buy it off her because I could not live over there with someone who kept beating me up nearly every three or four days, plus it was killing me knowing and seeing the only person I loved, oh yes loved for so long, with someone else, who like me they never loved” “you and me are like mirror images of each other really, we are both lucky we did not marry, but lived together with them, thank god, you don’t like wearing pants, I don’t and never have like wearing knickers’, we both like the same music, we both like doing things outside, yes and that, cannot wait, and we can do our home up together, we like travelling, believe me we will be doing a lot of that, and we love just talking to each other” I said “babe you just gave me a matter good idea not for now but in the next few weeks’ time, I will pay if you say yes, let’s have a holiday, you and I love Greece, very friendly people and their food is great, shall we have a few weeks in Corfu, what do you think” “yes that would be fantastic” just as she was finishing to speak there was a knock on the door, and the both of us said “Amy” together.
Tammy opened the door and I heard Amy say “Tammy, I’m Amy, Kate asked me to come and show you where to turn on the electric and to give you these, she was going to turn it on and leave these in the fridge but she was not sure you was definitely coming because you had only just phoned, and she was not sure” I heard Tammy say “come in”. Amy came into the living room and said “this room has not changed since I was here a few years ago, it’s nice to know family is taking it on again, if you ever need anything, doesn’t matter what, I only live just up the road in the main street, just past the spar, my house name is Belle View. Kate is always talking about you. Well anyway” she said “see that little cupboard behind the kitchen door, your metre is in there, just turn the switch on” I said “I cannot make you a cup of tea, but would you like a glass of wine” Amy said “only a small one please” after finding a glass in one of the kitchen cupboards I opened the wine, giving Amy a glass, I said to Tammy “ would you like one babe” she said “ I’d love one please babe” and started smiling. Amy said “how are you going to manage to sleep tonight because your mum’s bed was thrown out after she passed on” Tammy said we’ll manage its only for one night because we are getting a new bed tomorrow morning” Amy said “there is some sheets and blankets in the airing cupboard if I had a spare bed you could have stayed at my place tonight” Tammy said “don’t worry we will be alright, we’ve done it before haven’t we babe” I said “yes, it not the first time to sleep on the floor”, Amy said “well I off now, it was very nice to meet you and your husband, hope we can all do it again sometime, oh yes I have been trying to think where I sore you before, I remember now it was the funeral, it’s nice to meet you on better conditions, you’ll have to come to ours for a meal, see you” we said “thanks Amy for everything and come down anytime for a cuppa” with that we watched as she got into her car and revised out of our drive way then peeped her horn wand was gone.
Tammy and I went back indoors and I said to her, “I love you more than life itself” and give her a kiss which lasted of three or minutes and felt so good as we played with each other’s tongues, I said “Tammy, all our stuff is in bags in the kitchen, if you start putting it away in the cupboards, I’ll start making our tea, fancy a glass of wine babe” she said “yes please, I think you’re trying to get me drunk, you after my fanny ha ha” I said “yes, and what a lovely, warm, sexy one it is too” starting to laugh and pick some of the bags up, she said “I’m so happy” and went into where the bedroom is, I could hear her singing and wondered how long ago she was happy like that, as I started to put the dinner on, I heard something in the door way to the kitchen, Tammy was showing the lower half of her leg and singing, she then started to come further into the kitchen bit at the time, at this point I could see most of her leg and the lower part of her very sexy body, it just dawned on me she had taken her skirt off, and I started to wonder what else she had on, she was now facing me as naked as the day she was born, “Tammy” I said “I hope you never change because you have the sexiest body I have ever seen and want to see either, and by the way you never said you were a natural blond,” “how do you know” she said “because there is a little bit of hair you missed when you shaved at the top of your pussy, why dye your hair when you look so beautiful with your natural colour” “if you like me natural, I will keep it like it forever babe, what about this natural, do you like me like this, because this is the way I like being, I hate wearing clothes around my own house” Babe” I said “Please don’t ever put anything on again, we will end up having babies all the time, I could fuck the ass off you every time I see you like that you’re so sexy and I love you, so does someone else” as she looked down toward my jeans then said “be a good boy I have something special for you to do later really special” she gently touch my bulge in my jeans and said “I hope you realise now I have to think of a name for you, I can keep calling you cock can I?” she then said “Keith what would you say if I told you I want your baby and have wanted it ever since we meet all those years ago, I have waited and prayed for this day for so long but never thought it would come, I have not had any sex with Ray for over 18 months, so I had no reason to take anything, the pill or anything else, all I’m trying to say is what if I have caught already because that sex we had this morning on your lawn I really enjoyed and out of all the sex I have ever had that is the only time I have ever cum, I used to hear people saying about women Cumming like that but I always thought it was just something for them to talk about, now I really know what it is like and it has made me feel like a woman at last, if I live to be a million I will never forget this morning, and today.” “Baby” I said “if you were pregnant right this second it would be the best thing I could ever wish for, you make me feel so very proud just being with you, but to know you would be having my baby would be like winning the lottery, fantastic, shall we try now” “yes please” she said “better have our tea first because its nearly ready sexy, shall we have some of the drink Kate left for us with tea my lovely” “yes” she said “lets enjoy ourselves for a change baby” “I’m sure your trying to get me drunk to have your evil way with me, more drink please, I can’t wait” she went to sit down at the table and said “cor that chair is cold on my fanny” I said “can I warm it up” she laughed again. “I must be the luckiest man in the world to have someone like you babe” I said “and I must be the luckiest woman too” she said, I went over and kneeled down beside her, cupping her right breast in my hand, I started to run my tongue around her pink nipple and stroke her lovely smooth tummy with my other hand, gently smoothing where he had kicked her this morning, I was running my tongue from her nipple down over the top of a very soft breast, onto her tummy, around her belly button and gently poking my tongue into it, she tasted so good I could have had her for tea, licking just above the top of a beautiful looking pair of thighs and crack, still licking back up over her heaving tummy to the right breast were I started running my tongue just under the bottom of her breast gently playing with her left nipple, slowly licking up and around her two now heaving breasts I kept licking and playing with her nipples I then slowly moved up to her neck and kissed her, both of us wanted to do it but the dinner was done. Tammy said “that felt great you can do that anytime you like, you know now to turn me on don’t you, just come and feel this please” taking my hand she put it on a very wet pussy and said I can’t wait for you to fuck me again and again, take me anytime you like” with that I licked her juice off my fingers, she tasted good.
Putting her tea on the table and giving her a rather large glass of champagne we sat down to our very first meal together. I said “where are we going to sleep babe” she said “we only have to rough it for a night or two, because tomorrow we can go into Wellington and get new stuff of our own, what do you think we need” she said “well babe, firstly we need a bed, mattress, blankets, new curtains won’t go amiss, if you know what colour you want the bedroom,” just a minute “ she said reaching for her handbag and taking out a pen and a notebook, “Right” she said “ carpets right though the cottage, bed, mattress, blankets, paint ( cream and pink), paint brushes, curtains with maybe cream and pink on, settee with matching chairs, TV and stand, and a new table and chairs, plus new pots and pans, plates and cutlery” “and the main thing we both forgot about food and drink” oh yes she said “ two new phones, before they try to contact us” taking her phone out of her bag, she wrote down Kate’s number and said that’s the only number I want, she took the sim card and snapped it in two, and said let them try now. I started to laugh and she said “what’s the matter” I said “I was just thinking if he has tried his whiskey yet and what she thought about your bra in my pants, I wish we had took a photo of us on the lawn together. Anyway babe that’s some shopping list, at least we haven’t got to worry about money forever have we?” I said “have you ever had champagne before, it’s nice isn’t it” Tammy said “it was really nice, but do me favour before I forget or can’t stand up, lock the doors babe” this I did and pulled the curtains turning on the lights Tammy look even more beautiful, tipping her another drink she said “if I have an hangover tomorrow I going to fuck the ass off you all-night and your Toby will be worn down to half his size ha ha,” I said “who” she said “Toby your cocks new name good what” she said “do you like it here, I know Toby likes being somewhere nice and warm and I wish he could be there all the time,” “he can if that’s what you want” I said, I went to the sink and just undid my jeans so they would fall down as I passed my baby. I got a glass of water and just stood by her with no jeans on. After about a minute she screamed out and gave Toby the biggest kiss he has ever had and said “that was a great surprise, take the rest of babe if you like” Tammy held Toby and was just rubbing the top of him then got her drink and put Toby into her drink and stirred it with him, taking him out she started to lick the drink off him, very slowly and gently, putting him back in her glass again she pulled back my skin and let the drink go under it, taking him out again she gently put her tongue all around the top of him then started licking under my foreskin and just opening the eye with her fingers putting her tongue into the crack, she just teased the top of him, but it felt fantastic , as she slowly run her tongue down the trunk of him, I started to gently run my finger around a nice sized pink nipple , she was now licking the bottom of Toby and just letting one of her finger nails slowly and very gently slide over my balls and go down towards my ass, it was very arousing, she, then started to squeeze and roll my balls in the palm of her hand, then she said “I wish we had got together years ago, babe I am not being funny, but can we wait until we sort somewhere to sleep and see if that old TV works, we got up and Tammy said “ don’t put anything back on babe, I love you being like that, be like me and think what we will save on clothes ha, I love watching Toby moving around as you walk, it looks and makes me feel so sexy its unable” I said ” you’re just fantastic yourself and have just an unbelievable body, how long have you not wore clothes in the house babe, and yes your ass looks and feels great” as I touched her lovely firm cheeks, then I noticed the huge bruise just under her left cheek. ” Babe” I said “is that bruise sore on your cheek, it looks awfully sore to me, what the hell did he do to you this morning, that other bruise on the top of your thigh still has his sole mark of his shoe, he sure meant to try and hurt you didn’t he, the bustard, looks like he tried to kick you in the pussy and hold you down by the finger marks on your arms and legs”. We put some pillows and blankets down on the floor and was going to use the edge of the settee to rest our heads on, getting the champagne and wine in reach, I poured another two glasses and gently helped her to get down on the pillows, as I sat beside her she leaned her head close to mine and said in a voice which I thought she was going to start to cry in, said “Keith my love, when you came to Birmingham, I really hoped and prayed you had come for me, I longed every day to be with you, the ace for you was so bad, right from the day we meet in Worcester I knew it was you that was my life, no one else mattered, it got that bad I could not sleep and food meant nothing to me, all I could think about was finding ways to see or be in your company, even if it was just for a few minutes. Sue dropped her knickers for you because she realised how much I wanted to be with you and she realised you had feelings for me too, that’s why she told you she was pregnant but after a few weeks she said she had miscarried, the only thing then was she knew she had to keep telling you lies and try to get you to hate me” I said “Tam I could never hate you, you are my life, my pride and joy forever my lovely” we poured ourselves another drink and she said “the pain and ace which was deep down in my tummy and mind just got so bad, I was crying most of the time, not eating, Kate tried to get me though it and told me millions of times to talk to you about how I felt about you because she could see what you meant to me but I kept chickening out, thinking you would reject me and I would have lost you forever, as time goes by she used to say, it will get better, you really do love him don’t you, I feel so sorry for you Tam, Kate would say. I looked at her face and sore her wiping a tier from her eye as she said “Babe I need a pee this drink is going straight though” I said “race you” and we both made a dive for the toilet but I let her win, she sat there smiling and looked as beautiful as a picture, she wiped the droppers off and said “come on then sexy, let’s have him” and holding my cock she said “come on then I’ve always wanted to hold Toby while you were having a piss”, as I slowly started to pee, she started laughing and was spraying all over the place, the more she laughed the more it went everywhere, she said “ Babe look at the mess you are making, no control at all but if feels nice to feel it coming tough Toby, I don’t know how you control him” as I finished she wiped Toby with toilet paper and said I will be waiting in the living room after you clean up that mess you made ha ha” I have never dreamed I could end up with such a beautiful woman who loves being in the nude all day and believe me she had such a fantastic body to show me it was something special. As I went back into the living room she was sitting back down with her leg tucked under her bum, and she said “where have you been sexy, I hope you haven’t been trying to put anymore fires out because I’m the only one who can control that hosepipe ha ha” giving me another glass of wine I sat beside her again and put my hand on the top of her thigh, just brushing her pussy lips the skin was so soft and silky and was as smooth as a babies bum. I said “babe, why is your skin by there so soft and smooth, and you clit and lips feel like velvet and must be the most silkiest things I have ever touched” she said “they are always soft and silky just after you come off your period, I only came off mine last night, they all believe it’s the best time to catch for a baby too” I said “babe I wish you were having my baby but we have plenty of time to make one or two” Tammy said “one or two, my dream right from a little girl was I would have seven , hopefully four girls, and three boys” I said “babe we got a lot of work to do, shall we start on the first one in moment” Tam said “don’t worry we have all night, in fact we have all our life’s to do and enjoy each other, there is no way will I ever want to lost you my sexy machine” “Anyway where did I leave off just before we went to wash the toilet” she said “oh yes I remember, I was saying about Kate saying I loved you so very much and she was sorry for me, Kate was always there not like most of my family, she knew me so well, even mum did not understand what was wrong with me, then one day I had the biggest shock of my life, I had been up your house most of the day and I know it was the first time you sore my pussy because I made sure that day to sit opposite you, in the morning I had just shaven my fanny and it was a bit sore, I remember I had to wriggle around a bit because if was faintly hurting, I was watching your face when I shore in your eyes and the smile that you had seen something and was surprised by it too, I then realized this could be a way to get you back, I remember Sue saying that she never liked sex much before she meet you and it was only now and then she wanted it, not like me, I don’t mean with anyone else, only you, I fantasies on making mad love with you in all ways and positions you can imagine, you was talking to me about something which I can’t remember, I thought I wonder if he likes this and slowly opened my legs a little at the time as I did I watched your face and jeans I knew you had seen my glory because I could see this nice big lump rising, plus it really made me horny, I could feel my juices flowing between my lips and from that day I knew one day we would get together. Look at Toby Now he knows”, he was has hard as a rock and a little juice was sparking in his eye Tammy said “nice” and took hold of him and was gently squeezing and rubbing him on my leg, she said “here babe” handing me a sweet and another glass of wine, she said “the biggest shock was about to hit me, as I went home and walked in, mum was crying so was my sisters, I said “Mum what’s the matter” Mum said and I will never forget “Tammy, it’s your Dad, he was in work and they think he had an heart attack, he died before they could get him to the hospital” I held her close to me and I could feel her naked body throbbing and feel her tears running down my chest” I said “that’s it babe let it all out I’m here for you and you will feel better to have a good cry over it” deep down inside I knew this would happen one day because her Mum told us she never cried or wanted to let him go and would not believe he was gone, just stroking her head and back I said “that’s it babe it’s alright to cry, I understand how you feel and no matter what ever happens I will always be here for you, you will never have to worry about being alone ever again” she said really sobbing “none of the family really knew how much I was hurting and I couldn’t tell Mum either, then this happened with dad, it felt like my life had fallen apart, I had days not even coming out of my room, at the funeral I had no one’s shoulder to cry on. I have never felt so alone in my life and I started to wonder if there was anything worth living for, I could not see how I could make you know just how much I loved you and Dad I really thought I had no one. Kate then took over and made me go and live at her mums until I sorted myself out”, Tammy said to me “don’t stop doing that by my pussy it is sending tingling feelings right over my body and is very nice, anyway babe after a few weeks, with Kate and her Mum things started to feel a little bit better, and one Saturday night we went out for a drink” passing me another glass of wine “she said “we’ll be too drunk to do anything later, is that all the time is 8.37pm” I said “yes and look at Toby he likes what you have been doing to him for the last hour and half, he has not spit at you once tonight yet” Tammy said “he did earlier and you can think what you like but that was the first time I’ve ever tasted a man like that and it was lovely mmmmmm, on that night out I meet Ray, worst luck, he was alright for the first four or five months, then one day he started picking on me, and making me do things around the house, then finding faults like with his food, saying things like it’s not cooked right or there was too much salt and then started hitting me about over nothing at all. This morning was the final time he was ever going to hit me, that’s why I came around your place , I was going to tell you that I loved you so very much, and could no longer take his beatings I made his cupper and had just gave him two rounds of toast when he jumped up and threw the plate with the toast on me, I screamed, then he kicked me by here, and she pointed at the bruise on the top of her thigh, he was hitting and throwing me all over the flat and shouting something about his toast, had some jam on or something, after what seemed like ten minutes he shouted I’m going down the pub and this place had better be cleaned up when I come back, you bitch, and you had better not say anything to those slags of a family you got, if you do your going to get the same again, understand bitch, and he went out the door, as soon as he had gone I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up because my nose was bleeding and I had a lot marks to cover up with some makeup, I went and got my handbag because I had already put all my important things, like passport, bankbooks, and my personal things ready and wrote on the mirror in the bathroom what a wanker he is, phoned Kate about the cottage, if I could have it for a week or two, she said if you tell Keith what you have gone through and how much you think of him the cottage will be yours and Keith’s, because it’s only a matter of time before you two get married, it was going to be a wedding present off me to you after all you are in my mind my big and only sister, I could not live there myself (to many mummeries’) plus I could not sell it to a stranger, I said “Tammy, here have this drink babe, why did he kick you there ? And by the look from where your make up as come off he gave you a black eye too, why didn’t you get the police to sort him out” she said “he made me too scared to even tell Kate, but she knew from the bruises what he was doing” I said “ I only wish you had told me about the shit, I promise nothing like that will ever happen to you again babe, although that one bruise on the top of you pussy, you should see a doctor in case he has done other damage” she said “he started kicking me or trying to kick me there because he said he would stop me having anyone else’s baby if I ever left him” Tammy said “babe I think I’m getting pissed, are you trying to get in my knickers, hops I forgot I never have any on anyway, I should say you are trying to get inside either my juicy pussy or my ass, you can get inside anywhere you my sexy babe” with that she said “babe I’ve got to go again” and started to pull herself up and over my legs, sitting on the top of my legs she started to laugh and said “babe I got a cock, look its sticking out from my crack” as she was laughing she started to leak and even laughed more and tried to get up when she started to piss over my cock, as she tried to get up she was pissing over my body, it felt great, lovely and warm, she managed to stop and said “babe what did that feel like, I didn’t mean to give toby a wash, I just could not stop, if it had been that thing I was with,. He would have killed me, she started to lean over and rub her lovely soft tits on my chest, her nipples where now sticking upright as she swayed them from side to side, barely touching my skin, she swayed from side to side working up towards my awaiting mouth, she said “Keith you make me sexy as hell, I feel more horny now than I ever thought possible in the past, since this morning I had an orgasm, played with your toby in our car and have been able to be myself here, got drunk and do my favourite things, like not having to wear anything at all, I really hate clothes on my skin, bloody bra’s in the summer make my tits sweet and they start to get sore underneath” she then got her right breast and leaning closer to my face started running her nipple around my lips firstly going around then across the middle then going in the opposite way as she was moving the nipple I opened my mouth and had her breast and nipple inside, I just held on to her nipple with my teeth and started to play with her other tit, I gently had it in my left hand and her other nipple trapped between my fingers which I gently squeezed and massaging her tit by squeezing and licking her cleavage, as I was licking up between her tits and slowly going about half way up her chest, then across the top of her tit and going back down just under her arm, and licking up and down on her tit just under her arm, after doing this a few times I started licking down and around the bottom, and just pushing my tongue up and under her breast, then working my way back up to her nipple which by this time looked harder than a few seconds ago, all of a sudden she started laughing and said “sorry honey I just had a vision of that wanker drinking that whiskey and spitting it out all over the place in a fine spray, I hope it chokes the bastard” she got off me and started to lick my chest and run her tongue up and down my tummy, poking it into my belly button, this position was better for me because I could now touch more of her fantastic wet body, she was glistering in the light, her tits where hanging down with her hard nipples pointing at the carpet, I pulled her a bit closer and started running my hand on the cheeks of her ass, smoothing her leg and thighs then sliding my hand onto her belly and creak at the start of her pussy, pushing forward with my hand I now had her clit and lips which still felt like velvet and I was sure they were the softest things I have ever felt. She then moved around and was touching my cock and I could feel her breath on the lower part of my tummy, after about two minutes she put her leg over and I could feel all of her body on mine, her pussy was only inches away from my face and I could see just inside her fanny, it looked so inviting sparkling in the light, just parting her pussy lips was a fantastic pink fanny just waiting for my hard cock, I was running my fingers up the middle of her fanny and gently rubbing a clit which I could now see in all it its glory, I gently rubbed the very top where it looks like a V shape upside down, Tammy started to morn as I did circle movement’s on her clit and put a little bit of pressure on her velvet bits, with the other hand I started to play with her ass, and very nice it is too, slowly moving my fingers around her hole, I then moved my hand from her fanny and started licking from the bottom up between her lips, sucking and running my tongue around her clit, all this time she was sucking and licking my cock, taking him deep into mouth and always licking around the trunk of him, with her hands she was playing with my balls, gently squeezing and rolling them, a few times I felt her fingers pressing into my ass. My fingers were now sliding into a wet fanny, her juices also tasted so good, at first she took two fingers, after a few strokes, three then four, she was really morning and before she knew, one of my fingers on the other hand were gently sliding into her ass hole, this started to send her wild, pumping her whole body up and down, and asking for more, she was now taking all my hand up to the knuckles plus a finger up her ass which soon turned into two, pumping her pussy and pushing my hand in a little at the time she screamed “Keith I’m Cumming, oh my god ohhhhhhhh, oh god” I could feel her nails digging deep into my thigh and leg and she was really pulling on my cock with her mouth as she screamed and shouted “I LOVE YOU” by this time I was really pumping her fanny with my whole hand and licking as much of her sexy Bute as I could. She then started to sit up on my Tummy and I could feel just how wet she really was, she moved down my body still facing away from me and started rubbing her wet minge against my very hard cock, she was also rubbing my balls in her hands and sliding them down my groin, gently smoothing her fingers over the top of my ass hole, which felt good. At this point I thought Tammy was going to slide my cock into her already waiting pussy but she simply said “have you ever had it this way before darling” and before I could reply was putting my nob on her pussy and just sliding him into a I very nice hole, she only was pushing him in until my nob was just inside, then pulling him back out, she did it again and again, she then moved slightly and started putting him around her ass and said “Keith fuck me, I want you more than anything or anyone in the world” and eased him into a tight ass hole after a few strokes she said “nice I’ve always wanted it this way, but waited for the person I know was the right man for me, someone I loved and wanted to spend the rest of my life with” I could see my cock sliding in and out and glistering with her juices sparkling on my cock, all I could do was lie back and enjoy what she was doing and believe me it was a fantastic feeling, she was in full control. All I could see was my cock in between two lovely cheeks and disappearing in and out of her ass hole, every now and then a pair of lovely swinging tits came into view, gently swaying from side to side, when I could see them I noticed under her right breast she had a red birth mark in the shape of a tree and I wondered if she knew it was there, by now she was really pushing and pulling my cock in and out of her ass and I knew I was going to cum, I could feel this tingling deep down in my tummy and a sensual feeling all around my body, no sooner had I had these feeling than my cock started to pump and pump my sperm deep into her ass, I have had a lot of sex before this but never have I ever felt anything like this I didn’t think my cock was ever going to stop pumping into her body. Tammy just waited until every drop pumped out of my cock and said “that was the best feelings I have ever had, believe me Keith I only ever thought feelings like this where fairly tails, my whole body is tingling, I have never felt anything like this not even when I’ve played with myself” I said “what” Tam said “even little boys have played with them self’s at some time or another, I bet you have pulled Toby more than once, haven’t you ha” I said “noooo well maybe only once, but I was really little then,” “ bloody liar” I heard her say” she said “ he’s not little today is he, and you will have no need to play with him again, that’s my job from now on, and I can’t wait to start, he’ll be six foot long soon” she said laughing and gently sliding back and forth on toby and my balls with a very moist pussy. She said “babe, do you want another drink, may as well be wet inside as well as out” I said “babe do you realise we have drunk a bottle of Champaign, and a bottle of wine, someone’s going to have a bad head in the morning, it’s going to be our first hangover together ha ha, and yes I do love you more than life itself especially dressed like that, wish you could be like it for ever and ever, how do you manage in the winter wearing no knickers, don’t your pussy and other bits feel the cold,” She said “ I have never wore them because they make me feel hot and itchy and it seems natural for me plus I feel more comfortable, if it gets cold I do what you would, put on my jeans, but I still never wear anything around the house, I really hate clothes in the house because when I was little, Mrs Poole, a woman who we lived by, and used to baby sit for mum, was babysitting us one day and started screaming and ran out of the house with her night clothes on fire, of course we didn’t know what happened and the police got mum to come and get us, when we got back home all she told us was Mrs Poole was in hospital and was very hill. Later on, well a few months we found out her nightdress had caught fire and the material had melted into her skin, and the shock had killed her what made it worse was she ran outside instead of rolling in a carpet or something, after that I had bad nightmares and would rip my clothes off. Mum and Dad took me to the doctors and was told I would grow out of it, never have and never will, I can see her poor face now, that’s why I like being like this” I said “babe I had no idea, that must have been trouble for you, anyway I like you like this, those breasts and those pink nipples look fantastic, I could look at them all day and every day, I hope you never want to cover them up, only when we go out somewhere, don’t change anything my lovely” I said “if that’s what you want, I honestly don’t mind, But don’t blame me if you get pregnant, or I walk around with three legs Ha Ha,” she said “ oh yes please, I wish I was pregnant only with your baby though, it is something I have really dreamed about since we first meet , anyway Ray and me have not done anything for months and months, why should we when he beats me up like he did, anyway I never loved him, I have known that for years and years, this is what I’ve wanted for so long and now it has come true I just cannot believe it, it’s like being in a dream, if it is I never want to wake up” as I tried to sit up a little to take a drink of wine, I got her left tit and nipple right in the eye and spilled my drink over them. She said “Toby has just slipped into his home,” he had slide over her clit and somehow slide between her lovely wet lips and my nob was just inside her pussy, she also said “ oh leave him have a rest, he wants to get warm and I wish he could stay there for ever and ever” I said “ babe we ,d have soon funny looks walking down the street don’t you think” she laughed and said “yes I can image what it would look like, me with my legs wrapped around your waist and all my bare back showing, and you holding my ass and trying to cover my tits and keep your cock out of sight Ha Ha” still sitting on my tummy she said “do you feel hungry because I am starving what have we got to eat, I’ll just go and have a look” she got up and her mound was right in my face, all wet and shining, I went to kiss her tummy and she said “ you can’t eat that yet, but if you like, you can have it all for dessert ha ha,” I watch her naked body slowly going into the kitchen and listened to her sweet voice singing as she went, deep down inside I knew this was my angel and I also knew she was happier now than probably she has been for years and it made me feel so probe to know she had fallen head over heels in love with me so long ago and followed her dreams hoping one day this would happen, as she was in the kitchen it was really nice listening to her voice singing she really had a heavenly voice and could sing like an angel too. She came out with two plates of cheese sandwiches, wiggling her hips and swaying her tits and smiling, I said “babe I would rather those any day,” as she sat down beside me on the floor I said “you should be a singer babe, you have a lovely voice, I really enjoyed your singing out there,” we started to eat our sandwich and finish our drink, as I tipped another glass of wine she said “when I was little I always wanted to be a singer, poor old Mum and Dad used to send me to singing class in Northfield, I went there until we moved to Hopwood, then of course the singing lessons went out the window, before we moved though Mrs Wilson told my Mum and Dad to try and keep me having lessons, but in those days money was short plus they had all the rest to think about, so that was the end to that” I said “that was a shame because you sound lovely, and who knows you could have been on the stage” she said “yes sweeping the stage off after” tipping yet another drink out and finishing our sandwiches off she said “I don’t know how they managed in those days when you think there was nineteen of us, and they had to feed us and clothe us, I know a lot of the clothes where hand downs from your brothers or sisters but it must have been hell trying just to feed us all, I could do it. I have always dreamed of having seven, don’t know why but that was my dream, how would you feel about having a rather large family babe” I said “would love it with you, if that’s what you want, that’s what we can try for, either way we are going to have lots of fun try, the only thing is we will have to get a bigger house” “oh yes “ I said “talking about baby’s, do you know you have a birth mark right under you left breast in the shape of a tree” “yes” she said “I have seen it myself when I was growing up, but Mum used to tell me it was in the shape of a oak tree, she said she was about six month gone carrying me. One day she just sat down on the ground under this oak tree down the Maypole and it started to thunder and lightning, she does not remember if the tree was struck by the lightning or if it was the sudden shock of the thunder, but the doctors think it imprinted the shape on my skin, whether or not it was right I don’t know, how did you know about that babe” she said “when we were doing it a few minutes ago, I could see it on the underside of your left tit, looks really sexy too” I said “babe” she said “give me a cuddle my skin feels a bit cold,” so we got under the two blankets I was cuddling her as close as I could to me body, it was fantastic to feel her one leg over and the other leg under my legs and I could feel her cold, wet pussy pressing right up against the top of my legs, her tummy was pressed tight against my tummy and I could feel her tits burning into my chest, they felt really soft and sexy, I could feel her arms wrapped around me and she was pulling me as close as she could, she said “babe if I died this second, I would never forget this day, I am thirty-six years old and out of my whole life this is the happiest day I have ever had, please God don’t let it ever end, I’m so scared to go to sleep in case I wake up and find I have only been dreaming” “my sexy” I said “it’s no dream believe me, if you feel sleepy, let me put the light out, and I will be here for you when you wake up now and for ever, I will always be here for you in the mornings, nights for all-time until we are ninety.” She said “go no then babes turn it off but I am not going to sleep yet, I want to enjoy your body close to me for as long as I can” I said “babe I be here for you for ever no matter what happens” just laying here, touching her lovely soft body, and gently rubbing my hands up and down her back and sides was such a turn on. She said “I have never believed what some women have said about the feelings only some women have when they cum, most women go right though life without having an orgasm, I used to think how could your whole body shake and tingle with so much pleasure by some man poking your pussy with his cock and Cumming all over you. You can cum over me anywhere you like babe and as often as you like, today was the first time in my life I have ever sucked a cock or tasted a man’s sperm, I just never thought of doing it, and I am really over the moon you where my first and only, it was worth all the suffering I went through just watching you with someone else and knowing you where my life and I wanted you so badly I could have screamed it from the mountains, and the only other person who knew, and I could talk to about you was Kate” I said “babe we have each other now and it’s you I want to spend the rest of my life with too,” she said “even your touch makes me feel like I could rip your clothes off and play with your cock for ever, every second of the day,” I said “babe you wouldn’t have to do much ripping would you, here he is for you to do what you like with, and believe me he is only ever yours,” with that Tammy rolled on top of me and started kissing me, long with her tongue in my month and moving around my tongue, I could feel her heavy breathing on my chest and her hands just handing my face, with the kissing she also started to slide her body up and down on mine, my cock was between our body’s and it felt like she was going to make toby come with her body, she stopped kissing me and was running her tongue around my ear and down my neck, she knew this was making me horny because she could feel my cock getting harder and harder, she slide her body down mine and was licking around my nipples then down to my belly button, she licked around it a few times I felt her licking around the base of my cock and over the top of my balls, sucking one ball at a time in her month, firstly one then the other, always moving back up to my cock and gently nibbling at the base of my very hard cock, she started to lick up my tummy and was rubbing her tits from side to side over my cock while baiting my nipples and rubbing my sides with one of her hands, she moved up my neck and with her tongue around my lips and started kissing me really passionately, just touching the edge of my tongue with hers, I could feel her lovely soft lips pressing against mine and her soft body heaving body with every breath she took, she was pressing her tits tight against my chest. I had my arms around her and was gently pulling her tighter into me also gently smoothing my hands up and down her back and sides, working down to the cheeks’ of her white soft bum and pressing down on it even if she was moving the lower part of her body from side to side and up and down every now and then I felt the pressure on my now very hard cock which was still under her mound. She then sat up and was sitting on my cock, she reached down and took my hands and put them on her tits, in the dark I could feel her nipples felt harder than they had before, she still had my wrists and was moving them so that my hands where rubbing just the tops of her nipples, I tried to get hold of her breasts as she was doing that and she said “not yet darling, I want you to enjoy every second of this, if you feel like you are going to cum tell me before you do, I don’t want you to waste a drop and I want to feel every drop going in me, it feels lovely to feel him throbbing and your juice going in, nice and warm, I love you more than life its self-babe, you are my life, my one and only, and the only one I will ever want in my life, I knew that years ago, and I know without you my life would be over, I would have no reason to live, believe me” still sliding her pussy on my balls and cock and moving my hands off her tits onto her tummy and just onto the start of her crack, “babe” I said “ Mmmmmmm you had better put him in now because I am going to come” with that she reached down and just put him into her lovely soft pussy and he started to throb and pump my juices into her body (to be contuned)

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