Sex Studio Secrets #21: Anne-3

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Sex Studio Secrets #21: Anne-3


Anne is my sexy slave now. The slender sensual sweet tasty tiny tit teen blonde beauty’s in my movies.
Anne brings me a mug of tea to bed as soon as I awake sweetly sucks my manhood as I sip the hot broth.
Anne prepares for proper presentation and her daily intimate inspection followed by her masturbation.
Anne next kneels between my legs and looks at me. She waits for my instructions how to make me orgasm.

Anne’s feelings are mixed. She feels very humiliated coming on my orders and being always on camera!
Anne also wonders how may guys or girls will masturbate, watching her hot footage. Perhaps hundreds?
Anne never dreamt of a career as a porn-star. She wishes she had been wiser with this Professor Peter.
Anne actually starts to long to perform some of her secret sexy foxy fantasies with Petra and Peter.

Anne is not allowed to touch her love lips without written permission of pervert Poet Professor Peter.
Anne secretly discovers how she still can make herself wet and warm with cunning cunny contractions!
Anne wishes she never lied to Peter about her and this ‘thick-neck’, as he calls her former friend.
Anne regrets now her lighthearted foolishness and underestimating the real qualities of Poet Peter.

Anne is amazed how he easily talks in verses to her! Anne wonders what she now thinks of her Master?
Anne as His hostage. She hated Him for that! She is extremely horny in His studio. How very confusing!
Anne feels like He sometimes looks right through her, as if He can see her soul or read her hot mind.
Anne acknowledges to herself she feels grateful for all hot sex so far, even taken against her will!

Anne is amazed again by His short lecture as Professor of Sexuology interrupting her thought process.
Anne hadn’t heard before of the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’: hostages tend to fall in love with oppressors!
Anne keeps thinking long about this. Could she really fall in love with this strange sexy Professor?
Anne wishes she would be allowed access to His laptop to get back at Him in the net and make excuses.

Anne how about a tasty threesome? Did you aready experience that in real, or only in your dirty dream?
Anne how would you like your ‘sandwich’? My member in your anal canal or pretty Petra with strap-on?
Anne is a sexy sixtynine is another possibilty? You and me or you with my great granddod pretty Petra?
Anne do you realise how many open orifices are available to me with you two in a sexy sixtynine dear?

Anne shakes her head. No My Master, not yet! I must confess that I am very curious what you mean?
Anne you seem to be amazed I actually offer you a choice, isn’t it? – Yes, My Master! 69 please Sir!
Anne your wish is our command! Pretty Petra please lay at the low table to host our hot hostage Anne.
Anne please be our guest! I will let you do the counting of orifices I’ll penile penetrate properly.

Quiz question to my dear readers:
How many openings will I enter?
Among correct answers of lasses
one will win a studio session!

Copyright by Poet PETER

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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