she tried black first part 3

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she tried black first part 3
previously on she tried black 1st part 2:

He thrust into her, and she nearly orgasmed then and there. Her lily-white legs wrapped around his dark ebony truck and pulled him in all the way with a cry, “Oh god! Just fuck me, Derren!”

The difference this time she knew his cock was bare. The first time all she felt was pressure and stretching, the smooth surface slid easily and without much effort into her. But now, she felt the full texture of his cock, all the veins, the slickness, the delicious friction of skin rubbing on skin as he pushed in and out of her. Looking down, seeing this black man fucking her bare white pussy already churning with his fertile spunk, made her cry out for more.

“So good! Fuck me harder, Derren!”

“Ho!” He slapped her ass hard — the pain like a thunderbolt in her storm of pleasure, “You ain’t gonna tell me shit! You gonna beg for my nigga dick like a real black cock slut!”
“Ahh! Fuck me with that big black cock. Fuck my little white pussy!”

“Whose pussy, bitch?” Another stinging slap to her ass.

“AHH! Y-Yours! Your white slut’s pussy! Ohhhh uh, uh, yessss!”

“Damn straight, ho! I own this creamy white pussy,” He grabbed her sore ass and gripped tight, pulling her hips against his. Ashley bucked back — The booze and fear and excitement all mixed into a cacophony of pleasure inside the blond girl. Derren leaned back onto his knees, pulling Ashley towards him and making her witness her own fucking.

“This is a nigger’s cunt now, ain’t it?” Ashley nodded, but was cut off by another harsh spank, “Speak, bitch!”

“Yes!” The simple affirmation streaked pleasure through her body, and made her scream it aloud. “Yes!! I’ll fuck black co-”

Slap! “You’ll fuck nigger dick, ho!”

Ashley squealed again, “I-I’ll fuck nigger dick!” Derren ploughed deep into her then, cementing the naughtiness of that forbidden word with the sheer pleasure of his black cock. “Ooh! Fuck this white slut with your big nigger dick!” She wailed and dug her nails into his arms before turning her lusty blue eyes onto his, “Fuck me with that bare, black cock…!”

“Slut, I cum inside my white hoes. I ain’t never pulled out for no white bitch.” He rammed himself into her, clapping his chocolate-brown hips against her pale white flesh. His cum churned inside her — Ashley felt it roiling within her belly, gushing out along her pink pussy lips and leaking down her ass, and more seeping deeper into her virgin pussy as he held her hips above his.

“I love your cum -I love your hot, thick, nigger cum all inside my blond cunt,” Ashley thrust her messy hips up to meet him, forcing more of his old sperm to squelch out of her tightness, making room for the new. “I’ll never put another condom on this beautiful black dick. Ahhh! I’ll only fuck your nigger dick bare!!”

“Ragh! You’ll get knocked up, ho!” The fear no longer stabbed her — it motivated her.

“Fucking knock me up!” She screamed, another orgasm raging throughout her entire being, “Plant your black bastard in my white belly!! AH! I’m cumming!!” Her white pussy clamped down around him again, a pale delicate lily swallowing a dark venomous snake. He held her trembling hips and continued fucking as release cascaded over her, making her yelp and moan and beg incoherently for his hard black cock and his thick black sperm.

“White bitch wants to be bred black,” he said, his whole ebony body already beaded with sweat, just as Ashley’s was, “You want a nigga baby in that prim and proper belly of yours?” He patted her flat tummy with his black hand, touching the pale skin as Ashley came down from her climax.

“Yes,” Ashley, still delirious from her earth-shattering orgasm, was still shaking — her whole body was shaking as she began to rock her hips onto him again, “Breed me black…” She stared him in the eyes — it was as if she had found her purpose in life, her destiny, in the blinding ecstasy of her climax. Ashley knew she was meant to fuck black men and always had been, as she was carried away in the wild flurry of first-time pleasures and still-powerful drink.

Derren pulled his lengthy dick from the mewling girl, which now had upon its brown-coal skin the pearly white globs of his first load and her pussy’s churned cream, and flashed the horny panting girl a devilish grin.

“I’ll breed your white cunt — make you my little ghetto slut. Get your white ass up in the air, ho!” Ashley, hazy through her maelstrom of pleasure and booze, crawled to her hands and knees and presented herself to him, shaking her heart-shaped ass to the black man who snatched her virginity.

“Like it?” she purred breathlessly, her voice low like her head looking back at him, “It’s only for your black dick now…”

“And that’s the way I like it ho,” He ran his rough hands over the smoothness of her pristine ass. In the soft light of the room it seemed almost silvery in its paleness, and was soon eclipsed by the darkness of his ebony hips. “Damn girl, I knew I was gonna end up fuckin’ this white ass when you were rubbin’ it all on my dick.” Ashley remembered what she felt back there on the dance floor, the nervousness and excitement at being so close to a black man — a nigger. It was tenfold that now, combining now into pure exhilaration at the prospect of his naked black cock entering her again.

“Hurry up stud,” she said, pushing her soft ass against his cock, rubbing it with her already cummy pussy, “and fuck me. Get this white girl pregnant with a black baby…” She moaned and then gasped, feeling his dick cleave her slick folds and fill her with a single lunge.

She howled and arched her back, pushing back against Derren’s savage rhythm. The bed creaked in protest, the red sheets becoming stained from all the cum squelching from her well-fucked pussy, and Ashley gripped the bed in her little hands as her strong dark African lover rutted into her ripe white pussy from behind.

“Yes! Fuck me! Give me your black baby!” She screamed. She didn’t care if anyone heard — she screamed it louder than the music beating behind the walls, begging for his black baby as he wound her blond hair around his fingers and rode her like a bitch in heat. She didn’t care who heard as the booze saturated her reeling mind. Her body filled with the hormones she had been born to feel, the singular purpose the young blond had been living all her life to express: To be bred black.

The terror now only fueled her desire, her desperate inner protests to the bare African cock slamming deeper than ever before lit her pussy and belly afire with lust. She felt Derren bottoming out in her as he seized her baby-making hips, pulling her pure white ass back against his dark onyx cock. Her untouched womb begged for his release, and yearned for all the hot black swimmers that Sandy had warned her about. She was right after all, Ashley realized – he’d fill her with his hot black sperm if she let him, and she loved the thought.

“Want my baby, ho!?” Derren snarled, grabbing her swaying tits and mashing them into his palms in the midst of his wild rutting.

“Yes! Yes!” Ashley said.

“Another prissy white bitch gonna be swellin’ with a nigga’s baby,” he plowed her pussy, tilling her fertile Caucasian field to accept every African seed he would be sowing inside her.

“As it should be — OHHH!” Ashley moaned. His hard slap on her tender ass made her jump and groan with delight.

“Damn right!” He pressed himself fully against her back, his cock sinking deep and staying there with shallow, hard strokes as he grunted into her ear. “Gonna make your belly swell, ho. Gonna make you walk ’round with all your white friends carryin’ a black baby in your little white belly,” He stroked her hot belly, and Ashley felt her body respond immediately – A twinge deep inside her, right above her womb which his African dick was ramming against. It made the petite Caucasian girl moan louder than ever.

“Mmm-ahh!” she turned to face him, her face a mere inch from his as his dark balls slapped her light ass, “Cum in me,” she breathed, “Fertilize my white garden – ahh! Plant your black seeds deep inside me. Oooh!” She pushed back harder, feeling herself pushed to the very edge — and over as his grunting swelled to a roar.

“Give me your black cum!!” She howled through her gritted teeth, “Plant your nigger baby inside me! Breed me right!!”

She came as she kissed him full on the lips, muffling the howling moan that welled from her deepest a****listic instincts as she felt his potent African cum blast inside her for a second time that night. This time she felt every pelt, every gush, every lance of his dark seed inside her, painting the walls of her white womb with heavy, fertile spunk. He roared like a b**st, claiming his mate that shook and trembled with her the acceptance of her true lot in life. Stars burst in front of her eyes as she succumbed to ecstasy.

Ashley swore she could feel it blasting into her womb, defying all those white men who had ever tried to get their chance at her pristine white body before. She denied them all — not because they didn’t try or weren’t good enough, but because they weren’t… right. But now, feeling Derren’s pulsing black cock spewing its hot load deep inside her bare white womb, sending millions of his strong African warriors to capture to her pure Caucasian egg, it not only felt good — It felt right!

She couldn’t help but scream in the most mind-blowing and complete orgasm she had ever felt in her young life. The world had to know. The white world she had grown up in had to know she had found what was right. Her classmates, her friends, even her family — she wanted them all to know that little innocent Ashley was being bred black tonight, by this dark African man. She was being bred black tonight, bred right, and would be ever after!

*** The Morning After

The morning light crested over the mountaintops far in the distance, and streamed into the open window of the bedroom where Ashley lay, tangled in the red silk sheets now forever stained by the wild fucking of the night before. They had continued throughout the night, Derren seemingly inexhaustible in his spunk, and Ashley in her desire for more. Dried semen dotted the corners of her pink lips, and rivulets of semen had hardened on each of her gently rising and falling breasts, their pink nipples hard in the cool morning air.

But of course the most drenched were her inner thighs. Ashley begged him throughout the night to breed her black, screaming for all to hear, and he obliged. She fell asleep finally with his cock still spurting one last hot load into her after countless others, and since then the former virgin’s pussy had been leaking potent black sperm onto a bed that wasn’t hers.

Slowly, she opened her eyes. She sat up, her hands darting to her dizzy head as she came to, blinking in the revealing morning light. The pounding music had stopped hours before, and many of the party-goers had left — though many had stayed, like Ashley, after a night of drunken revelry and passion. But the pounding in her head hadn’t left, thanks to Sandy’s special drinks, and Ashley shrunk from the overly bright light, as if it was slowly illuminating what had happened to her the night before — and what she had become.

“About time you woke up,” a familiar voice said at the end of the bed. “I was going to throw water on you if you hadn’t opened your eyes right then!” It was Sandy, sitting at the edge of the bed, her clothes back on from the night before but in a hasty disarray. Ashley could smell sex on her — and then Ashley realized she probably could smell it on her too!

“S-Sandy! I-It isn’t what you…” Ashley clutched at the sheets, trying to cover herself up as she looked over to her side to where Derren was the night before. But he wasn’t there. Neither were any of his clothes. All he left behind were the memories of last night, and all the virile African cum still swimming inside her womb…

“What, that you got fucked last night?” Sandy grinned, “Oh, but from what I heard you weren’t just getting fucked. You were getting fucked by a black guy!” Ashley’s heart leap painfully into her throat. She’d heard her?? Ashley wasn’t surprised, remembering with a groan how loud she was screaming last night as Derren took her so hard…

“Well? How was it??” Sandy asked excitedly, scooting forward on the bed towards her still-naked friend, “That was your first time, right? And with a black guy…!” She added with a grinning scandalous gasp.

“Yeah… Yeah, that was my first time…” Ashley said, looking down as embarrassment and shame crept over her. What about her being a good girl? She just lost her virginity to a total stranger, and he left immediately after!

Sandy was totally unphased, clapping her hands together with joy, “Oh my god, Ashley! Losing it to a black guy!? That’s pretty hot!” Sandy’s smile was from ear to ear, and she looked pleasantly and expectantly to Ashley.

“So?” she asked, “How was it?”

Ashley knew what she meant. All of it. She wanted to hear the whole deal, the entire experience of being wooed and touched and kissed and fucked by a man not even of her same race. She opened her mouth, and hesitated as she remembered the rougher parts of the night in a quick, hot flash…

“It was… oh my god Sandy, it was amazing…!” Sandy squealed in delight, and Ashley smiled bashfully. She might have been drunk and out of her mind, but she couldn’t deny that she’d been well and truly fucked by the dark-skinned stranger, and she liked it. A lot!

“Oh my god! My guys were passed out by the time you two really started to get going!” Sandy said, “He must have been good if you were begging him so much.”

“Hmmm?” Ashley asked, “I was begging, really?” She was still getting used to having her eyes open, and only flashes of the previous night were coming back to her — bits and pieces, like their grinding dance, his breath in her ear, his exotic smell…

“Oh yeah — all night,” Sandy made up a falsetto, moaning and whining like Ashley had the night before, “Oh fuck me good, Derren! Give me all your black cum! Knock my white belly up with your black baby!!”

“WHAT!?” The whole night came crashing back to Ashley in an instant — the drinks, the dirty dancing, Sandy dropping her clothes, her own hands wrapping around Derren’s black cock, the broken condom, the feeling of rightness — and the dangerous black cum still sloshing around inside of her unprotected belly. All of it fell onto Ashley like a ton of bricks, and she panicked.

“Oh god! Sandy — he came in me!”

“What? What about the condom?”

“It broke!!” Ashley began shaking, “He put it on, and then it broke! But — But he came inside me before I saw, and then — and then -”

“Whoa, slow down Ashl-”

“And then he fucked me bareback!!”

“Holy shit, really!?” Sandy’s eyebrows rose to the ceiling then, hearing that from her usually shy and level-headed friend.

“I begged for him to!” Ashley was nearly in tears she was breathing so hard, “And – And he came in me so much…” She reached a hand under the sheets, and felt what he had left behind. Most of had seeped into the bed by then, but still a large glob of it coated her fingers — still warm from being so snug deep inside her bare pussy.

Sandy stared at her friend. Slowly, her eyebrows relaxed, and a wide smile overtook her features. Her eyes softened, and that glimmer Ashley had seen earlier last night returned.

“Mmm-mmm-mmm! You’ve been a bad girl, Ashley…” She tutted, reaching into her little purse as she chided, “I thought you might become a wild-c***d, going to your first party and all, but I didn’t imagine how wild!” Her hand disappeared into her purse as she casually rummaged around in it, as if she was looking for her lipstick as her friend sat shivering in terror.

“I-I know, but I-”

“Shh shh,” Sandy hushed, “That’s why I came along. To look out for you, remember? Ah, there it is,” She pulled out a little bottle, and opening it dumped into her hand a single round pill with a small ‘B’ etched into it. “I thought you might get a little carried away tonight, so I brought this little baby along.”

The morning after pill. Ashley sighed the biggest sigh of relief in her entire life. “Oh god… Sandy, you are a life-saver!” Sandy just smiled and watched her friend gulp down the precious pill that promised to avert the very words Ashley had been screaming the night before from coming true. As the little pill slipped down her throat, Ashley felt a wave of relief wash over her, knowing she wouldn’t actually become pregnant with a black man’s baby.

“Don’t mention it,” Sandy said slowly, watching her friend swallow the pill closely, “Like I said before — I wouldn’t want you becoming pregnant on accident…” Sandy flashed her a grin with her eyes shimmering like a cat’s, and Ashley sweetly smiled back.

“Not while I’m around, anyway. Now,” She stood up, tossing Ashley’s discarded clothes to her, “How about you cover up those perfect boobs of yours, put on some panties, and let’s get out of here before this dude’s parents get back and realize you got cum all over their bed.”

Ashley nodded, realizing in her relief she had dropped the sheet and was sitting buck-naked, her large perky breasts out for the whole wide view of nature to see through the window. She hastily dressed herself, but with a little smile on her face the whole time.

They walked out of the party and found their car parked where they left it remarkably, despite all the kegs and cans and passed-out denizens that littered the lawn. Ashley looked back at the cabin, thinking back on how she first approached it as an innocent, shy girl, and now had walked away dirtied by a black man’s cum, but somehow feeling… great. Perhaps it was her having lost her virginity that night, and if Greg had taken it before she’d have felt this way sooner. But she felt like it was something different than just that, something special about this night. About Derren…

“Oh hey,” Sandy nonchalantly passed a piece of paper to Ashley as they pulled out of the parking lot, “Your dark and handsome lover left you a note.”

Ashley was shocked. She opened the small piece of paper and read,

You were real fine your first time, girl.
You a real black cock slut.

Be seeing you and your belly soon, Ashley.


Below was scribbled Ashley’s home address – in Derren’s handwriting.

“How does he know where I live…?” Ashley asked as they bumped along the road.

“I dunno,” Sandy shrugged, “You probably just told him before you fell asleep.”
Ashley nodded. Seemed likely — she was so enraptured by his fucking she had begged for him to put his black baby inside her. An address could have easily slipped out along the way. Many things had last night, Ashley thought, feeling the gooey warmth still inside her as she smiled secretly…

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