Short Stocky Dude & Sissy

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Short Stocky Dude & Sissy
Gene pulled up the website for his bank to check his account balance. He was just like 95% of America in that he typically was only one paycheck away from poverty. But, this was a month where he got three paychecks and he had finally stacked away enough cash to get his 1996 baby blue Mercury Grand Marquis with the black vinyl roof fixed. It had been out of commission for three months which was more than he cared to remember. Thankfully, he worked at the same job as his cousin. After paying for his ride this morning, he calculated that he would have more than enough to make the four hour drive he was planning to undertake.

It was six in the morning and most of the people Gene knew were asleep. So, he was surprised when he heard his phone notify him that he had received a text. He entered the passcode and was pleased to find the booty picture from his sissy, Shiraz. He could always count on the pretty, girly faggot to send him a daily ass shot. This time the image had a caption on it reading “Gene’s Faggot”. He replied back saying, ‘HELL YEAH’. He always texted in ALL CAPS to Shiraz. The effeminate bottom sent another photo with the words, “Gene’s Bitch Boi.”

Gene fired off another text advising that he would arrive around 4 o’clock and that it would be the same deal as usual. That referenced their typical setup where Gene would get a motel room and Shiraz would bring a bottle of E&J and some cola. The eager to please slut answered back with a smiley face emoticon.

It had been nearly four months since Gene had seen Shiraz. Typically, they met once a month – almost always with Gene taking the drive to from Louisville to Spencerville, Indiana. Gene didn’t mind at all because Shiraz was a sexy femme bitch and the best fuck he ever had in his thirty-five years. Since pussyboi went wild on his dick and body every meeting, Gene knew he was in for some excitement. He cursed himself for waiting this long to do it again, but his car being fucked up was the culprit of the problem.

Gene first met the sissy via an online hookup site when the bottom slut was visiting his hometown. He went over to sniff and fuck that round chocolate bubble. Gene was obviously happy with the experience as this was the only femboy he had fucked since that encounter. Another benefit was that Gene had talked the faggot into making vids with him to post on an amateur porn sharing site. They shared an account and had a total of nine videos uploaded. Gene logged in to the webpage with their user name of ‘shirazWitBBCpoppa’. He jerked his dick to the one where Shiraz was wearing a bright pink tutu and matching heels.

That night had been one for the record books. They were good and drunk when Shiraz disappeared to the restroom with his overnight bag. He had returned looking like the most alluring sissy Gene had ever laid his eyes on. He threw Shiraz on the bed and immediately began eating out the submissive’s asshole. It tasted delicious. While he ate it, he spanked his sissy boy and Shiraz whined erotically. Then Gene mounted Shiraz from the back. The video showed nineteen minutes of the masked pair copulating with verbal entreaties. What the footage did not show was the remaining night and early morning onslaught.
Gene had taken an herbal supplement that promised prolonged erections even though he had no problem getting on hard for Shiraz. The pills worked and he was able to fuck his panty boy the entire night – even once while the sissy slept.

Gene nutted hard and took a picture that he sent to Shiraz. The faggot replied with yet another image if his oiled up his ass. Gene wished he could get his car right then, but the shop was closed for another two hours. Tonight it was going down he told himself and texted the same to Shiraz.

When Gene arrived at the Lampshade Motor Inn, the unattractive red head clerk said, “Hi. It’s been a while since I saw you.”
“Yeah,” he muttered.
“I can upgrade you to our luxury suite tonight for free.”
“For real,” the five-foot-eight, one hundred ninety pound brotha questioned.
“Yes sir. It’s got a Jacuzzi tub, a king size bed, and a couch.”
“I’ll take it,” he chuckled.

The clerk pressed a bunch of keys on her computer and eventually asked him for his form of payment. Gene produced his secured credit card with a limit of three hundred dollars. The short lady swiped it and shortly thereafter handed him a form to sign along with a key card. Gene headed out of the door fished his smartphone from the left hand pocket of his light blue Smoke Rise brand jeans so he could send the room number to Shiraz and informed the bitch that they had a Jacuzzi.

Moments later, after Gene had gotten into the room, Shiraz advised that he was on his way. Gene could wait for the supple short dark-skinned bottom boy to arrive. He loved the contrast of his caramel complexion against the onyx Shiraz. Everything about that boy sent him wild. He removed the plastic wrapping from one of the four hotel provided cups and filled it with water. He walked over to his blue River’s End duffel bag. As you may see now, Gene loved the color blue. He grabbed the 4-pack of RockHard Weekend male enhancement pills he had purchased at an adult bookstore on his drive. He knew it would take an hour to kick in. but with Shiraz’s travel time and the time he would take to freshen up, he would be fine.

Gene pulled out a his blue soap case and light blue towel set. The short, stocky man took a shower so he could be fresh for his beautiful bottom. Not long after he dried himself off, he got a call from his son’s mother.

“Yeah,” Gene answered.
“Hey. Where you at,” the prying woman prodded.
“Outta town. What’s up?”
“Carlton need some new sneakers and I ain’t got no money.”
“Got damn! What happened to all that c***d support?”
“We gotta live and eat,” she rebutted.
“Yeah. Whatever. I’ll come scoop him tomorrow afternoon and take him to Hibbett’s.”
“Alright. Cool,” the hood lady replied.

Gene ended the call and at the same time received a text from Shiraz stating he was in the parking lot. His dick began to twitch at the thought of his little coquette arriving. He looked out the window to see Shiraz pull up in the gold 2004 Infiniti I-35 sedan. He waited long enough to see the femboi exit the vehicle. His chocolate slut was wearing tiger striped leggings, a yellow lace trimmed tank top, and some purple Chuck Taylors. Gene rubbed his dick through the towel he had wrapped around his waist.

Gene opened the door upon the knock and saw that Shiraz had put on full make-up. He grabbed his pussyboi by the waist and pulled him into the room. He began kissing Shiraz’s strawberry lemonade glossed lips. “I love you, faggot,” Gene muttered between kisses as he kneaded Shiraz’s tender ass cheeks. “They upgraded us for free to a suite. I been thinking and we gonna make three vids tonight. You brought the masks?” Shiraz hissed affirmatively as they continued their impassioned lip lock.

“Ooh, daddy,” the five-foot-six, one-hundred-twenty-five-pound sissy cooed. “Let me freshen up.”
“Okay, boo,” Gene allowed with a quick smack of Shiraz’s ass.
“Oh, Here’s the drinks,” Shiraz produced the liquor and chaser from his suitcase.

Gene watched the faggot switch away pulling his pink roller bag with him to the restroom. He heard the water running and figured Shiraz would be douching. He opened the bottle of V-S-O-P brandy and poured it into his cup. He mixed in a little of the cola and then made the same concoction for Shiraz in another cup. He couldn’t wait to see wait outfit his sexy faggot had for him this time.

Gene finished up his second drink when Shiraz exited the bathroom. The sissy was glistened up after the shower due to a healthy smattering of petroleum jelly and brown sugar vanilla scented lotion. There was also glitter on the boy from the new body spray Shiraz had purchased a few days ago. Shiraz was now dressed in a bright orange tutu and those same sneakers. Gene went rock hard. “Damn, boo! You sexy as shit. Here, have a drink,” he offered Shiraz the cup.

“Thank you, Daddy,” Shiraz replied. “I just need to fix my face.”
“Yeah. I wanted to do a bubble bath scene but I guess we can’t cause I don’t have that shit.”
“No worries. When you texted me that we had a Jacuzzi, I stopped at the store and picked up a bottle of bubble bath.”
“You are the baddest bitch I know,” Gene admitted.

Gene watched Shiraz freshen up his make-up. He knelt behind the sissy and began to lick the bottom’s ass crack. Shiraz moaned with pleasure. Gene loved the clean smell and the fact that Shiraz had sprayed any of the perfume near his boipussy. Gene munched away. Shiraz wailed and sloppily applied the lip gloss.

“Where the masks at,” Gene inquired. “I’m ready to record.”
“Let me grab them,” Shiraz answered heading towards the suitcase.

Gene watched Shiraz twist and bend over. He wanted to fuck the bitch right then. He took the ‘Creepy Clown’ mask from Shiraz and put it on. He watched Shiraz cover that beautiful face with the silver sequined ‘Hello Kitty’ mask that had a hot pink bow on the left side. He fixed another drink and sat on the bed while Shiraz set up the two digital cameras. Finally, the slut handed him a third camera and started sucking his dick.

“Is it recording,” Gee asked.
“Mmhmm,” Shiraz responded with a mouthful of Gene’s super thick seven-and-a-half-inch cock.

Gene captured the footage of his prissy bottom slut sucking his engorged dick.

Satisfied with several minutes of head, Gene prodded the sissy to stand up and get on the bed.

“Ooh, daddy,” purred the femboy.
“Hell yeah,” exclaimed Gene as he squirted baby oil onto Shiraz’s ass.
“I missed you. I love you!”
“Love you too!”

Gene slapped his dick against Shiraz’s hole. He pressed it inside. Shiraz squealed and squirmed. “Take this dick, faggot bitch,” Gene ordered.
“Oh, daddy! Fuck me,” cried Shiraz.
“Hell yeah, pussyboy!”
“I love that big dick, nigga!”
“Take this dick, pretty boi!”

Gene ran up in Shiraz doggy style then flipped the sub on his back. He nutted deep in Shiraz for the first recording. They drank a little more and made only one more video – them in the bubble bath. The great thing for Gene is that Shiraz was able to stay up all night so they fucked relentlessly till dawn in every position.

“I’ma fuck you on the balcony,” Gene yelled.
“What,” cried the sore Shiraz.
“You heard me,” he said grabbing the faggot’s Afro and pulling him to the door.

The sun was rising. Barely anyone was stirring. Gene thrust his dick back inside Shiraz.

“Goddamn, sissy boi,” Gene whispered.
“Fuck me,” hollered Shiraz.
“Hell yeah, faggot.”
“I love this dick.”
“I love you,” Gene replied.
“I love you too,” confessed Shiraz.

Gene unloaded his final nut in his fuck slut. They went back into the room where Gen said. “That was some good shit. Can’t be too long next time.”
“When are you free again,” Shiraz asked.
“You gotta come to me next time, baby!”
“When, sir?”
“Next weekend,” Gene replied wishfully.
“Okay! I will, daddy!”
“Hell yeah! I gotta get home now and take my son to the store. Let me clean up. Text me soon and get these vids up today, faggot.”
“Yes. Sir I will!”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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