sissy gayboi fag is born not made…part 9

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sissy gayboi fag is born not made…part 9
Back at Annabelle’s the major told her all about the morning – shopping, this new outfit and time at the club – the pictures and how well it had all turned out.

Well you have been busy and sounds like we will have no trouble sharing you online to attract some new business and gentlemen into our little club here for tea and cake and sex.

Major time you went and I shall see what this evening may bring your way – I shall take this sissy to have her hair and nails done this afternoon at Madam Jo-Jo’s. Also see about getting her permanent make-up – her mom has now signed her over to me as she knows life at home would not allow sissy to develop as she and I both know is the way forward and how she can be so useful for us all in the future.

After a light lunch and a shower to freshen up aunty told me to wear the simple summer frock and waist slip with no panty but crotch-less sheer to waist gloss tan tights and strappy sandals. No make -up but brush your hair and put this pink ribbon in it.

Dressed and ready aunty got her car keys and we stepped out into the afternoon sunshine.

Her neighbour Mrs Jones said hello – what a pretty frock dear she said to me – thank you I said – oh Annabelle another cutie I can tell – I must pop round for tea sometime and get to know him better.
Of course Mabel – how about later this afternoon – we should be back by 4pm just off to Madam Jo-Jo’s – lovely see you later – have fun sissy. I looked at Aunty – oh Mabel never misses a trick dear – she will enjoy seeing you later and maybe using you too for her own kinky pleasures. She is quite a strict madam herself when she wishes to be so.
We arrived at the salon and Aunty introduced me to the four ladies who seemed to be staff – two were quite young and the other two older including I found out later one being the owner herself who took charge of my treatments. First we wash his hair, comb it out and re-style feminine way yah? Then whilst if is drying with the curling rings in we do face and nails. This is good yah? Of course Madam Jo-Jo said aunty, you always do best by my new girls. It is always a pleasure to turn your new found faggot-boys into ladies or something close to lady. Her foreign accent accentuated the use of fag and lady.

Now hair done and now face – light foundation make-up but permanent liner to eyes and lips yah?

Make-up is done now the nails – shape, style, polish buff and yah good nails now – very girl like.

Brush out the hair – show in mirror – what say you sissy fag? Thank you – I look so different. The other ladies came over and compared my new look with the pre-treatments picture Aunty had taken. Yes lovely. Aunty paid the account and we stepped out into the fresh air and I felt so different. A couple of guys whistled – hey sexy – as they walked by – aunty gave them each a card and they looked at it nodded and walked on – may I ask what the card says – it offers you at reasonable rates for an evening or more as a date darling.

It now seemed my life was to be with Aunty more and more with my own mom having assigned me to her as well – home was now to be with Annabelle – we returned home and I admired my new look in the full length hall mirror – as I turned aunty was taking more pictures – delightful in every way dear Sammy.

Welcome to my stable of sissy sluts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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