Sissy’s New Friend

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Sissy’s New Friend
It was turning into quite a fun summer. I was coming along in my dressing as I was getting more brazen wearing much more obviously feminine clothing in public. I had more cock than I could handle between my home life and the brothers from next door who would take turns fucking me. I felt blessed.

We were really taken by the dogging scene that was growing in the forests on the outskirts of town. David really enjoyed taking me out there at nights to share my young sissy body with anyone ready to get their dick wet on my hungry mouth or fuck me in my very accomodating boi pussy. This particular night had a twist in the tale.

It started with a phone call. It was David telling me arrangements had been made, I had to prepare myself, get into something tight and scandelous and be ready to hop in his car when he beeped the horn for me that evening. I could tell from his excited tone that it was going to be another one for the record books. He would always boss me around but I never felt offended, it was good to be subserviant to him. It really excited me to know I could get a dick hard for me and it always caused my own little clitty to stand on end too.

I hopped in the shower and prepared myself, stroking my cocklet thinking of Dave and his brother Peter, picturing their hands scrubbing me, I picked up the lube that was a part of my wash kit and started to finger my ass imagining them doing it to me, warming my little pussy up for the main event.

Once out of the shower I locked myself up in my bedroom and went to my little hiding space at the back of the closet. Picked out my black lace bra with pink ribbon and matching panties. Got some cut off denim hot pants and a black crop top that had “Hey Guys” emblasoned on the front in hot pink. I wore a t-shirt and track pants over it so I could exit the house without drawing attention to myself. I gatehred some makeup that I could apply on the drive. As I made my way down the stairs a car horn blared from outside, I waved my father goodbye and ran out to see my men.

Peter was driving, David was in the backseat. Being cheeky I climbed onto Dave’s lap before we had even left the estate. He pulled off my t-shirt and I shimmied out of my pants as we continued to drive. I let down my long brown hair and my transformation was practically complete.
“You are one hot bitch”, Dave said to me as he pulled me close to him and locked his lips on to mine. I let out a moan as he slipped his tongue into mine and I tasted his saliva as I responded in kind. I had done everything Dave ever asked of me and he would occasionally reward me with some affection. He ran his strong hands over my body, down my back and into my shorts grabbing my ass and making me giggle. My cock was getting hard pressing against the lace of my panties and was starting to leave a damp patch on the front of my shorts. I ran my hand up his leg and felt his throbbing hard dick through his pants, it gave me unending pleasure to know how hard I could make his prick. He suddenly calmed down and placed me beside him suggesting I should take the time to get my make up on. I obeyed with a nice slather of whorish red lipstick and a thick helping of mascara to bring out my eyes I was almost done as we reached our destination.

The picnic area by the old castle had become quite the hot spot for the local scene and I had reaped the benefits of it, on a number of occasions my tight hole had welcomed a lot of starngers at this sight and I was quite looking forward to another round. As we pulled up there was a sight there I was surprised to see, a girl. She was full figured with long wavy black hair she was wearing a fairly cute black skirt an open green hoodie and a black tank top with her large pale breasts heaving out of them threatening to escape at any minute. Dave got out made his way over to her and immediately started kissing her, I was aghast as I stepped out of the car speechless I turned to Peter who had developed his own wicked grin. Dave broke from his lip lock laughed and said to me, “I’ve brought you some assistence.”

I’m not going to lie, I was jealous, I had been shared by these two men for the last year and now one of them had brought a new girl. A real girl who seemed willing to go as deviant as I was seeing as she was at our secret spot. Dave and Pete left us to arrange the area as the sun began to dim. We laid out a blanket and attempted small talk, she was bubbly and nice it pissed me off at first. She took off her hoodie and I got a great big view of her impressive cleavage. I had been so taken by cock for the last year that I hadn’t even given women much thought, but she was beautiful and that couldn’t escape me. As night hit, we were illuminated by the headlights of Dave’s car and he was ready to go.

He grabbed me by the back of the neck and started to kiss me, he reached his hand behind the girls waist and pulled her close, I could feel her soft body against mine for the first time. Her skin was cool from the night air but a pleasant experience. Dave released his hold of me and started to kiss the girl their tongues clearly in each others mouths made me feel violated for a second and then turned on. He turned back to me and said, “This is Amy, I want you to be a good girl with her, now kiss.”

I moved in nervously, I always obeyed David, she let out a nervous smile as she moved towards me too. He clearly had a hold on both of us. I could smell her perfume as I drew closer it was sweet, I had something similar back home, I pressed against her soft wet lips and instantly became aroused. Her mouth was wet and welcoming and we started to massage each others tongues. We got on our knees on the blanket and embraced breathing each other in, she moved her hand down and unbuttoned my shorts while I moved my hands along her admittingly large waist and worked my way up to cupping her breasts. Once I felt her hand brush through the lace of my panties and stroke my dripping wet cock I was in love. As we broke from our embrace we were greeted by two hard cocks. Peter and Dave had disrobed while we were being introduced and were now ready to be attended to. I wasted no time taking in Petes throbbing cock while Amy went to work on Daves.

I sucked on Pete’s cock like I had a point to prove, sucking and stroking the first cock I ever loved while Pete moaned in delight. I could here Dave’s approval elsewhere as Amy was no slouch when it came to cock sucking. Her hand moved passed my chin as she started to fondled Pete’s balls, not one to sniff at a good idea I reached over and did the same to Dave as we both continued to stroke and suck our nearest available dick.

We even switched sides and I tasted her mouth again in the form of the saliva slathered all over Dave’s hot dick. That was mixed with a fine hint of his pre cum. I continued to please his hot man meat till I realised we had been visited by the Wednesday night faithful. We were incased by several men of an older variety that were already enjoying the view and were stroking their cocks in anticipation of joining in.

Ever the showman Dave stood back taking his beatiful cock away from me and ordered us to strip each other.I turned still on my knees and lifted Amy’s top to reaveal her massive tits and her amazing large pink nipples that were erect from all the attention. She slipped out of her skirt while I lay back to make removing my shorts easier. She got between my legs and gave my cocklet a seductive kiss through the cloth before pealing me out of my hot pants. As I climbed back to my knees still in my bra and pantied we were swarmed by hard cocks. We toook turns on every one of them getting giddy as we passed cocks between each other. We had every shape and size to play with and it was’t long till I felt the first load get shot into the back of my throat. Shortly after I heard the familiar groan as an elderly man sht his seed over my new friends tits. We smiled at each other as if to commence a friendly competitiion to see who could make these old geezers cum first.

We went to action, stroking and sucking more aggressively than before. My clitty was bursting out of its lace cage as I worked to get each of these cocks off, I had another two shoot their load, one on my face and another onto my tongue which I then eagerly swallowed as she had one jerk off on to her ass while she took her first load in the mouth. This was a girl after my own heart. Shortly thereafter our panties came down as the hardcore crowd who came for pussy needed to be pleased. She had a rather large cock pull her pussy lips apart as I was turned to face her while a man made his way behind me. I kept eye contact as my ass hole got fucked. She smiled at me and started to moan while the monster behind her increased the pace. I watched her cum for the first time while my ass got rammed even harder. A dick shot its load in my mouth while I watched the man spread his seed all up in Amy’s welcoming pussy. The sight of that caused a chain reaction which caused my ass to take its own sperm load while I shot mine all over the blanket.

With that our visitors made their exit while it was left to Peter and David to finsih us off. We lay on our backs, me on top of my own spunk that ahd become chilled by the night air. Our legs were lifted in the air and Pete entered me while Dave fucked Amy. Pete who especially gets off on the sight of me being fucked wasted no time thrusting into my used hole and make his own contribution to my spunk depository. Dave took more time as he wanted me to see him shoot his load into his new conquest. I wasn’t even jealous anymore, I just wanted to see it happen. I watched as his ass cheeks cleanched, his body tightened as he let out a strong groan and filled her pussy once more.

I immediately started to passionately kiss this woman I had spent such an intimate evening with as we exchanged the taste of all the men we had pleasured that evening. Dave pulled me back and told me, if I wanted to kiss something I might as well do something useful and clean up. He moved my head in between her thighs and I got my first smell of her pussy. Her feminine musk mixed with the seed of several men, I found the mix intoxicating. The sight of the treasured white goo seeping from her I extended my tongue and started ti lap it up. She moaned in pleasure as I separted her pussy lips aned started to suck upon her swollen clit. I then opened her pussy and sucked what I could of the man juice from her. She lifted my head and signaled me to climb her, we kissed and shared the precious liquid. My clitty was a throbbing cock hungry to taste pussy for the first time. She begged me to fuck her and I obliged. Working my way into her hot pussy lubricated by other lovers seed. I thrust into her and I could feel every bit of her inner warmth. We had been used by every man in the vicinity but this was something more, we felt complete as our bodies locked as one, she groaned in increasing pleasure as the pace quickened. She started to scream as my body tensed up, I tried to keep things together as I waited for the right moment, she then let out, “‘Oh God, I’m cumming”, and I felt my whole body throb as I shot my own spunk inside her pleasured body. We rolled on the blanket exchanging kisses as the sensation died down and my sperrn painted her inner walls white.

And that k**s, is how Imet your mother.
Just k**ding. We rode home in each others arms, we exchanged details and planned to meet again. I had made a new friend.

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