sister Seduces Younger brother – Part 1

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sister Seduces Younger brother – Part 1
Hello readers, my name is Anita (pet name Anny) and I want to tell you how I seduced my brother Raju two summers ago. Our family, mother, brother and I live in Tamil Nadu outside Chennai city, my father is deceased since four years after serious accident on Chennai highway. My mother is a housewife and takes care all things at home for the family, she is about 45 years old, but looks older than her age and follows her village traditions wearing white cotton loose blouse and skirt (she never wears bra or panties), mostly in house she just wears loose blouse (her 38 inch breasts in sight) and skirt.

Our family house is modest single level and has kitchen where we eat food, sitting room with TV and sofa set, and 2 rooms for sleeping, and one bathroom with water heater tank and toilet. I am doing college in local town and my brother is much younger to me and is computer game geeky crazy.

About myself, I am 5feet 4 inches tall, tan colour body 34-28-32 (my nipples are big and poke out when I wear blouse, my mother never allows me wear bra and panties in house saying village culture says just blouse and shirt) I like to read romantic sexy story books and look some porn websites when I get the chance, because mother is so traditional I attend day-college and have strict timings to be home, so I never have opportunity to hang out with boys. After I found ISS website and started getting wet pussy when reading the stories about how men seduced ladies with their big cock.

For me I had never seen or touched a real cock. What I write now actually happened is true to last details and is about how I seduced my brother cock. Raju is very average brother but always a geeky k** playing computer games and doing things with school projects, he never really liked sports and kept himself away from outdoor activities, in a way he was fully innocent about girls and sex I am sure of that. He mostly mixed with same type friends from his class.

Raju is 3 years my junior and about 5feet 2inches and still thin youth and little scared of me and when I raised my voice to him he obeyed me out of a sort of fear, I really love my brother but made him fear me sometimes. Most of times he sat in the TV room or his bedroom playing his computer games, usually at home he wore dhoti and vest and under short, I really wanted to see what Raju’s cock looked like. I used to help mother with laundry collecting dirty clothes for washing for dhobi man to collect.

I went to Raju room and he is sitting on floor playing computer games. I asked him to give me all his dirty clothes for washing immediately. He got nervous and grabbed what he could find and gave me. I said what about the ones you are wearing silly k**, I said I want all now and stop wasting my time or I will call mother to sort him out. I pulled a clean dhoti and vest from his shelf and told him to change right now in front of me. I was watching him closely since I wanted to see his cock as he stood and changed.

He removed his dhoti and vest and I could see him standing in his undershorts. Come on Raju I have things to do, give me undies now, he hesitated and tried to turn away from me as he dropped the undies down. I told him to come to me and get clean clothes and I saw his cock clearly, it was hanging down maybe 2 inches long and thin, his ball sack was very small, he did not have any cock hair. I handed him his clean set clothes and left room and he returned to play game. I felt good that I had managed to see my brother’s cock for first time, and I now I wanted to see it more closely and seduce him more.

I went to kitchen and told mother I had collected all dirty clothes for dhobi man and told her that Raju was very dirty sweaty smell, I added that I did not think Raju was bathing properly and that mother should make sure her son had proper bath every day or when he needed to have.

Being from traditional village culture mother insisted all family members bathe morning and night and she got angry when I told her that her son was avoiding his bathing. Okay we can do right now said mother, Anny you come with me now and added that she does not have time to bathe Raju every day and gave me full job to make sure Raju took baths as mother directed. Our bathroom is typical Chennai style with big tank of water and big jug as dipper to pour water on body. Mother called to Raju to come immediately and told him she was going to give him bath daily since he was smelling always of sweat and he was not washing properly.

As soon as the poor fellow heard mother voice he was there in a flash and responded to mothers commands without 2nd thoughts. As I said Raju was intimidated by mother and obeyed her completely as he stripped naked in bathroom. Raju did not even seem to notice me standing next to mother. Mother took dip and poured water over him continuously and started to soap him thoroughly, head, arms, legs, feet, face, he sat on stool and moved as mother directed him to. Stand up Raju, I want you to soap and clean your man parts and she gave him the soapy cloth to do that, Raju took the cloth and just half-heartedly wiped his body down. Mother grabbed the cloth and soaped it up nicely and then quickly and efficiently soaped his small cock, balls, and ass.

Mother asked him if he had been cleaning under the skin and he shook his head to say no, that is why you smell so much shouted mother. So far I had only seen his cock with the skin covering it and did not really know what was hidden under the skin and looked more closely as mother carefully pulled his skin back and I saw it full of white pasty stuff under skin, mother cleaned the round head and rinsed him down completely.

Now I noticed that Raju cock was looking bigger not just hanging down. Mother gave him a small towel to dry and told him she (mother) does not have time to bathe him daily and that Anny here will take mother place to do this work and that no nonsense from him, and that Anny will report any problems from him to her immediately. Mother told Raju sharply to follow Anny to his room and that Anny will get him clean new dress to wear.

In the room I told Raju to stand and dry himself properly while I get clothes from shelf. I found dhoti and vest but all his undershorts were dirty and gone to dhobi. Before I gave clothes I asked if he dried completely all his body. He nodded to say yes, but then I said did you dry under your skin he said no. I got filled with courage and said Raju you dry it right now in front of me. I came closer to look him pull his skin back and reveal his round end, this was first time for me to see that. I just said Raju I better dry that to make sure it is done properly, he just stood there and I pulled skin back and dried it. Okay Raju put dhoti on and vest on, there are no clean under shorts here, just make do please. I turned and left the room while Raju went back to his games.

I walked into the kitchen and mother looked up at me and asked me if all was okay with Raju. I said okay to her but that I wanted to ask her some questions since I did not know about boys like Raju. I was acting as innocent girl to mother and asking her help to teach me about things that happen today with Raju. Mother just started to talk openly to me, Raju’s private down part is common name cock or dick, the boy is born with skin covering the end of the cock to protect it but some creamy paste gathers there and must be cleaned every time boy goes to piss.

Some boys have the covering skin cut off removed for religious laws. But Hindus as we are like to keep the cock skin on but must keep it clean always. Mother continues saying, the sack hanging under the cock is where the two balls are, and when the boy becomes older the balls will make white sticky liquid (called sperm) and with wife will make the baby.

I asked what about Raju, can he make this now. Mother replied, I do not think so, he is still young for all that. We will know only when we see his dhoti and bed sheet with sticky sperm stains on them. I then asked mother that this was first time I had seen Raju’s cock and noticed that Raju’s cock was just hanging there and when mother soaped him the cock started to grow bigger. Mother replied, it is normal for that to happen when the cock and ball sack is soaped or touched and you must give Raju same soaping that you saw me do today. You are older sister to Raju so not worry these things. Just treat him as his mother does.

In fact Anny I think it is good idea for you to keep closer eye on Raju and make sure he learns clean habits. So Anny from today you go and reorganise the room where Raju stays and make sure it is fully cleaned and you will start to share room with your brother. By the end of the day I had (with Raju help) sorted the room out and taken half room space for my clothes and things and Raju had the other half with all his stuff computer and other things.

Mother came to see the arrangement and said too crowded in here. Anny why do you have 2 big floor mattress on ground taking space up. One double mattress is enough for both of you, Raju started to complain but mother told him sharply to keep mouth shut. Anny, you sleep this side mattress and Raju sleep other side okay. I just nodded agreement to mother, for me this was good arrangement I was getting nearer to brothers cock.

Bedtime came around 9pm and mother told me to make sure Raju washes and brushes teeth properly and to give him cotton dhoti and vest for night sleep, she added to Raju not to give problems and listen to Anny.

Then mother went to her room and closed her door. I followed Raju to bathroom and watched over him clean teeth and then wash face and he then went to leave bathroom. I stopped him and said you must go piss before u sleep so u not wake me up, I watched him hold his cock and piss and then he went to leave again. I stop him again and said wash hands always and wash your cock after going toilet. I made him remove his dhoti and gave him jug of water to clean cock saying pull skin back Raju also.

I kept looking his cock and told him you taking too long and with towel I held his hanging cock and pulled skin back and dried it completely, same time I make sure to handle balls sack and dry also. Raju from tomorrow I will wash soap and dry you completely all bath times morning and night okay. I do not want mother upset with you anymore. Remember I am big sister to you and will take care you so you always are clean young man. Raju do you have problem with me taking care you giving bath and soap and dry you? If you not want me I can tell mother and she will do for you instead of me. Raju said….no, no, not mother I want you. Anny you are gentle to me and kind. Raju, do you mind mother making me share the same bedroom and mattress with you, I asked him. Raju shook his head and said no and told me he was always feeling lonely in his room at night. Okay Raju please go bed now and I will come few minutes after I wash and change clothes for night, please go or I am late and mother will come. I closed bathroom door with key and remove blouse and skirt and wash body and brush teeth.

The night air was so hot in the house and as usual I wore long cotton nightie naked under it. I entered the darkened room and could see Raju on his side of mattress still playing some game. I switched the light off and told Raju to sleep since it was 10pm night. I lay on my side of mattress and pulled my sheet over me and slowly drifted to sleep. Later in night about midnight I woke up because a severe rain storm was going on and noticed Raju standing looking out the window at the lightning flashes, I called Raju to get back in bed and sleep. He obeyed me and returned to bed but said he could not sleep because of the noise of the storm, I guessed he was feeling scared of storm.

I told him I am big sister to you and mother told me to take care you, so come here and sleep next to me okay. I opened my sheet and Raju slowly lay next to me, I put my arm around him and told him to sleep soon. His vest was pushed up and my hand was on his warm body as I feel his chest and stomach, somehow his dhoti had had slipped down and I wanted to feel my brother cock while he is sleeping. Slowly my hand moved down and found his soft cock and balls and discovered it fully and held it in my hand and squeeze his cock and balls gentle way and then went sleep with my arm around my brother.

I wake up morning 6 am and always go have cold bath to wake up body, I changed into clean house dress and went to join mother who is always working in kitchen making cooked food. Mother looked up at me and asked me if I slept well and whether Raju give me any problems since I was sharing the room. I just said in night he woke up because of thunder storm and seemed nervous to sleep, I just told mother I made him sleep next to me and he went sleep nicely. Mother said very good Anny and added, Anny, when Raju wakes please make sure you take charge his bath and change of clothes, make sure you shampoo his head and soap his full body okay because hot season coming now and sweat smells. Yes mother I will do same type bath as you did for him yesterday okay, shall I let him soap himself his cock and balls I asked.

Anny, I expect you to do same as I did yesterday okay, and soap cock and balls and ass of Raju and then make sure he dries and changes clothes okay, you are elder to him not and I give you responsibility for this. Already it is 8am please go and start water heater for Raju bath, it will soon get late for his breakfast. Once the water was hot I got the dry towel and shampoo and soap ready and went and got Raju out of bed and he followed me to bathroom, Raju make piss now then remove clothes and then sit on bath stool okay, I gave him toothbrush and paste and he brushed his teeth slowly and still looked sleepy.

I got jug warm water and poured over him and shampooed and massaged his head and rinsed it well, then with soapy clothe I did his back, chest, neck, arms, hands, legs. Okay Raju stand up and let me soap the rest of you, I decided to start with his ass and gave it a good soap, then I rinsed my clothe and started to soap his hanging cock and balls nicely with the cloth, I dropped the clothe in the water and with my soapy hand I directly soaped his cock and balls again and gently squeezed and massaged them and pulled the cock skin back and slowly cleaned the cock head.

As I did this his cock started to stand up and I massaged it few times and then rinsed his whole body with warm clean water and asked him if he was okay. He just stood there naked with his cock standing up and replied yes I am okay, I put a towel around him and dried him completely and I could see that his cock was still standing up. I did not remark anything and gave him clean shorts and dhoti for him to wear. I told Raju go to kitchen as mother has breakfast ready for you. Later I went to kitchen for coffee and mother asked me how Raju bath went and if any problems.

I replied everything went well and I soaped him completely. Mother asked did you make sure you did his cock, balls and ass Anny. Yes mother I did all completely, only thing when I was soaping his cock and balls, his cock started to stand up on its own and I did not know what happened because his cock was standing even when I dried him and also gave him his clean clothes.

Mother did not even look up as I told her this, she continued to prepare some vegetables and then said it is normal for boys cocks even from small age. Mother just told me to continue to give bath same way and not worry about that. The day passed in a routine way with me helping mother and going to market for shopping while Raju occupied himself on his computer or watched TV. After dinner mother, Raju and me watched some serial story on TV and relaxed, about 9pm mother said she was going to have bath and returned 15 minutes later in a white loose blouse which did not fully hide her hanging 38 inch breasts and a white skirt, her wet hair still in a towel she sat on a stool and dried it fully.

I was looking over at Raju and he was fully occupied playing some hand held computer game not even aware of both us there. As the TV serial ended mother called out to me to get Raju bathed and ready for bed. The water was already warm and I followed same routine as I did in the morning, lastly I told him stand up and I started to soap his ass and cock and balls which had been hanging down in soft way. I wanted to soap and feel his cock and balls more because it gave me good feeling, I started with soapy cloth and then continued to pull skin back and soap just with my hand and I could feel the round top of his cock nicely.

I asked Raju if he was okay and continued to soap and massage his cock and balls squeezing it gently and slowly his cock started to stand up straight and was maybe 3 inches in size. I decided I massaged his cock enough and then rinsed him down with warm clean water and started to dry his body, when I got to his cock it was still standing and I asked him why it was like that as I pulled the skin back and dried it nicely. Raju said it did that sometimes in the night and he did not know why it stood up. I gave him clean dhoti and told him to go bedroom and sleep. I locked the bathroom door and had quick bath and changed to my long white cotton nightie, said good night to mother and went to bedroom where Raju was sleeping on his side of mattress. As I was relaxing on my side of mattress I felt very pleased what was happening and wondered my next steps with Raju and soon I was asleep.

About 1 am I got woke suddenly by Raju who was on the computer playing some games, Raju what are your doing you should be sleeping now, growing youths need plenty of sleep, please off the computer and go back to sleep. Raju got back on the bed and was restless and complained he could not sleep and asked to come and sleep my side. I pretended to hesitate and show disapproval, but I was wanting him next to me and I wanted to play his cock and balls. Raju, came over my side and I put my arm around his waist and told him I wanted to check whether his cock was still standing up or not. My hand soon found his cock which was hanging in soft way and I gave squeezes and massage to both his cock and balls until his cock started to harden and stand up, I quietly asked Raju if he liked me holding his cock and playing his balls and he replied in a sleepy way that it felt good to him and liked me to do always.

For next 15 minutes I got my thrill from taking care my brother cock and balls and then went to sleep with his cock in my hand. Next morning I followed the same routine and found myself looking forward to soaping Raju’s ass, cock and balls and increasing the time by few minutes each bath time and stroking his cock up and down and getting it to stand up straight and hard, I could see now that he was also liking my touch more and more but we never discussed this between us. When I found mother alone in the kitchen I mentioned that Raju’s skin was feeling dry and needing oil massage and asked her to do it for him since I never did oil massage before.

Mother just looked at me and replied Anny you have charge over your brother please take care that, also the fresh herbal oil should be used, please make sure that you do this in the veranda in the sheltered space so that there is privacy from neighbours and use older towels or sheet when doing the oil massage. Okay mother I am happy to take care this but please tell Raju that Anny will be giving him oil bath and massage later in day. Mother nodded her head in approval and then instructed Raju of the same. Later in the afternoon I set up old mattress in veranda and covered it in old sheets and warmed the herbal oil.

I told Raju to remove all clothes and he lay down on the mattress face down with an old towel over his bottom and a small damp cloth over his head. I started with his feet, toes, legs, arms, hands, back and bottom giving each part a thorough massage. Having finished his back I got Raju to turn over on his back and covered his cock and balls with the small towel. I made sure his head was covered and told him to relax and enjoy. I poured oil on to his chest and my hands work well, now was time to take care his cock and balls and I moved the towel and poured warm oil over his cock and balls which were still laying in soft way. My hands and fingers squeezed and massage his cock and balls and pulled down the skin and I massaged his cock head. How you feel Raju, I asked are you liking the oil bath massage, do you want me to massage for more time, he replied yes Anny please do for me.

After 5 more minutes I can feel his cock harder and his balls started to tighten up and few tiny drops of watery liquid spurted out on to my oily hands, Raju made some groaning and then relaxed as the spurts finished, I continued massage a little longer and then his cock went from hard to soft and relaxed. I said okay Raju, let’s go bath you now and you change into clean clothes. His bath followed same routine now and before long he was back looking TV serial.

I went to help mother in kitchen (she always was doing something there) and she asked me if I handled the oil bath massage okay, and if any problems with your brother. I said everything went well and veranda was good place since it was nicely sheltered from neighbour views, I started to say something and stopped. Mother noticed and then said Anny are you okay, I think you want to ask me something.

My plan was always to keep mother aware of what was going on just in case one day Raju started to tell about how I did the bath etc. Yes mother, I did really good oil massage on Raju back and front sides but when I put oil on his cock and started to massage his cock and balls and pull skin back and apply oil his cock when harder and was standing up straight, it made it easier for me to massage the standing cock and balls but then suddenly few tiny drops of watery piss spurted out of his cock on to my hand. I completed this oil bath and then after 30 minutes I gave him normal bath as usual to clean off all oils from body.

Now he is in TV room playing his game. Mother smiled at me and said that was not piss but early cum, do not worry about that Anny, your brother is now soon 17 years old and his cock and balls is starting to mature slowly and may spurt out few drops of watery liquid from time to time. I pretended to worried and asked her whether I should still bath and soap brothers cock and balls since this may happen again. Listen Anny, you continue as I told you and make sure Raju gets his baths in morning and night, I do not want your brother to start smelling but I can feel you are not certain with this.

So Anny, tomorrow morning I will give my Raju his morning bath and you can see how I soap and clean his cock and balls, do not worry about your brother because if mother is giving him bath with you present then he will accept as routine. Sure enough the next morning mother was there to give him his bath, I sat on stool so I could see bathing method followed by her. Within few minutes mother told Raju to stand up and she started to soap his ass, cock and balls first with the cloth and then with just her hand. I could see how mother was squeezing and massaging her son cock and balls so expertly, his cock soon was standing up and her hand continued to do up and down strokes on it, I looked at Raju face and he had his eyes closed tight and he rested his hand on mother’s shoulder while she quickened the speed of her hand.

Suddenly, his cock hardened more and few drops of watery cum spurted out from the end of his cock on to her arm. Slowly mother rinsed his body off and asked Raju if he was okay with his bath without listening to his reply and then she told me, Anny from tomorrow you follow this method when bathing your brother. Okay Anny, dry this young man off and send him to kitchen for breakfast which is waiting for him. Mother left the bathroom and my brother was left standing there with a hard cock pointing at the sky. So according to my plan mother had given me responsibility for brother’s sharing the bedroom, his bath time, his oil massage, and now massage his cock and make him cum.

That night Raju I asked Raju if he wants to come and sleep next to me every night instead of waking up in night and then moving to my side. He agreed with my suggestion and soon we are next to each other on the bed. I asked him if he enjoyed his oil massage the day before and if he liked how mother gave him his last bath. He did not say much only saying he had started to like how mother and me soaping his cock and balls, but he preferred me since I was more gentle than mum, I asked him what he felt when his cock spurted few drops of watery cum and he said he had never done that before and felt good for him. He turned his back to me and pulled my hand over to hold his cock and squeeze his balls. For me this was great feeling we both enjoyed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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