Situations – Breaking up

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Situations – Breaking up
Jo and I had been together for several month, but the relationship was a farce, yes we had good sex but we had very little if not nothing in common otherwise. We always met with friends I had not had a single date with her alone. Because we where both so different we ended up talking to others and only when we left did we go together then we had sex and I went home.

So I decided that I would break up with her, so I phoned her tld her that we had to talk, she agreed to a meeting and arranged a date the next day, The next day I had cooked and waited for her, punctually the door bell rang and to my surprise she was not alone, she had brought Paula a friend of hers, we had met several times and always ended up talking or dancing depending on the occasion. I asked them in and luckily I had cooked enough for three so we ate, and after dinner had a few drinks, as Paula was there as well we never got to the talking part. Then finally Jo broke the ice and said:

Jo: “You wanted to talk with me, I had the same in mind that is why Paula is here as well. The two of us have really good sex but we don’t have a relationship so it is probably a good idea to break up.”

Her words brought it to a point and I was relieved that I did not have to do the talking. Then she carried on,

Jo: “But as we are really good in bed, I wanted to make an offer, I would like you too sleep with both me and Paula, as a kind of farewell, Paula knows about this and agrees”

Paula blushed but nodded at me. Now I was really surprised, two attractive woman wanted to have sex with me. I wanted to say something but was interrupted by Jo.

Jo; “However, for me this will be break up sex, as I have met someone else and want to break up.”

This was good so I agreed.

Jo: “Paula said she would love to try a relationship with you, of course depending on tonight.”

This time Paula chipped in,

Paula: “From what Jo tells me that will surely be the case, so what do you say”

I was speechless, but ordered my thoughts enough to answer.

Me: “Sounds good, to me”

I paused then carried on.

Me: “So me and Jo break up I get together with Paula, but where is the catch”

Almost in unison they answered.

Jo and Paula: “We both want to get satisfied”

I was relieved that they actually meant it.

Before I could get lost in my thoughts, they sat down on either side of of me on the couch. Jo was less shy so she laid her hand on my crotch, while Paula started kissing me, my hands started wandering and soon found Paula’s breasts, then the woman swapped an Jo kissed me while Paula, felt me up through my trousers, this time I acted somewhat macho and said, why don’t we get undressed. And we did after we went to Jo’s bedroom.

I was naked first so I lay down on the bed enjoying the view of the two women undressing, next Jo was naked and joined me Paula was a little slower, but I was amazed at how good she was built. Paula, had surprisingly large breasts, a narrow waist long legs, and beautiful
skin, finally Paula joined us on the bed. We fooled around for a while feeling each other up, almost by accident until, Jo positioned herself over my head with spread legs facing me, she had done that before and I knew that she wanted her pussy licked, I obliged, so far it was still quite familiar, until I felt Paula, massaging my balls and the next moment sucking my cock. Jo was quite horny, soon she was riding my face, moaning. Then she rolled off me and said to Paula,

Jo: “Your turn”

So the women swapped places, Jo sucking my cock and Paula on my face, me licking her. Paula started moaning almost as soon as my tongue touched her pussy. Unlike Jo her pussy was not shaved but had a narrow trimmed landing strip of soft hair.

Jo worked my cock quite rough as was her habit, let of Paula for a second and demanded that she ride me instead. Jo did just that she mounted me reverse cowgirl style, and took my cock slowly, she seemed to enjoy the sensation of my cock slowly stretching her pussy until it was in to the hilt, only to withdraw so far hat only the head of my cock was still between her pussy lips carefully she ground her hips and again slowly took my cock until it was in al the way she repeated that several times, the sensation was amazing although she had done exactly the same several times before. By now Paula was moaning up a storm, her hips rode me with short hard movements, pressing her pussy on my mouth with exactly the pressure she wanted.

Jo: “Paula I think its time we swap again”

Paula: “Good I want to feel his cock in me”

Somehow I had the feeling that I did not really have a say, but that was ok as long as they continued like they had.

So Paula started riding me but this time Jo did not, not straddle my face, instead she waited until Paula had mounted me (reverse cowgirl) then she moved he head between our legs, with one hand she gently massaged my balls while she licked us where Paula’s pussy and my cock met.

I knew that Jo liked to experiment but this surprised even me, she licked and sucked us sometimes Paula’s protruding clit sometimes my cock, a few times she even pulled my cock out of Jo’s pussy to give it a few sucks and then insert it in the by now soaking wet pussy, this earned her moans from me and Paula groaned. I knew that this way I was not going to last long, so I did not only let Paula ride me but actually thrust my cock in her pussy, Paula had one of those lovely pussy’s tight enough to be pleasurable and loose enough not to be uncomfortable, I suspected that she could control it.

Then Paula said,
Paula: “Now fuck me doggy style”

I thought to myself, great just what I wanted. We changed positions this time the women positioned themselves in kind of a 69 position with Paula on top, her legs spread wide and Jo’s head under her pussy, I in turn grabbed Paula’s hips an entered her from the back , my cock sliding in to her as if it had never done anything else. Meanwhile Jo licked Paula’s clit and Paula had her head buried between Jo’s legs. I fucked Paula like this until I was interrupted by Jo moaning out her orgasm, Paula must have done a real good job judging by the intensity of Jo’s orgasm, while she still orgasmed Paula took one hand and rubbed Jo’s pussy fingering her intensely, it seemed as if her orgasm wouldn’t stop, when it finally subsided, Paula rolled off Jo and lay down on her back on the edge of the bed, she demanded.

Paula: “Now make me cum”

I got next to the bed, with bent knees, and entered her, placing her legs over my shoulders, I fucked her like that using one hand to simultaneously rub her clit, this seemed to do the trick because after only a minute or two she orgasmed, I fucked her all the while although her moans where so loud that I was afraid that they would alarm the neighbours.

Now hat the two women had both orgasmed, I wanted to cum as well. As if Paula read my mind she said

Paula: “Now it’s your turn”

She pulled me on the bed positioned me on my back and started jerking my cock giving the tip an occasional suck, Jo which had only watched us while she recovered from her orgasm joined in again, so the two took turns sucking me while Paula jerked my cock and Jo massaged my balls, needless to say that this treatment made me shoot my load in no time, without a warning I felt an orgasm overwhelming me I heard myself grunting, and saw that I shot my load, the first shot landed on Jo’s face she immediately started sucking me which only intensified my orgasm, in the meantime Paula kept on jerking me, when my orgasm subsided, we all lay there for a while.

After this Jo hardly gave me time to recover, as soon as I caught my breath she started playing with my cock again, Paula initially only watched us but then she joined in the women took turns wanking my cock, and the women apparently still horny masturbated, I in turn was ready to go another round, but the women had something else in mind. They kept on working my cock but now they positioned themselves so that I could lick the one and finger the other, I did with devotion and in no time the women each had another orgasm, first Jo which came on my hand, when she orgasmed she grabbed my hand and tried to control the speed and strength of my hand in her pussy, she came very intensely again, covering my hand with her juices. Paula was different, her orgasm built up t started of when I nibbled on her swollen clit, while whipping it with the tip of my tongue, I felt how her clit grew a little more, with gentle spasms, I wanted her to cum as intensely as Jo so I left of Jo and used one hand inserting, first one then two and finally three fingers in her moist pussy, finger fucking her and massaging her pussy lips in turn, still her orgasm continued and intensified. Paula uttered soft yelps but riding my face and hand at the same pace as before only her moaning intensified, this continued probably for two minutes. I loved it. Finally she simply rolled off me.

Jo was not happy yet so without further do, she said,

Jo: “No fuck us both”

This was new, but I was game and wondered what she had planned, I was positively surprised, Jo lay down on her back then told Paula to lie on top of her so they lay face to face, then she said,

Jo: “What are you waiting for, we both want it”

so I positioned myself between their legs, entering first Jo, while gently slapping Paula’s round ass, then after a while I changed and entered Paula, from the back, this was great, I fucked her with long thrusts, but not to hard I wanted to last a while.

Jo stopped us and manoeuvred out under Paula only to get under her again, this time in a kind of 69 position, she licked both Paula and me while I fucked Paula, not only the idea but also the sensation was overwhelming, I kept still and Jo licked us both, now while I kept still even forcing her tongue in Paula’s pussy with my cock, next to my cock, I wanted this to go on for ever. Paula did not agree she said,

Paula: “Jo get out from under us this is nice but I want to get fucked hard”

That sounded good as well so Paula rolled off Jo, lay got on her knees with spread legs and provocatively played with her clit, I took it as an invitation and got on my back my cock pointing skywards, Paula straddled my cock and slipped her pussy over it in no time, she bounced a few times with my cock in her to the hilt then she started riding me, hard, but not hard enough so I grabbed her hips and pulled her down with every thrust. Paula leaned forward putting her hands against the wall, but not missing a beat fucking my cock. she was breathing hard and ever other thrust she gave a little squeal, so I decided to intensify this and started rubbing her clit while she fucked me, like that she orgasmed in no time this time screaming out her orgasm, while she still orgasmed I came as well and shot my load in her pussy.

After this we got some drinks, before we continued

We did not wait to go back to the bedroom, while we sat in the living room with our drinks, Jo started playing with my cock and I in turn played with Paula’s body, an before we knew it I found my self on my back on the living room floor, the woman changed places continuously, I always had one on my face and one on my cock, I don’t know how often they or I orgasmed.

I was a lucky bastard having sex with two lovely women, but that was not the end, we carried on until way after midnight.

After that Jo really left me but joined Paula and me a few times and it was always nice.

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