Sloppy Seconds

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Sloppy Seconds
You have barely gotten the door locked behind you when
you hear the commanding voice out of the darkness.


Your hand freezes in its search for the light switch.


You hurry to comply, knowing all too well what the
penalty for disobedience is. Quickly, you remove your
$700 business suit and cast it in a crumpled heap on
the carpet. Your bra comes next, then your panties.
From experience, you know to leave your hose and your
pumps on.

He laughs softly in the darkness at the irony. During
the day, 35 people live in constant fear of the “bitch
manager from hell” knowing that you can, and will,
ruin their careers on a simple whim. But, with two
simple words, you’re standing naked and trembling in
your own apartment, waiting for whatever he decides to
do with you.

“You’re late.”

“Yes, there was traffic, I…”

“Shut up. Come to me.” You can now vaguely make him
out in the darkness, sitting on the sofa and watching
you. Tentatively, you take a step toward him… “No.
On your hands and knees.”

On all fours, you crawl toward him. As you get closer,
you realize that he isn’t alone, as you can now
discern the blonde head bobbing up and down in his
lap…. Terri.

How could you have missed the noisy sounds of your
next-door neighbor slurping away at your boyfriend’s

Jealousy fills you as you stop, on your hands and
knees before the couch, watching this exquisite piece
of trailer-trash deep-throating your man. Your eyes
meet hers as she deftly works your man’s prick with
her mouth.

Terri looks at you as if to say “watch how a real
woman does it, bitch…”

She pops him out of her mouth and speaks to him, her
eyes never leaving yours. “Mmmmmm honey, your cock
tastes SO good with my JUICES all over it!” Rubbing it
in, that she’s already fucked him tonight… Then she
nods at you. “Roll over.” Like giving instructions to
a bitch dog. Of course you obey. “Now play with your

Terri goes back down on him as you begin kneading your
breasts, watching your boyfriend’s cock getting
sucked. You can see his shaft glistening with her
saliva. Her eyes never leave yours, as she watches you
roll your hardening nipples between your fingertips.
You’re feeling degraded and heavily turned on at the
same time.

Like always.

He groans as she takes him all the way into her
throat, her glossy lips pressing against his balls.
Your man closes his eyes as she slurps away at his
rod. “Oh you’re so fucking good at that, Terri,” he

His breathing is getting much heavier. Terri, sensing
that he’s about to explode, backs off, wrapping her
lips around his shaft from the side, like a flute. A
flute which she knows how to play perfectly. While she
works him with her mouth, Terri’s hand wanders between
her legs, where she slowly, sensuously begins rubbing
her clit.

Your own pussy is on fire. You furiously squeeze your
tits and rub your nipples as your crotch humps against
empty air. As she licks your boyfriend’s balls, Terri
watches you knowingly as you writhe on the floor–it
will only be a matter of time before you’ll be begging
to be allowed to touch yourself.

Just to make the point, she slides her middle finger
deep into her snatch. “OOOOOH!!!!” she screams through
a mouthful of your boyfriend’s left nut.

You need release so badly. But you don’t dare do
anything about it without permission! Permission which
you know you’ll have to humiliate yourself even
further for, by begging…

Terri, meanwhile, is finished giving your man’s lucky
cock its tongue bath, and is now sitting on his lap,
facing away from him and toward you, lowering her hot,
shaved pussy onto his prick. She regards you with a
self-satisfied sneer. “Mmmm, look at that, my pussy
fits that nice, big cock like a glove.”

Yours is throbbing, screaming for attention as you
maul your tits, whimpering in frustration. Terri
strums her clit with her fingertip as she rides your
boyfriend’s cock up and down. You can’t stand it


“Mmmm, please, what?”

“Please Terri, may I touch my pussy?”

She appears thoughtful for just a moment.


You moan in frustration, but without surprise. She
never lets you satisfy yourself without working for
it. Now being driven crazy by your need to touch
yourself, you begin rubbing your legs together.

“Uh-uh,” Terri chides you. “Spread those legs wide,

“Oh Terri PLEASE… please I need it so bad….”

“Nope!” she says smugly.

Your man is loving the entire performance… as
always. You know how much he loves seeing you degraded
and humiliated–and you know how he loves being
ridden. His hands are caressing her ass, then running
over her smooth, tanned waist and up to her ample, 36-
D breasts–

For the first time, she looks away from you, sending a
glare over her shoulder. “Hey–get your hands off
these. I want ’em to bounce while I’m fucking you.”
Terri regards you again. “Men,” she sighs. “Although I
suppose we can’t blame him for wanting to get his
hands on a *real* pair for a change.”

Scoffing at your small, 38-B tits… You continue
kneading them in frustration and humiliation as you
watch her melons bounding wildly with the fucking
she’s getting.

You’re unable to tear your eyes away. Terri *does*
have a lovely body, which you would kill to have–
especially her boobs. And she looks incredibly sexy,
there on the couch, fucking your man while you lie on
the floor, whimpering and thrusting your hips vainly,
begging for release.

She smiles down at you. “Do you like my tits?”

“Yes, I do…” I moan.

“Would you like to suck on them?”

“Oh yes.”

“Come over here,” Terri orders. “Stand up, girl…”
She makes you lean over. The intent is clear–this
way, there won’t be any chance of you getting any
relief by rubbing your pussy against the couch, or
against a leg. “Now, suck my tit.”

You grab her right breast. With her free hand–the one
which isn’t busy frigging her clit–Terri slaps your
hand away.

“NO! Jeez, what is it with you people and your need to
grope me?? I didn’t tell you to stop playing with your
tits, did I?”

Wordlessly, you resume your tit-play as you lean over
and try to get your mouth on Terri’s breast. She rides
your man faster and harder, thwarting your efforts and
you succeed only in getting slapped in the face
several times by her firm, g****fruit-sized boobs.

“Come *on*! Get my tit in your mouth!” she demands.
Finally you’re able to get your mouth around her
silver dollar sized nipple, and somehow manage to keep
your balance as you lean over, suck Terri’s breast and
roughly knead your own boobs at the same time.

“Oh fuck I’m CUMMING….” Terri announces to the
world. She brushes your hair out of your eyes and
whispers to you, “I’m cumming on your boyfriend’s

The look on her face is pure a****l lust — how can
you ever compete with her — you ask yourself.

him even faster. “Cum for me… OH GOD! Cum inside me
please… OH YEAH!”

With a grunt, your man unloads his jism into Terri’s
wet, insatiable pussy. “Oh, yeah, oh, his sperm
filling my hot pussy. Mmmmm, feels SO fucking GOOD!!”
She keeps riding him, now making a squishy sound as
she bounces up and down. “God I LOVE IT!”

She leans back and kisses him, then places her hands
on the sides of your face, pushing your hair back.

“Did you like watching that, honey?”

“Yes,” you groan. “Terri, oh god PLEASE!”

She eases herself off of your man’s semi-hard cock,
leaving a dripping trail of cum on the couch.

“Yes, you may touch yourself.”

You don’t have to be told twice. Both of your hands
immediately drop to your crotch, your right hand
furiously rubbing your clit while you slide three of
your left fingers into your dripping cunt. Fuck, it
feels so good…

But of course your work isn’t done yet. Terri leans
back on the couch, spreads her legs and smiles. “We’ve
got sloppy seconds for you, dear…” She grabs a
handful of your hair and guides you between her legs.
As you watch, a glob of cum oozes out of her snatch
and runs down toward her ass. “Eat me… lick me
clean…” Dutifully, you descend on Terri’s cum-filled
pussy and begin noisily lapping away.

“Oh YEAH girl, lick your man’s jism out of my fuck-
hole, YES!” Terri throws her blonde head back against
the back of the couch and howls.

“Mmmm!” you heartily agree as your fingers find their
mark, sending a torrent of juices gushing out of your
throbbing cunt.

“Lick it, EAT IT!” Terri implores. “OHHHH!” She looks
over at your man. “C’mere you, let’s lick you clean as

He takes a standing position on the couch, his now-
soft, sticky cock even with her mouth.

“Mmmmm,” she moans as she sucks him in. Meanwhile,
you’ve now got four fingers up your cunt as your lick-
fest of Terri’s pussy continues.

Your boyfriend? The sound of two women screaming and
moaning (albeit mostly muffled) plus the skilled mouth
working his cock are combining to get him aroused
again, and in no time at all Terri’s deep-throat
skills are again being put to the test. A test which
she, of course, passes.

As always.

Terri pops him out of her mouth and regards you,
furiously humping your own fingers as you tongue her
pussy clean.

“Looks like someone’s ready for round two,” she coos,
running her hand up and down his magnificent shaft.
“Would you care for more ‘sloppy seconds’?”

“Mmmmm hmmmm,” you moan without removing your tongue
from her snatch.

“Get down there,” she tells him as she grabs your
hands and brings them to her mouth, sucking the juices
off of your fingers one by one. You feel your man
grabbing hold of your hips, then the prodding of his
engorged cockhead at the entrance to your hot, swollen

Until Terri shakes her head and stops him.

“Mmmm, not that hole, honey…”


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