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where to start would be by saying i am 43 years old from dublin ireland i live in a small northside dublin village.
to cut it short i have a elderly neighbour who has limited access around his house with this his son who i know a long time asked me
was it possible to take a key from him to just go over and check on his dad on and off if he ever needed help or just incase of a emergancy.
as you do i agreed and said no problem of course i could with this he said from thursdays on to monday it be fine because his sister who is 59 years old would be there to care for the father..
so all was good for weeks on end and one day as i had been checking on the old man i met my neighbours sister coming in as i was leaving we began to chat in the garden she had grey hair and wore not so revealing clothing but in saying that i could make out she had big nice tits .
i am a fucker for checking out the tits as you do ,anyway as we were chatting she was asking general questions and asking me how things where i asked her how things were with herself she went on to say she was out of her marriage six years and living down in the east coast .
so it was nice for her to get up to dublin for the few days aweek to mind her dad,
with that i said okay great for you if you ever need anything im across the road and off i went.
that sunday night she called and said could i come over and give her a hand as her father had fallen and it was to hard to lift him over i ran within minutes we had him in bed and he was out for the count within ten minutes she could thank me enough and suggested a cup of tea .
we were in the sitting room chatting and during the chat i told her im single the past few years too she was saying its terrible she hated being single ..i said sure you be fine et back out there and dont be sitting about ,she laughed and said who be bothred with me ,with that i splurted out of nowhere (well i wouldnt throw you out of the bed ) she smiled and said yeah okay your just saying that to make me feel good .
no im saying it as i see it i told her with that the conversation just stopped it went quite i was sitting in the middle of the couch she was in the arm chair across from me suddenly she smiled at me a very nice smile i should say i was looking straight in her eyes she got up walked over and said ..if you mean it prove it and she pushed me back onto the couch as where now i was laying on the couch with my feet still on the floor .
she lifted her skirt and slipped her knickers too the side and with one finger put it between her pussy lips and groaned .
before i knew it she was slipping them off i began to open my jeans then out of nowhere she didnt go for my cock as i expected but lifted her leg onto the couch as to where now i was looking right up at her pussy there she was fingering it and looking down at me her eyes rolling and she was really getting horny now .
i said nothing but twiddled me finger at her saying come on with that she came down closer to my face then i held her ass and brought her closer till eventually she was sitting on my face that hot hairy pussy was fucking my face and i was loving it then i told her get that blouse open i was slipping down my jeans at this stage i asked her would she like a nice thumb up that ass of hers while shes fucking my face she was going crazy at this stage fuck it i just shoved it right up her dry tight ass taking it back out and rubbing it on her pussy juice and back up again i knew she liked it because she sat back onto it .
next she was naked blouse off and the most how to describe chunky tits were out loose with lovely big firm nipples now im gonna fuck this horny bitch good and proper i was holding them big fuckers in my hands she was rubbing her pussy into my face as hard as she could i told her to cum on my face i said go as hard as you can you fuck..that was it she went wild rocked back and forth and and began too tremble i knew this was it with that i said let it out you randy fuck she was fucking really going i put my thumb back in here ass and i fingered her ass as fast and hard as i could that was it she let loose and i felt that hot sweet pussy juice going up my nose down my mouth and rolling off my face along my neck ..she was trembling like crazy looking at me we both start laughing with that she stood up pulled me up off the couch and said now you any where you want but first i want to suck that cock of yours .
she got on her knees looked up and then went right on to it that lady could suck cock lifting it up and sucking my balls gently i was running my fingers trough her hair and saying to myself what a fucking sexy cunt for 59 ..
i told her i wanted to cum in her but in her ass if she wanted that .
ok she said come on what way on my knees ?
no i said can you kneel in the arm chair and i take you from behind no hesitation she walked over got on to the armchair holding on to the back of it ..i walked over at this stage my cock as aching to cum and was thumping with the blood flow i wet my two fingers and started to enter them in her ass she looked back over her shoulder and grinned …i couldnt take it anymore i just pulled out my finger and forcged my now throbbing cock up she tensed up i told her relax i began pumping that ass slowly finding it hard to get right up i wanted to go to the balls on her nothing less ..i spat down on to my cock shoved it up again thats it im right up now ..
i started pumping a bit faster leaned over and whispered in her ear while kissing her neck that im going to empty my bags right up that ass of hers ..she was moaning and saying do it please i want every fucking drop up it ..i went for it start ramming it up my balls were slapping off the pussy lips and she began to play with herself too i was really going for it my legs began to tremble now i knew i was going to cum with that i grabbed her hair and with no more that antother two or three deep shoves up her i was on fire my balls exploded my cock was buried right up inside her i squeezed every drop of cum in my body inside that ass and then just put my hand around and grabbed one of them big tits and that shot the last of it into that sweet mature sexy grey haired ladies ass ….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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