Spanish housemate finally fucked. True story.

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Spanish housemate finally fucked. True story.
I lived in a student house, with a another guy and a girl. The girl was a friend of mine and although I used to fantasize about sleeping with her, she was with someone the full time we lived together.

A few months into the student year, the guy moved out, and our landlord found someone to fill the room. One afternoon he came by the house, followed by this sexy, dark-haired Spanish girl. She was a few years older than me, and after viewing the house moved in shortly after. This girl had a gorgeous face, long dark wavy hair, tiny waist and a stunning round arse. She was a student nurse, and worked part-time at a McDonald’s at the evenings.

One night, when both housemates were out, I snuck up to the Spanish girl’s room. I went straight for her underwear drawer and found it filled with cotton panties, which had me hard in seconds. Pretty soon I’d pulled my rock-hard cock out and was pounding it to the thought of her gorgeous arse filling out these white cotton panties. I shot a huge load of cum into them, shuddering into an intense orgasm at the thought of her gorgeous arse in front of me.

Pretty soon she was all I could think about, I would watch her move around the house in her tight jeans, seeing her panty line pressed against that exquisite behind. Watching her flat stomach and pert bra-less tits in her little vests had me hard 24/7.

Shortly after it emerged she had a boyfriend, and as the end of term arrived we bidded farewell and went our separate ways.

I moved into another house, with the other girl and a couple of other guys. My friend asked me to get in touch with Izzy (the Spanish girl), to settle some bills from the previous house. One night at our local pub I texted Izzy about the bills and we got to exchanging texts. Having a few beers into me I came clean and admitted my “fondness” for her. Surprisingly she replied in a similar vain, stating that she thought I was sexy and wanted to fuck me but was too shy to make a move. With my hard cock pressed against my jeans I made a move, suggesting we get together soon and do what we were both too shy to do before. She agreed, and a few days later it happened.

The house was empty that night, and a faint knock came at the door. I opened it to find her there, her eyes gazing into mine through her dark Spanish hair. She said a shy “Hello” and I showed her the way upstairs. I followed her up the stairs, watching her superb round arse in her tight light blue jeans in front of me. I could see a pair of those sexy cotton panties peeking out the top of her jeans, and the thought of what was to come had my cock almost bursting through my pants.

As we entered my room, she turned to me and we shared a passionate kiss. She reached down and felt my fully-hard cock in my pants and remarked “Already?” I said “Well, you’re so fucking sexy…” We started removing each other’s clothes, and as I pulled her jeans down I fell to my knees and pressed my warm tongue against her pussy on her white cotton panties. She moaned and pulled me back up to my feet, where she kissed me hard and thrust my erection against her pussy. Soon enough we were both naked and falling onto the bed.

We laid side by side, kissing frantically – and while she stroked my hard cock I slipped two fingers inside her dripping wet pussy. She was moaning as I positioned my head between her legs, kissing around her wet slit before sliding my tongue up and down her gorgeous pink pussy. She dug her nail into my head as I worked her slippery clit with my tongue, and as returned to my knees with my throbbing cock facing her, she grabbed my swollen shaft and guided it towards her pussy.

As slid my cock inside her, her moaning gathered pace, and within a few minutes of slowly pushing, she came, deeply moaning and breathing into my ear. She pushed my hips away, turning onto all fours and arching her back with her beautiful round arse in the air. Her pussy was slippery and wet as I slowly entered her from behind. As my thrusting gathered pace, her arse-cheeks were slapping against me. I held her perfect little waist with both hands and pumped harder and harder. I pushed her waist down into the bed, and with her lying flat, kissed her neck as I continued to pound her from behind. Her voice came forcefully from amongst the waves of dark hair, “I want you to cum, cum inside me.”

Her sexy accent telling me to cum inside her, and looking down at her round firm arse being pounded, had me at climax within seconds. I pushed my pulsating cock as deep as it would go, as a shot a load of cum inside her hot wet pussy. Our sweaty bodies lay together, as my cock still throbbed and twitched inside her. We lay for a while, pushing our tongues into each other’s mouths and heavily breathing.

After our intense experience, I lay on the bed, watching her pull those tight jeans back on over her white cotton panties. We kissed as passionately as before and she took off into the night. After months of fantasising about her, I’d had her. And it was worth the wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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