Spanking School #8: Sexy Shae -2

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Spanking School #8: Sexy Shae -2
Sexy Shae second story in a short sub-series in my best brached series of my short sexy spanking school series.
Sexy Shae first story shall properly pop up below this one, if not I promise to give the link myself in my first comment.
Sexy Shae is build by quotes from our very recent private erotic exchange of many messages. I quote here below.
Sexy Shae is stubbornly refusing to believe she can get wet indeed, only reading some sexy stuff in a public story.

Sexy Shae is a pilot in public, in private a personal fine friend from long love at long distance of ten hours.
Sexy Shae is sometimes at Schphol for a short stop-over, but never ever came at coffee meeting me there.
Sexy Shae is aware I am in Amsterdam, but prefers privacy above all. She does not want to risk her juicy job.
Sexy Shae is commuting up and down in her hot long hauls across the Atlantic Ocean to me in Amsterdam.

Sexy Shae shares her looks with me, “real time”:
Sexy Shae shares her lookalike on video:
Sexy Shae shares her looks with me, ” red ass halfway”:
Sexy Shae shares her looks with me, ” red real end”:

Sexy Shae can not believe to get awesomely aroused by my abuse of almost alliteration exclusively in eroticis
Sexy Shae can not believe my litterary might: “Alliterations – I have never thought of my name in that context”
Sexy Shae: ” Never noticed it before? I write soft sexy and I also write sometimes tougher storylines.
Sexy Shae, I think I get too many thumbs down because some people hate my repetitions, and rhyming.”

Others love the rythm of my sentences, one woman wrote it is if: ” I write songs – love songs ” And alliteration?
Alliterations, I am hooked on them, since over 30 years. It only gets worse, I can not write normal prose anymore.
BTW, what do think of my stories? Do you vote for them? No comments, I see. You like to keep your privacy!”

In comparison with spankingjenny, who told me all I know about effects of severe spanking on a woman as her
you never told me so,, rather that you gave in to it. Because your guy gets so hard doing you hard at your bottom..
But surely you get wet and hot in the process before the actual fornication starts!?

This process plays a crucial – seductive – role in almost all my spanking stories here
often to muses in a series who perhaps didn’t expect such severe pproach suddenly
often unlike their private vanilla sexlife, as far as I know.

I think you can guard your privacy enough if I only call you Shae
A pilot in the Americas somewhere. And if you prefer, you do not comment it in public
or only like “I wish it was me”. Just in private to me, which will quote later in a comment

Sounds safe and perfect, isn’t it? I do hope you agree, I got some inspiration already and
I do know its best to use it within hours, my ideas and series running still at me in tongues
as Dutch, English, French, German, Italian,Jiddish
Kraut, Limburgean, Magyar, Netherlands, Polish, Qotiish
Rituanian, Spanish, Tantric tasting tongue, Universal hand-talk,
Vurgar vulvatian , Womanusers Welsh and Wallonian, xrated sex signs
Xenofobic Xantipe,Yummy young Yourish, Zelotic North and South.

Sexy Shae :”I dont comment a lot you are right – because so many others always comment.
I comment when I have something to say, else I dont”

I think about the sweet after care I have in mind
for the two on three days till the next long haul.
No, wrong reason! Hardly anyone comments, but me.
Often I build up next few quatrains for next episode like this.

Sexy Shae smiles at me back as an answer.

But basicly you’re right! Some young boys want to promote from PIMP to PORNMAKER or so
by doing lots of short comments on videos: “Hot, I come. I wank. I watch to come everyday.
But in general peope comment less, much less eloquently and don’t answer messages any more
Youngster write on each other walls, nothing more. Nothing more is in their penile impotent power!

I think I kind of understand your sexual drive and dilemma.
I love you long hauls in my sweet serving style, qua timing.

Sexy Shae: “I dont really care about any of the ratings nonsense. It is not a competition for me.
I like watching videos here from time to time, reading stories and so on. It is just my way of relaxing.”

Of course not, you are an intelligent woman whose self-esteem don’t depend on ny ratings here.
I think most normal people in a partnership have that. Only a few f*ck about like crazy .. as long it lasts
I am quite an elitist in that .I lose interest in virtual friends, as soon as I notice too they are too dumb.

Sexy Shae: “Indeed! :-)”

I want to make it hot and be a dominant demanding man. I am in reality very sweet soft and romantic.!”

Sexy Shae: “I have already figured that out from reading what you write :-)!”

So the story will show my heart. Soon You can see a bit deeper into our hot hearts and heads.
So sexy Shae’s story shall last at least three erotic episodes. All written in one nice naughty night.
Sexy Shae shall continue in the third true quotes of our cunning conversaton in one hour here below.
Sexy Shae does not care about how many comment and thumbs – not dumbs – I get up here. I do!

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