Squeal pretty Squeal!

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Squeal pretty Squeal!
A hotel can be a harrowing place, especially working in one as a front of house manager, poor Auntie Nixx, the complaints from Joe Public are endless, on the late shift one night, the reception phone rung,it was mid evening fairly quiet in reception. “hello Iwould like to complain about the noise coming from the room next door, we think there is an a****l in the room!
Damn, I took my red manicured taloned hand away from my left erect nipple, just getting horned up too. “a****l what do you mean” I asked irratated by my interuption.
“Sounds like a Pig and we can smell smoke” I know this is the two ole gibbers that have now complained nine times in five hours…
Well Auntie has to go and investigate,Health and Safety and all that.
With my room passcard, in one hand and my clutch bag under my arm I strode in my Laboutain heels, black silk stockings and tight blouse with split a-line skirt.
Arriving at my destination, I knock loudly… Hello I am the duty manager, we have concerns about the noise from your room!!!! No answer once again louder…
Still nothing, with my heart beating faster, I swipe the smartkey and turn the handle, several steps into the room, I view the bed, oh my god!!!!

A six foot naked trucker with tattoos,headphones on eyes shut and the biggest cock vacuum pump I have ever seen,grunting like a pig…
Wow got to be the biggest cock I have ever seen!
I move in closer, its thickness, like a babies arm holding an apple!
He is totally unaware he has me as an audience,suddenly it was if he knew I was watching him, ping!!!He opened his eyes.
Shit, what was I in here for,oh yeah the pig!
“I am the manager you are making to much noise….” sniffing the air “and smoking reefers” I ain’t agh got no problem with that”he replies as he continues to pump his cock squeezing the bladder making his cock head shine, I stand mesmerised by the size of the throbbing supercock!
Its against regulations to smoke in the rooms” I add as he releases the suction round the base and lifts the pump off, revealing a hot throbbing cock….

“Chill bitch, you wanna touch it dontcha? I am in shock still,I know what I am going to do or say.He grabs my left arm and places my small hand around its girth, o.m.g. wouldn’t fit round it!
And the weight this is a masterpiece of cock, I thought to myself!
WIll you stop the grunting if I try and suck you off I asked. “Yes but I want a smoking blowjob,been watching you smoke in the car park,so fucking sexy”he said.
I opened my clutch bag and took out my mother of pearl cigarette holder.
“Here have one of mine” he insisted.
I inhaled as I opened my mouth real wide to accommodate the massive cock, wow the hot throbbing helmet was amazing in my mouth.
“See best place for a bitch fascist on her knees sucking my rod”
I began to be overcome with euphoria,my buttons on my blouse are pinging off, no stop your being to rough, oh shit my pleat in my skirt you have torn it, his strong hands strip me in seconds, not that I struggled!
Squealed a lot! Thanks Kevin for a wonderful evening!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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