Story 1, Break the Hymen, See the Blood

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Story 1, Break the Hymen, See the Blood
A girl can only lose her virginity once.

She may, or may not bleed, may, or may not feel her hymen break, but what is important to her, is that a cock must take it, claim her maidenhead and hang wherever the owner of that cock wishes to hang it for display, and be honest and truthful to admit he was the man who took you from being a girl to a woman.

But as we have no way of really knowing if a girls cunt has ever felt a man’s cock move inside her, before yours, it must be said, she can lose this revered commodity several times, indeed, if I am truthful, I have enjoyed surrendering it over and over to men, and in doing so, sense the surge of power course through them as they think they are the first to enter into me, an added mental impetus, feeling me close around their cock as they go deeper and I go tighter, squeezing my vaginal membrane, encasing their cocks like a human condom, moulding myself onto them at the right temperature and resistance, then adding my exterior moans and mouthing’s of self pleasure, and dirty begging, the complete package of deflowerment, a girl to a woman, over and over, until I can no longer carry out this rouse, but fuck, what a journey.

I have decided to give an insight to the many penetrations I have had over the particular period in my teens when I became sexually active.
For a young girl, we are by nature clumsy, and eager, especially when we discover the art of self pleasure, yes in the area of our bodies where most of our nerves gather, even before there are visible signs of an organ there, just think, how many men have seen a young girls pussy, when it was just a thin line, did you see a clitoris, I doubt it, but speaking for myself I could feel pleasure, to deny that, is just plain bullshit, we are all equipped with the tools of self pleasure, it’s just age and puberty that separates us, for me, it came very early on in my life, and I was a juvenile flasher, long before I ever knew I was breaking the law, I let visiting men to our home and on the beach look at me, something deep inside told me they liked to look, but it was when I got older I knew instinctively knew I wanted something more, and turned to the man I loved, my father, and it happened impulsively and was over before I realised the powerful impact of what had happened, so here is my first story, a story a lot of girls have experienced, so as you read, I speak for them also, and some of them may be your own daughters, please use my email if you want to talk to me.

Three years before I officially got the key to our house, My body could feel the changes of life. I was entering that dangerous phase when my hormones were in disarray, the powerful sex hormones were driving me crazy with dirty thoughts, erotic sensitivity and masturbation.

Poor daddy, he knew I was frigging myself, he could hear me as well as my wardrobe malfunctions, I was showing myself more to him in a sexual way, I could not help myself, it made me horny to do so, and as my mother had left us when I was just ten, he had to contend with a girl becoming a woman without that mediating factor, that adult female barrier, that under normal circumstances, would provide him with sexual release was not there to help him, instead it was me plying my lusts, offering my body, and challenging him to use me, yes it was that bad and it came to a head one Sunday.

I sat in a provocative manner, in my panties, one size smaller for a girl my size, were on display, pulled tight around my crotch, my shaved pubis making for the ‘Camel-toe’, I displayed, and daddy could not fail to see, nor the self lubricating I was doing, the darkening circle spreading on the white cotton crotch, I was displaying, telling him I wet and in a state of sexual arousal.

It was an intentional display of my womanhood, I needed daddy’s reaction to tell me I was arousing him, I was young and inexperienced in the ways a woman would go about displaying her sexuality, I lacked the subtly that only age and experience brings to bear, when seducing men, sex for me was a physical act, more about provoking reactions and wanking oneself with the memory, not about the powerful emotions it awakens, so sitting on my fathers cock for pleasure was not my intention that Sunday, just thought I should mention it.

The movie ‘Zulu’ had just started and the young blacks were dancing with their cocks were swaying in rhythm to the drums beating, I could feel daddy looking at me, and I looked down my body and saw my panties had tightly drawn into my shape, my crossed thighs twitched, as I squeezed them, my tight panties applying pressure, I was self masturbating without touching myself, in front of my daddy, a wave of pleasure coursed through me, I decided if I started to cum, I would let him see me do it.

Then the movie changed tact, it switched to the young girls. They were black and sweating, their small breasts swaying or like mine, jiggling, as they were firmer, their buttocks firm as they were without panties, and they offered it all the hundreds of young bucks getting hard for them.

The waves of pleasure I felt was strong and I looked at my crossed thighs and was shocked as my panties had all but disappeared between my vaginal lips, little whisps of blond soft pubis showed, but the crude bunching of the thin cotton converging into my cunt was both erotic to see, and ecstatic to feel, I closed my eyes as my orgasm started building in intensity, I was on the edge.

‘Do you know what they are fore Mariel’?

Daddy had spoken, stopping my orgasm in its tracks, it hung there like a huge enticement, my cunt throbbed, this was building to be the best there was, namely because it would happen in daddy’s presence.

‘What’, I asked somewhat confused, I was cumming and not watching the screen, so I missed the girls being handed their little sticks, I looked at my father for the first time, his cock was hard and it showed, we both were getting carried away and for the first time I could see and feel the sexual tension between a father and his daughter.

‘What was it daddy’, I asked him softly, ‘Those little sticks’, he replied, ‘the ones the girls held in their hands’, he continued, I shook my head in the affirmative.

‘They put it in themselves to show the men they are Virgins’, all those naked men watch them do it’.
As daddy spoke my thighs tensed and squeezed, my eyes closed as daddy watched my body convulse, I entered my orgasm, the tension swept over me as I released all the pent up emotion and desire, I was out of control, and my hand swept across my taut body as I convulsed, my fingers delving below the straining elastic, pushing into my cunt.

I could feel my knew open, daddy was beside me, his elbow behind my right knee, while his hand pushed open my legs, his eyes fixed firmly on my fingering, my gasps of air as I gulped for breath, by bum rising and falling in unison with my thrusting, the elastic of my knickers rolling down my hips, my knickers free of my crotch, I was showing him me, as he never saw, in his eyes I ceased to be his daughter, I was a woman in need of sex, and when my eyes opened again, they were greeted by the biggest cock I had ever seen, its shaft rubbed against my open mouth, and I could taste my father, as my mother once did.

His cock rubbed the inner side of my cheek, my mouth was full and my hand covered his point entering me, I pressed down hard against my mouth, and his grunting was evident, my tongue crushed and unable to work his cock, the heat of my breath and the soft skin rubbing against the head, was the pleasure he felt, the fact it was his daughters mouth he was fucking, just added to the new sensation of fetish sex, pure and physical, and feeling my teeth graze on his long shaft, removed any guilt he may have felt, I was in it for my own pleasure, this was my daddy’s cock, therefore technically mine, and it bit into it a little harder than considered normal, I had already stopped counting my orgasms, by now they had just melted into one long pleasurable feeling, one I did not want to stop.

I felt my tight panties mover over my knees and off my ankles, my legs were wide open and my fingers moved in and out of my cunt with a sloppy noise and pussy farts, not that we really noticed, as daddy was pulling me off the couch where I lay, ‘On your knees Mariel’, he said over and over, and bit by bit I surrendered myself, until I knelt over the edge of the seat cushion, still fingering my wet and insatiable cunt, my bum high in the air, all naked flesh, my lips open, I felt daddies cock push into me, my eyes bulging in their sockets my mouth hung open as he thrust in hard, there was nothing in my armoury to stop it as it opened me wide to the outside world, for the first time in my life, his rod of throbbing flesh humped my body and I gripped him hard, as my hand reached back and took hold of the remaining shaft still to get inside me.

He pushed hard and I bucked and pushed back, ‘My Hymen’, I hissed between clenched teeth, but daddy looking down on my butt hole twitching knew better, he was all the way inside me, this was not my hymen barrier, he was bruising my cervix, which felt like he was rubbing behind my belly button, daddies cock was ten inches, my cunt length was eight, and I gripped the last two inches, under which his ball sack held my first ever load, a few more strokes and each push in, forced more cum down my legs, fucked and seeded, my first time, and yes there was blood, not much, just a reddish staining, and it belonged to the man I have loved all my life, the best loss of my virginity.

So now you all know, but as I have said within these paragraphs, there were many more pseudo losses to men desirous of girls willing to let them inside, the next time being with a man outside the family, a perfect stranger, on a trail, called the ‘Story 2,’The Virgin Express”, soon to follow, look out over the next few days.

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