Sub Lindy at the Swing Shift Theater

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Sub Lindy at the Swing Shift Theater
A true story from a few years ago that happened at a interesting place in north Toronto

Part One – The Theater

Well here I am writing once again about another erotic adventure that my lovely blonde female partner and I happened to find ourselves. This particular time was probably the must public outing we’ve ever attempted and again this time it was another man that helped to decide the direction that the evening took.

We had talked to a male dom from Toronto for a couple weeks and after telling him some of our interests and past experiences, he became quite insistent that he had a very erotic scenario that he could place my sub Lin into. He told us of a small video store in Richmond Hill, which for those that don’t know is in the northern part of the Greater Toronto area. This particular video store though was quite different from other adult video stores, in that it had several small viewing rooms which customers could rent for a price to watch a naughty video in privacy. Plus it also had two slightly larger rooms which showed movies and was open to all customers to watch porn videos in a theater setting which had seating for maybe 12-15ppl . . . with a standing area at the back of the rooms. One room was for gay men (which we stayed away from) the other room showed movies that appealed to bi males, but on rare occasions . . . such as some Saturday nights, the odd couple might come into to watch the videos and perhaps do a little naughty play. As it was, this was a Saturday night and Master P decided that my sub Lin would be the one doing the naughty play.

We had talked to several other men over the days leading up to the encounter and thought we might have 2-3 other guys ready to attend the theater with us, but it turned out that only one other male showed and his name was Mr. JP . . . whom we met just inside the store. Once inside the video store, everything seemed to happen quite quickly. While I was meeting Mr. JP and explaining to him how what was going happen in the theater, Master P taped me on the shoulder and tells me that he and Lin we’re going to head up the stairs to the hallway which housed the different rooms. Before Mr. JP and I had paid our admission fee to go into the back, Master P had disappeared with Lin, we scurried up the steps to try and catch up with them.

Once up at the top of the stairs, you could see a hallway about 40 feet long with several doors on either side. It was a bit of a skanky place, which I guess was to be expected considering the activities that went on inside the rooms. As we walked down the hall, Master P poked his head out of one of the rooms and called us in. Once in the door, we could see it was one of the private rooms he had mentioned to us that were available. It was painted a very ugly green, had one small T.V with a DVD player and a rather dirty old couch . . . oh and a small table with a box of tissues on it.

I was surprised how calm Lin was acting, she had been noticeably nervous earlier in the evening . . . but I suppose the couple drinks that she had with dinner had took the edge off the nervousness. I also suppose that since we had decided that the rather provocative outfit that she was going to wear to the theater, she was also going to have to wear out for dinner engagement. Master P’s remarks when he met us in our hotelroom prior to going out for dinner was something along this, “Lin who are you going to know from this area? I think you should wear that outfit to dinner, you look quite sexy in it!”. The outfit she had worn consisted of a black halter top with a fair bit of cleavage, with a above knee black dress, nylons with a new pair of sexy black shoes and underneath a new black and pink cupless corset and a black thong. She looked very sexy, slutty and rather desirable.

When Mr. JP and myself had entered the private room, Master P had left for a few minutes and now had suddenly returned “Well Lin you ready?” he said. With that he took her hand and lead her towards the main theater which was across the hall and towards the back. Mr. JP immediately followed along, but for some reason I hesitated a bit and waited to enter. I guess figured if I waited a few minutes before entering the room, any of the men in there wouldn’t think I was part of the three that just entered . . . that I wasn’t connected to Lin at all. It seemed like ages before I entered, but likely it was only a few minutes behind the others. When I finally entered I had to chuckle a bit . . . the main room was big enough to hold maybe 20 of the type of padded chairs used at many restaurants. It was a little bigger than normal livingroom and up at the front of the room was a bigger T.V than was in the private room, but by no means was it what you would call a theater style screen. It was fairly well lit and I was able to see where Master P, Lin and Mr. JP were seated and I decided to sit just behind them. There was the row I sat in and then behind it was a small four foot high wall in which patrons could lean on to watch the movies.

I looked around and saw that there was probably five other males in the room beside myself, Mr. JP and Master P. Now even though Lin has experienced several group situations in the time we’ve been swinging, I would have been a little surprised if she wasn’t a little intimidated with this situation . . . considering that all the men were virtual strangers and because of the dingy room she was in. By the time I had sat down, Master P and Mr. JP were already in play mode with Lin with several of the men no doubt in awe to see a woman in the theater. It seemed like no time before one of the men had pulled Lin’s top down around her waist exposing her tits to all in the room. It was about at this point I decided to casually move from behind the action to a seat in front to afford myself a better view of what Master P and Mr. JP were doing to my lady. I chose a seat up a couple rows from where the others sat, off to the side enough that I could pretend I was watching the action on the T.V but could easily watch the action behind.

It was actually quite a surreal scene, it was almost like watching a porn movie within a porn movie. There was my wife, having been led into a porn theater . . . half-naked and being m*****ed by two men we had just met earlier in the night, as well as a bunch of strangers watching. While Mr.JP squeezed Lin’s tits, Master P had lifted up her skirt and was playing with her pussy. Eventually Master P moved from beside Lin, to sitting in the row ahead of her . . . still being able to toy with her yet opening up the one side to her to encourage other men to join in. It was only a matter of minutes before one fellow took advantage of the opening, He came up beside her and whipped out his cock, in which Lin instinctively started stroking . . . but he wasn’t content with her just giving him a hand job ( I found out later from Master P, that he figured the guy was likely drunk ). The new male now moved directly in front of Lin and although he blocked out my view, I soon could hear what was happing with the sound of Lin sucking his cock and moans of enjoyment from the man. It wasn’t too long before you heard that familiar sound of a male letting go of an orgasm could be heard within the room and a funny twist was that the fellow quickly left never saying a word to Lin.

I decided to once again move towards the back to watch, this placement put me at the back of the room again in close proximity to the three males that had been constantly had cocks out stroking themselves . . . and each other. Over the next 20-30 minutes, I watched Master P and Mr.JP takes turns keeping Lin’s arousal level high. They would finger her or play with her tits, sometimes even just lightly touching her and I could tell that she was in a world of sexual bliss. One other male had walked up and played with her tits on one occasion, but several seemed quite content to just sit back and watch. Maybe it was best that several of them didn’t get involved because most of the men in there were not the most desirable looking . . . excerpt one.

I had noticed this black gentleman early on, he had watched from the back and then had moved up to the row just behind Lin . . . watching but never getting involved. Then finally he moved up to the chair right beside Lin, starting out slowly he played with her tits and then slowly bringing his hand down to between her legs. It appeared like everything he was doing was methodical, each move having a reason to get to the next level. I had just nicely moved up to the chair on the other side of Lin, when suddenly he stood up and left . . . I’m not sure who was more disappointed Lin, Master P or myself . . . I think we all had wanted him to continue. I was wondering why he had left and I think Lin was still in a bit of a dreamy mode perhaps not fully realizing yet that the black gentleman was no longer beside her . . . when suddenly the door opened and he re-entered the room.

As he headed back to the chair beside my wife I could see that in his one hand he carried what was definitely a condom package, it was now evident that something significant was likely going to happen. He once again started playing with Lin, while undoing his pants . . . taking his cock out which was already semi-erect, he slipped the condom on it. It was now Lin’s move and she did not disappoint the crowd, as she reached over and first began stroking his cock before leaning over and taking it into her mouth. When I look back now, it seemed like the foreplay was quick and short, as it was only a matter of minutes before between Master P and the black male they had helped Lin up out of her seat. I think everyone in the small theater knew what was expected to happen, though since it was our first visit to swing shift I wasn’t sure how far the sex would be allowed to go. As it turned out . . . it was allowed to go quite far. Master P positioned my wife so that she was bent over one of the theater chairs directly in front of her.

I doubt at this point that any of the males in the theater were still watching the movie, not with the black male positioning himself to take Lin doggie style. I watched from the adjacent seat as the black gent lowered his pants, unbuttoned his shirt and then reached down and carefully pulled my wife’s black thong off to one side . . . before sliding his cock into her. He started out slow before thrusting his cock harder into her, I was just totally amazed that this whole scene was unfolding in front of my eyes in a public place no less. I was so enthralled watching the black gent fucking Lin from behind, that it wasn’t until we got back to the hotel that Master P informed me that Lin had also been sucking his cock at the same time as she was getting screwed. I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think the whole scene lasted for more than 8-10 minutes . . . I imagine the heightened arousal of such raw sex in a public setting made everyone peak quicker than normal. There was the usual array of grunting and exclamations . . . I remember at one point during the action hearing Lin state “Oh fuck . . . oh fuck!”. I could tell by her tone it was an enjoyment “Oh fuck” not a painful one.

Once the black male finally pulled out and headed out of the room to get cleaned up, I think everyone was uncertain as to what should happen next. Under better circumstances or at least better looking male patrons, I wouldn’t of minded seeing another guy or two step up for some fun. But I think Lin, Master P and myself knew that the interaction that had just occurred was the crowning moment of our Swing Shift visit, so I leaned over to Lin and asked if she was ready to head back to the hotel. She nodded her hear and simply said “Yes”.

We headed back to the private room briefly to pick up anything we had left in there and while the others rested briefly, I waited in the hallway lobby for our black friend to exit from the washroom. Once he came out I introduced myself as being the husband of the woman he had just fucked in the theater, which I imagine caught him off guard a bit since he also thought she was with Master P. I invited him back to the hotel thinking he might want to do some extended play with Lin in a little more comfortable atmosphere, but he begged off saying he had other commitments. He did however slip into the private room to give Lin a big hug and thank her for the experience.

We finally all started to the door so that at least Master P, Mister JP and myself could have more fun with Lin back at the hotel. As we left we walked out past the three guys who had been standing at the back playing with each others cocks . . . I wonder if they had as much fun as we were about to . . . (To be continued)

Part Two – Back at the Hotel

Of course it was going to be hard to out do the scene we had just had lin involved with at Swingshift once back at the hotelroom, but Master P had some bondage and domination fun planned for sub lin. We had booked a sizable suite which allowed lots of room to play and room for me to take photos. Once back at the hotelroom Master P quickly had sub lin remove her blouse, which left her clad in her skirt, underbust corset, black panties and nylons with high heel shoes. Her tits were now exposed for the second time of the evening, only this time with her blouse completely removed her ample 38dd’s stuck out unobstructed. As lin stood in the middle of the room, Mister JP sat off to the side and watched intently as Master P pulled out his bag of goodies.
He carefully pulled out a small crop followed by a set of nipple clamps which would soon be put to use. After swatting each of sub lin’s tits a couple of times which made her nipples become erect, Master P gently attached one clamp to each nipple with a small steel chain which went from one to the other hanging between her breasts. No doubt with a moderate amount of pain to her clamped nipples lin stood with eyes closed, Mister PJ and myself watched as Master P tugged slightly on the chain … which pulled on the clamps attached to her nipples. The photo I snapped shows lin with an intent look on her face as she obviously is in a state of arousal and slight pain. Master P takes his crop and lightly slaps lin’s tits once again before giving her the next direction as he pulled off her black skirt.
With nipple clamps still on, Master P placed our cuffs on her wrists and then instructed sub lin to get down on to her knees. While lin was getting into the directed position, Master P was telling Mister PJ to get himself ready to ravish the sub. Mister PJ quickly removed all his clothing and then moved so he was standing directly in front of sub lin with his rapidly erecting cock swaying in front of her face. Master P instructs sub lin to open those pretty lips and accept Mister PJ’s cock into her mouth, of course she obediently obeyed and was soon sucking on Mister PJ’s cock.
The next photo I snapped showed my lin on her knees, with corset, pantyhose, high heel shoes, with a pretty black necklace around her neck … cuffs on her wrists and ankles, with her wrists clamped behind her back with the cuffs … nipple clamps still attached with the chain d****d between swaying in motion as Mister PJ holds her hair in his hand while guiding her head on to his cock. It was an amazing erotic sight to see my partner on her knees in such a vulnerable position, she was a lovely slut at that moment. Master P stood off to one side admiring his handy work, with a pleasing look that his sub toy for the evening was being so co-operative. This scene that my lin was in was so erotic, kinky, dirty … that I had to get photos from several different angles. With each angle was another great shot of a slut on her knees accepting another man’s cock.
After a time period of sucking cock in this position, sub lin was then instructed to get off her knees … Master P removed the nipple clamps once she had risen to her feet and after having her panties removed she plopped down onto the bed face down which placed her ass up … her pussy easily accessible. Master P now had removed his own clothing and began to finger sub lin’s pussy from behind… she laying so submissivly allowing him to toy with her. Master P then re-positioned himself on the bed above where lin laid, then instructed his slut for the evening to now start sucking his cock while Mister PJ begin to use a vibrator on lin’s exposed pussy. She moaned with a new cock in her mouth. My next photo showed her hands with red painted nails clasped around Master P’s cock as her mouth slide up and down his shaft.
Over the next ½ hour or so, both men groped lin … at one point Master P now laying beside lin on the bed leans over and while pinching her nipple embraces in a passionate kiss with her, simultaneously Mister Pj had his head buried between lin’s legs licking her pussy. Both men enjoyed slut lin for their pleasure, Mister PJ finally had to leave … but Master P had one last plan in his mind once he had lin to himself.
With sub lin on the bed, I handed Master P a spreader bar which we had brought along … Master P soon had it attached to the ankle cuffs and between the two of us we pulled her legs up and then attached her wrists to the same spreader bar. The next few photos I took show lin on her back with her legs spread wide apart pulled up high in the air and held in place by Master P’s hand. With lin’s hands also secured to the bar, she was helpless to stop Master P from doing whatever to her. Once again she found his cock into her mouth as her head hung over the edge of the bed and then he directed me to take a couple of shots from the other side of the bed. The final few photos show lin legs spread and Master P with his cock buried in her mouth holding the spreader bar and then reaching with his other hand to spread her pussy open in a degrading manner.
It was one of the more memorable evenings for sub lin and we look forward to other daring adventures that we can place her in. Any ideas??

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