Sweet Little Kelly

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Sweet Little Kelly
married Michelle when I was 21 years old she was only 20. We have bought a little three-bedroom bungalow and we both work and have decided not to start a family too soon, we have been married six years now.

Michelle and I both work locally, her at the supermarket and me at the power station. We have now been very happily married for five years.

I have fitted in well with my in-laws. Michelle’s Mother, Irene, is a jolly person, who really enjoys a good laugh and I can always induce stitches of laughter whenever we meet.

Tom, Michelle’s father, is also a good type, he loves his occasional pint of beer and his soccer on TV. I often take him for a pint at the local Boot and Shoe public house; it would be no exaggeration to say he treats me like a son.

Then there is Kelly, Michelle’s sister, she was a bridesmaid at our wedding and she was only 12 at the time.

Kelly is always a bundle of laughs, jolly, effervescent, bubbly and she has grown into a beautiful young woman. She has plenty of female friends but to the best of my knowledge no serious boyfriend. I suspect she may have had the occasional date but they couldn’t have lasted long. There is no young man that has yet been introduced to the household, put it that way.

Kelly is renowned for her practical joking and often makes me the target of her fun. She has long blonde hair and a fantastic figure, her breasts have developed well, her facial features are small and perfectly proportioned, her eyes are blue, her skin fair. She has nice long legs and her thighs are definitely a major asset to her when she wares anything above the knee.

It may seem strange, after such a description, but I have never looked upon Kelly, now 18, with sexual interest before, but I have known her since she was 9 years old and always seen her more as a younger sister, all that has just changed.

Three days ago, I had come home from a nightshift and gone straight to bed. I awoke to the sound of knocking at the front door. I got out of bed; Michelle was at work, I made my way to door still in my pyjamas, it was Kelly.

“Still in bed, lazybones?” she joked.

“Oh, come in Kelly,” I said still wiping sleep from my eyes. “What do you want now?”

Kelly said “I’ve come for some cream for my strawberries, Alan.” then brushing past me “Our Shelly says there’s some in your fridge I can have,” she always refers to her sister as Shelly.

She went straight into the kitchen. “Come on; put the kettle on, sleepy.” She ordered. I went to put the kettle on and Kelly started to wash some pots that had been left in the sink.

It wasn’t long before she was acting about, flicking a bit of water at me laughing and giggling as she did so. Then she threw a wet flannel at me that landed on the back of my neck.

I said, “Right lady.” picking up the flannel to throw it back as she ran out of the kitchen and into the living room.

I chased her with the flannel in my hand. She got into the living room, had nowhere to go, and flopped on the couch.

I dragged her to the floor and sat on her with my legs either side of her waist, her knees were bent and as I sat on her I felt my backside slip her skirt down her thighs. I knew Kelly’s legs were exposed, but could not see them behind me so I was not concerned at this.

I took her hands and pinned them down over her head and said, “Now little Kelly, what are you going to do now?”

She only pretended to resist and suddenly I was worried. For the first time I realised she was intending much more than just playful fun. I experienced a feeling of panic and immediately withdrew and returned to the kitchen.

Kelly was not about to give up. She knew I had become aware of her, not as a young girl but as a young woman.

She came up behind me and nipped the left cheek of my arse saying “What’s up then Alan lost your bottle?”

She turned to run again and I followed saying “I’ll show you what bottle is madam.” I was still only being playful.

This time she ran into our bedroom. I caught her and threw her onto the bed face down. Striping the pillowcases from the pillows I tied her hands to the bed head.

I said “You can stay there now until I decide to untie you.”

“Let me go.” she was shouting “Untie me you bastard.” I was now at the door and at this last remark, I turned around. She had now drawn her legs up and was in the kneeling position. Her skirt was short and I could see the backs of her thighs, her skirt just about hiding her knickers.

“Right” I said “I’ll give you bastard.”

I threw care to the wind; the time had come to show the young madam what life was all about.

I made my way back over towards her, knelt down behind her and taking up the mounted position, laying across her back, I kissed the back of her neck, which I could reach easily.

She pretended to struggle for the second time during our afternoon encounter but this time I was not panicking. I was in control, or was I out of control, I didn’t know which but I was about to fuck her and fuck her good.

I felt my prick swell to its full length. It was a good eight and half inches at its best but its girth was its best quality – thick and handsome.

“Kelly sweet Kelly,” I thought, “you are going to get it now and to hell with the consequences.”

She could feel my penis pressing against her buttocks. I heard her gasp.

Lifting her skirt over her hips I could see the only thing standing in my way was a pair of white knickers with little pink flowers.

Her c***dbearing pelvis was exquisitely shaped; her thighs were soft but fulsome and extremely sexy.

I began slowly removing her knickers. “For god’s sake” she said, “What do you think you are doing?”

Her knickers came off effortlessly and I tossed them on the floor.

“My knickers, god you’ve taken my knickers off, what are you doing Alan?” She pleaded.

“I am going to fuck the hell out of you Kelly, that’s what I’m doing baby.” I responded.

Pushing her knees upwards and open I made way for my cock. She didn’t resist. I knew now that I could have her easily.

“Lovely little Kelly.” I said taking my length in my hand. “Keep still my little sweetheart, just keep still.”

I found her vagina with little difficulty, but as I rammed home I was surprised at her sudden yelp of pain, to my shock I had just ripped through her hymen and taken her cherry.

“Wow, it’s your first time, little Kelly” I gasped with delight, “Lovely, lovely , lovely, a sweet little virgin.”

I started thrusting slowly, allowing her to feel the full length of a penis inside her for the first time. At first, she was stiff and tense and her vagina was tight and unyielding.

I was talking to her all the time.

“Come on Kelly, loosen up for me, that’s a good lass.” I coaxed.

As the entrance to Kelly’s cunt became more subtle and soft I increased my thrusts and the length of my stroke, looking down I could see the gorgeous little slit being penetrated by my thick cock.

I set to work on her clitoris. Taking my penis in my right hand, I began to search around the entrance to her cunt until by knob end found it. Massaging it with my prick until it became erect and its owner was breathing and groaning heavily.

Encouraged I massaged it harder and faster and rhythmically. Her breathing was becoming heavier and heavier. She was making it easier for me to access her vagina and get at her clitoris.

“Put it back in again, please, put it back.” she said with an urgent voice.

I obliged and gave her the full fuck, pushing the lips of her crack apart with the full girth of my prick I started to thrust deep into this little eighteen-year-old vagina.

I took my time varying every cocking stroke, speeding up then slowing down finding out what pleasured her most.

I reared up so I could watch my thick uncompromising penis entering her vagina. I watched as her labia were pushed out of the way and I could see her buttocks straining for more of me and I was obliging in full.

Soon I heard those gasps, moans and grunts that told me she was reaching orgasm, increasing the pace of my ramming stroke, pushing it fully and deeply into her to maintain her pre-orgasmic trance.

Now with my hands on her tits and fully stretched forward across her back, I was tall enough and she was small enough for me to fuck with comfort sinking into her my entire male extension with by balls hitting against her pubic bone.

Her orgasm was mind blowing, I heard the deep guttural groan followed by the quick panting “Oh Alan, Alan, Alan.”

I felt the hotness of her cunt fluids drench my cock.

My height meant that I could easily fuck her with her head just under my chin. “You know what cum is, don’t you little Kelly?” I whispered in her ear.

“Cum? ….Oh, God no,…… sweet Jesus.” She cried, partly with intrepidation and partly in ecstasy.

She naturally didn’t know what to expect but was going for it in a big way, pushing her cpussy back against the thrusts of my cock.

“My Spunk, Kelly, it’s coming.” I panted, and I could feel it rising and then busting into her soft vaginal passage, my sperm heading into every part of her body. The sudden heat of my sperm caused her to stiffen but my frantic cocking continued regardless until the last of my cream was inside her.

The spunk, normally reserved for her sister had been cocked into Kelly

We laid there in each other’s arms for an hour, before she left with a double helping of cream for her strawberries.

Michelle has not yet found out, and I can only hope she doesn’t but part of me hopes to see Kelly again standing at the door wanting some more cream once I have fully stocked up again.

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