Swingin’ with Mike & Julie part 1

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Swingin’ with Mike & Julie part 1
When my partner and I started going to clubs, we tried a couple near to us and nearly gave up the idea as both were a bit ‘seedy’, and we didn’t like the mix of people who went to them. Then I remembered a club a lady I had met through a contact site had mentioned briefly, I decided to find it so we could give the whole idea one last go.

Luckily it came up on Google. I showed their website to “Mrs Pornman” and she thought it looked a lot better than the others. I gave them a call and spoke to the lady of the couple who own and run it. She was sooo different to the people who ran the other two clubs, and when Mrs Pornman spoke to her, she was really keen to go. So, two weeks later, we went along.

It was only about a half-hour drive from my place, and we found it quite easily even though it is nicely hidden in the countryside. We parked up and knocked on the door. The lady we had spoken to opened the door, greeted us in a really friendly way and straight away, we felt like we were on the ‘same level’. Very reassuring. Now both me and Mrs Pornman have both enjoyed very varied and full sex lives before we met, but going to a club like this was something new to both of us and we really didn’t know what to expect. She showed us all around the huge house where the club was housed, making sure that she explained the ettiquette of each room and the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of enjoying the club experience (which never happened at the other two we had tried). Then she asked us to be ABSOLUTELY honest about our sexual backgrounds with her. I went first, then Mrs Pornman filled her in about hers (which brought up a couple of things she hadn’t told me before – Ho ho!!! ;-). Cathy (the owner – and not her real name) said that there was a couple already there who she thought it would be a good idea to introduce us to, to help break the ice.

She took us into the lounge area and, sitting at a table on their own, were a couple who looked around our age (49/50). “let me introduce you to Mike & Julie (again – not their real names) – they were in your position about 2 yrs ago, so they will be able to tell you all about what goes on here, won’t you JULIE!!” she grinned at the woman sitting, who grinned widely back.

We sat down and opened the bottle of wine we had brought with us. “Hello” said Mike and shook my hand. “So you’re both here to let yourselves go a bit are you?”
We looked at each other and muttered something like “Suppose so….” We got into conversation about boring, mundane matters and after about five minutes, Julie turned to me and said “Well then, how big’s your cock?”. Mrs Pornman nearly spat her wine back into her glass!
“Well, er, ……..” I didn’t get the chance to go further. Julie had been eyeing the bulge in my trousers since we sat down, and now she reached over with both hands, pulled my zip down and stuck her hand in my pants. Her hand clenched around my now quite hard cock and she turned to my partner and said “Ooooooh! Who’s a lucky girl then!!” my partner smiled, smugly. “That’s one of the thickest I’ve ever had in my hands…” She pulled my cock out of my trousers and started to wank it gently, but firmly enough for me to know I was not going to be getting out of it any time soon.
Mike turned to my partner and said “Would you like to check mine out then?”. Mrs Pornman looked at me for approval and I just nodded as if to say “well, go on then!” She took hold of Mikes belt with one hand and his zip with the other and started to pull it down gingerly. “Here, let me help you…” said Mike, and stood up, dropped his trousers and pants and guided her hand to his long, but somewhat thin cock. My partners hand just gripped it, but she didn’t start to wank him off. She looked at me. “Hang on a second please Julie” I said. “Babes, we’re here to do whatever we want. I know what you want to do with that so, just do it – go on!”
A wide grin spread across my partners face and she turned, knelt, open her nouth and put as much of Mikes long cock in her mouth as she could. Julie kept wanking me.
“She likes that then?” Julie asked.
“Oh yes – I know EXACTLY what she likes – straight to the blow-job, that’s her” I winked. Julie obviously felt a little obliged, and knelt in front of me, put my cock in her mouth and started to do the same. The girls carried on like this for a few minutes and I was thoroughly enjoying the BJ I was getting from Julie – she was quite skilled at it.

A bit more action was going in across the other side of the room so after a few minutes, both girls broke off and Julie suggested we wander over to watch and see if we wanted to join in. By now, both me and Mike had ‘lost’ our clothes from the waist down (as had almost every other guy in the room) and the girls had stripped down to their bras and knickers. “Me and Mike know what we like to join in with, but you two just watch what goes on first before you jump in, eh?” said Julie, who had a very caring manner to her which put you totally at your ease.
“What’s your favourite thing to do here then?” I asked, rather naively.
“Oh Mike usually talks three or four of the younger guys into gangbanging me later on – absolutely love it! How about you?” she asked my partner. My partner had never taken part in a gangbang before, but I KNEW it was one of her unfulfilled desires….
“Oh, I don’t know….. just see what happens..” she replied.
“Look – if you want something to happen – this is the place to MAKE it happen, yeah?” Julie told my partner. I looked at my partner and reminded her what we were here for and that ‘what happens here, stays here’. I could see my partner had her eye on ‘something’ going on in an ante-room thru an archway where two skinheaded guys were giving a black woman a thoroughly good fucking on a huge red bed.”Did you want to go and join in, in there?” Julie asked her.
“Hmmmmmmm, wouldn’t mind…” said my partner. Julie grabbed her hand and led her thru the arch. The last thing I heard was Julie saying “Hi guys, wanna fuck us too??” as she pulled my partner onto the bed.

Mike looked at me and said “Well, seen anything YOU like the look of or would you like me to find you something?????”. I must have looked like a little boy lost as Mike grinned and said “Stay there – I’ll be back” He disappeared for a minute or so and reappeared with a blonde woman who looked about 35yrs old. “say hello to Sally, mate” he smiled.
“Hello…” I said nervously.
“Mike says you have a REALLY thick cock and Julie couldn’t get her mouth round it quick enough. Mind if I have a go…?” I didn’t get the chance to answer as she knelt down, took my cock in her hand, her lips over the end and started sucking for all she was worth! My cock got erect in record time! I put my hands on the back of her head to encourage her to get it as deep as possible, but she shook them off instantly. “Calm down baby! I’ll do all the work!” she said laughing. She carried on blowing me for a minute or so, then stood up and said “come with me and keep that hard-on baby”

I followed her, thru the arch where I could see Mrs Pornman being fucked missionary by one of the bald-headed guys and Julie being fucked up the arse (apparently) by the other while the black woman laid back to let Julie lick her pussy. Interesting…., I thought!

Sally led me thru that room to another one which was all done out in pink. “This is the girle room” She said.
“I’d never have guessed!” I answered, ironically. Sally gestured to me to lay down on the bed, which I did and she went straight down on my cock again, restoring my erection fairly quickly. As soon as she had done so, she stood in front of me. “Take these off for me baby” she tugged at her panties. I obliged and looked up to be faced with a very nicely shaped pubic area and a very wide ‘crutch-gap’ between her legs. She stood there for a second and I raised my hand between her legs and started to rub her clit.
“Oooooooh that’s nice baby. Keep that up…” she said coyly. I continued as her pussy got wetter and wetter. She reached behind her and undid her corselette. Her boobs rippled free as she let it drop onto the bed, and I stared at her perfectly formed breasts. She pulled my head forward and I touched her nipple with my tongue. She let out a little squeal. “My boobs are VERY sensitive baby – I’ll be cumming in a moment if you keep doing that.”

I kept doing that and, sure enough, within a couple of moments I felt a lovely warm wetness rolling over my fingers which were working her pussy to perfection. “Ooooooh baby, you have got me going…” she grinned. “I want that cock of yours up my cunt now – lay back…” I laid back like I was was told. She climbed along my legs and got into position. She took hold of my cock under her, put it in position and slowly sat down on it. The feeling inside her was fantastic! Soooo tight. “Hmmmm bet you haven’t had any k**s!” I said.
“Got four actually..” she said. I was AMAZED!!!!
“How have you got such a tight pussy then?” I enquired as she bounced up and down on top of me.
“Good midwife! Ha ha!” she laughed. “DO you like it?”
“I love it!” I groaned. I could feel myself getting dangerously close to cumming with all the excitement of fucking a woman I had only met 10-15 minutes earlier, so I had to do my best to control myself. Then, Sally got off and rolled onto her back.
“Fuck me straight baby” She said. I got into position, put my cock in place and thrust into her. I heard her groan as it slid in deep, and she took hold of my head, pulled it down to her face and planted a big kiss on my lips. “Fuck me HARD baby – as HARD as you can….”
I got well and truly into my stride and after about five minutes, Sally came again all over my cock and I felt her juices running all over my balls. “You’re great” she said. “Are you two going to come here again?” she asked.
“I would think so” I answered, a bit puzzled as I got the impression our session was over. “Don’t you want to carry on?”
“If I carry on with you baby, I’ll be leaving early! You have got a really thick cock and it makes me cum so much I won’t have anything left for later!!! Take that as a compliment baby” she smiled broadly and bent down a kissed my cock again before disappearing back thru the other room.

I felt a bit lost now. So I got myself a drink and thought I’d have a wander round the other rooms to see what was happening. I stopped in the orgy room for a while where a surprisingly young girl (18-21 ish?) wanted an extra cock for a foursome – her and three guys. So I fucked her too, then moved on. All the while, I hadn’t seen Mike, Julie or my partner anywhere and thought it a bit odd. Cathy the owner, who had by now got stripped down to her thong (and why I almost didn’t realise who she was!! Lol!) came over to me “LOoking for someone?” she smiled. I told her I couldn’t find the others, and she said I should look out in the gardens as people often went out there for privacy in the summer.

So off I wandered. I went round a large tree to find a spa bath there and in it were Mike, Julie and my partner. Mike was fucking Julie doggie style, and my partners hand was underwater and obviously wanking at the same time.

“Mind if I join you?” I said.
“We thought Sally had eaten you!” joked Mike. I laughed and told them I had got ‘way-layed’ in the orgy room.
“Oh I gave that a go too” said my partner excitedly. “Got a bit of a sore arse though!” so she had clearly had a good fucking up her bum.
“yeah” said Mike “I didn’t get a look in there!” as he continued doggie-fucking Julie as she groaned with pleasure hanging on to the rim of the spa bath.
“Climb in” said Mike. “You can take over from me with Julie”.
I climbed in. Mike took his cock out of Julie and I got into replace him.Just before I was about to stick my cock into her, Julie put her hand round the back and pushed it upwards towards her arsehole.
“I want to get that up my bum” she said, manouvering it into position. “That’s better – now push luvvie”
I dutifully pushed steadily – because I have a quite thick cock a lot of women find it difficult to take it up their arse, but very few find they can’t – it just takes a bit of patience.
Julie moaned with pleasure as my cock slid slowly, but surely up her arse, and as I got right up to the hilt I felt her shudder and she gripped the rim of the spa even tighter. “You okay Julie?” I asked.
“Oh yes. Oh God yes!” she panted. “Just keep going and don’t stop until I have cum luvvie”.
I started thrusting away and, once I had got into my stride, I turned to see what Mike and my partner were up to. My partner was sitting with her back to Mike, clearly bouncing up and down on his cock under the bubbling water. She had a contented, satisfied look on her face which was SUCH a turn on!!!
I carried on thrusting into Julie while she writhed and bucked on my cock. She had a great figure for a woman in her late 40’s and her bum was making my cock so hard I could feel every ‘detail’ inside her arse as I pumped away.

A few moments later I watched as my partner jumped off Mikes cock, turned in the water and knelt in front of him as he wanked his cum all over her face and into her mouth. I could see she really loved this and it spurred me on even more with Julie. “Do you want me to cum up your arse?” I managed to pant.
“NO! I want your cum juice in my gob!” she screamed as she came again. Soon as she calmed down, she pulled herself off my throbbing cock, and she too turned and knelt in the water. Instead of just opening her mouth and inviting me to cum into it, she stuck out her tongue and proceeded to lick her arse juice from my cock while Mike and my partner looked on, hugging in the water.
“She loves doing that” Mike said approvingly, as Julie made sure my cock was absolutely clean! I was rather stunned by that, and felt the pressure in my bollocks rapidly growing. I started to wank, and Julie knew it wasn’t going to be long before she had a mouthful of my hot sticky cum. She placed her hands on eash side of my thighs and knelt there with her mouth wide open, ready to receive.

After a few more moments, I groaned and a huge jet of cum (even for me!) splattered all over her face – very little went into her mouth. I made sure she had got every drop, and she sat back on her heels, put a finger to her face and begin to lap up all the drippy cum that was everywhere but her mouth. She licked it all up, sucked it into her pursed lips, tilted her head back and SWALLOWED!!! I damn near came again – it was sooooo sexy to watch!

The four of us sat there in the bath talking about what we had done that night. We all agreed that we had worn ourselves out a bit too much, so decided to call it a night after another couple of drinks and go our separate ways – but not until we had swapped phone numbers and email addresses.

And what we did with those phone numbers and email addys’ . . . well I’ll go into that in the next part of ‘Swinging with Mike and Julie’… 🙂

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