Sylvia meets Janet and Amy

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Sylvia meets Janet and Amy
I wasn’t at all sure I was going to let myself get DP’d again, but when I finally did, Janet was on her hands and knees beside me, kissing me, getting DP’d herself.
There was a lot of coke at this party. I don’t think I ever saw people using it like they were here. I don’t know who paid for it, but there was a lot, and everybody could share. People got so high, and in this place, with all this sex everywhere, people wanted to fuck, and fuck and fuck. I was wondering if the parties I was going to do would be like this? If everyone wanted to fuck so much, right in front of everyone else, what was I going to do as “Little Brenda” that would be so cool and beyond what other women were doing so that people would want to pay me a bunch to be there, and shower me with tips when I fucked them or blew them or whatever I did? I knew I had strengths as a performer that most women did not, I just wasn’t sure how I was going to use them.
When word got around that that little girl blowing all these guys was just f******n, I began to attract the pervy guys like I was flypaper.
Those same flypaper guys wanted my pussy and ass, too, of course. I held out for a while, trying to do more elaborate blow jobs, but I was high on coke and weed ,and that always, almost always, gets me up and running. I went around and fucked a lot of different men, and a lot of them fucked me and got me high, too. I thought:
“I shouldn’t be this fucked up if I’m trying to run a business!” but, by the time I had THAT thought, I had blown a lot of guys, fucked them and now I was starting to give up my ass, too. There were six or seven women right near me doing the same thing. We began to play with each other. Usually, I’m not so good at doing several different sex things at the same time, but coke and weed and wine together made me feel pretty damn invincible. I was eating pussy now, riding some guy’s dick, and the next thing I knew, I had my puss in the face of some lady who was getting herself pounded from behind. Those guys who thought they were burying their dick in some f******n year old girl’s pussy were getting real excited, and, to be honest, I was too. Maybe they never got any in middle school and had been dreaming about that girl in Spanish class ever since…
“C’mon daddy, let Brenda be that girl, that Spanish class girl .I’ll blow you and fuck you just like you were dreaming about, sitting there in eighth grade, watching her, with that big boner.”
They were high, slamming it into me, and I was high, too, and that was just the kind of fucking I was craving. I was so wet now, it was no problem for me to get off one dick and climb on another.
Ida had talked to me quite a bit about the technique of double fucking, double penetration, or whatever you want to call fucking with one man in your pussy, and another guy in your ass.
“It’s not simple or easy, and lots of women, even sex performers, won’t do it.
“But I did..”
“I know, I know, but Dulce and I were here watching and you could have not found two more gentle and sensitive men.”
“So?..” ( I was such a little snot)
“So listen to me. Only do it with guys you’ve had a lot of sex with and really like and trust, I would suggest you never put that stunt into your little whore routine, It’s too dangerous. One of those guys could injure your back or your ass or pussy by being too rough. Always make sure they use rubbers, too.”
“Roger and Woody didn’t…”
“Well that was my fault I should have made them. I hope that diaphragm you like to use works…”
“Well, so far, it’s 100 per cent…’
“Sweetie, you get laid so damn much. Jesus, I wish I got as much as you…”
Ida rolled her eyes up.
“Of course , when I was s*******n…”
“Ida, I’ll bet you fucked a lot…”
“You would too if you had a mom like Ruth and she wanted you to be one of the dancers at the temple of Aphrodite’. But if you find that you’re knocked up, and you don’t want to be, talk to my sis. Your mom knows everything you need to know about getting the pregnancy out of you, without being permanently sterilized, in a mental hospital because of the pain, or dead. Sylvia, your mom, Deborah Howard Greenberg, is the woman a lot of women in southern California contact when they need an abortion, You didn’t know that, did you?”
“No,, I guess…”
“Well, you won the fucking lottery when it comes to cool parents, hon, you really did. But pay attention to this advice about DP fucking. If you are going to whore, and it sounds like you are determined, you’ve got to be focused. Let your customer go to magic land. You are working, creating that illusion for him…”
At Margo’s party, I ignored every piece of advice Ida gave me.
I got so high at Margo’s, I forgot what I was there for. This was supposed to a “professional” visit to the kind of a scene I might be doing, and later, arranging, in Los Angeles. I was very confident, in my life, I hadn’t had to deal with much adversity, so I often went into new situations with, what seems to me now, an absurd sense of confidence. What could go wrong? or more like that Alfred E. Nueman character we all grew up with: “What, me worry?”
I got DP fucked at the party three times. I’m not sure it was six different men, one of them might have doubled back to do me again; all I know is that it was a lot. Nobody made me do anything, I just started fucking everything in sight, particularly when I kept getting those buzzes from the coke that was all over the place. I learned one thing at Margo’s; I like coke, and I like the sex and the sex feelings I get when I’m high. I didn’t think I could do a three ring circus, you know, blow somebody or eat ass or pussy while getting DP’d. When I was high like I was at Margo’s, it was easy, I was jacking guys off while I was doing all the rest of that crazy, crazy stuff. I didn’t know if anything I was doing felt good to anyone else, people said it did, and so I kept going and left it at that.
Those guys that DP’d me didn’t pull out like Roger and Woody, both of them, no, all of them all six? pounded my ass and my pussy so hard, building up to come. They knocked the wind out of me, and filled up my holes till I overflowed
I wasn’t acting the role of a whore that night, I was being one, but giving it away for nothing.
I was naked, on my stomach, prone, on the Persian carpet. I had been DP’d once, and fucked ad jizzed on and all that stuff , and I was catching my breath. My heart was pounding.
Usually , if I have a lot of sex, and by this time, about an hour into the party, I had already had more than I usually did for a whole weekend. I presented myself as a f******n year old girl, but I felt more like a f******n year old boy, with his stiffie that won’t go down, and needing a place to jack it off, really fast. The sensation in my ass and my pussy usually got diffused after I fucked for a while; not a bad thing at all, just a different kind of feeling there. But with the coke and whatever else I was on, the diffuse feeling didn’t happen. The sensation in my pussy was just like it was when the first man’s big dick went up me that night.
It didn’t hurt to keep on fucking, it really felt great, When I talk to other women about fucking, most women will talk about anything but the feeling of that cock in there, but it’s a great feeling to me, and now I found I could get that sensation over and over.
Janet, my new friend, had her legs being held up in the air, as she was getting fucked. Her head was on the carpet. She had some jizz on her face, and I did too, and, while she was fucking, and puffing, we were kissing, making out like it was prom night, except on prom night, she would not have been kissing the spunk off my face. (I don’t think!) The effect that this had on me was to make me want to do every man in the room, hard or soft, and most of the women, too.
The guy who was standing next to the guy who was doing Janet, decided that doing little Brenda was a good idea.
I don’t usually get all antsy about getting a dick in my mouth, but this night was different from all the other nights, That’s what they said at the only Jewish thing I ever did, Passover at my friend Linda’s house, when I was eight or nine. ‘Why is this night different from all other nights?” and hiding the matzoh, was all I knew about being Jewish. And millions of girls like me getting murdered by the Nazis, no matter what kind of Jew you were. That always scared the shit out of me, because it actually happened, not like Catholic hell. That was the other Jewish thing I got. Oh yeah, people wanted to kill us because we didn’t worship Jesus. From talking to my Catholic friends growing up, I liked no hell if you happened to be Jewish, and sex was more fun, too, if you weren’t going to the eternal fire for letting your boyfriend touch your boobs. All this was going through my head as I was doing the circles around his dick head with my tongue thing for this guy, who said his name was “Barry”.
“Barry?” I thought that “Barry” was a nice Jewish name. I licked his fuzzy balls and moved my mouth along that line behind that went straight back to his ass.
I wanted “Barry” to give me a nice fuck, but, I think I was enjoying the sensations of giving “Barry” a blow job and a rim job just as much as he liked getting it, that was one of the reasons this night was different from all other nights!
Janet was Black, her skin the color of French roast coffee beans. She was at least a foot taller than me,thin and muscular, with tiny boobs and almost no hair on her pussy. She was a chatty lover, with a voice modulated and inflected that let me know she must have gone to some expensive schools or lived with really well-off parents.
She kissed me again and whispered to me, but loud enough so the man could hear:
“Oooooh God, Brenda, that man is fucking me so good. Oooooh that is good….” Louder:’ ” Fuck me , daddy, Oh god, I’m tellin’ the world about you. Harder! C’mon, pop, put it in there. Oh Brenda, this guy is a fuck wizard….OH SHIT! I’m gonna pop pretty soon, baby, you keep that shit up….” Listening to Janet was making me ready for more sex.
I got more intent about my BJ with Barry. I was loving the feel of his cock in my mouth. I took his dick out, put my tongue as far into his pee slit as it would go, and rubbed it all around my face. “You’ve got a sweet one, mister, you can pop any time you like.”
Barry picked up on my need, and teased me, pleased me, rubbed his dick on my nipples, teasing me some more.
I remembered that I had brought Ida’s dildo along with me in my backpack. I wondered how kinky Janet would get with another girl..I could see she had no hesitation getting into sex with men, gay and straight.
“Janet, do you eat pussy? Do like your pussy done that way?”
“Oh Sylvia, is that what is on your mind? Cool! I like men and women the same, but women eat pussy better, that’s what I think… “Let’s go in another room for a while. I know we should be out here at the party, but I really want to be with you”
..” I don’t want to go in another room. I want to spread your legs open so everyone can see. Maybe something will come from that. I want to make it hotter for everybody.”
The men that she had been playing with were now using up all the space on the love seat to “69”” with each other. I’m pretty susceptible to seeing that and to wanting to put my face in the middle of it, but Janet pulled me in easily. When she lay naked on the carpet in front of me, I could not help but notice that Janet had the most prominent clitoris I had ever seen. Janet noticed, and said: “Yes I’m large there. I don’t like to mouth kiss so much, but you can kiss me there whenever you like…have you been with girls before?”
I thought about Rachel.
“I’ve been eating pussies since I was five, Janet. Please let me love you…”
I played with my own clit as I looked at hers. I put my face against her thighs just above her knees and started licking and kissing my way up her legs. Janet put her hands on the back of my head and gently pulled my face right into her pussy, that huge clitoris, and her vagina itself, so pink against everything else that was so dark. I am truly bi-sexual, I learned before this, and I can glide from being aroused by men to being in the same place with women very smoothly. What I’m saying is that I wanted to bury my face there with no more conversation

“Do you think I’m too big?”Janet rubbed her clit a few inches from my face. She had the largest sticky-out clitttie I had ever seen, but I wasn’t about to say anything about her body was made, since I thought I looked pretty strange, with my small body and big boobs.
“All the women in my family in Somalia have had their clitorises destroyed, Sylvia.”
I was in shock. In my sheltered life, which I had thought was so libertine and wild, I had never hear of anything like this.
“Yes, if you are a girl in the culture I might have grown up in I would be mutilated there..Every woman and girl where I was born had to go through a ceremony after their first period where their ability to have sexual pleasure was destroyed. The religious people ran everything, and they hated the idea that a woman might enjoy sex. This is real, Sylvia, I’m not making it up. I don’t know quite what to do with this white family that raised me, gave me a home, an education and so many things I would have never dreamed of in Somalia. The reason my body is not mutilated is because of them. I want to use my fat clittie, my breasts, my ass and my pussy for all the pleasure I can get, because so many of my family members and relatives were denied the chance. Sylvia, when I get turned on, my clitoris sticks up…up and out, I guess. I’m very sensitive there, too. Please, Sylvia, love me there and eat my pussy out,,,please… I will do you , too, but I want your mouth on me now…” I was soaked and my face was still wet from being with Margo. With some women and girls, I had to move my tongue around to get to the “sweet spot”” down there, but not with Janet. She had a sweet spot all over. She raised her hips from the carpet and pushed into my face. Woops! Now I was so wet, I felt like I might just float away. I was upset by what Janet had just told me, but I put that aside for a moment for the sake of the sex feelings that were flooding me. I had never tasted and inhaled the fragrance of a pussy like hers in my short life.
I had had sex with women from twelve to sixty in my s*******n years. I noticed that pussy has a taste a flavor that is different for every woman. Women are more different in that way then men are. When some women get close to coming, they have a different, sweeter taste. I have no idea where that comes from, but Judy told me when we were lovers at fifteen that I’m that way, too. But JANET! oh my sweet goddess! She had the sweetest pussy in the world when she got was nectar. I never tasted anything like it. Too bad for the men and women who missed out on her, is all I can say. I was pretty turned on before we began to make out, and I still had not come yet today, not even a little one. I was really ready for something to happen in my brain and the space between my legs, I didn’t know how much longer I could wait. Janet was sliding her two fingers in and out of me, but that wasn’t enough. I lifted my face away from Janet for a second. A woman gave a little bit of white powder to put up my nose. I had done coke a few times, but never in a roomful of people, strangers, who had been having sex with each other for a few hours. I would have thought that the energy in the room would be starting to decline, but it wasn’t. I looked around. I saw men and women and some girls that didn’t look any older than me or Janet,fucking or blowing or doing SOMETHING. My bare ass was up in the air as I was making love to Janet. I felt something push against my ass. I was pretty sure I knew what it was, but as horny as I was, I don’t like to fuck people whose faces I’ve never even seen. I reached back to push his cock away from me. This was unusual behavior for slutty, super horny little me, but I was caught up with Janet now. I wanted to feel her come while I was eating her. Just like my music, when I’m consumed with doing something, I don’t want to be interrupted. I thought later that getting myself fucked at that moment would have been really hot, but , in the moment, that guy would have to stick it up somebody else..Janet came, finally, powerful as Somali dust storm. Her thighs were bouncing off my ears, her belly was moving up and down, her ass was clenching, and I was getting soaked. I had never been with a woman who got so fucking wet , she squirted, but there is a first time for everything. In a few seconds, Janet had me flipped over onto my back, and I was the lucky girl getting eaten on the Persian rug in front of everyone. I was lightheaded from the intensity of the sex I had just been through, and the coke. I could see what was going on around me. Some guy came over and began to beat off two inches from my face. I knew what he wanted, guys are never subtle that way. I had been trying to come myself before I did anything else, and sweet Janet was getting me close. I let the guy pop all over my face. I wasn’t sure I should have let him, but this party was taking off. I had a little come from Janet. She turned her body and mouth a different way. I had a bigger one, but I knew I had three or four bigger ones in there..
Another guy came by. us. He saw the semen on my face and I guess he thought that was hot, and that he had better put some there , too. I squinched my eyes and closed my mouth tight. Unless I’m in the right mood, getting it in the face isn’t too hot for me. The best thing about it is that I can just wipe it off. I really like a man or a woman who take their time kissing. I can get super hot from lots of kissing. When It’s time, I like my lovers to spend lots of time with my breasts, all over, lots of time going down on me, and I like to be fucked, pussy and ass, by somebody who is not in a big pressured hurry to come themselves. This should be simple, but it’s hard to find. Woody was a lover like that, but so far, at this party, the only lovers I had found who did me the way I REALLY like were Margo and Janet. I was hoping I would find a guy there who would do me the way I like, but I began thinking, after a while, that maybe my dream boy lover wasn’t at the party. I was high, but I wanted more than to just get splooged in my face. I watched Janet do THREE guys at the same time, but I didn’t want to do that. It just looked too crazy. She was a girl who didn’t run out of ideas. I wanted to stay with her, but Janet wanted to do everybody in the whole fucking room. She sat on one guy’s dick while he got his ass fucked by another guy. I tried that one , too. I thought that it wouldn’t be as hard on my body as having big dicks in my ass and in my puss at the same time. I didn’t care about any of these people except for Margo and Janet, so when I got a chance to do what Janet had been doing, fuck a guy who was getting fucked himself, I took it. It felt weird to have all that pumping and humping going on underneath me. Margo came over, got her face down there, gave my clittie some love. I had the guy put it in my ass so she could really get to me. Remember how I said I had three or four big comes left in me? I used all four when she was doing that. I don’t know how other women do it, but after that, I just lay in a corner of the room for about twenty minutes until I re-connected to time and space. In most situations in my sex life, I would be done for the night or the fucking afternoon, but coke up my nose just makes me want to keep on going. Another guy came over to me while I was in the corner, flogging his boner at me. This time I opened my mouth . He put his dick in my mouth and popped down my fucking throat. I knew I was stoned out of my head because I gagged a little, made a show of cleaning his cock off, and just kept going. This was fun, but, in reality, I was so taken with Janet that there was nobody else there for me, it didn’t matter how debauched it may have looked to a fly on the wall. Janet and I became friends, and she went back to Los Angeles with me so we could try out my idea of being “party girls”(whores) for big Al. She loved the idea. I went back to Ida’s and soaked in her tub. My ass and puss were sore for two days, and it really hurt to pee. I made up my mind that I needed to be more careful with sex and cocaine.
On the second afternoon I was soaking my lady parts in a nice tub, Ida came in to talk to me. Like everyone else in my family, Ida thought anyplace was a good place to have a serious conversation. She gave me a little puff of the hash she had been smoking. “Sylvia, there are a few things I want to talk to you about before you get on the train and go back to Los Angeles, Big Al and whatever it is that you think you are going to do. I understand that you are going to go with Janet, and I think that’s great. You should really have a trusted woman partner for this party gang-bang stuff. I want you to wait a week before you go. Here is why. Do you remember when you were little, and my mom took you to this religious icons store in Mexican LA? ”
“Yeah. a little.”
” She showed you a votive candle with the Virgin of Guadeloupe on it, the most common image in Mexico, and you looked at it for about two minutes and then, little fucking you, you saw it for what it is-a representation of our sacred womanly parts…everything that makes us women, in the most beautiful and subtle way. Women are treated like shit in Mexico, just like almost everywhere else on this fucking planet, but nobody can deny the power of this image, displayed everywhere in that country. In this country, we aren’t so subtle, and the situation of women is a little better, emphasis on the word little. If your friend Janet would have stayed in Somalia with her Neolithic people, she would have had her sacred organs of pleasure destroyed before she could ever enjoy sex. I know that sounds totally crazy but it’s true in lots of places. If you were living in the time of my great grandmother, not so long ago, and you were married, you would be a slave to your husband. That was the law. You wouldn’t be able to vote, sign contracts, or do anything in your own name. This is what they don’t fucking teach girls in high school! I love that you are able to go out there and make your own choices about who you fuck, how often, how much, and when you are done with one man or woman, however painful that might be, you feel as if you have the freedom to move on. If you did choose to marry, nobody is going to check to see if your hymen is still intact. What I’m saying, and I know I’m going on and on, is that the freedom that you enjoy now came from the blood and sacrifice and determination of thousands of women pushing against the gates of this system designed and run by men. I want you to stay for another week with me. I’m going to drive you up to the library at UC Berkeley tomorrow. You are going to be a week late getting back to school, but you are going to show up with the coolest term paper ever, all about Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Victoria Woodhull, Susan Anthony, Sojurner Truth and your own grandmother. Did you ever, even once, in any class in school, hear the names of these heroes? Margaret Sanger, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn? ”
“”No I never…”
” It’s time you did, sweetie. That thing you went to the other day with Margo? Where you fucked so much you had to soak in my tub for two fucking days? Where you had a full-on screaming orgasm. or several, in front of men and women you never met before? Keep in mind, that not too long ago, women like you and I, who like our sex and don’t apologize for it, …well we would have been burned as witches…well the Jews didn’t do that, but we would have been cast out from our families and our communities. Ruth started your education about this stuff, your mom..well I can’t get her too interested, but she fucking lives her life that way, anyway. Your ass and your puss are too tender to do any active fucking for a few days. You’re about to start your period, too, am I right?
“Yeah, I hope I have one… I get nervous when I’m late, even though my mine have never been all that regular, anyway. Yeah I’m ready for that,, too.”
Ida went on:” Ï built another tub, kind of a secret one, that I want to show you, but you have to keep your yap shut about it, like you don’t do with anything else…” My love for my Aunt Ida was flowing like a clear mountain spring. Scholarship or sex. I was still a s*******n year old girl. I would have gone any direction in which she pointed me.
Ida was not about to let me be. “”Sylvia, what do you know about Jewish? “” Our Jewish?””” “Yeah. us, our family”.
“Not much about religion at all, Ida. I know like four words of Hebrew and that’s from Jewish friends I had growing up…Ruth told me this story, a really crazy story, about her parents in Russia who were plotting to overthrow the Czar or something like that, and then they all had to change their names and get the fuck out of there before they got hung or shot…”Ida went on. ” Mom’s whole family came here around 1900 on forged papers with fake names…Ruth had a birth certificate from here, but that’s fake, too. She thinks she was born in some place called Bialystok in Poland or the Ukraine somewhere on the way here, but she said it was a big secret and Sylvia, she whispered it to me when I was seven or eight or swore me to secrecy…that’s why she didn’t get deported around world war one with all the radical stuff she was doing, because her birth certificate, the fake one, said she was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut. I don’t think she was ever in that city in her life… Honey you look so tired, can I wash your back or something?”” ..I laughed. “” Okay, Ida, but no funny business…”” I loved her so much, she could have pulled all the funny business she wanted, and she was looking at my boobs really hard, but she listened to me. I could hardly touch myself.
“I’m just going to soap your back, dear. I want to talk to you some more about this Jewish stuff that neither or us was raised on.””
I asked Ida about my great-grandparents, who had somehow gotten themselves out of Russia and over here.”
“Your great-grandmother was Fannie Finklestein, a very intelligent and brave woman, a revolutionary hero. She was a follower of Marx before most people had heard of him. His stuff is hard to read and harder to grasp. She could quote from “Das Kapital” the way some people quote from the bible. She thought most religion was a lot of superstitious nonsense, mostly set up by men, for their benefit, to entrap women into a form of lifetime slavery. She spoke three languages, all self taught, but English was not one of them, so when she came here without any money, and a baby girl, she had to figure out a way to survive and keep her family together. Her husband got pneumonia on the boat trip over here and was dead in a month, so there she was. She got a job, pretending she was a lot more religious than she was, making soap for the mikveh, the Jewish women’s ritual bath, and making burial shrouds for the dead.. all part of the “mikveh”, the religious Jewish requirement of purification. But she really never believed any of it, she just had to find a way to put food on the table, and she didn’t want too sew women’s blouses in some fucking factory sweatshop. She died before she was forty, but she was always encouraging her daughter Ruth to go further, and you saw the old movies the other night…did she ever! I want to talk to you about “mikveh””…””Okay, Syl, I’m going to let you be for a while. Tomorrow we are going up to the university library. I’m totally serious about you getting the education you will never get in school about our great women heroes, the women who fought and fought and got burned at the stake so that you and I could have the freedom we enjoy. It could all go away, honey, so we have to know their stories and be vigilant. I’m about to start my period, and I’ll bet you are too…”
“Yeah, Ida, I fucking better. I’m not late, so I think it will be okay…I’m not worried about it.” “I’m going to stash your little butt in that great library, one of the best in the world, till it’s over…”
“….Yeah, Ida, that’s good. I’m the kind of a girl who fucks a lot, I guess, but not then. I did that once, but I just felt icky, so now….well, I’ve sucked dick then, but I don’t want some boy in my pants grabbing my fucking tampon string..” “Okay, baby, three or four days and I want to show you my atheist Jew lady idea for a ” mikveh”. But only if you do the work up there. Pick a woman, I don’t know, like Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, and find out everything you can about her life and work. She died last year. In Moscow. They had a big Russian state funeral for her.”
I was continually amazed at what Ida knew and came up with…where did she learn all this stuff? She answered my question before I had a chance to speak it.
” My mom, of course. Ruth knew more about more stuff than any woman or man I’ve ever known. She never watched TY, she was always at the library, and someplace talking to women who were wired up like she was…I’m glad you got to know her, Syl, wasn’t she a pistol?

My period began the next morning. Any girl who was fucking as much as I had been doing, often with boys who rode me bareback, and had their cum right in my sweet spot would have menstruation on her mind. When I’m having my period, I don’t think very much about sex or intimacy at all…my mind doesn’t go there, fifty minutes of every fucking hour, like it does when I cruising around and every other man or woman that I see registers in my imagination as a possible sex partner! But not this day. This day I was off for UC Berkeley, at the other end of University Avenue, through, Sproul Plaza, through the middle of the Free Speech Movement, to the University library, where, with Ida’s library card, I was going to learn as much as I could about Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, a giant for women’s rights for the first half of the century!
To get to the library, I had to walk across the campus, from Sather Gate on Bancroft, halfway across the giant campus. There were so many people out there, handing out stuff, people with huge signs, some of them in suits with skinny ties and women in dresses and heels, and some who were dressed as pirates, as far as I could tell..scruffy clothes, beards, bandannas around their heads, men and women with earrings and tattoos. I’d seen plenty of hippies in Hollywood, but they had expensive clothes on..these k**s (and lots of those folks weren’t k**s at all) looked they all got their clothes from the Goodwill was strange…I knew they must have plenty of money, or why else would they be just hanging out on a Wednesday morning, instead of being in class or at work or something? I kind of liked it. I was having my period (thank the goddess), so I was shut off for sex, even in my imagination, but there were so many cute young men and women out there..I ignored them as well as I could. I had to push the pussy licking and cock sucking images away from my mind. The library was different from any library I had been in before. I went through the card catalog, as well as I could. The procedure was to then hand all this stuff, all these notes, over to a”” page”” and he or she would find all your requests and bring a pile of books and monographs to your table, with all the places and pages already marked for you. The page who was helping me was a young woman, not much older than me, with red hair, freckles, big boobs, and a gap between her front teeth. She smiled at me a lot, sat down next to me, real close, so that she could help me try to organize this mountain of stuff on the table about Elizabeth Gurley Flynn. Somewhere , inside me, a little voice was telling me: :This girl”, whose name was Amy, ‘ll bet she wants you in her pants” I had been an “”A”” student in every class, for my whole life, and I could usually separate thinking about school stuff and thinking about sex, but today, even in my situation, those thoughts had started to bubble on my walk through Sproul Plaza, and now that Amy was sitting so close, with her sweet smell and sweet smile, seriously helping me, the bubbling sensation began to grow. I was trying to shut it down by focusing on what Ms. Flynn had achieved in her life, but in my mind there was a picture developing: Amy spreading her legs and red pubes, mine and hers, all over the place…

I was doing my best to concentrate on my project. After a few minutes, I became aware of her leg pressing against mine. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, her lips touching , so softly I nearly missed it: ” You are so fucking hot….” Well I hadn’t been up until now

Amy had a pile of original letters that Elizabeth had written to her lovers during her long life. Who was this Ruth person? My grandmother was a contemporary of hers. Ida had hinted that their paths may have crossed more than once. Did I just come across my grandmother, yet again on this journey? October 10, 1917: My dearest Ruth.”.. Oh my fucking goddess..was this going where I thought it was…?

” Amy, I think.. that Ruth might be my grandmother…” Now I was getting excited and not just because Amy had written me a little note:
“You look like a girl who would eat some pussy if pussy were offered. I’m done here at three. Meet me over by the steps at Zellerbach. I’d be happy to take your little ass over the moon…”

I wrote a note to her: “”I’m on my period now…”
Amy read my note and kissed my cheek. She looked right in my eyes now, the first time today she had done that. Her eyes were the color of the sea near Huntington Beach .
“I eat pussy, baby, I don’t give a fuck about your period if you don’t.”
In my sheltered life no person or potential lover, had ever spoken to me that way. If you’ve been with me through this whole fucking story, you know that I always get in the last word. except for today. Amy had to go back to work helping other library patrons. I did get in the last word.
“Okay, Amy, I’ll see you around three on the Zellerbach steps.”
Amy gave my cheek a kiss and was gone,
“Wow did that just happen?”
I didn’t have a clue where Zellerbach was, but I sure was going to find out. Then I went back to reading Elizabeth Gurley Flynn’s old letters to see if my grandmother, Ruth Howard, was the Ruth she was writing these steamy letters to in 1917…I wondered if Ida knew that before she sent me up here with the name of a woman I had never heard before!
One thing led to another. I was in Amy’s room, in her bed, naked, puffing and wheezing . I had changed my tampon, twice. Amy had said I didn’t need to do her. Why was my face so wet, my cheeks shiny with her juices? In the last week, I had gone down on about ten different women. I wasn’t tired of doing it, quite the opposite. I like the sweet taste some women have when they are about to pop. Don’t get me wrong, I like the funky pussy taste, too, but I only get to taste the sweet taste if I keep my face in there for a while. Amy was a young woman who liked to be fingered (two and then three) while she was being the object of my affection. . I pulled my tampon out and she went down on me like the woman who invented cunnilingus. One of those girls who did that so fucking nice, and got her tongue in my ass-hole and right up my veejayjay….ooooohhh mama, just one hundred per cent the way I loved. I barely knew Amy, but she was turning me into fucking butter. Amy did me in every opening in my body she could find. She kissed me with all of my juice in her mouth, all tongue and girl-cum. I hadn’t expected anything today, not even my own fingers, but here I was, on all all fours, Amy on my puss and my back side. I told her about my period and my adventures over the last few days. She was so loving and gentle, while at the same time, getting to all my sweet spots, as if she owned them. We got to her place around three-thirty. I looked over at her bedside clock. It was past five. Amy was scissoring me. I loved seeing her red wet curls all mashed together with mine. Amy said I didn’t have to do her, as if that was going to stop me. A little bit of my blood around her mouth didn’t even slow me down. She turned me on. I wondered, as all this was going on, if I could get her to pee on me, too. All I had to was hint at pee…

The afternoon and into the evening with Amy was getting weirder. We did some nasty stuff that I don’t want to write down. If you have an imagination, you can figure it out, stuff I said I would never do, I was doing with Amy. Here’s the thing..I loved it, couldn’t get enough of it. After we were done with sex, Amy and I got in the shower and cleaned each other’s bodies for a long time. Amy had a tiny bathroom with the biggest warmest towels ever. She spent a long time rubbing and cleaning every part of my body. I was in the place I had been with Ida and Dulce the other night, when I actually had and enjoyed all the sex I could handle. Amy said.
” Ï have some tea up? Would you like a cup?” “Amy. I’ve got to call my Aunt and tell her I’m going to be late.”
“Don’t worry about it, Sylvia, she knows where you are.”
” But how could she know…?”
“Sit down, baby, sit down. We did some dirty stuff today. Did you like it? Remember when you were eight or nine, and you got all that stuff from your little catholic friends about “dirty”, and you couldn’t understand what they were talking about? Remember when you had . well, almost had sex with that high school boy when you were just thirteen? You didn’t fuck him, oh no, not you, you ate his ass out and jacked him off, didn’t you?”
Who the hell was this person?
“You ate this boy’s ass. jacked him off with Vaseline till he came so hard…”
“Yeah I remember.”
“what did you do then?”
“Oh god…”
“Oh god is right. You went across the room, naked as the Easter bunny, and got on your hands and knees and licked it all up , didn’t you? What happened next, Sylvia?”
“I walked back to him, as sexy as I could, pushed him back, and kissed his load back into his mouth…”
“Where the fuck did that come from baby? Most girls are pretty quiet during their first real sex thing. I’ll tell you…I was in the room, right behind you. Licking up his jizz, and the way you eyeballed him while you did it? I had a lot to do with that, Syl. You gave that boy, that shy boy, the strongest sex experience that he is ever going to have. He has been masturbating to the picture in his head of you with his cum ever since. I knew then that you were going to be a very powerful woman. What we did today, with you actually taking a dump on me…if you really get into the high-end whoring business, rich guys will pay you lots to do that…I thought we should practice a little, so when that is what your John wants, you can squat over him and p*o without even thinking about it. Whores do stuff like this all the time…”
“Yeah, well I’ve told myself that I might be slutty, but I would never…”
” Yeah, I know, I know, don’t beat yourself up..” “Amy, I loved it, loved it, but now I feel kind of weird about…”
“Yeah, yeah, don’t worry about it…you are so fucking hot…when I’m with you, I feel as if I;m fucking a four burner stove with the oven on high…it was a dirty delight…here’s what you need to know. You and I getting together today was no accident, okay? I’m going to roll a couple for us while you roll that around in your brain.. I know you, Ida, Your grandmother Ruth, and her mom, Fannie Finkelstein, too. I was wondering when the fuck you were going to show up…”

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