tease tag

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tease tag
Written by female.
meet amy! your average slut, with and alverage agenda
Tease tag
GENRE-Fiction, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Female solo, Job/Place-of-work, Males / Female, Masturbation

Hey, I guess I can start by introducing myself. That’s always a good place to start. My name is amilyn. But you can just call me amy; Everyone does. I Have dark red hair, I guess you can say its almost the color of the perfect apple. Im usually a pale white but tanning does wonders. I have a tiny waist and a huge ass (or so I’ve been told) and to top it all off, I pack a D36 bra to capacity. Yup, I turn heads and turn men in to boys. I love playing men like they’re toys, its so fun. However…the funny thing with games is…you cant always win. Eventually someone resists…but not for long.

I woke up, but unlike most mornings, I actually had something to do today. I had a job interview. Yes. A job. I guess I needed one now seen as how my sugar daddy refused to do it anymore. Something about his wife finding out, Whatever. After I got out the shower i found my tightest pink top. The one that made my breasts poke out and look perfect. And what goes better with perky breasts then a pencil skirt that outlines my gorgeous ass? I decided that I didn’t need panties today, they are over rated anyway, but I did need heels. At last, I was done getting ready. I threw my hair back over my shoulders and I left. I was about to see someone’s hot new secretary.
The office building was huge! But it looked a little dull…its official! It needed me. I walked in and I saw what I perceived to be something out of a movie. There was people on their cell phones, light conversation, a little fountain, decorative plants, and a huge carpet at the door with the company logo on it. The woman at the front desk eyed me immediately. The way that she looked at me was…obnoxious. She looked me up and down and her face radiated with irritation and disgust, but what do I care? Most women looked at me that way. I walked up to her anyway.
“hi I’m amy! Im here for an interview? For the secretary job.”
“oh, that’s why you’re here. Mr. carter’s office is on the top floor. The elevator is over there” she pointed.

Wow her attitude was almost as disgusting as the crows feet and bags under her eyes. But I needed a job and that hag wasn’t going to stop me.
I rode the elevator all the way to the 35th floor, and it wasn’t what I expected. It was empty, but it was beautiful, it looked like a penthouse suite. There was a beautiful décor, a piano in the corner, bottles of wine, and a door at the far end of the room. A man walked out of the door…
“oh? You must be the 10:00…your early. I’m Daniel, mr. carter’s assistant, I will be interviewing you. Right this way please” he gestured to a door behind me
I checked him out. He had brunette short hair, nice lips, and great arms. He looked up at me, and I gave him a seductive half smile. I guess he knew what I was about at that point.
“so why did you apply for this position” he began
“um, because I need a job sir”
“ do you have any special talents” he asked
“oh, I don’t know if they are special. But I can do a lot of things that you like” I winked.
“oh really” he stood up “tell me about them” he walked around the chair I was sitting in and started playing with my firey red hair.
“how bout I show you” I got up and locked the door. He was leaning against the wall and I kissed him. His hands quickly found their way to my ass and he let out a small grunt. I knew I had him where I wanted him. I started pulling on his tie, and unbuttoning his shirt. He didn’t have any abs but his body was still nice. He had tattoos on his arms, which I liked. He picked me up, and put me on the desk and started sucking on my tits. He pushed me on my back and started fingering me. Things were happening so fast. Either he knows what he likes or haven’t had sex with a woman in years. But who was I to complain. He started licking my thighs and licking my clit. His tongue felt soo good! My pussy just started leaking fluids left and right. I started moaning, and I guess he liked that cause he kept going, his tongue kept sliding in and out of my pussy almost as fast as his fingers did only moments ago. At this point I was completely on my back, shirtless, and practically doing a split. This man was obviously sexually frustrated, and in my opinion that’s the best kind of man. I knew I got this job. And I made someone happy. Humph… the second one didn’t matter to me to be honest. I had enough teasing. I wanted his cock. And judging by the huge tent in his pants…it wanted me too. I lifted his head from between my legs and stared into his hazel eyes. The way he looked at me. So horney. So desperate. So…typical. I grabbed his hands and slid it against my pussy, he stared down at it. I pulled him closer and whispered to him
“fuck me…NOW!”
And he didn’t say a word, but he did as he was told. He whipped out his hard dick (which was about a good 6 inches) and rammed it into me. I moaned for him, and he loved it. it drove him insane. His grip around my waist tightened with each stroke, and each stroke deeper then the last. I gotta admit, it felt good. Great actually. I felt myself getting closer and closer to my climax. My breathing intensified, my moans turned into quite screams. He got louder too, his quite grunts turned into all out yells. He started sucking my tits again. Ooo how I love when guys do that. I could feel it, our bodies shaking, it was time. Time for the best part. He came. And the feeling of his warm cum in me was that last bit I needed. My pussy started pouring out fluids of my own. Oh! I could feel his semen inside of me, I love that feeling, and the feeling when he pulled out his dick. All the cum started rushing out of me onto the desk. My body was glowing, and exhausted.
He took a moment and just stared at me. I could tell he was eyeing the puddle of cum I was sitting in, or maybe he was staring at my little pink pussy. I wasn’t sure. Then he spoke…
“wow, quite an interesting skill set”
“mhmm! I told you” I answered still breathless “was it good? Did you like it”
“I uh…well…I will see you at work on Monday. See you 9am sharp” he said as he was putting his clothes back on.
I will take his babbling and blushing as a yes. But I said nothing. I got what I wanted, put my clothes on and left.
The rest of my day wasn’t nearly as interesting. I got some groceries, a few phone numbers and went home. See? Not interesting. But last that night I got into the shower. As much as I loved sex, the after smell only smells good for but so long.
My showers were always hot. Something about steam just relaxes me. I loved sex, therefore I had to keep everything in line. I needed everything smooth and everything fresh. Especially that little pussy of mine. Humph…I’m 20 years old. Which means it had been 8 years since I lost my virginity. I have been with so many men, but that one I remember the clearest. How could I forget? Afterall he was my neighbor. He was also 17. But that was a minor detail. I would never forget how it felt. Him holding my tiny under developed body, it was painful. And I didn’t tell anyone. But what neither of us knew was, that moment defined me for the rest of my life. After that sex was all I knew. Teachers, boyfriends, bestfriends, the boyfriends of my bestfriends…yup! I fucked them all. But only the ones I deem fit. The ones I think can please me. Other just get a wink and a smile and a shit load of false hope. Let them obsess over me. I tease. They tease. Like a game of tag. Tease tag.
After my shower I put on a long t shirt. One that barely covered my ass. The ass that was barely covered with a little black thong. By now it was 10pm on a Friday night. Sure, I should be out doing something. But no, tonight was an ice cream and tv kind of night. I think I’ve earned it. There was a knock at my door.
The first feeling that ran through me was irritation. I mean seriously? I just sat down. But I took a spoonful of ice cream and yelled
“coming!” in the sweetest voice I could.
I opened the door and it was a girl. She had blonde hair and grey eyes, her body was that of a typical cheerleader. She looked rather young too, and I had never seen her before.
“um yes?”
“hi! Um im so sorry to bug you, but my name is luna. I just moved it right there” she pointed at the door opposite of mine “I’m kind of totally an idiot and I locked myself out. My friend dana is over though. Can I borrow your phone so I can call her to open the door? I think shes in the shower”
I nodded and gestured her into my apartment. I walked into my kitchen and pointed at my phone. She picked it up and began dialing. By now I had finished the ice cream that was on my spoon, so I just sat on my counter watching this cute blonde try to explain to her friend what she was asking of her. Luna was pretty cute. I mean if you like the daddy’s little girl types.
She had finished her call and said
“thanks, dana said shes coming. I didn’t catch your name…”
“that’s because you never asked babe…its amy” I had one leg on the counter and one dangling off.
Im sure luna could see my little black thong. In fact I was positive she could. She was starting to stare. But I just kept sucking on that spoon. I hopped off the counter and landed right in front of her. She backed away a little. She looked nervous.
“well it was nice meeting you” I said in a whisper “you should stop by sometime” I stroked her cheek, brushing her hair back.
I guess that broke her gaze. She nodded and smiled and left with a “um see you tomorrow”
I felt a bit sleepy. So I put the ice cream back in the freezer, turned off the tv and hopped into my bed. Ah, the feeling of being in bed. I’ve been in so many, but nothing compares to being in my own. The feeling of my pillows, my blankets, and my body. Yes, my body. Its one thing to be told your gorgeous, but another thing to actually see it for yourself. I appreciate my body, every curve, every inch and every bit of it. Yes, laying here in the dark I realized that I wanted to be pleasured at the moment. And pleasured I will be. I reached my hand into my shirt and started feeling my breasts, until my nipples got hard. I played with them more and more. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. How could it be ignored? I stuck my fingers into my panties and started rubbing my clit. The more I did the more my heart started racing. I used two fingers, to explore the depth of my pussy and my thumb to keep stroking my clit. The whole time I kept imagining be fucked by two men. Having them please me at the same time. One was kissing my neck and rubbing my tits while the other was eating my pussy like it was candy. Both men passionately doing their jobs. My mind switched to something else…now they were taking turns fucking me. They had huge dicks and perfect god like bodies. Both of them moaning and groaning because of the sheer satisfaction of touching my body. Yes, I was a queen and these men treated me as such, leaving no inch of my body un licked, rubbed, touched, or fucked. Having two cocks fight for mere minutes in my cunt. Getting the attention it so desperately deserved. Being fucked until I came. And cum I did. My fingers were soaked, as soaked as my panties and sheets. Surprisingly enough however, I still wasn’t satisfied. I wanted more. But tomorrow is a new day. New day, new lover.
I awoke the next morning to a phone call.
“ hello?” I answered half asleep
“yes, is this amilyn valentina?” the voice said
“good morning! Hope I didn’t wake you. This is devon carter, your new boss. Daniel told me you did very well in the interview. He said something about you being flexible. And with that being said I was hoping you could come in for me today. I know its extremely short notice and technically you don’t start until Monday. But I have a huge meeting today and I need my secretary to take notes. And um…that’s you”
“oh! Good morning sir, and yes. I will be right there. Give me an hour”
“great, I cant wait to meet you” and he hung up
There was something about his voice. It was…kind of geeky. He sounds like one of those guys who are always happy and gets no ass. That dork that never really grew up. He sounded like a nerdy little virgin. And part of me was hoping he was, because then…this would be the easiest job I would ever do.

I showed up to the office in another tight skirt and an even lower shirt. Afterall, today was what mattered. I was meeting the man signing my pay checks. I went all the way up to the 35th floor again, only this time I went to the door at the end of the room and knocked on it.
“come in”
I recognized the nerdy voice right away. It was mr. carter.
When I walked into the room and he was typing on his computer, he hadn’t even looked up at me, almost as if I wasn’t there. He looked like he was about 30, stressed and disorganized. He wore glasses and his hair was so long it passed it shoulders. Though he was sitting I could see he was really tall. Easily 6’3 or taller. He looked like he was Spanish, more specifically Colombian. His voice, and appearance, and lack of wedding ring only reinforced my theories. He probably doesn’t sleep with many women. If any at all. His appearance said shy though, not gay. He finally looked up and we made eye contact.
“oh…oh…um hi!” he got up from around his desk and came to shake my hands
His hands we extremely sweaty.
“im sorry about that one of my associates in London, well you see our company has a partnership with drekle enterprises which means that every so often we have to…right you wouldn’t care. I um…i…im sorry I tend to babble a lot. Im doing it aren’t i? im not too great with casual conversation. i…”
I put my fingers to his lips. “I’m amy, its nice to meet you sir” I winked
He looked confused. I was flirting with him. What didn’t he understand? This was obviously a guy who didn’t get out much, and probably didn’t ever talk to women. I mean he wasn’t even 35 and was probably one of the richest men in the country. I guess you don’t get rich by socializing.
“wow, Daniel was right, you are pretty…he told me he was going to get me a hot secretary but I thought he was k**ding” he laughed nervously “oh! I hope I didn’t offend you, that wasn’t rude was it? I should stop talking. Im not good at talking to women, especially the pretty ones. Im doing the talking thing again aren’t i?oh gosh! I am…ummm the conference room is this way.”
Wow this was going to be too easy! I followed him into this huge room. Three of the four walls were solely made up of windows. The blinds were drawn so only little hints of light peaked though. There was a really long table with about 20 men around it. All seats were filled, except two at the head of the table. Devon sat in one and I sat in the other.
“now” he turned to me “ I need you to write down all important things, and things I tell you to write”
I nodded and smiled. He was only looking at me for a second but that was long enough to see him blush
The meeting went on for what seemed like forever. And I didn’t understand not a single word of what was said. But I noted everything he told me too. To be honest I spent my time flipping my hair for the elderly guy sitting across from me. He seemed to like it when I did that. Or blowing kisses and winking to the man on the other side of me. They were all staring at me tho. My sanguine colored hair, d****d over my shoulders like a firey waterfall. My huge breasts poking out of my tight dress shirt, all topped off with my new lustful goddess lip gloss? It almost wasn’t fair.
I followed devon carter back into his office, upon his request.
“may I see your notes?” he extended his arm
“yes sir” I grazed his arms as I handed them over. It was a subtle move but I saw the chills he got from it. Nerds were easy. How do you think I got my biology homework done back in the day? He leaned back onto his desk, and it was only now did I realize how tall bout he and his desk really were.
“hmmm…these are good. Thank you miss valentina”
“anything for you sir” I jumped up on his abnormally tall desk and sat right next to him. Our lips were only inches from each other. He looked into my eyes and I stared back into his emerald colored ones. I smiled and leaned in, he stared breathing really heavy and got up. He walked to the other side of his desk and pulled out an inhaler.
“sorry, my asthma acts up when I get nervous…its just…your so pretty…i…well um nevermind, I should get back to work”
“should I go? Sir?” still smiling flirtaciously
“by now I’m sure Daniel has set up your desk and computer right outside of my office door. I hope you like it. To hesitate to put you own style into it”
“ok mr. carter” I stroked his hair and then left
My desk was simple but I guess I could get used to it. I kind of liked it. I sat in a quiet room that looked like a penthouse all day. Could be worse. The little button on my phone was beeping. I knew it ment that devon was on a call. I was kinda bored so…I picked it up.
“Daniel, very funny.”
“haha what mr. C?”
“you know what. The secretary you got me, shes very friendly and quite flirtacious”
“so…I think shes hitting on me” my boss said nervously
“boohoo. A sexy young woman is flirting with you, dude just play it cool, she’s a lot of fun. Trust me”
“so what am I suppose to do? Her full lips, big breasts, beautiful thighs, and round ass is quite distracting to say the least.”
“so just enjoy it sir, get to know her.” Daniel laughed
“get to know her? Ok?” and I quickly placed the phone back on the receiver.
He came out of his office moments later
“hey miss? Would you like to get some lunch…like…together?”
I could not believe how innocent the mind of this man was. I knew what Daniel ment by get to know me. So why didn’t he? How obvious was I going to have to make this? Im not used to challenges. Infact im not a fan of them.

We ate at a little café not too far from the office. It was upscale and very quite. Everyone in there looks exhausted and overworked. We got a table in the back and sat across from each other. The waitress came and took our orders, and left us to our conversation.
“so amilyn, tell me about yourself”
“why so formal? Please call me amy. And there isn’t much to say, I’m a natural red head, and I love doing it in almost every position”
“it?” he questioned
“um yeah? Sex” wow this guy was dense
“oh! Right of course, well you very forward aren’t you?”
“why thank you! So…what do you have? Girlfriend? Wife? Fiancée? escort? Call girl?”
“umm, I don’t have any of those things…well I had a girlfriend.. but that was about 7 years ago…ever since then I swore off women and I swore off sex”
“wait! You haven’t had sex in 7 years? Geez you must jerk off a lot”
“nope, controlling the urge is the hard part but once you’ve done it. Sex becomes unnecessary”
Ugh! I was totally drained when I heard that. He was an innocent little nerd. Whos celibate! I played the rest of the lunch cool. We had casual conversation. And by that I mean he ranted on and on. But something about listening to his voice…was nice. I kind of enjoyed our lunch. He then got a call and had to go across town, seen as how he wouldn’t be at he office I wouldn’t be either. What does a secretary do without her boss? So he dropped me home. I gave him a hug and I could have sworn he stiffed my hair. But I couldn’t be sure.
When I stepped out of his Lamborghini, it just dawned on me. I missed my target. Devon basically said no to me. Ugh! Im frustrated! I need sex, the urge was building in me….but where to get it? I knocked on luna’s door.
“hi amy” she giggled
“hey” I said as I walked right into her apartment without an invite.
“what are you doing here”
I kissed her. It was funny. She didn’t even try to resist. She didn’t pull away or hesitate. She kissed me back. Before I knew it our tongues were inter twined and I was on top of her. We were on her couch and I took off her shirt immediately. She was petite and her nipples were bright pink. My lips moved from hers and started kissing her neck, she started moaning, and it was really hot. Her moans were soft. But how loud could I make them? Challenge accepted. I started sucking on her tits while fingering her. Her pussy was wet. Soaked was a better word. And I loved it. I pulled off her lacey pink panties, and I spread her legs. I places each leg on my shoulder and started eating her out. Nothing something I did often, but something that I was obviously good at. Her moaning got louder, so my tongue went deeper. I stuck it in and out of her while making sure to lick her clit ever so often. She seemed to like it when I got rough down there. I started biting her, just a little, and her moans were full blown screams now. She grabbed my hair and started guiding my mouth all over her cunt. I kissed it, I sucked it, I bit it, and she loved it. With her hands tangled in my hair she pulled me face up to hers, she kissed me. Only this time it was sloppy. Our tongues were all over the place. She bit my lip and bit it hard. Her hands were on my waist and her lips were now on my neck. I let out a sign of pleasure and she pushed me on my back. She was stronger than I thought. She ripped my panties off and immediately began returning the favor. She had obviously done this before because it felt amazing! My juices just flowed into her mouth and she licked it all. It felt like pure ecstasy! I grabbed my breasts with pleasure and spread my legs wider. She was using a combination of three fingers and her tongue. Then she stopped. She sat back and put her legs between mine and started thrusting forward. We were scissoring. I could feel her moist little pussy on mine and it felt phenomenal. Both of us screaming at the top of or lungs, just waiting for the inevitable. And at last, it came. And so did we. Together our orgasms harmonized and made an unforgettable sound that I’m sure everyone in our apartment building heard. We kept thrusting until we couldn’t anymore. She leaned forward and laid on top of me. And we relaxed naked and exhausted for a while…

When I finally left it was late at night. But my phone said I had a voicemail. It was devon. My heart jumped when I heard his geeky little voice. But why? He made it clear that he didn’t want to have sex with me. But maybe that was the part that drew me to him. The fact that he didn’t want me, the fact that he was the only straight man I knew who could resist my curvy figure and seductive ways. I wasn’t sure what he was… but he was going to be mine. The voicemail basically apologized for leaving so suddenly and inviting me over his house for dinner the next night. What was I going to wear? Because ladies and gentleman. I was getting my man tomorrow night.
The next day seemed to drag on forever. I spend my day getting my nails done, buying a new dress, getting the tallest heels I could find, and waxing everything. I even got my hair done. It was still apple red but it was curled into the most beautiful and seductive style. Getting ready that night took awhile. I had to pull out all the stops, the lacey red corset lingerie, the 5 inch pumps, the short dress, and yes, perhaps the most seductive of all…the classic, the classy, and the crowd favorite…the infamous…red lipstick. When I put it all together even my jaw dropped. This man had no chance.
His house was huge! Looked like something you would see a movie star live in. the door opened before I rang the doorbell.
“good…uh..good evening miss, mr. carter is expecting you” I assumed his hesitation was his way of complimenting my looks
“im his butler, Jason. Right this way please”
Jason seemed nice. But more importantly he was young and fine. But for some reason I had no interest in him, I knew who I wanted and no other man was even relevant at the moment. Why was I so obsessed with this man? Did I have feelings for him?? I couldn’t. I don’t do crushes. Never have. Just sex. That’s how things work.
“wow” a voice interrupted my thoughts “you…look…wow” he was practically drooling
“you like?”
“I uh yeah. I…i…I like a lot” he was so nervous, but I saw his gaze shifted…
“are you staring at my breasts??” I asked
He was silent. I could see the panic of being caught in his eyes. I almost felt bad for him, but I now realized I was breaking down his will. The thought of fucking me has crossed his mind at some point.
“Mr.Carter, dinner will be ready in about an hour” a woman in a chef outfit announced.
I saw a beautifully lit fireplace in front of a velvet couch. I walked over and sat down. He followed and sat right next to me.
“so how was your day?” he struggled for conversation
“tiring babe, I went shopping. I had to walk up nd down for hours” I said in a subtle baby voice and started to pout.
“your feet hurt?”
“mhm” I kicked off my heels and placed my feet on his lap. He got the hint and started massaging my feet. His hands were really big but surprisingly soft. It was so relaxing, I started moaning a bit, his gaze was locked onto me. He was biting his lip, something about my moaning was turning him on. I could see it. I took his hands and placed them on my thighs and told him to keep doing what he was doing. I could feel him trying to resist the feelings that were obviously taking over. I needed to get closer. I got up, and sat on his lap cowgirl style. My D cup was right in his face. He wasn’t getting away this time. I kissed him, nothing too much, it was a 10 second kiss but it ended with me sucking on his bottom lip. I could feel it, right under me, he was hard as a rock. There was so much hesitation with him, he was afraid to make a move. But then he did. He threw me off of him. He stood up, I could see both hands clenched in fists and the huge bulge in his pants I created.
“I should go wash up for dinner, I need a cold shower” and he ran off
Ugh! It was starting to turn me on. This wasn’t over. Game on. He said shower? Must mean his bedroom. Perfect.
I quietly crept upstairs and followed the sound of running water. His room was gorgeous. He had a huge king sized bed with poofy comforters, and a mountain of pillows. I climbed in and made myself comfortable. I took off my dress so I was just wearing my corset. My breasts poked out of the top and bottom was strapped to my panties. There was no escaping now. I made sure I locked the door. The shower stopped, and I heard him step out. He opened the door and saw me.
“damn” he sighed
“enough of your little game baby, come over here and please me. I want you so bad” I wasn’t lying.
He hesitated but he came over anyway. I pulled him on top of me and started kissing on his ear. He moaned.
“it okay love, just lay down, I’ll do the rest” I whispered
He did as he was told any laid on his back. I pulled off the towel he was wearing and exposed his rock hard dick. It was huge! At least 8 and a half inches. Needless to say I was excited. I left a trail of kisses down his body until I got to his cock. I started sucking on it right away. He started gripping the sheets and biting his lip. His breathing intensified. His cock felt so good in my mouth, it was so long, and so hard. I was practically drooling all over it. I was going to shove it deeper and deeper down my throat until I choked on it. Theres not better feeling then deep throating some guys long shaft. I pulled it out of my mouth and started licking the head, (which was oozing with pre cum) and jerking him off with both hands. I could tell this was a lot for him. But this was just the beginning. I took off my panties and jumped on his dick and started riding him to the point where I understood why the position was called cowgirl. I could tell he loved it. He looked up a me, and with one of his hands he reached for my pussy. He started rubbing it, while I was still on top of him. He grabbed my waist and used it to switch positions. I was now on the bottom. But then he turned me over once again, until we were in the doggy style position. He started by spanking me really hard then ramming his dick in me with no warning. Devon grabbed a hand full of my hair in one hand and placed the other one between my legs. He started thrusting mercilessly. I have to admit. I didn’t see this coming, this was rough. Even for me. But it felt so good! He was playing with my pussy as he was fucking me, for someone who hadn’t been with a woman in so long he was doing a damn good job. He was fucking me like he just got out of prison. He stopped thrusting and pushed me down, he turned me over and tore off my corset. He put his cock back in my and continued his violent strokes, both of his arms forcing my legs into a split I didn’t know I could do. He kissed me lips. Then he kissed them again , and then he bit them, he bit them almost as hard as he was ramming me. I could feel my body shaking. It was convulsing. By this time his mouth was around my hard pink nipples and his hands squeezing them tightly. His breathing changed. It went from intense to vicious. “im ready” he said. Nd I knew what that ment, but as soon as the words were spoken he pulled his dick out of me. And gallons of cum shot out of it. It dripped all over my stomach, and tits. he held it and jerked it off to make sure it was all done, and my body was covered. Seeing him stand over me like that was strangely erotic. He spread my legs and smack my cunt repeatedly, he stuck 4 of his huge fingers in waited for my pussy to squirt. And squirt it did. All over his legs. We were just drenched in each others bodily fluids and it felt great.
“are you…happy…now?” he asked exhausted
This was the best sex of my life, I wanted no less then this every night. I think this ones a keeper.
“I will be when you fuck me even harder tomorrow morning”
He smiled. He blushed. And we kissed

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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