The Affair

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The Affair
I was going to write about my 1st girlfriend. But my recent postings of S pictures and videos of our affair have made me reminiscent. So forgive the Segway from past to present and back again. I hope you enjoy part one of this true story. “The Affair”
I was not happy in my marriage, K had depression illness. A year of it had worn me down to the point of not caring about us anymore. She had bouts of it off and on over the years we were together, but this time was worse and much longer than all the other times. I wanted an escape from it, and when S came on to me I was willing to break and keep my vows.
You see K over the years would threaten to go back to smoking cigarettes or even killing herself if I didn’t agree to her demands about quitting her part time jobs. (Whichever one she held for 3-6 months before quitting or getting fired anyway.) So she could stay home and do nothing. She would say she could keep the house clean and cook. K, even when she was unemployed, was not good at cleaning and cooking. Further suffering from depression, she would have isolated herself from other people and become even more dysfunctional. And finally, I was not going to work so she could just sit at home and do nothing. As far as her smoking was concerned, I promised to cheat on her if she went back to smoking cigarettes. That would usually shut her up about it and she would change the subject.
K became unable to work due to her depression illness and hadn’t for almost a year. During that time she went on disability/social security, with my help filling out all the paperwork and collecting all the medical and financial information, and the support of her doctor. So K was getting paid to sit home and do nothing. At which point she decided to resume smoking cigarettes, after nine years being a non-smoker. The house was no cleaner, the food was no better and now she and everything else in our home smelled of cigarette smoke.
Beyond that, while we were engaged to be married, she fucked a co-worker. And on a few occasions she tried to fuck my best friend. Drinking too much and coming on to him right in front of me. I would have allowed it if he wasn’t married as well. I didn’t want her to fuck up his marriage and my friendship with him. I tried to arrange things at one point for a swapping situation on New Year’s Eve the year before, but his wife wasn’t open to it, so it never happened. My friend was fine with it however; K let him fondle her big boobs in our hot tub for a while when they were left alone together. I had been faithful for the 14 years we were together. I was sick of being faithful.
S met me a few years prior. I’ve been a martial artist since I was s*******n years old. I had practiced and trained for 20 years. From the material and techniques I learned I created a martial arts/aerobics class about 5 years earlier and taught it at 2 local gyms. S went to my classes a few years before, at a different gym and had recently joined this new gym and resumed training with me.
At first it was very appropriate. “Nice to see you, how have you been, thanks for joining my class. I hope you like it.” That sort of thing. Then after class she would make a point of coming over and chatting with me. Eventually I felt it, that electric surge I have written about before. When a lady wants me and is letting me know it. On several occasions over the years women had come on to me, I felt the attraction but refused to act on it. I loved my wife, despite everything I still loved my wife, but I was unhappy for so long, feeling trapped in our relationship, as much a victim of her mental illness as she was. I wanted to escape it.
It was December when I felt the attraction S had for me. After the holidays, classes resumed and my heart leapt when she walked into the aerobics room. After class she came onto me as she had prior to the New Year break. Asking the usual nice, polite questions, at the same time projecting sexual interest. Only this time I responded to it. I asked her if she’d like to go somewhere and talk. She answered, “Yes”.
It felt a lot like when I lost my virginity. “Yes”, and walking out to my car in the cold winter’s night air with S felt like leaving that cabin with Karen 20 years before. Only this time I was not a virgin.
S was tall, three inches or so taller than me. She was thin with long legs and small breasts and very physically fit. She had long wavy auburn hair that went down to her mid back. She carried herself well, with confidence. When we met again after a few years I shortened her name and she corrected me, “It’s S#######, actually” she seemed very, aloof. She was a school teacher, spoke a few languages and had a Hispanic accent. She was wearing jeans, brown or black leather shoes and a short white winter jacket over a long sleeved white pull over shirt. We strolled over to my car together. I felt focused, knots in my stomach, this is going to happen or it’s not.
We sat in my car and let the engine run to warm up the cabin. I told S I felt attracted to her and thought she felt the same about me. “Oh yes, I am very attracted to you.” She replied, sitting in the passenger seat, back against the door, facing me. I told her, “I have no interest in leaving my wife. I love her, but she has been ill with depression for so long, I need to escape it.” S replied, “I don’t want to leave my husband either. We have a life and a son together. I just need more, a change, and I’m very attracted to you.” I then said, “If this can just be a physical thing, if we can agree it’s just for fun, without commitment, I would like to be with you.” S replied, “Yes, I would like that very much!” smiling and giggling a little as she said it.
I decided I didn’t want to be seen in the parking lot of the gym I worked at with my now confirmed “Mistress”, consummating our verbal agreement. So I decided we should drive some place more private. Finding a deserted parking lot that felt isolated and safe took a little time, even on a dark winter’s night. Eventually one appeared, and being very turned on and nervous, it felt wrong and right at the same time. It was a church parking lot. We were both breaking our wedding vows and I wanted to thank god we finally found a place to do it. I parked the car behind the building, turned off the head lights and looked at S. Her back was still against the door, she was facing me for the whole ride. Looking around as I was for a place to stop and park, occasionally looking me over as well. She may have even chosen this place, I don’t remember. I do remember looking at her and smiling, moving the seat back as far as it would go. Leaning forward and motioning for her to come to me. She smiled and leaned forward as I took her beautiful hair in my right hand, wrapping my fingers gently around the nape of her neck. Resting my other hand on her right thigh, drawing her close, I lightly kissed her lips.
I’ve spent several days now trying to describe this kiss, this moment, an instant of human contact that was so profoundly life changing for me.
It was January 7th, a dark, freezing cold New England night. Our lips touched, and it became summer and sunshine. All the apprehension and doubt left me the instant our lips connected. Passion and lust surged through me like electric fire. S felt it as well; she inhaled sharply as our lips came apart, I felt it coursing through her as she smiled and leaned in to kiss me again. Her right hand coming up to hold my head as I was holding hers, she moaned into my mouth as the tips of our tongues touched. As if she was tasting something wonderful. My left hand sliding up, under her shirt onto her warm bare skin, I could feel her ribs expand as she took in another breath then exhaled a lustful sound into my mouth as she melted into our embrace. I slid my right hand down to her left hip and slid my left across her back, over her bra strap, I spun her in my arms across my lap. This brought another smile to her lips as she looked up at me, and we resumed our kiss. I slid my right hand up, over her flat stomach, over her ribs, then pushing her bra up and off of her breasts. Cupping her tit in my hand, I lightly pinched the nipple bringing it to attention as I continued to lightly tongue and kiss her mouth and lips. Exploring and experiencing her, as she did the same to me.
S smelled fresh and clean having taken a shower before joining me in the lobby of the gym. I was still wearing some of the workout clothes I taught my class in, shorts and sneakers. I had changed into a dry T shirt. S did not mind this at all as she pushed off my jacket and pulled the shirt off over my head. Her hands slid down over my bare chest, fingers lightly brushing across my nipples before sliding onto my ribs. My chest expanded as I breathed her in. The warm sexual scent of her, I pulled her closer and lightly ran the tip of my tongue from her right collar bone up the side of her neck to her ear which I took between my teeth and lightly bit. This brought another sharp inhale of lust from my sexy adulteress. Her head tipping back as if to offer me her throat. As she did this I brought my right hand down to the front of her pants and unfastened them, pulling down the zipper of her blue jeans, reaching in to firmly hold the cloth covered pussy beneath. As I did this her body convulsed as her hands tightened their grip on my back. “HMMMMM, that’s my girl.” I whispered into her ear. This evoked a lusty sound from S, “Uhhhh” as she pressed her pussy up into my hand. “Let’s move to the back seat.” I said as I returned her to the front passenger seat. She responded by kicking off her shoes and ripping off her short white winter jacket, throwing it to the floor of the car and climbed over the seat into the back of my car. I slid my hand up the back of her right leg and over her sexy ass as she made the transition.
I waited and watched her as she settled back into the passenger side of the back seat. She was sitting on her left leg with her back against the door, her pants unzipped and open revealing white panties beneath. I climbed over the seat after her. S reached out, placing her hands on my shoulder and chest as I joined her. Bare chested I leaned in and said, “Now wear were we? Oh yes!” S giggled a little as I kissed her lips and grabbed the waist band of her open jeans and slid them and her panties off over her long smooth legs. S lifted her ass to help me and revealed a clean shaved pussy with a large clitoris standing above the labia. I’d never been with a woman who had a clit so large, and you just know I had to lick that!
I threw her jeans and panties behind me. S was now lying on her back, her head resting in the corner between the car door and the back seat. I moved forward, her legs sliding over my shoulders. I used my hands to lift her ass, bringing that incredible clitoris up to my mouth and sliding her head the rest of the way onto the back seat. I started at the bottom of her pussy and licked up and into her, sliding my tongue over and around that now hard, magnificent clit of hers. “OH, MY GOD! UM, UMMM, UMMM!” She panted out, ass clenching in my hands as I worked her pussy over with my tongue, gently biting her clit every so often which caused her to convulse. A few minutes of this and she was grabbing my head, pressing me into her as she came in my mouth. “OH! UMMM! AHHHHH! AHHHH!”
Once her orgasm subsided and her grip lessened on the back of my head, I moved my face up to wipe my juice covered mouth and goatee side to side across the top of her bare pussy. I reached my hands around to the tops of her thighs from underneath and pulled her ass forward, sliding S a little closer as I rose up between her legs. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open a little, head turned to the side, resting on the car seat as I retrieved the condom I had placed in my pocket. I kicked off my shoes and shorts. Tearing the condom wrapper open with my teeth and sliding the rubber over my hard cock. I then reached around her low back and pulled her onto me, penetrating her supremely wet pussy. “OHH, OHH, MY GOD!!! AHHH!” she cried out as I started fucking her.
S Pushed against the door above her head with both hands, driving herself onto me deeper. She placed her right sock covered foot on the back of the front seat and wrapped her left leg around me. After several thrusts I decided I wanted to see my new playmate naked. So I pulled her shirt and bra off over her head. Long auburn hair spilling down over her shoulders, bare breasts bobbing for a moment in the twilight of the car. I leaned down and took her right nipple in my mouth to suck and nibble. S let out a moan and sucked air in through her teeth making a hissing sound. “Sorry, was that too hard?” I asked. S replied, “NO, I like it, PLEASE!” I then repeated the same attentions to the left nipple. S arched her chest into me cradling my head in her hands, moaning as I tormented her tits with my mouth and fucked her wet pussy hard.
Eventually, I could feel my orgasm approaching. I grabbed the hair at the back of her head and pulled it down and back with my left hand as I clenched her ass in my right. I brought my face up to the right side of her head, pushing and pulling her down, onto me deeper as I fucked away. “UHHHHH! UHHHHH! UHHHH! She moaned out, her head pulled back, straining her neck, pulling her throat tight, mouth open. “Who do you belong to?” I whispered hot into her ear. “YOU!” she replied. “Say it!” I commanded, “YOU, I BELONG TO YOU! AHHHH! AHHHH! AHHH!” she cried out as she came and I exploded inside her pussy, announcing my own orgasm as it happened, “I’M CUMMING!!! AHHHH! AHHHH! AHHHHH! AHHHHH!”
She held me tight in her arms as I released her hair, allowing her chin to come forward. She started kissing the right side of my neck. Lightly scratching my bare back up and down with her finger nails. I slid my left hand down to join my right and lifted her ass to penetrate her deeper for a moment , kissing her lips, sliding my tongue into her mouth as I pulled out of her which brought another lusty noise from my now consummated mistress.
I removed the condom and S immediately went down on my cum covered cock and started sucking and licking it clean. This evoked a lusty moan from me. “UMMMM! WOW! Ok, we have to go!” I said. It was getting late and we both had spouses to get home to. She laughed a little at this and started getting her clothes on as I did the same. I wrapped the used condom and it’s wrapper in a tissue and made a point of throwing it into a trash can when we returned to the gym. I’m not overly religious mind you, but leaving used condoms in the parking lot of a church is just wrong and very disrespectful.
S snuggled up to me as I drove us back. My right arm around her shoulders, steering with my left hand. S had both hands on my right thigh, her head resting on my shoulder. She asked, “Was that good for you?” “Are you k**ding? That was amazing!” I replied. And she laughed. “And how was it for you?” I asked. In reply she slid her right hand onto my cock and gently squeezed it through my shorts, “That was incredible.” She whispered into my neck and kissed me. When we arrived we kissed again, and I asked. “Will I see you again Friday night?” “Oh yes!” was her response with a happy, satisfied smile on her lips. We said good night and went to back to our homes.
And so it began.

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