The best a man can get

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The best a man can get
Dear reader don’t let the title confuse you, this brief story is not a poor shaving advertisement but merely my thoughts on the first time a ‘special’ lady was able to take my manhood while fully erect into her mouth and with it me into ecstasy.

Over the past months prior to meeting this amazing girl I had finally managed to motivate myself into a decent work out routine and my athletic frame was starting to show the efforts of my work. My legs like pistons sleek but efficient and able to propel me forward for as long as she could take it.

The warm summer evening had started so many in recent weeks, the lady inviting me over for dinner and an evening of relaxation with easily the best sex in my life mixed in for good measure.

After the meal we retired to the living room to relax while the fantastic meal settled in preparedness for the evening’s activities. Like so many of our best sessions this one started with one of us giving into each others lust in the form of a hot make out session on the sofa.

Hearing the sound of her sighing as I kissed her neck, pinch her nipples, nibble on her ear lobe or even just scratch her naked skin was enough to send my penis into its fully erect state even in the confines of its jean prison cell, straining to break free and find its home in her sweet holes.

While enjoying the endless teasing session I eventually gave in as we retired to the bedroom for the evening’s main performance. As we entered her bedroom I spun her round into my waiting arms grabbing her sensational arse into my waiting hips and pulling her close for a bite kiss onto her lower lip to the sound of another sigh.

We then both very unceremoniously take off each others clothes before I throw her down onto the bed, before pouncing on top for another make out session. After what seems an eternity to my now free member of bucking against her equally desperate hips she rolls me onto my back and climbs on top.

Like a good conductor she is ready to perform her beautiful melody on my body sending me into bliss. She starts by causing pain scratching away at my chest hard enough to know she’ll receive revenge later something she’s counting on.

With her now fully in control she finally gives in and soothes me with a kiss on her sweet lips as she tilts my head to the side while grinding her hot hole against my throbbing member begging for attention. I try to control my hips and not grind upwards but fail.

She rewards my sign of lust by slowly kissing and biting my neck ensuring to leave her mark on me as I have to her earlier on the sofa. While I know what she’s going for she seems determined to make me wait teasing me kissing my body biting every so often to grab my attention away the feeling against my hips. My mind is already in overdrive by this point and its taking a lot of my energy not to roll her off and complete my hips desire to impale her.

I somehow resist as her kissing finally nears my now painfully erect penis, to my dismay she skips him and heads to the hips kissing my inner thighs upwards to my swollen testicles. As all good teases she uses this opportunity to look up as I stare through my blue eyes into her brown irises to sense the lust in my eyes as she blows cold air on me.

She takes great pleasure in knowing my delicious discomfort of this but I know as cold as he is, her moist warm mouth will make him feel so much better. She continues to blow up and down on my shift before coming up catching her breath blowing my final frozen breathe and taking my head into her warm mouth.

The change in temperature, the feeling of her mouth are something I struggle to put into written words and so instead let out a grunt as my mind wonders in the delight of the feeling.

With one her she steadies herself on the bed and with the other she grips my cock with a reassuring grasp. Just enough pressure to feel fantastic but not enough to cut off blood.

Her head and hand in motion they slowly work there magic going up and down, making me breathe heavier. It is as if she has got lost in the moment and forgets she wants to tease me as she pulls him out of his warm paradise and starts licking the length of my shaft downwards towards my balls.

As she gets closer she kisses each one as if to say hello to an old friend before lifting my cock up and sucking on one then the other. For part of me so sensitive in my body I am fully at ease enjoying the pleasure she is applying all the while giving me a slow hand job.

She then does something I don’t expect but thankfully enjoy and playfully bites at the skin holding my balls, she looks up for me approval and sees the smile plastered on my face and goes back to licking my shift as if painting it with the brush that is her tongue before taking him back into her wanting mouth.

As she begins sucking away again I can my balls returning to firing stations as she seems determined to suck her salty treat out of me into her glistening hole. The sensation of her taking me further into her mouth with her hand starting to get in the way at the bottom of my shift is unbelievable.

She alternates before quick bobbing on the upper half of my cock to trying to take him slowly ever deeper in her mouth for what seems an age, she slows down and a start taking deep breathes, the concern I raise is quickly hushed as she scoots into a 69 like position and takes him back her mouth.

From her new vantage point she gazes down as I buck my hips upwards begging for her attention once more she lowers her mouth down onto him ever further before getting near the bottom inhaling once more and letting him enter her throat.

The feeling is unparalleled as she has him whole in her throat squeezed by her mouth, it takes me breathe away. She slowly resurfaces for air with a proud look upon her face as if she’d just won a medal.

While my brain isn’t fully functional with the feeling of bliss my hips and penis are again begging her attention. Now refocused she goes back to quick short bursts up and down on my cock before catching her breathe and deep throating him once more.

I can feel my balls getting tighter as I know she is making me close to releasing my load down her wanting throat. I give her a warning of this impending release but this only seems to spur her home as she speeds up her hand and mouth movements.

In what seems like no times at all he begins to throb in her mouth and we both sense I’m close, she instinctively takes a long deep breathe and takes him deep into her throat as I’m over come in the moment releasing my salty seed down her throat.

The first spurt seems to surprise her as she comes back up for air, the second hitting her chin before she dives her head back on top of my erupting cock. With her expert hand and mouth I have without doubt the best orgasm I have ever had.

That ladies and gentlemen is the best a man can get……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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