The Boss

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The Boss
Lily had been working in the office for about six months when her boss called her in and shut his door. He looked her over and his eyes stared at the busty sexy girl. He loved to watch her ass as she walked down the hall each day. He just wanted to grab it and put his face all over the chunky ass cheeks. Today she had on a business suit with a tight knit top under the jacket. She had great firm full tits. He could only imagine what her pussy was like and how his cock would feel deep inside it. He then said “Lily, please sit as I have something to run by you.” She sat and he again stared at those big tits behind that tight top. She crossed her legs and he could almost see her panties if this sexy girl was even wearing any.

He then told her. “I am going to start a new project in the evenings and am looking for some one to work with me and help me get this thing going in addition to the day time job. It would be after work and late hours. If you want this project I will double your salary and allow you to come to work later each day so you can be sure to get your rest. I will have dinner brought in and save time to work. I think we would make a great team. What do you think?” She looked at him and tilted her head and said “I appreciate you thinking of me for this job and I would love to try it. I do not mind working late at all.”He then walked in front of his desk and took her hand and pulled her to him and hugged her tightly feeling the large tits press to his chest. “Thank you. This will be a big help and I am sure we will make a great team. We shall start tonight.” She then started for the door and he watched her ass as she left. His cock got hard as he watched that sexy ass leave his office.

Lily walked into his office after work and her boss had his suit coat off and his sleeves rolled up. He told her “You might as well remove your jacket too and get relaxed. The food is on the way and as soon as we eat we will begin.” Lily took off her jacket and the boss stared at the big tits inside that tight knit top. She had a perfect set of tits. Big and firm. He wanted to rip her top off and suck them and then strip her naked. He imagined bending her over his desk and fucking that cunt and filling her with cum till she screamed. He wanted to run his hands over that sexy ass and kiss it and suck it before he then fucked it. A body like hers could make a man want to fuck all night.

The first week they worked hard till about eleven each night. They changed clothes and wore more comfy things. As the week wore on Lily dressed sexier. The tops were tighter and low cut. She either wore tight jeans or a very short skirt. Her boss had a hard cock most of the time. One night she wore a very tight cotton top and no bra. He said to her “You look ravishing tonight. Quite sexy. I will have a hard time concentrating on the project.” She laughed and ran her hand over his face. Then she kissed his cheek. Before she could turn away he grabbed her and pulled her tight to him and said “You missed my mouth. Don’t you want to kiss my mouth?” He then kissed her giving her a deep tongue kiss and she responded sucking and rubbing her tongue to his. He kissed her again and this time ran his hands under her top and over her back. She pulled his shirt out of his pants and rubbed his back then his nipples. He kissed her neck and began pulling her top over her tits. His hands began massaging her huge globes and felt her nipples get hard. He pulled her top over her head and let it fall to the floor. Then his shirt followed it.

He pulled her tits tight to his chest and he pulled up the short skirt his hand gripped her ass and pulled her tight to his cock as he kissed her exploring her mouth with his tongue. He undid the skirt and pulled it and her panties off and had her naked right there in his office. He sat her on his sofa and locked the door and removed his pants and briefs and now they were both naked and he had a rock hard cock. He sat beside her and pulled her to him and sucked on her big tits and hard nipples as his fingers probed her pussy. She surprised him when she spread her legs for his hand and he then played with her clit as he sucked hard on each nipple. He felt the wetness of her pussy and then he shoved a finger deep into her cunt and began to fuck her. She came fast and many times coating his finger with cum and he then added another finger and kept fucking her harder and deeper.

He pushed her back on the couch and laid beside her and was sucking her tits and finger fucking her when she then grabbed his cock and began to stroke him. She stroked his cock and then his balls making her boss need to be inside that wet cunt. He pulled his fingers from her hole and ran them over her lips covering them with cum and then licked them clean before he kissed her again. Then he got on top of her and shoved his cock in that warm wet hole and began to fuck her hard. She met his every thrust and grabbed his ass and ran her nails over it. This girl was sexy and loved to fuck. He began ramming his cock in and out harder with each thrust. She loved the way his thick cock filled her cunt full. He was a sexy good looking man and quite the stud. She was going to love fucking him as much as he wanted.

Too soon he filled her with cum then laid on her. He kissed and said “You are amazing. You have the best tits, cunt and ass. I just want to fuck you all night. I am going to eat that pussy and ass till I make you scream. Then I am going to fuck you again and again. Now spread those legs and let me at that wet pussy and sexy ass.” He slid down her body as she spread her legs wide for him and he began licking her then sucking her. He shoved his tongue in her cunt and cleaned all his cum form her as his finger entered her ass. He felt her shiver and cum as he sucked and fingered her. His finger was in her ass and his tongue in her cunt and he then took two fingers and rolled her clit as he felt her cum over and over. She was a horny sexy fucker. He was going to really work her over tonight. As he ravaged her body he then heard her scream and beg “Fuck me harder. Suck my cunt. **** my ass hard. Make me cum and then give me more of that big cock. Fuck me any way your want but just fuck me hard.” As her dirty talk flowed from her mouth his cock got rock hard. He then moved his tongue to her ass and began to tongue fuck her as three fingers fucked her ass.

Then he shoved her on to her hands and knees and got behind her and shoved his hard cock into her asshole. He heard her scream and he began to ass fuck her hard giving every inch of his long cock. As he fucked her he watched his cock spread her sexy ass wide and his balls slapped against her as he pounded her ass hard. He reached under her and grabbed each of her nipples and as he rammed her ass he pulled on the nipples stretching them far out. He rode her ass a long time fucking her hard as he tortured her nipples with ever thrust deep in her hole. She took all his pounding and begged for more. He then as he rammed the cock harder in her ass gave her ass cheeks a good spanking and as he spanked that white ass he felt he cum. She was a freak and loved it rough and hard. After he had that ass beet red he reached under again and slapped each tit a couple times. Her tits bounced as he slapped them. He then grabbed her her by the hair and pulled her head back and said to her “You like it rough don’t you baby. So tonight I am going to fuck that ass and cunt and show you how a nasty slut takes cock. I am going fuck you so hard you won’t want to walk or sit.” Then he kept fucking her harder and harder. When he filled her with cum he pulled his cock out and turned her on her back and laid on top of her.

He began kissing her and then sucking the tits giving each mound a light bite. Then he told her “Now my sweet sexy slut get down and kiss, lick and suck my cock, balls and ass. I want to feel that tongue deep in my asshole and I want my cock in your mouth and then I am going to shove every inch down your throat as I fuck your mouth hard and fill you with cum.” She began kissing his cock then licking it then sucking as she then lifted it and sucked each of his balls. She took a ball in her mouth and sucked it as her tongue licked it. She closed her mouth tight around the full balls and sucked him till he moaned. As she sucked his cock and balls she also finger fucked his ass. His cock was rock hard again as she worked him over. He loved that she had a strong desire for hard sex. He loved it rough and lots of it. He had great stamina when he was with a sexy body. She had the best body he had been with in a long time. She had those huge tits, nice warm wet tight cunt, and as ass to keep your cock in for hours. Spanking that sexy ass made her cum hard. He loved ass spanking. His last gf loved to be spanked till she came and wanted welts on her ass and tits. She was a pain freak and he loved to spank her and make her cum.

His cock then jerked as he felt her tongue lick his asshole. She licked around the rim then kissed him with a sloppy tongue kiss and pushed her tongue in deeper and tongue fucked that sexy ass till she made him scream. He yelled “Oh baby, fuck that ass. Stick that tongue in deep and hump me hard. Show me how good you can fuck my ass. Yes, grab my cock and jerk it hard for me. You are doing good baby. Very good. You like my big cock don’t you. I am going to give you a lot more of it. I am going to keep those legs spread wide and fuck and suck you and make you my fuck baby.” She did work over his ass and cock till she had him screaming and begging and then he came so hard he thought he was going to pass out. It was then late and they got dressed and left for home. The rest of the week was the same fuck session. On Friday he invited her to his cabin for the week end. She said yes and he told her “if you can’t walk Monday from all the fucking I am going to give you, I will give you the day off.” Then he laughed and gave her ass a swat as he grabbed a tit and sucked it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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