The Champion’s Creed

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The Champion’s Creed
The Champion’s Creed
An Erotic Psalm/Romantic Poem of Intimacy
by John, “Big John” Gallivan
Warrior Poet/Erotic Psalmist
Viking Gladiator

I reside in the feminine sanctuary of my Queen.
I stare deeply into those graceful citrine eyes,
I gently kiss Her majestic eyelashes of onyx.
I erotically pull and tug on Her amber pigtails.
Her jasper colors mesmerize me,
As I sweetly suck on Her kunzite lips.

I gaze upon Her image and rapidly melt.
My heart drops at Her seductive gaze.
I walk along Her fuchsia paths of ecstasy.
I swim in Her coral ocean of warmth,
For She is more gorgeous than the sunsets of Armadan,
And even the angels are mystified at Her brilliance.

Bask in my glory Feminine One as I destroy my opponents.
They are weak as twigs, and I laugh at their skills.
For nobody cheers their names; nobody chants their titles.
Nobody testifies of their great deeds, for they possess none.
For my religion is the respect of queens and princesses,
And I give my Goddess all reverence and unquestioned obedience.

Their proclamations are nothing but feeble words.
They are villains and thieves of women’s hearts.
They steal in the middle of the night and deceive by day.
I am the Chief Protector of Her Majesty.
I will counsel Her with intelligence; I will honor Her with patience.
I will satisfy Her with affection, and defend Her with my life.

I will cherish Her with fortitude. I will pass Her tests with endurance.
I will treasure Her with undying praise and worship.
Yea though I may become faint in the combat of the Internet coliseum.
I will not renounce, withdraw, or disavow.
For Her visions and faith uplift me,
And Her loveliness is the light in dark storms.

I embrace Her body tight for I feel complete.
Her bond with me is ever so growing.
Have you seen comets in a midnight sky?
Have you gazed upon the stars of Tamriel?
I say now and always, that no greater power
Exists than intimate monogamy.

Bless me Goddess with Your delicious affection,
For Your favor upon me is everlasting.
See my deeds, and see that they are just and pure.
Turn to me, and see the courage and fortitude of Your warrior.
Kind and gentle is Your spirit,
For You are prettier than the angels of Morrowind.

Have you witnessed the flight of the Great Phoenix?
It’s flaming tail leaving a buffet of radiant colors.
Its wings shadowing the ground with spectacular ambiance.
But even that is incomparable to the Goddess of Femininity.
Her curves are more splendid than the hills of Karshonia,
And Her face more stunning than the Golden Towers of Selah.

My virtuous patience comforts Her in the day.
My unequalled passion for Her captivates Her at night.
My strength is Her shield, and my companionship
Is the source of Her rejuvenation. My affection
Protects her. My adoration heals Her,
And I am nothing without Her.

Mountains melt like wax in Her presence.
The Stones of Almalexia liquefy in Her company.
The Antarctic glaciers thaw in Her attendance.
I worship, bow, and serve my Empress of Femininity,
The Author of Gentleness, The Goddess of Beauty,
The Princess of Seduction, the Queen of Cuties.

I am Her champion, the Viking Gladiator.
It is I that worship her gorgeous skin.
I grasp her immaculate crystal hips,
I glide on her ammonite curves,
I massage Her moonstone neck,
I continuously lick her diamond thighs.

She is the foundation of my beating heart.
Her sweet aroma gives air to my lungs.
Her girly touch is the essence of my life.
Blessed is the warrior who proves himself to Her majesty.
For he shall receive the endless soft kisses,
The most delicate touch, the secrets of Her spirit.

I play and tease Her rhodonite nipples.
My heart skips a beat when I see Her drip.
My mouth consumes her pearly white breasts.
She pulsates on my finger, holy nectar flowing eternal,
Her crimson passion shaking me within.
Her pretty orgasms engorging me.

I dwell in the pink Amethyst Temple of the Most High.
I slowly caress its soft garnet walls.
I adore its soft tourmaline roof.
I succulently kiss the spinel centerpiece over and over again.
I drink forevermore from its topaz fountain.
I boldly penetrate The Rubellite Gate.

Feel my supreme vitality, potency, and vigor Feminine One.
My heart pumps a warrior’s blood, fueled by girly kisses.
I stand mightily, behind you, my masculinity present.
I need You. I desire You. I want You and You only.
My body is enlarged, my brawn distended, my muscles tensed.
Envelope my infiltration with dynamic orgasm.

I thrust tremendously with every inch of my intensity.
Saturate me with living water my pretty Goddess.
Look upon me and see my eternal devotion.
Gaze in my eyes and see my omnipotent drive.
I cup Your face in my manly hands and kiss you ardently,
For Your physique accepts me, and quivers at my climax.

I shall lay beside You and caress You my Goddess.
Permit me to inform You of Your beauty for hours.
For I am desolate and afflicted without Your company.
I need You and no other. Kiss me please now and forever.
I hold Your hands and You give me the serenity I yearn for.
For when I see You and only You, I exhale in pure awe of You.

I live by The Champion’s Creed:
Bow to the queen. Serve Her and Her only.
Show Her infinite passion, affection, and romance.
For it is a privilege to praise the Goddess.
And it is an honor to die defending Her.
For there is no greater treasure or reward.

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