The Clio

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The Clio
I couldn’t believe my eyes, although yes there were the drunken goggles but this guy looked amazing. He had the brown short wavy hair with a gorgeous beard not too long or thick and piercing blue eyes, at least that what I thought I was seeing. Jack Daniels was making this man look fit. I couldn’t remember what the clubs name was but on the dance floor the lasers were bouncing around the room whilst I danced with one of my friends whilst trying not to spill the vodka lemonade in my right hand. The music was beginning to die down for the next song when I felt like I was being watched. My friend Freya was looking at me to get her attention when she started to move around but kept eye contact I followed her. Little did I know she wanted me to see the person who had been watching me? It was the same man I had just been looking at when he was at the bar. I quickly drank my drink and went back to the bar to get another but this time I thought I would get 2 jagerbombs and a jack and coke. Freya followed me over to the bar and ordered the same. I was starting to feel like my arms were extremely light and when I went back to the dance floor the man with the piercing blue eyes had moved. It didn’t matter to me I was just looking to have a good time with my friends. Freya was dancing away and singing alot to the songs when her boyfriend Markus came over and started to dance with her. That was me out of the window anyway, bye bye Freya and hello loneliness. Just as I was moving through the crowd to get back to the bar and stay out of everyone’s way a hand grabbed me and pulled me back to the dance floor. I didn’t see who it was but they felt warm. As we got back to the dance floor two hands grabbed my hips and began grinding against my butt. Whoever they were I couldn’t see them and I really didn’t like it. I fought to turn round to see if it was maybe someone I knew doing this as a practical joke. I was surprised to see those two piercing blue eyes staring back at me. He smiled and leaned in and kissed me. With the touch of his lips on mine I felt a tingling sensation in my pussy. No man had got that reaction from me before. He pushed me back down so his cock was rubbing against my ass and it felt good. Freya told me that she and Markus were away up to her house and that she would leave the door open for me when I came back. She saw I was “occupied” and left. I knew they would be having sex so I planned on going back in a couple of hours once they were hopefully done.
I didn’t know how long I had been dancing with this guy but it felt amazing and I could feel a bulge forming in his pants. When I turned round and faced him I pulled his head down to mine and gave him one of the best French kisses I’ve done in a long time if I do say so myself. His hand was moving down to my hips and to my buttock grabbing them and teasing me. When he pulled apart his eyes locked with mine.
“Fancy getting out of here and going somewhere quiet?” he smiled
“Sure” What else could I say he was like Mr nearly perfect? He grabbed my hand and led me down the stairs onto the street. It wasn’t a long walk until we reached a blue Clio.
“Are you ok to drive?” I asked him
“Yeah sure I only had a couple” Normally If I were sober I wouldn’t have dared get in a car with him like this or let alone someone I had only met an hour if that ago but there was something that attracted me to him.
Before I could even get my belt on he was leaning in and passionately kissing me deep and he wanted it, he wanted it now.
“I…Don’t even know your name” I managed to say between him kissing m
“It’s Chris”
“I’m Jess” The ignition started and I could see the bulge in his pants getting bigger and bigger. Reached over and pulled it out of his pants slowly working the shaft going up and down.
“Hmmm…” he moaned out loud
“You like that?”
“Hm…Yeah. Faster” he asked and I obliged. I got faster and faster until he cummed all over my hand and his pants. Teasing him I liked the cum off my hands. It took us only 5 minutes until we reached a quiet spot. He put his seat all the way back and started jerking himself to get hard again. I could feel my pussy juices flowing in my denim shorts and my nipples getting harder and harder watching him jerk off. I put my seat back as well resting a leg on his dashboard hoping he didn’t mind. I pulled my shorts down showing my purple lace knickers that were soaking. Pulling them to the side I slipped two fingers in and pushed them hard and fast in and out of my pussy watching him get hard. Once he was hard he leaned over to me and put the back of the chair down.
“Wait.” I asked him, I put a Johnny on his rock hard cock not wanting to take any chances.
“You ready baby?”
“Give it to me”
He pushed his rock hard cock deep inside my pussy the radio playing through the speaker behind him. It was blocked out with the slapping of his balls on my ass. It felt so good. His cock was bug and thick and filled me up good. I let out a loud moaning and he got faster and faster. I wanted to be on top and managed to manoeuvre around him to get him on the passenger seat. His eyes were hungry wanting me more and more and I wasn’t going to disappoint him. Slowly I rose and fell on his cock teasing him like he teased me. His hands guided my hips and down on him. The faster I got the more I moaned.
“I’m Cumming” I said to him. I could feel my pussy grabbing his cock and not letting go with the wash of the orgasm coursing through me.
“Ughhhhh!” he pulled out and ripped the condom off covering my stomach in his cum. I leaned in and kissed him jerking the rest of his cum out of his balls. Once we were finished he drove me to the lane were my friends house was.
“Will I see you again?” I asked
“You’ve got my number” and he drove off. And sure enough there in my demin shorts pocket was his number.
When I opened the door for my friends house the house was filled with their snoring. I climbed onto the sofa and pulled the cover over me slowly drifting into an endless sleep of the blue eyes man….Chris.

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