The Date Pt 1

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The Date Pt 1
First contact

He had seen her picture online and looking at her profile he knew she was not only beautiful but intelligent and had a sense of fun about her. He also knew she would never be interested in him in a million years.
It wasn’t that he was bad looking or stupid, it was just that she looked like the kind of person who could have anyone she wanted and he was just a bit non-descript and far too shy to ever be able to meet someone like her.
But over the next few days he had found himself visiting her profile time and again just to look at her photos. The were slightly out of focus but clear enough that they made an impression on him……. she was lovely and in a fit of uncommon bravado on his part he messaged her. More in hope of just a reply than of anything actually happening. Just the hope that she would at least respond so he could say he had tried to talk to her.
But she had replied. It was a short message but she didn’t brush him off with a thanks but no thanks. He felt a glimmer of hope spark into life. Maybe she would like to keep chatting.

The meeting

That had been just over a week previously and in the intervening time they had exchanged more messages than he ever thought they would and she actually liked him. They had talked about everything and anything and gradually the prospect of actually meeting had materialised and now it was time.
He had arrived 10 minutes early and parked the car so he could be there when she arrived. He wanted to observe her and hope he didn’t lose his nerve, she was still far too good for him as far as he was concerned but he had to see her face to face, maybe kiss her if she’d let him.
He waited and watched.
And there she was. His breath caught in his throat, she was stunning in a figure hugging dress and dark jacket, her long dark hair loose about her shoulders, moving when the wind caught it.
Paralysed he watched as she stood looking around, looking for him. The light from the shop windows cast shadows making her look ethereally predatory, one moment bathed in a halo of light, the next a darker shadow amongst many.
He was caught between desire and terror, fight or flight but he knew he had to go to her, to look into her eyes, see her smile and make himself an offering to her blazing beauty. He felt like a clumsy human enchanted by a vampire, drawn to her by the desire to bare his throat to her so that he could feel the exquisite pain of her mouth against his skin, the ecstacy of her teeth. He shook his head, this was just a date, just a meeting with someone he found so incredibly beautifu and attractive.
Steeling himself he stepped from the shadows and crossed the street towards her.
She turned at his approach and he looked down into her eyes as he stopped inches from her. His voice died in his throat. She was even more stunning than he had imagined (and he had imagined quite a lot in the last week) her dark hair framing a beautiful pale skinned face with lips shaded in a dark purple. He took a breath and could smell her fresh scent, clean and alluring, a hint of desire. Up close her dress was trimmed with lace giving her a sensual gothic feel and enhancing his image of the predatory vampire.
The silence hung between them for what seemed like an eternity.

‘Hello?’ she said, breaking the spell and seeming to laugh at his discomfort without making it seem like she was.
‘Hi, G’ he finally managed as he took her hand in his and raised it to his lips, gently brushing them against her knuckles. She smiled and possibly blushed at his touch, well he hoped it was his touch.
‘Shall we?’ She asked gesturing further down the street to the inn they were going to visit. He stood for a second still holding her hand and not entirely sure what to do with it before smiling and nodding his agreement. He let her hand drop and they turned together but as they walked to the pub he felt her hand touch his and her fingers entwine with his. Oh my god he thought, I’m holding hands with a dream.

The dream begins

They had spent several hours sitting in the bar chatting and laughing, swapping stories and embellishing heroic episodes. And throughout their hands had tentatively touched and then fingers entwined as they surreptitiously moved closer to each other until they sat with their thighs touching and their hands resting together as they looked into each others eyes.
‘You wanted to go to the beach.’ He stated as the bar staff began motivating patrons towards the door. ‘Would you still like to?’
She nodded and found her coat as he stood and offered his hand to her. Taking she stood and together they left the bar, waving thanks and farewells to the staff as they went.
Outside the breeze had tuned chilly and instinctively he put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to him. To his amazement she didn’t resist and even put he arm around his waist as they walked.
They chatted as they walked to the far end of the town where the concrete gave way to sand and stood looking out over the churning water, the breeze throwing flecks of foam off the waves as they crashed into the beach.
He let his arm drop and stepped away from her as she stood gazing intently at the raw passion and energy of the sea in the half light of the few lamps s**ttered along the promenade.
Whether it was the beer or the sea air he felt a sudden urge and stood behind her, snaking his arms around her waist and pulling her body close to his. Resting his nose against her hair he breathed deeply and hugged her tightly.
As he relaxed his grip she turned in his arms and put hers around his neck. She looked up at him with a desire in her eyes that he wasn’t used to seeing, was it imagination or his own need? But here she was held in his arms.
Lowering his head he kissed her. Tentatively at first but as he responded and her body leant into his he kissed harder, his tongue brushing her lips and teeth and feeling the tip of her tongue gently push against his.
Oblivious to the chill in the air and everything around him he pulled her closer, trying to express his desire through his kiss and the tensing of his body against hers.
The kiss lingered and his hands slowly dropped from her waist, gently caressing her buttocks and coming to rest at the tops of her thighs. Using his fingers he began pulling the bottom of her dress up, slowly exposing her thighs until his hands rested on the bare flesh of her butt………..

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