the hunting trip (my best friend 2)

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the hunting trip (my best friend 2)
Hunting trips are usually fun. Being stuck at a hunting lodge with my best friend ,Howard, in the middle of a raging blizzard is not my definition of fun. Howard was standing at the window looking out. Outside the snow was coming down so hard you couldn’t more than a few feet out. “Well at least we got free liquor out of this.” I said as I handed him another C-N-C. Howard gave me that look as he took the drink from me. “Next time we see a story on hunting in Alaska, let’s remember this and pass.” he said as he took a swallow of his drink.

“Well they are cutting us a deal. We free food, free liquor and they upgraded us to a suit with a hot tub on a private balcony.” I said as I sat down on the couch. Yeah and its got a huge shower. The damn thing has four shower heads and things shoot water out the sides of the walls.” Howard replied. “speaking of which. I haven’t had a shower today. I think I’ll get one now.” Howard added as he stood up and took a long swallow of his C-N-C.

I watched as he disappeared into the bathroom and I heard him start the water in the shower. I also noticed he didn’t shut the bathroom door. I turned back to the window and took a sip of my drink. I had taken a couple more sips when I heard Howard say, “Hey man can you do something for me.?” I turned around to find Howard standing at the bathroom door, wet with a towel wrapped around his waist. “ummm, what?” I choked out as I took a big swallow of my drink. “Come wash my back. I mean its not like we haven’t seen each other naked.” he replied as he dropped the towel. I learned an important lesson at that moment; do not take a swallow of a liquor drink when your best friend strips in front of you. C-N-C shot out of my nose as I choked and gasped for air. Once I had gotten my breath and cleared my head I asked, “you want me to wash your back?” “Yes” he answered as he turned and walked back in the bathroom.

I got up and headed to the bathroom door, finishing off my drink in the process. When I got to the door, Howard was standing at the shower. “Like I said, it ain’t like we ain’t seen each other naked before.” he said as he opened the shower door and disappeared into the steam and water. I stripped and followed Howard a moment later.

Howard handed me his shower gel and cloth then turned around to face, spread his legs and leaned forward. I soaped the cloth and started on his shoulders. “So what brought this on?” I asked. “I’ve been think about something.” Howard answered. “Do you ever think about that night at the camper?” ” ummm…yeah…sometimes. Why?” I answered, I felt sure I knew where this was headed. “It’s taken me a while to realize after all ex’s your the only person who has always been there for me. That night at the camper just made me realize it.”

“So let me get this straight, one night after drinking, we had a hook up and suddenly your what bi, gay? I said as I worked my way down his back. “I’m not gay, bi or anything like that.” Howard said. “But that night with you was the best sex I’ve had since I got laid by my first girlfriend. It was better than anything I ever did with my ex’s. So it’s gotten me thinking that maybe we needed to talk about this.” he said as he turned around.

I looked down to see Howard’s hard dick pointing straight up at me. What surprised me though was when Howard and reached out and took my balls and dick in his hand. I was hard in seconds. ” I know neither one of us is gay.” Howard said. “But we both of us know that was time was great. And I think this storm is a perfect chance to see if we can do that again..or even more.” “More?” I asked. “I want to try everything I’ve been reading about. Jacking, sucking, fucking, poppers. I’ve had a few girls I’ve snowballed with. But I wanna see what it tastes like right out the dick.”

Howard knelt in front of me. I looked down and watched as my best friend took my hard dick in his mouth. Howard looked up at me as he started to bob his head on my dick. I could feel his tongue as he worked it way over and under my head. i let a moan escape from my mouth. I felt Howard reach around and take my ass cheeks in his hands as he sucked me faster. I put one hand behind his head and the other I put on his shoulder. It felt like Heaven. I looked down again as Howard took my dick out of his mouth and licked his way down and back up my shaft over and over. I watched as he stuck his tongue in my slit and licked the precum.

Howard stood up and cupped my head and pulled me forward. Our lips locked in a kiss. Our tongues danced in each others mouth. Our hands roamed over each others body. We squeezed each others asses and groped the others cock and balls. I ran my hand up his chest and pinched his nipples. When we broke our kiss, I looked at him and said “my turn.” I knelt in front of Howard and took his dick in my mouth and went to work. I sucked his dick hard,licking over the head and savoring the taste of his precum. I took his dick deep down my throat till his bush tickled my nose. I felt Howard grind his bush into my face. I pulled off his dick and pushed my face down and took each of his egg sized balls in my mouth, a “yessss” escaping from his throat. When I stood we kissed again, deep and rough.

I broke our kiss and looked at Howard. “We need to get in bed. I have an idea.”
I got out of the shower and grabbed a towel and made my way into the den. I stopped and made us two drinks as Howard walked out of the bathroom, drying himself off. “Wanna stop?” I asked Howard as I handed him his drink. “NO WAY!!” Howard said back as he took a big swallow of his drink. I went in my bedroom and Howard followed. I grabbed a DVD from my bag and popped it in the DVD player. Howard laid back on my bed and I laid beside him as the porno started. As we lay there I fast forwarded to a scene I knew off. It was two young guys in a 69.

I finished off my drink and looked at Howard, “Wanna try that?” I asked Howard nodding my head toward the TV. Howard finished his drink and slide down the bed. I turned around and pulled myself to him. We took each other’s dick in our mouths and started to suck. It was great as we lay there sucking each other as the porno played and the actors did the same. I worked a finger around to Howard’s asshole and started to finger him. I felt Howard tense and his mouth came off my dick. “Don’t stop. Finger fuck me dude.” he said as he took my dick back in his mouth.

We lay there sucking each other. Our tongues flicked over each others dicks and balls. Our fingers piercing each others asses. Moans filled the room and sweat cover our bodies. I felt Howard’s ass muscles tighten around my fingers and knew he was getting ready to cum. That was a good thing as my balls were fully boiling and I could feel my own load building. Howard’s dick head swelled in my mouth and the precum poured out. God he tasted so good, so sweet and yet so salty. Then it happened; he came and hard. The first volley shot out of his dick and splashed against the back of my throat. That was all it took as I filled his mouth with my own cum. I lay there sucking his dick and swallowed every ounce of his man seed. Howard lay there doing the same. He swallowed every drop of my cum and lay there licking my dick as it went soft. When we were spent we lay together and kissed. Light, tender kisses, kisses only lovers do.

“Was that what you wanted?” I asked. “It’s a start.” he answered as he got up and went to his room. “Where you going?” I asked. “Hold on. I’ll be right back.” he answered. A moment later he came back with a huge joint, he took a long draw and handed it to me. “Let’s smoke this and then we can move on to round two.” A smile forming on my face. “I can’t wait.” was Howard’s answer.

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