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He’s about 6’3″, bald with bright blue eyes ex-marine with a strong solid body and the sex appeal and swagger of a 21 year old. I can’t get him out of my head. We met in anatomy and physiology lab class, I was extremely shy at first but not because he was a new person and my partner but because he was beyond attractive. We learned how to take blood pressures and pulses one day in class, while he unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his tight chest so I could put the stethoscope over his heart I couldn’t help but to just stare. He caught me; my face blushed bright red as I tried to act natural. I listened to his heart and leaned over so my breasts were no more than a foot from his face and heard an increase in beats as he noticed my cleavage. His turn; I sat down and I placed it on mine and he took my hand to adjust the position, my heart sped as his groin was directly in my line of sight. I giggled and he moved to the side. Asshole. I just wanted to tell him that I wanted to taste his cock, that I wanted to shove him down my throat and suck him dry. That was the last and only close encounter we had.

I’m only 5’4″ with short blonde hair that have stripped pink blue green and purple colors in it. I have hazel eyes and full lips. I’m only 20 years old but have all the sexual urges and fantasies a man could want. And that’s what I’m going to get tonight. I’m going to tell him bluntly that I’m offering to do whatever he wants. I made sure my 38D tits were VERY noticeable with a drooping V-neck. God I want him to be my daddy for just one night.

After lab I pulled him aside. ‘Mark, can I talk to you for a minute?’ we walked down the stairs and into a side room and I made sure no one was around to hear what I was offering before I spoke. ‘listen I know your twice my age so it might be awkward for you and I completely understand if you reject it but I’m bluntly telling you that I want you to take me home, ravish me in any way you want, use me if you want. I’m willing to do anything that you want, I mean anything.’ He just stood there, mouth open staring at me in disbelief.

After a few moments I added ‘think about it and let me know next week if you want me or not. Meet me here to let me know.’ Oh yeah, I’m smooth, I thought to myself as I left.

The next week we went through lab like nothing happened. Talked normally, acted normally, nothing awkward at all. I noticed mark walking out the door at the end of lab so I followed him a few minutes later. I bounced to the spot when I was stopped dead by a pull on my backpack. I was shoved up against the wall in the inside of an empty classroom, unable to move or speak with his body against mine and his hand covering my mouth.

He whispered ‘you want my answer?’ I nodded my head. ‘I’m going to destroy that pussy of yours.’ I moaned to his response. ‘Remember that time when you left the room and left your phone with me?’ I nodded. ‘I went through your texts, you want me to be your daddy for a night?’ My body almost gave out as I nodded slowly.

He shoved his hand down my pants and his fingers found my pussy. ‘You’re such a little whore, you’re dripping wet. I can’t wait to eat your cunt. Would you want a taste of your cunt?’ He slammed his fingers into my pussy hard and fast till I melted; I nodded. He pulled his hand out and licked his wet fingers then put them in my mouth ‘mmm you taste so good. Suck daddy’s fingers clean. Good little whore,’ he said as I sucked my juices from his fingers. ‘Tomorrow, 8:30, meet me outside. Doesn’t matter what you wear cause it will all come off anyways.’ He kissed me hard and rough before walking away.

I was there casually dressed on the outside; underneath I had no bra, a under bust corset, no panties, and a mini skirt that didn’t even begin to cover my ass. He pulled up, rolled down the window and told me to get in. We drove for awhile to his place, no words we exchanged until we parked in his garage.

‘Please tell me you’re wearing at least something sexy under that?’

I laughed and reassured him ‘don’t think I’m naive or stupid, of course I am.’ he smiled and gently rubbed my knee.

We left the car and walked into his house. He escorted me to his bedroom, ‘make yourself at home,’ he said and left me in there alone. I removed my outer layers except my knee high boots which made my ass pop. I looked through his room, the closet, drawers, under the bed for anything kinky to play with; I gave up and sat on the bed again.

He returned with a box and a smile on his face when he saw my outfit. He lifted me off the bed and held me in his tight embrace while he kissed me long. His hands feeling my body, spreading my ass cheeks as I pulled him closer feeling his broad shoulders.

I tried to feel his cock but he snapped my hands away saying, ‘no, you’re my fuck toy. I have something else you can fuck before you can have me.’ He walked to the corner of the room, moved the rug and opened a trap door in the floor and pulled out the love glider, a chair that has a dildo attached. ‘I bought this for you,’ he said as he patted the seat, ‘I know you’re ready to fuck, I want to watch you.’

I was embarrassed and shook my head, he really expects me to do this?! ‘Not an option,’ he snapped as he grabbed my arm and pulled me onto the chair ‘be a good girl and straddle it, now.’ My face was beat red and I was almost in tears as I straddled the seat and inserted the large dildo into my pussy. He removed a collar with nipple clamps attached from the box and put it on me, he placed the nipple clamps on and immediately the sensation shot through my body. I started to rock on the seat, the dildo moving into my pussy. He sat on the bed still fully clothed and smirked as he watched me. I stared into his eyes cursing him in my mind for making me do this for him, I felt so ashamed and powerless but sexy at the same time. I rocked harder on the chair, allowing the dildo to enter deeper and faster into my cunt. I saw the bulge in his pants grow as I moaned louder.

‘You like your new toy don’t you? You look so sexy right now baby. You want me to take my clothes off?’

‘Ohhhhh god….mmm yes, yes please. Oh my god, I want to suck your cock,’ I screamed as I fucked my toy. He stood up, took off his shirt, my god that chiseled chest is amazing. He unbuttoned his jeans and slid them off with his boxers exposing his huge cock, much bigger than the dildo I had been fucking in front of him. I reached out to grasp his large member, mistake. He quickly tugged on the nipple clamps sending me into convulsions as I fucked my toy faster.

He chuckled and calmly said ‘you may touch it after you’ve cum. Cum for me,’ and he tugged on the clamps harder. I cried out in pain and pleasure as I forced the dildo in as far as it would go.

‘I’m cumming, OHHHH fuck fuck,’ I wailed as I twitched and squirted on my toy. I grabbed his arm that was tugging on the clamps and dug my nails into it as my orgasm hit its peak till it subsided.

He ran his fingers through my hair and pulled my head back so my face was towards his, ‘you’re such a good girl’.

Almost in tears from cumming so hard I responded ‘please…… I need more….. I need you….’

He grabbed a fistful of my hair and held my head in place in front of his cock. It was beautiful, perfect, intoxicating. He slowly rubbed the head against my lips and my tongue licked the tip. ‘Open your mouth wide,’ he said and I did as he told. He shoved his cock into my mouth and down my throat, I sucked him hard and before I knew what hit me I was rocking my hips fucking myself again. His grip got tighter and his head fell backwards as he sighed.

‘Your mouth feels so good baby,’ he said shoving his dick in too far, I choked. ‘I’m sorry! Here, let me make it up to you,’ he said as he pulled me off my toy and onto the bed. I was very sad to leave my toy and my pussy felt so empty without it. He removed the clamps and I winced as it was released. He rubbed my sore nipples and sucked on them softly while massaging my tits. His big strong hands felt so good.

My body was spent and my mind wasn’t there anymore. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him up to my mouth, I kissed him deeply while his hands made their way down my body. ‘Relax and let me take care of you,’ he whispered as he gently pushed my legs open. He moved in between them and kissed down my neck to my stomach then to my hips. He massaged my inner thighs and I opened them wider so he could have more access to my womanhood. He teased me by coming so close to my pussy lips with his hands and my clit with his mouth but never touching them.

‘Oh god!’ I thought to myself, ‘just take me already!’ as I arched my body upwards trying to make him taste me. He continued to tease me until I couldn’t handle it anymore, it was like torture, but of course that’s what he wanted; he wanted me to beg for it, wanted me to plead for his touch. My nipples were aching and my cunt was screaming, I was getting flushed and my body was so hot, I needed this man inside me.

I reached down and touched his head, he looked up at me and I said, ‘Mark, I need you, please.’ Immediately he covered my pussy with his mouth, licking my clit and lips, his fingers deep inside my cunt and he found my g-spot. I moaned loud and moved all around trying to keep myself from cumming so quickly.

He lifted his mouth off my clit and snapped, ‘cum for me. I know your there already, squirt for me baby…’ He finger fucked my hole hard and fast and returned to sucking on my clit. I stopped jerking around and did as he told me; hot flashes went through my body, waves so hard that I got lightheaded. He removed his mouth, took his free hand and started to rub my clit hard as he hissed, ‘yeah that’s it baby, you’re my dirty little whore. Cum for daddy, squirt all over me slut!’ That set me over the edge, I came hard squirting all over his hand, streams hitting his stomach and dripping down on his rock hard cock.

‘You’re such a good little slut,’ he said to me after the waves subsided. ‘Get on your knees,’ he demanded as he forcefully flipped me over and smacked my ass. I jumped and winced as I tried to manage to crawl up onto my shaking legs. He pushed my legs apart and said in a menacing tone, ‘this is going to hurt,’ and he shoved his dick in my pussy hard. I cried out in pain as he filled my swollen cunt up to its capacity. I was completely helpless as he laughed at my pain and continued to fuck me harder and deeper. He reached his hand around my hips and found my clit, he fucked and rubbed in perfect harmony and I moaned and screamed cursing him. He felt so good, the combination of his hard slaps on my ass, the forced running on my clit, and the painful dick in my cunt set me over the edge. I reached my left arm backwards and found his stomach and clawed at him with my nails while my right hand dug into the sheets.

I looked him in the eyes and between moans and grunts I choked out, ‘cum inside me…. I need to feel you cum….. I’m your little cum slut daddy…. Treat me like one.’ His eyes turned from ecstasy to bewildered as he pushed my head down into the bed and fucked me harder and faster.

‘You want to be my fucking cum slut?’ he spit at me.

‘Oh god yes daddy, yes!’ I shivered as I heard him say it.

‘You want to know my seed is inside you?!’

‘Mmmmm fuck yes daddy!’

‘I’m going to use you like the fucking slut you are, you filthy cunt!’ he grabbed a fist full of hair and snapped my head off the bed and pulled my head back while pushing on my back, making my body arch into a U shape. He fucked me hard and fast and deep and I could feel his cock slamming against the far end on my pussy wall. ‘Here it is baby, you want my load?’

‘Yes daddy yes! Cum inside me! I’m cumming with you!’ I screamed as he came; I felt his seed splatter inside my walls, filling me, sending me over the edge. I came all over his pulsating cock, our cum mixing into one. His eyes rolled back into his head as his thrusts became less forceful.

He stayed inside of me till his cock became soft and plopped out, our juices spilled out with it. He laid on the bed next to me and I rolled onto my back, rubbing our juices all over my sore and raw pussy. He ran his fingers through my hair, petting me.

‘You’re one crazy bitch,’ he said through his laughter as he kissed me. ‘Now where does your fiancé think you are?’

I smiled and said, ‘I told him I was going to visit my best friend and that I needed girl time’.

‘Clever bitch’. He smacked my tits and commented, ‘I hope this isn’t a onetime thing. Do you want to do this again? Same time next week?’

My eyes lit up, ‘I’d be crazy not to…. Daddy,’ I responded in a sly tone and giggled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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