The Lake P2

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The Lake P2
As Rob’s fist found its way into his friend Jake’s thick hair, and his rigid cockmeat pulsed against his buddy’s soft lips and slippery tongue, he had that moment of disbelief that suddenly flashes when you dare to step into something you never imagined you’d want. He cased the perimeter for privacy, as his mind raced to comprehend his own choice. But as he looked down again, he could see Jake patiently grinning up at him with a mouthful of fever-thickened cock, giving Rob the freedom of this questioning moment at hand. Nothing was spoken, but in that millisecond, Rob tossed his doubts to the shameless winds, and surrendered to the scintillating feeling that was emanating from his half-swallowed shaft, as it rocketed a heady, lewd rush throughout his entire being. His fingers locked into Jake’s curls, and a slow motion hip-rocking began out of pure orgasmic instinct. If Jake hadn’t had his face full of sliding man meat, he would have hissed a long “Yeesssss”.

As Rob looked down on the lusciously vulgar display he was headlining, he discovered a new lascivious flavor of arousal. He had certainly had some stellar females on their knees to swallow his long cock and jettisoned seed, but with them, there was always that unspoken awareness of their more delicate physical nature, so he would often hold back the more savage fury with most. There was something intrinsically unbridled in having a sturdy male opening willfully for his pleasure, and it whispered to his libido, “Time to let it ALL loose…no holding back!”

So, when Rob began to really force-feed his mushroomed head near-past Jake’s vibrating larynx, he could feel the growl of lustful hunger for more echo back through his obscene bones. He could also feel Jake’s fingers digging into his asshole and pulling him in even further, as the fire between them ramped up to a place that Rob had yet to experience. He slammed onward relentlessly, and in a mad moment of bestial face-fucking, he nearly toppled Jake onto his back, save for the sturdy tree behind his sucking mate, and this stumble created their first panting break in the carnal action.

“You okay?” Rob asked through his labored breathing.

“Oh, yeah.” was Jake’s wickedly happy reply.

Rob looked down to see Jake’s gorgeous cock seeping pre-cum like a weeping volcano, showing Jake clearly being in heaven over their al fresco mouth-to-cock coupling. Something about that visual made Rob kneel in close and stroke Jake as their eyes locked.

“Fuck, you are soaked.” Rob had often used those words with women, and in that remembrance, he did exactly what he did with the girls. He took his hand glistening with Jake’s precum, smeared it across his friend’s still parted mouth, then leaned in and kissed him hard. Jake’s heat index soared from the sensuous assault, and in no time the men had their cocks locked to and sliding against one another through a two-fisted tunnel, until Jake broke it with a desperate, hoarsely whispered plea.

“Fuck me, Rob, please. My throat, my ass, I don’t care. Just take me and fill me. I want to feel you explode inside of me. I want to make you cum like you never have before.”

Rob’s mind was already there, running ahead, already calculating what he most wanted. There was a hovering pause, then Rob yanked both himself and Jake to their feet, turned his prey to face the tree and bent Jake over, unfolding and steadying his stance like a portable card table. Jake obviously wanted Rob to rule this moment, and Rob greedily took the reins.

“Grab some trunk and spread ‘em, fuck boy”, Rob smirked, which Jake had nearly done before the end of Rob’s sentence.

There was this lush, willing, pretty asshole staring at Rob through the lilting breeze, dilating and clamping shut in a “please force me open, I dare you” rhythm. Those muscular cheeks formed a perfect cleft that Rob began riding in a long tease as his mind wrapped around the one thing he realized that they were missing.

“What about lube, Jake?”

“Spit works. Do it. Give me your cock first.”

Jake reached back, pulled Rob forward so he could christen the invader with his own spit. And while he did, Rob reached down again for the glycerine’d precum hanging from Jake’s cock tip, and smeared that first into the purring, dirty hole he was about to breach. Rob stepped back to his perch, leaned over, and spit and licked and fingered and pre-cum-slicked Jake’s taunting anal ring, until it yawned open as if it could form the word, “Now!”.

Jake’s hold on the tree tightened as Rob’s fully swollen head nuzzled right into the target’s thrust point. Rob held there for a moment, prompting Jake to push back to incite the ride.

Rob had a wicked, Dom sort of moment, as he quietly but intently said, “Beg me. Tell me what you want, what you need, Jake.”

“Fuck!”, Jake moaned. Somehow, Rob knew exactly how to set this off right, and Jake pleaded earnestly. “Fuck me, Rob please. Bury your balls in my ass and leave a bucket or three of cum there. Pretty fucking please!!”

Rob smirked to himself, and whispered back, “I thought you’d never ask.”

In the next nanosecond, Rob locked his grip to Jake’s widespread hips, and shoved himself as far inward as the spit lube would allow him on first thrust, and in that moment, both men let out raw moans that shook the lake shore’s serenity. Rob reached under Jake again for more pre-cum to lube his shaft with, then returned to the mounting forced-peg-in-hoie match, that both bodies were now straining to accomplish.

Once again, Rob felt no need to hold back on his ferocity with such a virile form as his receptacle, so he rammed his meat into the tight, close, humid heat of Jake’s enveloping ass canal like a drill spike pole-driving to reach the earth’s core. The men were both soon growling obscenities, slamming against one another, neither one holding an ounce of sexual savagery back. The tree was shaking and any denizen of the branches had long since flown off, or jumped away from the fury of the quake below.

When Rob hit balls deep inside of Jake’s acquiescent asshole the first time, he had to stop from the incredibly vibrant, razor-edged sensory arousal on his entire organ, from tip to balls to base, even back to his own tingling asshole. Both men needed a breather actually, though the fucking was far from done. Rob leaned forward, kissing and nipping at Jake’s back, u*********sly reaching for Jake’s slippery rock hard cock, which he stroked lovingly as he panted his words.

“This. Is sooooo. Fucking. Good.” Then came a long pause where Rob was about to ask something that Jake could sense already.

“Don’t label it, Rob. it’s just you and I enjoying something new together. We can do this again. or not.”

Rob laughed. “Yeah, like ‘not’ is a fucking possibility.” Both men laughed.

“You still like girls right? Jake asked. “Fuck, yes.” Rob answered.

“Well, there ya go. Don’t label it. Just fuck me and enjoy it. And invite a girl next time to join us if you want.”

Rob began to rock gently into Jake’s ass, while finessing more long, taunting strokes along Jake’s cock-length.

“You know what I want, Jake?”


“I want you to tell me when you’re about to cum. I want us to cum together if we can. But I’m going to make you cum from this ass-fucking, and from whatever hand job I can muster. When you cum, I’m going to make sure it’s all over your own face.’

Jake muttered “Oh, Jeeessuuss” under his breath, just as Rob started pummel-fucking his ass into the tree bark again. As the pounding ramped up ever further, and the woodland creatures s**ttered from the rabid sounds being echoed through the rippling air, Rob was ramrodding his cock’s full length into Jake’s split bottom harder than he’d ever fucked anyone anywhere before, and somehow still managing now and then to reach down and stroke Jake towards his own spurting peak.

Rob was buried deep in Jake’s ass, shoving forcefully inward and pulling out as far as he could without losing entry, as he leaned his long torso over the trembling Jake and grunted, “It’s time, Jake. You gonna cum for me?”

“Fuck yes!” Jake yelled, “Do it! Cum inside me! Pleeeease” Those were all the syllables he could manage.

Rob fought to hang onto Jake’s cock as he made his final slams into that luscious dark hole, heading for his own cum-dumping orgasm. When his trigger finally tripped, Rob roared with abandon into the stratosphere, and the rutting, spasm’d motions of Rob’s eruption took Jake right to the edge of his own precipice, wondering what would push him over.

As Rob’s seemingly endless cumwash emptied from his exploding body inside of Jake’s breached chasm, Rob began to fold over Jake again, as if to curl in and plumb for even more depth. As he did, he began a fast and furious pumping motion on Jake’s cock with his strong, supple hand, and in no time he could feel Jake’s orgasm hover, tremble, then fly.

As Rob continued to sully the depths of Jake’s ridden rump, he fought to stay conscious enough for perfect aim. And to be certain the deed hit the target, he used one hand to press Jake’s face downward to his chest, so he would be in the path of his own spattered lust.

Both men rolled and roared through peaks and valleys and aftershocks and sopping spoils’ spillage. Then their legs eventually gave way, and they found themselves in a pile of leaves and grass against the tree trunk, still rocking, softly moaning, neither of them wanting to stop moving or fucking. Ever.

For awhile, there was nothing but gasping and panting and filthy sated sounds coming from the pair in the pile, with Rob’s cock still pulsing inside of Jake’s soaked innards.

“Jesus, Rob, you fuck like a champion. You can do me anytime you like.”

“Your ass, Jake. Nice fucking hot place to burrow into. Fuck!”

There was a long pause as both men let the sounds of the woods fill the crackle of silence between them.

Jake spoke first. “How about a dip in the lake to wash off our delicious dirty sins.”

“Perfect” replied Rob as he began to wriggle out of the tight little rear hole of Jake’s he was buried in.

As the two uncoupled, it was the first face to face they’d had in the aftermath. There was another awkward silence, then Jake said, “You okay?”


“Don’t worry, we’re not boyfriends now.” Both of them laughed. “But we can play like this whenever you and I get the urge.”

“Deal.” Rob said with a smile, silently whispering to himself that he might have to fuck Jake’s ass again before they left this very day. Once wasn’t going to be enough for something this good. Not today.

Rob laughed suddenly in the tenuousness of the moment. “You should see yourself, you’re a fucking mess”. He brushed the cum stuck leaves and dirt from Jake’s face and found one patch of unsullied cream and licked it off before kissing Jake again. It seemed to seal the secret pact.

“Mmmmm, you taste good.” Rob said. “I’ll have to try sucking your cock some time.”

“You’d better.” Jake laughed. Then he looked down at Rob’s beautiful cock, covered in ass and cum. He pushed Rob backwards and leaned down for a long taste. Before he devoured the dipped shaft, he looked up at Rob and said, “We can’t leave all the good stuff in the lake.”

Rob wondered if they would make it into the lake as Jake savored him over and over through the cocky clean up.

Then, as he moved up to share a soiled kiss, Jake gently added, “I really want to fuck your ass too sometime, Rob. If you’re up for it.”

Rob felt a renewed warmth, remembering some hot pegging he’d tried with a recent girlfriend. He pulled Jake into his face, and both men’s cocks found each other again like true rutting north.

“Yeah. I’m up for it. Had some girlcock there. It was great. I especially loved watching her get off on fucking me too, sooo…. maybe, face to face first time? I wanna watch you fuck me.”

Jake was viscerally and visibly aroused in an instant with that thought.

Rob added quietly, “Always wondered what it would feel like to have the cock spurt inside me. Maybe after a dip. On the rock. If we’re still alone.”

The men sealed that idea with one more dirty kiss, then wandered off to rinse off their first feral coupling in the still of the lake. Just as they reached the water, Rob grabbed a handful of Jake’s flexed butt, and said,”I don’t know, Jake. Your ass may be addictive.”

Jake laughed and as he prepped to dive in, he echoed back, “I was kinda counting on that!”

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