The Librarian

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The Librarian
I walk into the vast library at around noon, prepared for a long day’s hard study. As I walk past the front desk my eyes are drawn to a beautiful young lady who I’ve never seen before, sat busily stamping a huge pile of returned books. Long jet black hair, bright emerald green eyes, full pouting lips, slender neck and firm pert breasts hidden under a light floral dress, she is by far the most beautiful lady to ever work in the library. She looks up at me as I pass and for an instance our eyes meet. She smiles briefly and I return the smile nodding my head slightly as I continue into the library. I find an empty desk and set my books down then wander through the library, collecting material for my research. I settle down at the desk and bury my head in the books, focusing my concentrating on my work.

The hours roll by and I can’t help noticing each time she walks by me. Her breasts almost have a life of their own as they bounce and jiggle as she walks. And is it my imagination, or does she like to swing her hips as she walks, causing her ass to wiggle seductively? Nah, just my mind working overtime. Then again…. I return my attention to the books but find my mind wandering more and more as I think about the way she moves, her beautiful smile, what she may look like naked… come on man! Get a grip! You’ve got work to do! I start reading again and soon the afternoon turns to evening.

I look up from my books when I notice that night has fallen and look around, surprised to see the library deserted accept for me. I stifle a yawn then look at the clock: 8.15 p.m. I stand and stretch, relieving the cramp in my muscles and pick up the large pile of books I selected from various shelves around the library I wander down the quiet hallways, replacing the books on the shelves. As I go up to the third level I hear a faint sound from deep within the rows of shelves and pause, listening. But on hearing nothing else I shrug my shoulders and continue, walking into the dimly lit aisles. As I return the final book I hear another sound, this time a little louder. Was that a moan? Curious I pad silently towards it as I hear it again and this time with a slight rustling sound. As I reach the far end of the hall I peek around the shelves and my jaw drops to the floor by the sight that greets me.

The pretty young librarian is lying on a long wooden table, a book in one hand the other slowly sliding over her dress, gently squeezing one of her breasts. The hand flicks up to the book, quickly turning the page, then returns to her breast, the long fingers running up the side towards the nipple pressed against the thin dress. Her chest start to rise and fall faster as her fingers slowly caress around prominent mound, then lightly pinch and twist it. She let out a long moan and increases the force of her caresses, pulling the nipple hard and spanking it. The hand flicks up to turn the page again then slides down the dress to her slowly spreading legs. She hitches up her skirt around her waist, giving me a wonderful view of her skimpy white panties, then lets out a deep groan as her finger slides over the panties, caressing her sex. Her finger slides slowly back and forth over the panties and she gasps slightly each time she rubs what I guess must be her clit. By this time my cock is raging inside my pants and I look around, hoping to spot a better vantage point, but there are none so I stay put.

Her finger slides faster and faster over her pussy mound, her chest fluttering as whatever she is reading turns her on more and more. Her fingers then creep under the waistband of her panties and I see them start to work quickly up and down. She starts panting and gasping, then drops the book to one side and brings her free hand down to her breasts, quickly exposing one of the erect nipples. The fingers in her panties stop sliding up and down, and she spread her legs wider as she pushes them into herself, letting out a long moan as she does so. The fingers start to move back and forth, obviously sliding deep into her pussy as she teases her nipples more frantically. Her groans and pants become louder and faster and her fingers quickly bring her to closer to orgasm. Suddenly she throws her head back, raises her hips high off the table and clamps her legs around her hand, barely stifling a loud yell as she cums. She collapses on the table, breathing hard, then slowly withdraws her fingers from her panties and raises the glistening digits to her mouth, licking them clean.

She slowly gets up off the table, adjusts her dress and picks up to book, looking at it with a little smile spread across her face. She walks back to the shelf and replaces the book, then looks at her reflection in the window, checking everything is in order before walking down the aisle next to her and back to the main library. I watch her go, ensuring she doesn’t see me, the walk swiftly down the row towards where she replaced the book. It doesn’t take long for me to find it and I quickly flick through, a sly smile coming to my face as I turns out to be a book of highly sensual Victorian literature, complete with erotic, almost pornographic illustrations. I replace the book, making a mental note of the author and title. I think I’ll ask for this book tomorrow! I go back down, collecting my belongings as I quickly and quietly exit the library.

I return to the library the next afternoon, giving her a long look as I pass the main table. She looks up and smiles again and I feel my cock immediately start to stir in my pants. I hurry into the library and sit at a table spreading my books and papers around, giving the pretense of work. But my mind is replaying over and over the incredible scene I witnessed the previous night and time seems to crawl by. Eventually night falls and the library is soon empty except for her and me. I walk up to the front desk and she looks up at me. “Good evening sir.” Her voice is wonderfully melodic and sensuous. “How can I help you?” I nervously clear my throat, then reply.

“I’m looking for a book of Victorian literature.” I recite the author and title, carefully watching her reactions. As soon as I say the name her eyes widen and her face immediately turns a beautiful shade of pink. She looks down at her desk and shuffles a pile of papers around, trying to compose herself.

“Err, I think you’ll find that on the third floor under…” she looks up at me and blushes even more “… Erotic Fiction.”

“Yes, I looked there but couldn’t find it. Could you help me find it?” She stares at me for a long moment, a nervous smile playing across her lips.

“…OK.” She whispers.

We go up to the third level and walk down the long aisle to the last row, the clack of her heels echoing through the silent halls. We turn down the final row and she quickly goes to the spot where the book sits. She extracts it and with slightly shaking hands gives it to me. “There you go sir.” She says then quickly turns around and moves away from me.

“Wait!” I call out behind her. She stops and slowly turns around. I stare at her, a secret knowing smile on my face, lightly drumming my fingers on the book. She stares back, then starts to nod her head.

“You know don’t you.” I slowly nod once. She shrugs nonchalantly. “What can I say? I like erotic books.”

“So do I.” I gesture to the nearby table. “Please sit, I’d like to read to you.” Her breathing rapidly increases and she slowly walks to the table and sits. I pull up a chair and sit facing her, our legs scant inches apart. I open the book at one of the slightly creased pages where she was reading and slowly begin to recite the powerful words. The effect on her is startling. She shuffles forward, causing our knees to touch, and leans on the table, her hand gently brushing over the bare skin above her breasts. A blush starts at her cheeks and quickly spreads to cover her entire face and neck in a delicate shade of pink.

As I read more, she leans forward and rests her hand on my knee, causing blood to rush into my cock, quickly engorging it. Her hand travels up my thigh as I read the book faster and she slides her fingers over my groin and gently squeezes my erection. I run my hand up her arm then slide a finger down between her breasts, then further down towards her sex. Her hand starts to caress my cock through my pants as my finger brushes over her hard clit and down towards her pussy. I can feel the heat through her thin dress as I press my finger between her pussy lips and grind back and forth. She moans slightly and moves her hips forward, giving me easier access, and quickly unzips my fly, my freed cock springing up out of the zipper. Her fingers start to caress the swollen tip, massaging the pre-cum dribbling out of the slit into the taut skin. My fingers slides back and forth quicker over her pussy, then I lift up her dress and run my fingers over her tiny silk panties. I move the panties to one side and slide a finger between the warm wetness of her pussy lips and up to her throbbing clit. She moans deeply and moves her hips further forward, spreading her legs wide as she shifts, giving me a perfect view of her pussy. I hand her the book and tell her to continue reading as I kneel in front of her and my eager tongue dives towards her juicy pussy.

She starts to read the words aloud as I reach my hands around to her ass to pull her forward towards my waiting mouth. My tongue flicks over and around her clit then slides down towards her thick red cunt lips. I place a hand either side of her juicy slit and spread her lips open, revealing bright red inner labia. Her juices flow out and I eagerly lap them up, savouring the delicious warm liquid. I stick my tongue out as far as I can and slowly push my head forward, slipping my tongue deep into her hot cunt. She groans loudly and reaches a hand down to press my head hard against her cunt. I reach a hand up and start to tease her clit, pinching, twisting and spanking it. Soon she is gasping and groaning more than reading and grinding her hips in time with my probing tongue. My tongue fucks her juicy cunt faster and my teasing of her clit becomes more intense. She drops the book to one side and throws her head back, pulling her nipples hard as her body shudders with an intense orgasm. Pussy juice floods out of her and spreads all over my face and neck as I continue to ram my tongue into her. Eventually her orgasm dies down and she stands, pushing me back onto the floor. We both quickly strip and she stands over me, gently fingering her nipples as she smiles sexily then lowers herself onto my rock hard cock.

As the tip of my cock brushes against her pussy lips, she reaches down and grabs hold of my prick, grinding the tip over cunt, spreading my pre-cum everywhere. She then holds my cock still and swiftly impales herself on it, groaning constantly as my aching shaft fills her tight hole. She forces my cock fully into her, rubbing her ass against my balls before rising up, my shaft now glistening with her juices. She start to bounce up and down, riding my prick with wild abandon, her tits bouncing and jiggling as we fuck. I reach my hands up and start to pull and spank her nipples hard, driving her on. My cock feels like it’s on fire as she furiously fucks me, and she reaches a hand behind her to fondle and massage my cum-filled nuts. We fuck faster and faster, and I start driving my hips up off the floor to meet her downward thrusts, the meaty thwack of the impacts and our passionate groans echoing through the halls.

She starts moaning yes repeatedly as another orgasm starts to erupt from her boiling cunt and explodes through her sweating body. Her pussy clamps tight around my cock, the muscles rippling up and down my shaft with her orgasm, causing my orgasm to tear through me. I let out a loud shout and thrust up with all my force as thick gouts of creamy cum spray out of my cock and deep into her tight cunt, quickly filling her burning hole. Her cunt milks the cum out of me and it soon starts dribbling down my shaft and over my balls as my cock pumps again and again. She collapses on top of me as our earth-shattering orgasms slowly subside and we lay there panting hard few a few minutes. She then looks at me with a horny smile and says, “Would you like to borrow the book?”

“Hell yes! And seeing as you like it so much, you’re more than welcome to come over whenever you feel the need for a recital.”

I read to her every night. The End.

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