The parlor room

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The parlor room
[Written in 2007]
Please please don’t flag. Yes I wrote it. Yes, it’s taboo. Get over it!

Time period: early 1800s, antebellum south

“Stella, come back ova heah! You gonna help clean these dishes or else Mastah is gonna be angry!” Stella rolled her eyes as she moved back into the washer room to help Aunt Jessie with the dishes. Her rich caramel skin dived underneath the water, with her fingers grabbing china and washcloth to scrub the food off.
“Aww, Aunt Jessie, can’t I get some time ta jest look around?” She asked. “Mistress is gone for tha week, and it be kinda nice to see what kind of things she has.” The elderly woman, busy putting the china away in the storage cabinets looked at her.
“Stella, don’t be getting yaself inta trouble, you’s lucky that ya git to be in this hea hous at all. Git into any kinda mess and you be out there in da fields wit ya friends werkin all day in da sun.”
“But Aunt Jessie-”
“No buts; don’t be goin into Mistress’ room. Ah don’t care even if ya’r friens wit Young Mastah, don’t mean you got speshial privleges inta goin ta otha rooms. Lord ‘ow mercy knows wha could happen to ya.”
Being only a few years older than the Master’s son, Stella was his personal caretaker while growing up. She assisted him by during his piano and reading lessons (a page turner)and writing and math lessons (refilling his pen with ink). Unknown to anyone, Stella had picked up basic reading and math skills from overlooking the young Master’s shoulder. Growing up, Stella and the young Master were close friends, playing c***dish games with each other; but now as young adults the reality of slavery had created a wedge between their friendship. The young master was now going to ball parties in search of a mistress of his own and Stella was being taught midwifery in case the young master decided to make her his wife’s assistant. For the past several weeks, Stella had been learning how to cook,sew, clean, and even deliver c***dren from the Mistress herself, but since yesterday she departed for a fortnight in town, leaving Stella nothing to do except help her Aunt Jessie.
“Aww, come on, Aunt Jessie, don’t ya ever want to see those fancy petticoats Mistress and those girls wear to the fancy parties?” Stella asked. With the last piece of china stored away, Aunt Jessie was busy gathering the leftovers to take back to the slave cabins.
“Stella, ah used ta be as curious as ya were at ya age, but ah lernd that ah’m jest a slave and nevah gonna be wearin tha stuff. Let the Mistress an gurls be wearin those fanceh clothin, me ah jest be fine in these ol clothin. Now go dump da watah out in da back an come to the cabin for suppah. Dun stay out too long.”
“Awright, Aunt Jessie.” Stella replied as she carried the two buckets of dirty water from the mansion out to the stream behind the house. Dumping the water into the stream, Stella rinsed her hands and wiped them on her skirt before heading back to the mansion. Once back inside the mansion, she stored the two buckets away and walked out of the room.
The hallway was eerily quiet; usually she could hear the voices of Master, young Master discussing variety of subjects or Mistress entertaining several guests for the evening. But this evening things were much more quieter than usual. Perhaps Master and young Master went out for a visit Stella thought. If that was the case, then the mansion was completely empty and she could sneak into Mistress’ room to view her dresses. A chance to see how those skirts were made.. Taking a dare, Stella strayed from the exit and ventured down the hallway into Mistress’ room.
Entering the room, Stella was in complete awe; she had only passed by the room once, but never stepped in. In the middle was a narrow bed with a canopy on top; in the corner was a desk with a huge mirror; the desk contained several cabinets in which Stella was certain they contained jewelry. However, it was the closet that caught Stella’s attention. Walking over to the closet, she opened the doors to reveal a rainbow of colors. Dresses in emerald, sunshine yellow, orange, pink and bright blue danced before her eyes; touching the silk, the lace and ruffles took Stella’s breath away. So this is the Mistress’ clothes.. She thought.

“Knew I’d find ya here.” The deep voice paralyzed Stella as the footsteps clunked across the floor. Closing the closet door, Stella turned around to face the Master.

“I-I-I was jest-” She stammered as he slapped her face hard enough to make her fall onto the bed.

“Just what? Looking through Mistress’ things? Fancying yourself in them?” The Master stated as he walked from behind, grabbing Stella’s wrists. “Planning on stealing one of them?” He growled in her ear. Shivers ran down Stella’s spine as she shook her head.

“No, no, Masta, I would never steal!” She cried out as he tied her wrists with thick rope. He chuckled slightly after finishing tying her wrists and knelt down to tie her ankles together.

“Maybe ya need a little lesson on snooping around the house.” He stated as he pulled Stella’s skirt and underpants down to her knees, baring her round ass to him. “Give ya a couple of licks and then some.” Taking out a whip, he stood a few feet from Stella and began lashing against her fragile skin. With each lash, Stella cried out in pain.

“I’m sorry, Masta!” She screamed after the twentieth lashing. He dropped the whip and stood centimeters behind Stella. Leaning forward, he huffed into her ear.

“You sorry? Maybe you just need to remember whose slave you exactly is.” He muttered. “I know ya little secret, my son told me you could read. I oughta put you out there in the field, but…I got something better in mind.” With a hand pushing Stella’s head into the mattress, the other unbuckled his trousers low enough to free his cock. Unable to kick, punch, and free herself from the bind, Stella screamed as his cock pushed into her tight hole, breaking the walls of sanctity from within.

“A virgin, weren’t ya? Saving it for yer husband, not any more..” He groaned as he slammed into Stella, forcing her to scream as he pleasured himself using her.Annoyed by Stella’s screaming, he grabbed a cloth from one of the drawers and gagged Stella’s mouth, muffling her screams.

“Teach ya a little lesson about how things are run in Master’s house.” He stated as he pounded Stella, causing her to cry in shame and misery. As he climaxed, another pair of footsteps entered the room.

“Father, what …” It was the young master, and was quite appalled at the scene. His former caretaker and hopefully midwife to his future wife was being ravaged by his own father. Noticing his son in the room, he slid out of Stella and dressed himself.

“Son, just teaching the girl a little lesson about Masters and slaves, that’s all.” He stated as he slapped Stella’s ass. “Beauty of owning pretty slaves like her is that you can fuck them any time and any way you want…they’re yours to please yourself in case the Mistress gets grouchy. Young, nubile ones just eager to pleased..” Pushing his son towards the bed, the master stood at the door. “Go on, I know you always had a little something for her. Might as well do it now before your mom comes and forces you to marry a high-strung gal.”

Nervous, the son unbuckled his trousers and pressed himself against Stella; being a virgin himself he was somewhat shy and naive about fucking. The father shook his head as he walked over to the son.

“See that wet little hole there?” He stuck a finger into Stella’s pussy. ” That’s what you put it. Take your time and go in and out as fast or slow as you like.” Nodding slowly, the son slowly eased himself into Stella, moaning in unprecedented pleasure. Grabbing her hips, the son moved in and out of her slowly, taking the tight wet pressure against his cock in. It wasn’t long before he released himself inside of her and pulled out. Satisfied with the end result, the Master untied and ungagged Stella, allowing her to redress herself.

“Now you hurry up on out of here and back to your cabin before your folks start noticing you gone for a while.” He ordered. “And don’t be coming into this here room again or else it’s gonna be much worse, is that understood?” Silence as he slapped her again.

“Yes, Masta.” She replied, her voice shaky from all of the sobbing from her torture.

“Now git.” Quickly, Stella ran out of the mansion and back to her cabin, avoiding everyone along the way. She quietly bathed the blood from between her legs and slipped underneath the thin sheets, wanting nothing more than to sleep.

Back at the mansion, the Master chuckled as he patted his son on the back.
“Waiting for a time to get her all alone…Could’ve gone to her cabin but this was much better…Yup…always the pretty ones like her that make me glad to own slaves. Do what you like with them and if they don’t please ya, sell them away.”

His son was speechless, each passing day he learned to become more like a slave-owning Master and less like a spoiled boy. Today he personally separated from his old friend and caretaker, and never again could he feel compassion or sincerity towards Stella. Stella was a slave and he had to learn to treat her as such, otherwise he would be frowned upon by his father and neighbors.

But having her bound and sexually controlling her was a dark secret even he couldn’t admit as a desire, let alone being true.

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