The pastor’s family 7

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The pastor’s family 7
Sorry for the delay but no one is showing interest so I stopped posting… I am not the reason office FYI Author
Monday morning comes and mom and dad tell us bye. They are flying out at 10
am. I get to school, and things are good. Study hall comes and I go to the
weight room. Kenny hasn’t showed up yet so I changed and start my work
out. About 10 minutes into it and I am exhausted. I get off the machine and
another guy working out tells me the only way to see results is to push
through it and finish. I tell him I don’t know what I am doing really and
he gives me some pointers and said he will help me some. He teaches me some
things and when the hour is over, I am drenched in sweat. The guy says him
name is Dwayne and he is in here everyday. I tell him I will start coming
more and then I go and hit the showers and change. I rush so I can catch
the bus over to the high school so I can ride home with Luke.

I get to the high school and walk over to the football field and take my
seat in the empty stands. I pull out my books and start my homework. I get
all my studies done and I text Luke that I will be waiting in the car. I am
going to nap. I walk to the parking lot and get in the car. I lay the seat
back and I am sleep in no time. I am startled awake by Luke slapping on the
window. I look out and he has 2 guys with him. He tells me to get in the
back, he has some friends coming to hang out today. I toss my bag over the
seat and then I crawl in the back. I hold my book bag in my lap and they
all get in the car. Luke says this is Ethan and that is Jacob. We ride home
and Luke has his music blasting, I hug my book bag in my lap. I look over
at Jacob and he is bouncing his leg to the music and looking out the
window. He has on gym shorts and a t shirt from the school. He has a nice
body, but not as muscular at Luke’s. I turn back and lay my head on my bag
until we get home.

Once home, I take my book bag upstairs and drop it off. I come back to the
kitchen and get some pizza rolls out the freezer and throw them in the
microwave. I grab a drink and go to then den. I turn the TV on and start up
my x box. I go and grab my pizza rolls and start my game. Luke and his
friends are in the backyard. I eat and play my game. Hours pass and its
close to 8. John walks in the door and we talk and I tell him about Lukes
friends. He says ok, how about pizza for dinner? I say great and then John
goes out back. He returns and sits on the couch and watches me play my game
as he orders the pizzas on his phone. He pulls out his wallet and throws
some cash on the table and says that is for the pizzas and that he is
headed to shower. I save my game and switch over to Tv and find a star wars
rerun and start watching it. I get up and peek out the window into the
backyard. Luke and his friends have built a fire in the fire pit and now
they are throwing the football around. I sit back on the couch and watch my
movie. The backdoor opens and Jacob walks in. He says Luke said you would
show me the bathroom. John was upstairs in the shower, so I pointed to the
bathroom downstairs. Mom and dads bathroom. Jacob said thanks and walked
down the hall. When he was done, he walked in front the tv and out the

The door bell rang and I grabbed the cash and opened the door. The guy
handed me 4 pizza boxes and I handed him the cash and said keep the change.
I took the pizzas to the kitchen, grabbed some napkins and took one box to
the den with me. I was eating pizza when John came downstairs in just T
shirt and boxers. He sat on the couch and started eating pizza. He asked if
Luke was eating and I said I haven’t told them it was here. John said take
them a couple pizzas out there and some drinks. Ugh, I hate being the
youngest. I complained all the way. In the backyard, Luke and the guys are
sitting around the fire pit and grab for the food and drinks. Luke says
stay out here with us and I say I will pass and I head in. John has now
changed the channel and watching sports. I grab some slices of pizza and
head to the room. I close my door and turn on my music and eat. Before
long, I am asleep on the bed. I wake up around 11 and go piss. I look in
Luke’s room but it is empty. I go downstairs and see Luke and John along
with Jacob and Ethan watching tv. Luke sees me and yells to bring them some
drinks. I grab some cans and take them in there.

Luke slides over in the hair and says watch this. I sit beside him but the
chair is small and his leg muscles are squeezing me out. I look at the tv
and they are watching a horror movie. I look in time to see the killer and
then I get up and go back upstairs. The guys are all laughing as I leave. I
change for bed, but tonight, I turn on the lamp in the corner since I saw
the killer in the movie. I get in bed and cant sleep so I just am laying
there. John knocks and walks in and ask if I am ok. I say yea, but I will
sleep with my light on. He asks where my sleeping bag is and I say in the
closet. He grabs it and lays it at my bedroom door. He leaves and comes
back with his sleeping bag. He tells me to take them down to the guys. They
are using them and sleeping in the den. I get up grab them and head
downstairs. Luke sees me walking in with the sleeping bags and says you
didn’t have to bring them down. He says that I am sleeping with him and the
guys will sleep in my room, One on the floor and the other in the bed. I
didn’t want them to think I was gay or anything so I said I will use the
other bag and sleep on the floor in your room then. I turn and head back
upstairs. I grab my cell phone and go to Lukes room, I roll out my sleeping
bag next to the wall beside his bed. I go back and grab a pillow from my
bed and then I crawl in and get comfortable. Its less than 10 minutes
before Luke has the guys upstairs and showing them the shower and
bathroom. He come sin the room and closes the door. He tells me to get in
the bed with him. I say I don’t want them to think I am gay. He said we are
brothers, get your ass in the bed. I climb in the bed. I watch Luke pull
his shirt off and then he turns off the light. I miss the rest of the
strip show. Luke climbs in bed and I feel him snuggle up behind me. He
pulls my back to his chest and puts his arm over me. I love this. But thats
it. He doesn’t try to feel me up and hump my back or anything. Maybe he is
waiting on the guys to get to sleep. I enjoy the closeness and the feeling
of being safe in his arms.

I wake up and have to pee, I look at my cell and its almost 5 am. I go to
the bathroom and open the door. I use my cell phone flashlight to keep the
big light from shining under the bathroom door into my bedroom where Luke’s
friends are sleeping. I start to pee and the door opens and the light comes
on. In walks Ethan in nothing but boxers. He says sorry guy, but I got to
piss too. He walks beside me and starts piss into the toilet beside me, I
finish and leave. I get back in the bed with Luke and go back to
sleep. Luke wakes me up at 645 and tells me to go shower and get ready for
school. Thats when I remember that my clothes are in the other room. I go
through our bathroom and open the door into my room. I see they left my
lamp on. Ethan s in my bed and Jacob is on the floor in the sleeping bag. I
go to the closet and grab some clothes. I go to the bathroom and start my
shower. I finish and dry off. I pull on my boxers and start to brush my
teeth. Luke comes in and opens the door and then opens my side bathroom
door. He says the guys are going to shower while you finish up. I don’t
know what to do. Jacob walks in and drops his t shirt and boxers and I
watch as he walks to the shower and start the water and gets in,. I finish
brushing my teeth and Ethan walks in. I am not comfortable at all with
this. He is in his boxers, but I can tell he has a morning hard-on. Ethan
put his bag down and start to brush his teeth and I grab my stuff and
leave. I go to Luke’s rooms and finish getting dressed. Luke is sitting
not he bed in just boxers and I pull my shirt on and jeans. I sit on the
bed to put my shoes on and Luke pulls me over and pushes my head down into
his lap. I panic. The guys are in the bathroom and the doors are wide
open. I pull bak and say stop. Luke says he is just playing. I tell him how
uncomfortable I am and he says in high school, we walk around the locker
room and showers naked all the time, and you know this, I nod and say this
is different though. Luke hugs me and tells me to go two his closet.

I drop my shoes and go to the closet and he is right behind me. He closes
the door and tells me to get on my knees. I am freshly showered and dressed
except for my shoes. I kneel before Luke and he pulls my head into his
crotch. He is fully hard. I reach in the front of his boxers and I grab his
thick cock and pull it out the opening. I lick the head and the shaft., I
hold it up and look at his low hanging nuts and go to lick them, but Luke
grabs my head and says just blow me fast. I open my mouth and he lays his
cock head on my tongue. I start sucking and he start thrusting. He is
hitting the back of my throat, but so far he has made no effort to go down
my throat. I suck and I also grab the base of his dick and start jacking. I
can taste his precum in my mouth. I suck and jack and then he grabs my face
in his vice like hands and holds me still and then his ass starts thrusting
that cock into my mouth over and over it bangs into the back of my
throat. I open my eyes and look up past the abs and pecs that are flexing
as he fucks my face and Luke is smiling at me. He nods and says get
ready. I close my eyes and just let him use my mouth. Over and over he rams
into the back of my throat until I feel his cock throbbing. He stops
thrusting and tells me to suck but don’t swallow. Spurt after spurt of his
teenage load fills my mouth. He pulls everything but the head of his dick
out of my mouth. ,I watch as he grabs the base and squeezes to get every
last drop into my mouth. He lets go of my head and I look up at him. I
figure we are going to kiss and share his load like we kissed and shared
mine. He grabs my chin and uses his strong fingers to press my jaws
open. Let me see that load in your mouth. My mouth is open and he is
looking down on me as I am in my knees in front of him and my mouth is full
of his cum. Swallow it all. I close my mouth and swallow and I open my
mouth to show him it was all headed to my stomach. He just says thats
fucking awesome and leaves the closet. I stand up and walk out. I sit on
the bed and start putting my shoes on again.

I can feel the soreness in my muscles from my workout yesterday. Ethan and
Jacob walk in. Both shirtless, but in jeans. I want to drop to my knees
again for them. They ask Luke for a clean shirts and he points them to the
closet. We were just in here less than a minute ago. They grab shorts and
walk out. I head downstairs. I fix some cereal and sit at the table. John
is in the den watching morning news shows. Luke and his friends come down
stairs and they grab bowls and before long we are all at the table. They
are talking about different things and Luke punches my arm and says tell
them you enjoyed it. What was he talking about? Did he tell them about the
blow job? I just look at Luke and he says, tell them you enjoyed sleeping
in my room on the floor in your sleeping bag. I emailed and said yea I
did. Wow, I need to start listening I guess. We finish breakfast and head
out. I get In the back seat and wait for Jacob to get in with me, but Ethan
gets in the back this time. Luke and Jacob get n and we head off to
school. I am hugging my bag and I feel a finger poke my leg. Ethan motions
towards his crotch and I can see the outline of his dick and he must be
full hard. I look away and he pokes my legs again. I look back and he shows
me a message he typed on his cell. It reads, I saw you staring at me in the
bathroom when we were pissing during the night. You want to blow me? I
finished reading and looked at him and pointed towards the front seats at
Luke and Jacob. Ethan types something on his phone and turns it around and
shows me. The message this time, Is not here. Next time I am at the house
with Luke. I look at Ethan and look at the bulge in his pants again and I
just nod. He pulls his cell phone back and smiles. I turn towards the
window and Ethan grabs my hand and is slowly pulling it to his side. I feel
his thigh and he pushes my hand further up and I can feel his cock inside
his jeans. He lets my hand go and I rub his bulge a few more times and then
pull back. I take out my cell and type and show it to Ethan. It reads, what
about Luke. Ethan types a reply and says, don’t say anything to him. I
nod. Ethan types again and shows me the message. I will be back tonight at
your house.

We are at my school and Luke let me out and then speeds off. Another day
and Kenny is avoiding me. Again I work out during study period and Dwayne
is already in the weight room and working out. I start on my work out and
he says keep it going today man. I say I will try, but I’m sore from
yesterday. He laughs and said that is to be expected. The hour ends and I
shower and catch the bus to the high school. I head to the football
practice field and no one is there. I head in the gym and it is cleaned up
and dark. I text Luke and John and Luke never replies, John texted that he
is out on a date. From the high school home, it is about 7 miles. I start
walking home. I put my book bag on my bag and start to jog. I go down main
street and feel self conscious about my body, so I stop running and walk.
I get passed main st and start jogging again. The towns cemetery is near my
house, and its huge. I cut through the cemetery to safe time. My mind
starts racing back to the horror move and then I start to get scared and I
start to run faster and faster. I jump the fence at the rear of the gated
cemetery and I can see my house. I get home, and no one is there. I go
upstairs and drop my bag and strip, IU jump in the shower. Once clean, I
get dressed and head to the kitchen. I fix a snack and crash in front the
TV. I look at my cell and still no reply from Luke.

Around 6:30pm, John texts that he will not be home tonight and that we need
to find dinner on our own. I grab some hot-pockets and microwave them I eat
my dinner and stretch out on the couch. During my TV watching, Luke walks
in the back door. I start fussing and he says chill out, I didn’t have
football practice today, I had wrestling practice. Why didn’t you look for
my car and wait for me. I didn’t have an answer. He opens his gym bag and
pulls out a jersey and throws it at me. I look at it and it belonged to
Chase. I said what is this for. He said just keep it in your room. I pull
it up to my nose and I can smell The essence of Chase. His sweat, his body
spray, and everything. I take it upstairs and put it in my closet. Luke is
in our bathroom and yells at me to come there. I walk in and his is naked
and starting the shower. I go in and just gaze at my 17 year old older
brothers muscular body and cock. He says he has the guys coming over again
tonight, so I will crash in his room again. I just say ok and was out the

So Jacob and Ethan are knocking at the door around 845pm. Luke lets them in
and I am now on the end of the couch next to Jacob and then Luke. Ethan is
sitting in the chair, I get up and head upstairs. I get my clothes for
tomorrow ad take it all into Luke’s room. I hear steps coming and I look at
its Ethan. He is carrying a couple of bags and looks at me and smiles. He
said Luke told him to drop the bags off since I had to use the bathroom. I
am cleaning up Ethan leans in and says you still want this and he has a
handful of cock pulled out of his shorts. I nod and say when. Ethan says
get over here now and start. Shy and nervousness gives way and lust takes
over and I walk up to Ethan. He is about 6’1 and 170. Some muscles, and a
thick cock. I grab his cock and start to jerk him. I can feels cock growing
in my hand. Then Ethan says, I always knew you were a cock sucker. I looked
up and said how did you know that. He said trust me, word gets around, now
hurry before your brother comes up here looking for me. I get on my knees
and start sucking. Ethan is really eager and is already stretching my jaws
and now he wants in my throat. I tell him I cant do that and he said yea
you can. He is face fucking me and my throat is so sore. Ethan is pumping
his cock into my mouth and then he pinches my nose shut and fucks my face
harder he jabs and his cock head is now in my throat. I watch as the last
of his cock is pushed in my mouth. He lets go of my nose and starts to
cum. He pulls back and shoots in my mouth and then pulls out and sprays my
face. A few slaps across my face with his cock and he is stuffing it back
into his shorts and walking out.

I start to wonder who is telling people I can deep throat. I get in my
sleeping bag and pull my little dick out and start to jerk of. I can still
picture the 17 year old Ethan as he floods my mouth with cum. I rearrange
and throw my legs over my head and prop my butt against the wall. I am
getting close and I want to shoot my load into my mouth. I keep jacking and
then I start to cum. Ropes of cum fire out my cock and into my mouth, I
just keep swallowing until I am done. I roll over and take a nap. Around
1130 Luke wakes me up and says get in the bed. I get up and he says wheres
the football jersey I brought home. I say its in my closet. Damnit he says
and tells me to go grab it. I knock and walk in my bedroom, Jacob has the
sleeping bag on the floor and he is already in it. Ethan is shirtless and
in his boxers sitting on the edge of my bed. I tell him I need to grab
something and I go to the closet and get the jersey and walk out, Ethan
grabs his crotch as I walk by and shakes it in front of me. I leave and
shut the door.

Back in Luke’s room, I hand him the Jersey and he says no, you put it on
and leave your briefs on. I take off my shirt and shorts. I leave my briefs
on and I pull on the football jersey that belongs to chase. Luke has
grabbed 2 pillows and has them in the middle of the bed. He says, get up
here and lay on your belly across these pillows and keep your face down
into the bed. I see him pull his clothes off and grab throw a bottle of
lube on the bed. He starts music playing on his iPhone and turns it up but
not too loud, I just push my face down into the bed and wait. The lights go
off and I can feel Luke get on the bed and get behind me. His hands start
roaming all over my ass, He pushes his face into the back of my briefs and
I can feel his breath on my little hole. His hands are roaming over my back
and grabbing at the football jersey. Luke’s face pulls away from my ass and
I feel his body weight on my back, his strong arms wrapping around my chest
and hugging me tight. Luke starts kissing my neck and biting my ear and
then I hear it, he pushes his head into the Jersey and takes a deep
sniff. Thats when I realize what is happening. In my older brother’s mind,
he isn’t fucking me, he is fucking his friend and team mate Chase from the
football team.He keeps smelling the jersey and his hands pull out from
around my chest. I feel Luke sit up behind me. His hands go back to my ass
and the briefs I am wearing. Instead of taking them off, he grabs the back
right over my asshole and I hear as he rips a hole in them. He pushes his
face into the back of my briefs again and his tongue goes to work on my
hole. My older brother is rimming my ass and in his mind, it is not
me. Luke only spends a few moments tonguing my hole before I feel him grab
the lube and rub it in the crack of my ass. He roughly jabs a finger inside
me, and then another. My hole is trying to push his fingers out. I need to
be more loosened up before he gets rough. I feel movement Behind me and I
feel his hot cock head push between my cheeks. Then Luke lays on top of me
and in my ear he whispers. Keep your face pushed into the bed and just let
this happen. Luke puts his strong hand on my back and pushes his torso
up. He starts to wiggle his cock between my cheeks and once he finds my
hole, he starts small thrusts. I start to relax because he is giving me
time to get adjusted. Once the head has lodged inside me, my brother once
again lays on my back, grabs my shoulders and thrusts every inch of his
thick cock inside me. Pain runs all through my body like electricity. I am
moving and thrashing about and saying it hurts and Luke grabs my head and
shoves it hard back down into his bed and holds it there. His muscular body
has me pinned down and then he starts fucking me. Hard and fast. My body is
in spasms from the intrusion in my little hole and the powerful
thrusts.Luke grabs the jersey and pulls it into a bunch near my neck and
then he bries his face in it while he keeps power fucking my ass. His hard
body smacks into mine and in no time, he has fucked me so hard, we have
moved from the middle of the bed and now my head is pressed against his
headboard. Luke’c cock is pile driving into me. And he is grunting in my
ear. And then it happens. Lukes hands grab my shoulders and he thrusts as
far inside me as he can and starts to cum. Each spurt makes his body
shudder until he finally rolls over off of me. I am stunned. My body was
sore from lifting weights and now, my body is actually tingling all over
and my little ass is throbbing from the invasion of Luke’s thick cock. I am
light headed as I start to sit up on the bed. Luke turns the bedside lamp
on. I pull the pillows out from under me and the top pillow is covered in
cum, My cum. I was so lost in the feelings of what was happening, that I
didn’t realize I had shot off, hands free, from the power fuck Luke had
done. I tossed the pillow to the side and looked at Luke. He was breathing
very hard, laying his back with one arm across his face and the other on
the bed. I looked down and his cock was shiny with lube and cum. I was
upset at what had happened and how I wasn’t ready for it, but at the same
time, the primal lust in me took over. I leaned over and licked the cum off
his shaft and then took the head of his cock in my mouth. I liked it to get
any cum out of it. Luke looked down at me and said god damn you are horny
tonight. I sucked him clean and then made my way to the bathroom.

I pulled my briefs off and looked at the hole Luke had torn into them. All
around the hole in them was wet, from lube. I wet a wash cloth and rubbed
between my cheeks. My hole was still throbbing and sore. I held the cold
cloth on my hole a few minutes. I did my business in there and walked back
into Luke’s bedroom. He had turned the music off, but the lamp was still
on. He said be sure you put that jersey in my gym bag so I can take it back
tomorrow. I slipped it off and laid it on his gym bag. I climbed into the
bed with Luke and waited for him to cuddle me, but he stayed on his back. I
turned over and looked at him and said id everything Ok and he said yea,
but what happened tonight, I don’t want to talk about it and no one can
know and I mean that shit. I asked him if he was thinking of Chase while he
fucked me. Wrong question. In an instant, Luke was on top of me, pinning me
down and his hand was pressed hard over my mouth. I tried to push him off
but it was hopeless, My hands hit his chest but they were nothing for his
power and his muscles. Luke got tired of my hits and moved his hand up
slightly. Now he was covering my nose and my mouth. I stopped everything
and just laid there. Luke moved his hand off my nose, but kept it over my
mouth. Anger in his eyes as he stared at me. What the fuck did I just say
about what we did tonight. I couldn’t talk so I just looked up at my older
brother, sitting on my chest and holding his hand over my mouth. We will
never talk about this, you understand, and I could do anything but look
away. Luke moved his hand off my mouth and said we understand each other
and I said yes. He pulled my face over and said, say it, say we understand
each other. I said it. Luke leaned closer and kissed me. This time, I
wasn’t feeling it. I laid there while Luke kissed me and worked his tongue
into my mouth. He pulled back and said whats wrong and I just shook my
head. He said remember when all this started and I told you that you needed
to learn to obey, and I did remember that. He said that means you do what I
say. Are you ok with that or not. I nodded because regardless to anything
that had happened, I couldn’t imagine going back to not being able to feel
on his muscles or sleep in his bed. And I have never been able to cum hands
free until tonight. So I smiled and said I was just shocked tonight and
didn’t know what was happening. Luke flexed his right arm in front of my
face and his bicep bulged and he said feel that. I reached up and rubbed
the hard muscle, That right there means I will make sure I take care of
you. Sometimes fear makes the experience better, sometimes the unknown can
be more exciting. Then Luke said overall, did you enjoy tonight. I thought
about it and even though my asshole was still throbbing, I did enjoy it
looking back at the events. I nodded. Luke kissed me and this time, I
kissed him back.

Luke rolled off me and back to his side of the bed. He turned the lamp off
and then he tuned and pulled me into his arms. My back rested on his chest
and his arm wrapped over me. In no time, I was sleep. I have no idea what
time it was, but Ethan had comments Luke’s bedroom and was tapping me on
the arm and whispering my name. From the light in the bathroom, I could
barely see his face standing beside the bed. He motioned to the bathroom
and I nodded. Ethan walked away and I scurried out from Luke’s arm. I
looked back and he was still sleep and breathing really deep. I walked into
the bathroom and Ethan closed the door behind me. I am naked. Ethan walks
up to me and I see his hard on inside his boxers. He gets to where I am and
I reach out and grab him and feel him growing even more in his
boxers. Ethan whispers to me and says, can I see your hole, I turn around
and bend over. That is the exact second I remember the throbbing pain
coming from my hole. Holy fuck Mattie, you got fucked tonight. I turn
around and Ethan looked at me and said who did it. At that moment, I could
tell he had been hit a few times too many playing football. And then I saw
his eyes as he pieced it together. God damn, Luke fucked you? Your brother
fucked you? Ethan grabbed my arm and spun me around. He stuck his finger in
front of my mouth and said suck on this and get it wet. I opened my mouth
and sucked his finger in, I was trying to get as much spit on it as I could
cause I knew what he was going to do. He pulled the finger from my lips and
then I felt it going inside my hole. Holy fuck , I can feel his cum still
inside you. No more words were spoken, Ethan pushed his boxers down and I
felt his hand on my neck, bending me over the sink. I heard him spit a few
times and then I felt his dick, my hole put up no resistance and he slipped
inside me and was able to go balls deep. Holy fuck, he destroyed your ass,
Ethan said before he started thrusting in and out of my hole. My older
brother’s cum was lube enough to keep Ethan from hurting me. He was fucking
me good and saying he cant believe Luke nutted in side me and how loose I
am and how my ass feels better than a pussy. He kept saying this over and
over. This high school football jock was fucking his friends younger
brother. My ass started to ache but Ethan just said he was cumming, and he
did. I felt about five jerks of his body and then his cock slipped out. He
reached over and spread my cheeks and he said god damn that hole is wore
out and red. Look at that, you have both out cum inside you and its
starting to leak out. I am still bending over and I see Ethan pull up his
boxers. I go to the toilet to clean up and he goes back into my bedroom and
closes the door. Once I get clean, I go back to Lukes bed. He is just as he
was when I left. I wiggle back under his arm and my tired body goes to
sleep, totally happy and totally exhausted.

The next morning, Luke is up first and wakes me with a bear hug. The guys
have showered and I am the last one to shower. I jump in the shower and get
dressed and head downstairs. Everyone is ready to go, so I look around and
find an apple for breakfast. On the way to school, Ethan is again in the
backseat with me and is all smiles. I get out at my school and the guys
speed off. I go in and look for Kenny. We haven’t talked much at all and I
want to make sure everything is ok. I see him in class, but once the bell
rings he is gone. Study hall and I go to the weight room. Dwayne is there
and he is not working out today, but sitting the desk. He says the weight
room is closed today. You can hang out with me if you want and we can go
over some other exercises to get your muscles building. I drop my bag and
sit at the end of the desk and we talk about what muscles I am working on
and what my goal is. I take notes and it seems like we have a plan. The
bell rings to end the school day. I walk out front and see Kenny. I run up
to him as he waits for his ride. I ask him why he is avoiding me and whats
up. He looks at me and tells me how what we did was wrong and sinful and
how guilty he feels about it. I tell him to calm down , but he says he just
needs time to think. I say ok and leave. I run like crazy to the bus area
to get a ride to the high school. I jump on the bus and slump in the first
seat. I start to feel bad about Kenny.

At the high school, I go straight to the parking lot and wait in Luke’s
car. I do my homework and have music playing from my iPhone. Around 5 I get
a text from Luke. Meet him at the side door of the gym. Thats all the way
across campus. I walk there and he is standing outside the door with his
foot props it open. He has his gym bag sitting outside. I walk up and he
throws me his car keys. Get my bag and throw it in the trunk. I will be
there after I shower. I grab his bag and walk back towards the parking
lot. This means someone is riding with us again. I get to the car and open
the trunk. I throw his bag in and I start to get in the car, but then I
wonder why he had me bring the bag to the car. I open the trunk again and
unzip his gym bag. There is the football jersey again. I guess he wants to
role play again. I zip the bag, close there trunk and get back in the
car. In a matter of minutes, I see Luke walking across the parking lot. He
has a swagger like he owns the school. Being a jock, on the football and
wrestling team, and a body with all these hard muscles, I guess he did have
a reason to walk with pride. I look around, but I don’t see anyone walking
with him. He gets to the car and I say, do I need to get in the back and he
says yea. I ask who’s coming this time. He says Jacob needs a ride home. We
go towards the gym and Jacob gets in the car. I can smell the they are both
freshly showered and they body spray is filling the car and making me
lustful. We go into a little house development and Jacob gets out at his
house. I stay in the back and Luke drives us towards home. He looks at me
in the mirror and asks my how my ass feels. I said I didn’t think we were
supposed to talk about it. All he said was good, lesson learned.

We park and get out, Luke says grab my bag and drop it off in my bedroom. I
grab his bag and mine and head upstairs. I put my bag in my room and I
throw his into the open bathroom. I start to roll up the sleeping bag and
put it in the closet. I sit on my bed and I see what I call dick tracks in
my bed on my blue sheets. Ethan slept in my bed last night. Did he jerk off
or is that from him fucking me in the bathroom. I pull my sheets off the
bed and start them washing. I go back to my room and finish straitening
up. Luke is now in his room and yells where is my gym bag. I say in the
bathroom. He opens the door and grabs his bag. He walks through the
bathroom into my room. He stands in front of me and asks me if I am ok, I
say I guess. Luke sits on the bed and pulls me over. Tell me whats on your
mind. I tell him I heard a rumor that people at school think I am a cock
sucker. He said don’t worry, everyone is called cocksucker, don’t let it
bother you, besides, you are a good cock sucker. He laughs, but I don’t. He
asks me if there is anything else and I shake my head. He grabs me and and
gives me a bear hug and then starts doing wrestling moves on me. I am no
match for him, so I am being tossed around like a doll. The final move, he
grabs my arms and spins me around into a choke hold, but with no pressure
on my neck. I am smiling now, because I can feel his chest muscles and his
arm muscles in this hold, and I love it. He lets me go and leaves.

My sheets are washed so I throw them in the dryer. John is home and sees me
and closes the door to the wash room with me and him in it. He has a very
serious look on his face. Tell me the truth, what were you doing in the
multi-purpose room at church Sunday. I shake my head and said I
wasn’t. John says I know thats a lie. After the projector was broken 2
weeks ago, dad had cameras installed, and I saw the footage today. I ask
you again, what were you doing in that room. I drop my head. John says I
saw you and Luke, and Chase. What happened in the room, because the lights
never came on in there so the cameras in there didn’t capture anything. I
kept my head down and said Chase let me try some kind of drink in a little
bottle. John said no, I don’t buy that. I said thats all that
happened. John said well, you better stay out of there cause if Dad had
seen you and Luke and chase back there, this would have been a much worse
conversation. John said I can’t keep covering for you with dad, so you are
going to have to man up and be responsible. I say ok. John opens the door
and I go into moms bathroom and text Luke and tell him what I was asked and
what I said. Luke replied no problem.

I go and fix a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and go to my room. I don’t
want to talk to anyone. I sit there and eat and read a book. Around 8, John
comes in my room and says he needs the condoms he gave me the other week. I
tell him they are in the closet and he grabs some of them. He said, you
need to wear your headphones a while. Me and Luke both have girls over
tonight. I don’t even say anything. I hear John talking to Luke and then I
hear 2 bedroom doors shut. I go downstairs and get a drink and I go to
watch TV in the den. Before long, I am sleep. Having no idea what time it
was, Luke wakes me while I am stretched out on the couch. I open my eyes
and he is rubbing his cock under my nose and all over my lips. I pull back
and he says you need to suck me for a minute. I relent and open my
mouth. He isn’t interested in a blow job, he just wants his dick in my
mouth. He said you taste that, Thats pussy and thats what you are missing
out on. I said John got rubbers, Luke laughed and said the rubber is on my
night table. I fucked that bitch raw. He puts his dick inside his boxers
and says come on to bed. I said not with her in there and Luke said she
just left. We go to his room and I walk to the bed and see it. The football
jersey. He has made her wear it too. I push it to his side and lay in the
bed. Luke tosses it off the bed towards his closet and gets in bed behind
me. I feel his hands on my back and I look over my shoulder and say I don’t
think we can do anything tonight. I am still sore. His hand finds my crack
and my hole. He says damn your ass is puffy. He pulls me close to him and
says good night sports and we drift off to sleep together.

The rest of the week was uneventful. Luke was hanging out with the girl
that he fucked, John was out with the one he fucked, so I had a lot of time
to play my X Box and give my ass some time to heal after Luke and Ethan
tried to destroy it the other night. Sunday Morning comes and we head to
Church. John drives his truck and me and Luke ride in his car. On the drive
in, I ask Luke what happened today with Chase and the cameras. Luke said
fuck it, it’s not my problem. You and him can work that out or don’t. This
is the Luke that I know. The one that is happy as long as he has a
girlfriend. He turns the music up and there;’s no more talk. At church I go
to Sunday school and sit, bored out of my mind. Its over and I am the first
out the door. I make my way to the bathroom for a quick piss and then head
into the main church for the sermon. Mom is not here, so I don’t up front
to our normal seat. I sit on the right hand side on the back row. The fill
in preacher does his preaching and then the final prayer. I get up and I
am waiting at Luke’s car. He walks up with a girl and says Mattie this is
Ash. I say hey and she smiles and says how cute I am. I get in the back
seat and she gets in. Luke starts driving and I ask where we are going. He
said Ash needs to grab some clothes and then we will head home. Oh great,
she is spending the night. I pull out my ear buds and start listening to my

I listen to music on my earbuds as Luke pulls up and Ash gets out the
car. Luke turns around and slaps me on the leg. To me, it hurt. I pull the
ear bds out and Luke said you need to act right and stop this jealousy
bullshit. What you and I do is just fun, but Ash is going to be my
girlfriend and you just need to accept that. I put my ear buds back in and
that’s when Luke snaps. He grabs my iPhone and pulls it over the seat, The
ear buds come out my ears and my phone is thrown into the floor in the
front seat. What just happened? Luke looks at me and says remember we were
working on you obeying, well this is also part of it. You will listen to
me, you will act right, you will treat Ash better or I will beat your
fucking ass. Stunned, I dropped my head and just stared at the floor in the
back seat. Luke says You got me? I just nod and never look up. I can feel
there tears building in my eyes as I fight to keep them from falling. I
just close my eyes and sit there. Something hits my legs and I look through
the tears and see he has put my iPhone and ear buds on my knee. The tears
are racing down my face and Luke says dude, straight it up. Ash opens the
door and gets in and we leave. I sit in the back and listen as then make
plans for the week. I feel all alone, hurt and worthless. We get home and
I go to my room. I don’t even change clothes, instead I just lay on my bed
and cry into my pillow. I drift off to sleep.

John is shaking my shoulder and saying its time to eat. I look at him and
he asks if I have been crying. I don’t have to answer because the tears
start again. He sits down on the bed and hugs me and asks whats wrong. I
cant answer. He says it is cause you miss mom and dad. I just nod. John
says have me here. They are doing the mission trip and I know its hard, but
we got this. I wrap my hands around my oldest brother and just hug him and
hold onto him. John says he has picked up some Chinese and I need to change
and wash my face and come on down. I say is it just me and you and he says
Luke and his girlfriend are here too. I say I am not hungry and I go to the
bathroom. I pee and wash my face. I stare into the mirror and I see a
stupid k**, crying over his brother. Crying because he has been replaced by
a girl. I look at my body and I have a little belly, I am the shortest of
my brothers and the youngest. I am pale white and no muscles like Luke or
even John. I feel at the very lowest point ever. But then, I start to
think. I am working out in the weight room and Dwayne was helping me. Since
this started, I have managed to get Chase and Wes and Ethan to all want to
be with me and have sex. If they liked me, I am sure I could find someone
to replace Luke. My mind started running with all these ideas and suddenly,
I went from feeling depressed and sad, to feeling good and happy about
things. I would just find another guy that had what I liked and he could
replace Luke.

I leave the bathroom and change into. A white t shirt and shorts. I head
downstairs. I walk into the kitchen and John and Luke and Ash are at the
table eating. I grab a plate and fix me some of the Chinese food. I sit at
the table and eat. No longer was I feeling sad or useless. John looked at
me and said I am glad you made it down to eat. I smiled at him and said,
when I finish eating, I am going to go to the park and John said ok. Luke
looked at me several times as we ate. A few times I felt him kick me under
the table, but I never made eye contact with him. I ate fast and then went
upstairs. I put on my socks and shoes and grabbed my backpack with my bike
lock and stuff in it. Then, I went to the garage and grabbed my bike. Luke
came into the garage and closed the door. I put my back pack on and started
to get on my bike when Luke grabbed my backpack and pulled me towards
him. My bike fell and I ended up stumbling backwards. Luke grabs my arm and
turns me towards him and says whats the deal. I stare at him directly in
his eye and say I don’t know what you are talking about. Luke says listen,
you can still get this dick and you can still play with my muscles and you
can.. and then I cut him off and I say I don’t want any of that. I am
fine. Luke laughs and says yea right. You love what we do and we can still
do it, but I have a girlfriend, so she comes first. I say whatever. Luke
flexes his right arm and pulls my hard to the hard bicep. You know you need
this. I just look at him. He lets my hand go and I pull away. I say I am
fine without you. I pick up my bike and I push it out the door. I get on
and head to the park.

At the park, I chain up my bike and walk towards the water. There are
benches and paddle boats and off to the side are people fishing. I go and
sit under a huge tree and look out over the water. Today is the start of a
new day. I get in my iPhone and search the app store for gay dates. Wow,
literally hundreds of app come up. I start scrolling and I see a couple
that the ratings look good on so I download them. I open the app and being
naive, I expect it to say there is a guy here and here and her. Instead, I
have to fill out a profile. And upload a pic and wait until someone
approves the pic. Ugh, I start filling out the profile. When it says age, I
leave it blank. In the about me, I say I am a young guy that likes working
out and trying to get into better shape. In the what are you looking for
section, I say I am looking for muscles. Age range starts at 18 and goes
up. I click any age and now its time for a profile pic. I take several
until I get one that I think makes me look older. I add the pic and click
save. Then an error message. Dang, I scroll up and I have to put my
age. So I say 18 and click save. This time, it spins and says profile is
live. And I am presented with a screen full of guys. I scroll down and see
even more. This is easy I thought. I start at he top and pen a few of the
profiles and then my phone dings and I have a message on the app already. I
click read message, and it opens and all it says is you are close. I look
around me at the people in the park. I am filled with excitement. I reply
back, I am at the park. A reply comes back and says I am here also, send me
a pic. I look and my profile pic is waiting to be approved. I click reply
to the message and send the pic I took earlier. I wait and wait and no
reply to my pic. I send another message and say did you get the pic and
still no reply. Oh well, I start looking at profiles again. Most of the
guys are much older than me and some don’t have a pic. I get ding and a
message has come in. I open it and its the guy from earlier, all is says is
do your brothers know you are gay. I panic. I reply who is this and no
answer, I ask again and still nothing. I go to settings and see it, Delete
my profile. I click it and then I confirm it. Once I see my profile is
gone, I delete the app.

I get up and go to the drink machine. I get a soda and start drinking it. I
am calming down from that scare. I head to my bike and then peddle to the
mall. Before I get to the mall, I see a huge sign on GameStop saying they
are having a big sale. I stop there. I can always use a new X Box
game. There are prolly 8-10 people in the store. I make my way to the wall
with my console’s games and start looking. I am reading the back of one
when a k** pushes in front of me. He is prolly 10, so I just step back and
thats when I bump into someone. I say excuse me and look over my
shoulder. The guy says, its no problem Mattie. I look again. I know the
face, but not the name. He starts talking about games and finally says, You
do know who I am right and I say I know your face but I don’t know your
name. He laughs and says his name is Keith. We talk about games and he asks
the ones I play and he he claims he plays them too. He asks me what IU am
getting today and I show him the racing game in my hand. He said it was a
good game. The entire time, I am trying to figure out where I know him
from. Keith is reading the back of a game box and I stare at him and still
cant place him. I put the game back and start to leave. Keith says it was
good to see you. Tell your Luke and John I said hello.

On my bike and peddling home, I am still trying to figure out who he is. I
get home and no one is there. I head upstairs and strip. I start the
shower, and then turn it off. I put the plug in the tub and start running
water for a bath. I get in the tub as the water is rising and just lay back
and relax. The water is just so hot, but not too hot. I stretch out in the
tub and then I wash my hair and soap up my arms and chest. I turn the water
off. I run the soap up and down my legs. I lay back and start to rub the
soap on my little dick and nuts. It feel so good. The hot water has my nut
sack really loose. I rub the soap over my sack and then my dick. I am
getting hard. One hand starts to stroke my dick, while the other is rubbing
the soap over my balls. A nice slow jerk off session starts to happen. The
hand with the soap starts to go under my nuts and rub over my little
hole. It has recovered and it is nice and tight again. I rub the soap all
over and around my hole and start to finger myself. The feeling is
great. The hot water, the soapy finger in my ass and my other hand stroke
my dick. I start to finger hard and my body tenses up. My feet use against
the end of the tub and my back pushes not he other end. This cause my body
to get stiff and start to rise up in the tub full of water. My fingers are
working over my hole and I keep stroking my dick, which is now above the
water line. I feel it coming and I push my fingers deeper inside me and
then I start to cum. My hand races up and down my dick as I shoot cum
straight up out of my dick and watch it arch over and fall back onto my
belly. The feelings start to pass and I pull the 2 fingers out of my
hole. My body relaxes and eases back into he water. I watch as the cum
starts to float in the water. I was going to have to shower, but this felt

I am still siting in the tub of water and I pull the plug. I lay there as
the water drains out. I look down at my body and my dick. I am starting to
feel better about myself. I knew I could lose a little weight and get my
muscles going if I put my mind to it. I lay there and I feel the urge to
pee. I had cum on my belly, so I was going to have to shower anyway. So I
gave into the urge, I grabbed my dick and I aimed it at my belly. It took a
while before I could pee, I guess it was the nerves, but finally a little
stream comes out and then stops, then a little more. The feeling of the hot
liquid on my body felt dirty but also very hot in my mind. I was able to
finally get a full stream going and was pissing on my belly and chest. I
pointed my dick straight up and watched the full stream go up and then fall
back onto me. Finally the stream was trialing off. I pointed the stream at
my belly to rinse the cum off and the stream stopped. That was hot. I stand
up and turn on the shower. I shower and dry off.

I go to my closet and drop the towel. I grab boxers and a shirt and put it
on. I go to my bed and sit down. Under my pillow, I see something. I reach
under there and pull out the football jersey that belongs to Chase. Why did
Luke put this in my room. I ball it up and throw it into the bathroom. The
rest of the night, I spend reading. Around 10, I hear footsteps coming up
the stairs. I rollover on my stomach and pull the covers up to my
shoulders. I hear giggling and then I hear a door close. It was Luke and
Ash. I can hear whispering and more giggling. The bathroom door opens and
the light fills my bedroom. I hear a door close, but it must be the door on
Lukes side of the bathroom because the light is still stinging into my
room. I hear the water in the sink start running. I am hoping Luke will
close my bathroom door. The water continues to run and then I feel a hand
shaking my shoulder. I roll over and its Luke. He says I put this in here,
keep it until Ash goes home. I look at its Chase’s football jersey. I say I
don’t want it. Luke gets the edge on his voice and says I thought we fixed
all this today. I said I am fine, but I don’t want that in my room. Luke
says come on Mattie, work with me. I told you I am bi and I need love
pussy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you too, but you ahem to work
with me. I said or what, you will beat my ass. Lukes face looks shocked
that I just gave his words back to him. He leans over and hugs me and says
I was angry and I said things I didn’t mean. I just say whatever. He gives
me a bear hug and says do you forgive me. I say no and he squeezes harder
and starts to tickle me. I start laughing and trying to get away, but he
overpowers me and I cant do anything but be held there and tickled. I am
laughing and Luke said Oh, come on over here babe. I look towards the
bathroom and Ash is walking into my room. She says she heard us
laughing. Luke says yea, This is my buddy and he loves to be tickled. I say
I do not, but Lukes fingers tickle me more. Ash says how cute we are. Luke
stops tickling me and says to me, we cool and I say yea. He says goodnight
and they walk out of my room and close the bathroom door behind
them. Before I could get to sleep, I hear her saying over and over right
there, yes, yes, god yes. I grab my earbuds and listen to music to drown
out the sound.

Monday morning and I wake up. I lay out my clothes for class and I fix my
gym bag to go tot he weight room. I open the bathroom door and start the
shower. I shower and dry off. I start Brushing my teeth and Luke comes in,
totally naked. He goes over and starts pissing. I look at the sink because
I am still upset with him. I rinse my mouth and as I go to spit it out, In
walks Ash, totally naked. I look away and she she’s to Luke, I didn’t know
he was in here, I am sorry. Luke said its ok, he’s cool. I finish up and
head out the bathroom. She is over at Luke with her arms around his
chest. I look at her back and I see bruises and hand prints and
scratches. Did Luke do that to her? I go in my bedroom and I close the
bathroom door I get dressed and head to breakfast. I fix oatmeal this
morning and eat. I am ready to leave and Luke is just now coming down
stairs with his girlfriend. The look on his face is one of pure
satisfaction. He grabs a banana for breakfast and says come on. I grab my
book bag and gym bag. Luke says fuck, I forgot something and runs
upstaters. I look over at Ash and I can tell they didn’t sleep much. Her
clothes are wrinkled from her overnight bag and she just looks
exhausted. Luke comes down the stairs and throws his gym bag at me. Carry
that for me he says. We get in the car and eat out.

At school, I see Kenny and walk over. He said he is ok and he has thought
about it and he is happy with what happened and glad it was with me. I ask
about weight lifting and he said he would be there. The bell rings and we
head off to our classes. After lunch, I am in biology. I ask the teacher
for a bathroom pass. My lips are dry, so Put some chap stick on my lips. I
must have had too much to drink for lunch, because I have to piss bad. The
biology class is in the far side of the school near the band room. I walk
down the hall and I head the band playing. I go in the bathroom and go to a
urinal and start to piss. The door is pushed open and 2 guys walk in. They
go to urinals on the end past me and start to unzip and piss. I keep my
head still, but I look over to see if I know them. The guy closest to me
says, look at this, we got a faggot checking us out. I finished pissing and
started to zip up. I ignored them. I zip up my jeans and turn to leave and
the biggest guy is standing in front the door. He is about 4 inches taller
than me and abut 50 pounds heavier. No need to rush faggot he says. I grab
the door, but I cant budge it cause of him. Then the questions start from
him. Are you a faggot do you suck dick, you take it in the ass, I am still
pulling on the door. The other guy says yea, he looks like his can suck
dick good. Look at those lips, they are already wet and ready to suck. I
feel the other guy gab my arm and pull my to the wall. I watch as he
reaches and unbuttons his pants and then pulls the zipper down. I know what
is about to happen. He said lets see your talents as he pushes his jeans
and boxers down to his knees. I look and he isn’t much longer or thicker
than I am. Maybe I am not so small after all. He says go ahead, and then,
The door is pushed open and the bigger guy blocking it is pushed out the
way. In the door way is a man. He yells out at the 2 guys and comes over to
me. He asks me if I am ok. I say yes. He says Freddie and Bruce, go
straight back to the band room and stay there until get back. This was the
band leader and the 2 guys were his students I guess. He says I am
Mr. Tyler are you sure you are ok. I say yes and he says tell me what
happened. I knew if I made a big deal, it would get reported and my name
would be in the middle of it. I said nothing happened, they were just
joking around. Mr Tyler said Bruce had his pants around his knees, what
kind of playing around was that. I said I don’t know. Mr Tyler said if
anything happened, I need to know. I said nothing happened. He said ok and
started to walk out but stopped. He said whats your name. I said I am
Mattie. He said well Mattie, do you have a hall pass? I pulled it out my
pocket and said yes sir. He smiled and left. I washed my hands and went
back to my class.

Study hall at the end of the day is when I have started lifting weights. I
get in the weight room and Dwayne is there. I say let me change and I will
be ready to start. He said great, and we have company today and points, I
look and Kenny is coming out the locker room in his workout gear. I hurry
and change and come back.Kenny is already working out and Dwayne comes over
to me and tells me what to do. I start and I tell him I want to lose weight
and have 6 pack abs and big biceps and thick thighs. Dwayne says I got you
and we are working towards that. The workout session was brutal. Afterwards
me and Kenny showered and got dressed. Kenny said see you tomorrow. I pack
up my gym clothes and Dwayne asks me why I am pushing so hard on the
muscles. He said you know you are still growing and your body is
changing. I said I want to have muscles like Luke. He said just keep
working out and we will start on nutrition next. I have to flat out run to
the bus area so I don’t get left. I get on the bus and sit on the 5th
row. I pull out my ear buds and put them in. The bus has started the drive
to the High School. I start my music and someone pushes me over in the seat
and sits beside me. I look at its one of the guys from the bathroom
ordeal. I pull my ear bud out my left ear. I look and he says it was
really cool you not rating us out to Mr Tyler today. I just say don’t worry
about it. He said you saved us cause after we got back in the band room, he
pulled us to the side and told us we could have been kicked off band,
expelled and possibly prosecuted. And thats why I want to apologize for
what happened. My name is Bruce. I say I am Mattie. He said I have never
seen you on this bus before and that he didn’t know I lived on his route. I
said no, I am just catching a ride to the high school. He asked why and I
said my brother is on the football team and I wait for him to finish
practice and then ride home with him. He asks who my brother is and I say
Luke plays on the team and John is an assistant coach. You are Luke’s
brother he asks and I say yea. He says he knows Luke from all the out of
town games cause Luke will ride on the band bus a lot and not with the
other football players. He said your brother is pretty cool. I just nod
cause I don’t reply agree with him. We reach the high school and I stand
up. Bruce says maybe I will see you around. I say maybe and get of the bus.

I walk across campus to the practice football field and no one is
here. Dang it, I bet he has wrestling practice today. I walk through the
gym and into the main school hallway. The wrestling teams uses the old gym
out back. I start down the hall and I am stopped by a lady and told I
cannot be in here. I explain what I am doing and she asks my brothers name
and finally says, I cant let you walk the hall alone. Can you call him and
get him to come get you. I pull out my phone and call, No answer. I call
again and Luke answers and says I am at wrestling practice, you know where
that is, I tell him I got stopped in the hall and the lady said he would
have to come escort me. He hangs up without and answer. The lady says is he
coming or not. I start to shrug my shoulders when I hear a door open and I
see Luke running towards us. Time slows down and everything happens in slow
motion as I see him running our way. He is in his wrestling singlet, but
his has pulled the straps off his shoulders and he is bare chested. As he
runs, his pecs bounce and the enormous bulge is pressed out against the
fabric of the singlet. The material is stretched tight across his muscular
thighs. As he gets closer, I can see a later of sweat all over his body and
my mind races back to the nights when we fucked and he laid on top of me
and I could feel his sweat dripping off his body. He finally reaches us and
puts his sweaty are around me and says this is my brother and I will take
care of him. The lady says ok, thanks for coming so fast. I look up at
Luke in a new way. I am totally lusting after his body right now. I have
never been to any of his wrestling practices or wrestling meets, and this
is the first time I have ever seen him in his wrestling singlet. We run
back and Luke opens the door and tells me to sit in the bleachers. He runs
over and him and another guy start doing wrestling moves.

I cant help but. Stare at all the teen age bodies and muscles wrestling
around, barely covered in their singlets. I saw dick bulges everywhere I
looked. Finally I take out my books at start on my home work. I am writing
a report when I hear a familiar voice. He Mattie, he says. I look and their
is Keith and it hits me. Keith is on the wrestling team, and Lukes biggest
challenge. I stare at Keith and my eyes go to the bulge in his singlet and
I just scan him all over. He finally says Hey Mattie again. I laugh and say
hey, I just know remember how I know your name and where I know you from. I
was at the awards show last year when you came in top of the team in
wrestling and how much Luke hated you. He laughed. He says yea and this
year he hates me even more. I say why so. Keith says cause of this. Nd he
flexes both arms in front of his chest and the muscles just pop out
everywhere. Oh my god is this k** hot. He laughs and says Luke is good,
but me and one other guy are still ahead of him in the rankings. I say oh
well and smile. I guess thats my way of trying to flirt. Keith props a leg
up on the bleachers and leans over to me and says, I didn’t mean for you to
get scared an delete the app and leave the park the other day, I was about
to send you a pic when your profile went away. My eyes got really wide and
my mouth dropped open. Keith looked and held a finger up to his lips and
said Shhhh, your secret is safe with me, and you are not 18 by the way. I
am still stunned and I say, yea, the app made me put an age. He says its
cool. He looked at my papers and said whats the report on. I said its a
report for history on World War II. He calls out some numbers and I say
huh. He says text me and calls the numbers out again. I write the number on
my report and he says catch you later. I watch and stare at his broad
shoulder s and back and that ass in that singlet. Wow. He starts back with
a guy on the mats. I grab my cell and send a text and all I say is, its me.
I go back to my report. After a while I hear a whistle and the coach starts
calling out names. As he calls the names, they head to the showers. Keith
is the first name called. My phone vibrates and it is Keith. He says when
Matties name is called and he goes in the showers, go to the equipment
room. I reply ok. I put my books in my bag and I wait, Name after name is
called. Finally there are 2 guys left, Luke and another guy. The coach
calls them to the side and they talk for a few minutes and then I see Luke
and the other guy head tot he showers. The coach walks into his office and
closes the door. I walk to the end of the gym and into the equipment room.

I walk in the equipment room and its mostly dark. The wall where the
basketballs used to be stored is now just empty cubes. I watch the door and
I see Keith coming my way. I step all the way to the back of the equipment
room. He comes in and walks back to me. He says so what were you doing on
that app and I just looked at him. He says its ok, no one knows I am into
guys either. I say I was just curious and Keith says about what. And I say
I don’t know. Keith takes another step closer to me and I can feel the heat
off his body. He says you every done anything and I said some and he says
you want to suck my dick and I look up into his eyes and nod. In seconds,
he has his dick out and I grab it. He is as thick as Luke. I start stroking
it and he says I don’t want a hand job, do you ant to blow me or not. I
sink to my knees. This muscle god towers over me as I lick and suck on the
head of his teenage cock. I lick up and down the shaft trying to get it
wet. Again I suck on the head and I start to bob my head up and down. He is
massive. My mouth is full and he still has served more inches to go. I pull
and say let me lay on the bench over there. I go to the bench and sit on
the end. I grab his dick and start to lick the shaft and cover it with
spit. I pull off his cock and lay on my back and hang my head off the end
of the small bench. He gets on his knees and aims for my mouth. The head of
his cock pushes my lips open and into my mouth. I feel him hit the back of
my throat. He starts to fuck with the space in my mouth, I guess he was
happy with that, but I wanted to swallow this monster. I put my hands on
his thighs as he is pumping into my mouth, I push back and he quietly laugh
and says too much for you huh. I lick my lips and suck the head into my
mouth. I put my hands on the backs of his hairy thighs and as I suck him
into my mouth, I pull him closer so his cock is fed into my mouth, I feel
him hit the back of my throat and I gag a few times, and he laughs again
and then I swallow, and my throat opens up. I pull on his thighs and his
cock slips into my throat. I am stretched more than I have ever been, and I
pull my head back and his cock slips out my mouth., I gasp for air and
Keith is saying fuck man, no one has ever been able to deep throated
me. Can I go back in that throat and I just lay there and open my
mouth. Keith pushes and again I gag and then he is again all the way in my
throat and he starts fucking fast. I push him off and try to breath. Keith
looks down at me and says I know you going to swallow my nut right. I just
open my mouth. He gets into my throat and when I push him back, he pulls
back into my mouth, but never takes his cock all the way out, once I catch
my breathe he is back fucking my throat. He does this a few times. Then I
feel his thighs tense up. I feel his cock swell and Strat to throb. Balls
deep in my throat and he holds there. I count 5 spurts before he pulls his
cock out my mouth, I am about to pass out so I am tasing for air. I look up
and his cock is dripping. I reach up and pull it into my mouth and I stroke
him and suck the head. God damn man, you want every drop. I suck and
swallow and he pulls out and I watch as he stuffs his cock into his
jeans. He said that is certainly not your first time doing that. I need to
run before Luke comes out the showers. He asks If I will be here for all
the wrestling practice and I say yes as I wipe my mouth and stand up. Keith
says great and leaves. I see him run across the gym. I walk out the
equipment room and walk back to the bleachers and grab my bags. I see Ash
is now sitting on a bench by the coaches office. She looks pissed. I sit on
the bottom row of the bleachers and watch as the guys slowly come out the
showers and locker room. I love the smell on cologne and body spray mixed
with the sweat smell in the gym. Finally Luke come out and says lets go.

I get on the back seat and Luke and Ash are mostly quiet on the drive. We
hit up McDonalds and Luke gets me a milkshake and fries. Ash wants
nothing. Luke gets a burger and a milk shake. Luke is driving and Ash says
I just need to go home, with an attitude. Luke said are we really going to
do this now and she said I know what I saw and I want to go home. Luke
slams on breaks and we do a hard U turn and then Luke speeds off. We reach
her house and she gets out and slams the door. We back out and then Luke
sk**s his tires as we leave. I am happy cause I got to play with
Keith. Luke said go ahead and say it. I say I have nothing to say. He said
well, I am done with that crazy ass bitch. She claims she saw me kissing
Melissa in there hall today, but Melissa was just talking to me at my
locker during class change. I had nothing to add so I said nothing. We get
home and Luke twirls into the drive and slams on brakes and gets out the
car. He is inside before I get my bags ad get out. I walk in and John isn’t
home. I head upstairs into my room. I hear music blasting from Luke’s
room. I go into the bathroom and pee. I wash my hands and I notice a huge
white cum stain on my black shirt. I guess it dripped on me before I could
suck Keiths’s dick clean. I pull the shirt off and go back into my room. I
grab a new shirt out the closet and throw the dirty one into dirty
clothes.I take my jeans off and put on some loose shorts. I take the
clothes out my gym bag and put clean ones in for tomorrow. I hear the
bathroom door on Lukes side open cause his music got louder. I wait for him
to close the door on my side but he doesn’t. I walk out the closet and Luke
is walking out the bathroom on my side. He is in his tight jeans, and he is
shirtless. I am always starting at his muscles, but today, not so much. He
looks at me and says would you run get my gym bag out the car and bring it
up. I have no problem doing that. I am still riding on the high from
getting Keith off. I get his bag and come back upstairs. He is in the
bathroom and I drop the bag on the counter beside him. I hear him say
thanks Mattie as I leave and close the bathroom door on my side. I grab my
cell off my bed and go downstairs to the den. I start texting Keith and he
replies right away. He asks me how I saved him in my cell and I told him
under Keith. He says change the name so if anyone gets your cell, they cant
figure out the names. So I change his name in my contacts. Now when he
texts, it comes up as Game-stop. Keith sends LOL back to that. He asks me
if I enjoyed today and I said yes a lot. He texts and asks me where I
learned that and I replied back that I don’t kiss and tell.

I text Keith for about 30 minutes and we talk about what we did and what
all I would be ok doing and then we talked X Box. Luke comes down and
throws money in my lap and says order us pizza and wings. I tell Keith I
have to go and he says be sure to come to practice every chance you can. I
say ok. I order pizza and wings and open the front door. I lay the cash on
the table so I wont lose it. I am flipping through channels and the door
bell rings. I run and open the door and the pizza guy is about 45 and a
big belly, but has a killer smile. I say how much and he tells me. I hand
him the cash and he hands me the pizza and wings. I say keep there
change. He says this is the first time anyone at this house has told given
me a tip. I smile and say I am the nice one here. He smiles and says thanks
and leaves. Luke grabs the pizzas from me and runs toward the kitchen. I
follow behind and he tosses me a paper plate. I open both pizzas and find
the pepperoni one and I grab the box and take it in the den with me. Luke
says I guess that means I have no change since you got 2 pizzas. I said I
told the guy to keep the change. Luke says What, you little bastard. Don’t
be giving that cash away. I say too late. We both laugh and he sits in the
chair. He wants the TV remote, so I toss it to him. He goes to on demand
and start watching The Walking Dead. TV series. I say really, this stuff is
gross. Luke said watch it you will like it. I said gif I watch it, I will
sleep with my light on again. Luke said no, you can sleep with me. I say no
thanks. Luke just stared at me. I ate pizza and we watched tv. After about
4 episodes, I was done. My belly was full and I was tired.

I head upstairs and I hear Luke turn the tv off lock the doors. I guess
John was out again tonight. I get to my room and turn my bedside lamp on.
I turn my covers down and I go to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and pee. I
turn off the light and close the door. I climb in bed and Luke comes into
my room, no knocking or anything. I look over and ask him what he wants. He
points to his room. I say no I am ok in here. Luke says get your ass in my
room, no use you sleeping with a light on. Again I say no, and I pull the
cover up and lay down. I hear footsteps and Luke is beside my bed now, I
wait for him to pin me down or what ever, but he is cool, he walks beside
my bed, unplugs my lam and carries it into his room. I hear the doors shut
behind him. I grab on the table until I get my iPhone. I use it for light
as I walk to my closet. I open the door and turn the light on inside the
closet. I giggle cause I have outsmarted him and I go back to bed. I lay
there and I hear him in the bathroom and see the light shining from under
the door. I hear the water stop and the light go off. I won this battle of
the where I was sleeping. I had not even had time to fall asleep before I
hear noises in the hall. John was talking to Luke about his night. I
couldn’t tell for sure, but it sounded like John might have been a little
drunk. I hear them say good night and johns door closes. At least I can get
some sleep now. Then The light in our shared bathroom comes on and Luke
opens the door on my side. He is in boxers and shirtless. He walks to my
bedroom door and locks it. He comes to the bed and says John is drunk and
horny. I locked your door, but he knows where the master key is. I say
ok. Luke said you can still sleep with me. I prop up on my elbow and say
just sleep right. Luke says whats that mean. I say we are just going to
sleep, nothing else right. Luke says we never do anything unless you want
it to happen. I lay there an minute and he says I am headed to my room. I
call him and say wait up. I grab my cell and follow my older brother into
his bedroom. I climb in the bed and try to get settled. I can smell the
perfume from Ash on the pillow. I ask Luke to grab my pillow of my bed
please. He gets it and tosses to me. I drop the smelly pillow off the
bed. Luke gets in bed an turns off the light. Instead of cuddling me, he is
laying on his back. I roll over and ask him what he is doing. He says he is
just thinking if what happened was his fault and how much he cares for her
and blah blah blah, I rolled over and he said you asked, so I told you what
I was thinking.

Luke gets behind me and pulls me into his arms and we cuddle. In my head, I
am torn. I love to cuddle with him, but I also remember the side of him
that threatened to beat my ass and how he treated me while he was dating
Ash for a few days. I finally cleared my head and started to drift to
sleep. Luke started to move around behind me and I felt his hand pull down
the back of my boxers. I reached back and said no. I pulled them back
up. Luke said I wasn’t going to fuck you, I just am horny and need to get
off. I said I am going back to my room. I get out of bed and Luke says come
on and stay here. I wont do anything. I look over at him and finally get
back in bed. I move to the edge of my side and cover up. I hear him get
settled and I drift off to sleep.

I wake up to the sound of Luke kissing my neck and ear. I pull my head
away, but he just moves closer and continues. Then I feel it. I can feel
his thick cock rubbing against my back. I pull away harder this time and I
hear Luke waking up says whats wrong. He was asleep and doing that. I said
its time to shower so we don’t be late to school. He says you go ahead
first. He rolls over in the bed. I go to the bathroom and start my morning
routine. Half way through my shower, Luke plus the curtain back and steps
in. Hard cock leading the way. He walks up behind me and hugs me. I pull
away. Luke said come on Mattie, don’t be like that. I start to rinse off so
I can get out of there. Luke again hugs me and starts kissing my neck. He
whispers can I fuck you and I say no way. He turns me around to face
him. His hands grabbing at hey ass cheeks. He says come on you know you
like it as much as I do. I say No and I need to get dressed. Luke said
either let me fuck you or blow me. I said I don’t want to do either
one. Lukes fingers are stabbing at my hole, but I am clinched tight as I
can. He finally steps back and says fuck it, you are nothing but a tease. I
rinse off, get out and dry off and throw the towel on the floor in the
corner. I am about to leave, but I need to brush my teeth and he needs to
learn that no means no. I go to the sink and start brushing my teeth. I am
as naked as can be. The shower turns off and Luke opens the curtain. I
stare into the sink as I brush. Luke says you know you will be wanting to
fuck around again before long and I will be the one to tell you no. I say
whatever, maybe I will find someone else I can play around with. I hear
the crack before I feel the towel pop on my ass cheek. It stings and I jump
around just in time to block the next one. Luke said you mean you are
giving that ass away to someone else. I turn and rinse my mouth out and say
that is my business. I leave there bathroom and close the door.

I get dressed and grab my book bag and gym bag. I head downstairs. Today is
another oatmeal day. I fix it and eat. Luke comes downstairs and I hear him
cuss and go back upstairs. I finish eating as Luke comes back down and into
the kitchen. He had forgotten his gym bag. He says lets go. I grab my bags
and walk out into the garage. God damn motherfucker Luke says. He tells me
to go upstairs and get the Keys to Johns truck. It is blocking the
garage. I put my bags in the car and run upstairs. I knock on johns door
but no answer. I open the door and John is laying in his bad on his stomach
and naked. I walk in and pick up jeans and look for keys. I grab his shorts
and no keys. I walk to the edge of the bed and shake him and call his
name. He he out. I look on the dresser and night table. I don’t see the
keys. I go into his bathroom and its a mess. I look around and I am seeing
body spray and cologne and tooth paste and a big bottle of lube. I look on
the back of the toilet and one the shower curtain. No keys. I come back
into his bedroom and go to the closet. I look in there and I see the
keys. I pick them up and as I am leaving, I see what looks like a rubber
dick. It is wrapped mostly in a t-shirt. I lift up the T shirt and it is a
dildo. Its not huge, but its a good 6 or 7 inches long. He must use this on
his girl friends. I turn off the light and leave. Back downstairs, I toss
the keys to Luke and he moves the truck. I get in the car and wait on
him. We head off to school. As usual, we listen to Lukes music as we start
driving, but today, he turns it down and starts asking me questions. What
did you mean this morning, are you fucking around with someone else, Luke
asked. I said maybe. Luke said is it a guy or a girl? I said a guy stupid.
Lukes continues to question me. Is he from your school? How did you meet?
What all have you guys done. I said all that is private. Luke said I am
your big brother, you can tell me anything. I sat for a minute and finally
said ok. I met him at game-stop, but I also see him at school ( I didn’t
say what school) and we have messed around but we didn’t have much
time. Luke said, you swear? I looked at him and said yes. Luke was
speechless, He finally said, you cant be fucking around at school. Its
dangerous and you will get caught and then people will talk. I said we have
it worked out. Luke said has he fucked you and I said no. Luke says have
you fucked him. I said I don’t do that. He laughed and said You can fuck
just like get fucked. You don’t always have to be the one taking dick in
your ass. I said I was fine. He asked me what the guys name was and I said
nope. He said do I know him and I said yes you do. He started naming people
in my class and even said Kenny, but said no to each name. He gave up
guessing. Luke said you still have those rubbers in your room and I said
John took some of them. Luke said after practice today, we will go get you
some. I said I was fine. Luke said, no, don’t let random guys cum in
you. We will talk after school and get you step up. I said, you cum in me
every time. He says I am your brother and I am clean. I said you didn’t use
rubbers with Ash. Is she clean or do you even know. He said Ash was a
virgin until last week and he was the only guy fucking her and thats why he
didn’t wear one. We reached my school and I got out. Luke sped off.

I started walking to the door and the bell rang, I had to run to get to
class before the final bell. I barely made it. I sat down and we started
our day. Finally lunch came around. I grabbed some chips and a drink and
texted Keith. He replied right back. He asked me about my day and
everything. I said everything is great. He said he was in trig class and
bored. He asked if I was going to be at practice today. I said yea, but I
don’t know if he is at football or wrestling practice. I texted Luke and
asked about his practice. He said he had wrestling and why did I need to
know. I told Keith I would be there. I replied to Luke I asked so I would
know where to go and that he would need to be there to escort me in. Luke
replied back and told me to go around to the very back the old gym and
there was a door in the middle. It was a small door. He said he would
unlock it. I said where does it go and he said it is an old equipment room
that they don’t use anymore. I replied back ok. I texted Keith and told him
about the door and he said he would see me at practice. I was
excited. Finally study hall time and I went to the weight room. At the desk
was a new guy. I stopped and signed in and asked about Dwayne. The guy said
he just went in the locker room to change. I headed that way. I walked in
and went tot he locker I always use. I look around and see Dwayne. I say
Hey and he turns around and says hey Mattie. You early? And I say no, I
just got in. I turn and get undressed and pull my shorts on and t
shirt. Dwayne is dressed and walking over to my side as I get my shoes
tied. He asks if I am ready and I said yea I am. Kenny should be here
soon. Dwayne puts his hand on my shoulder and said Kenny isn’t going to be
here. His mom and dad found out he was gay and they pulled him and
enrolling him in Christian school. I felt so sad and sorry for Kenny. Just
the other day everything seemed much better with him. Dwayne said come on,
we can talk as we work out.

Dwayne said today you are not using the machines, but you are going to feel
this workout for a few days. He said today, for our entire time, you are
doing burpees. I had no idea what that was. He said if you throw up, you
keep doing them, if you feel faint, you keep doing them. Dwayne said you
will push yourself and you will hurt and you will hate them and you will
even hate me, but if you follow my plan, we will get you in shape and bulk
you up fast. I said I wont quit on you and I asked what is a burpee. He
laughed and said a Burpee is a series of different exercises that I would
do in rapid succession. We cleared a place at the back of the weight room
in front the mirrors. Dwayne said now watch me as I do one to show you. He
started and did many things and said now, you do this one with me. We will
do it slow and we stepped through each step. He said the only reason for me
to stop is if I pass out. I was determined. It was bad, but it didn’t seem
that bad. So he said go ahead and start and push for speed and form. He
went over to the pull up section and started doing pull ups and watched
me. I started off and he kept saying go faster, go faster. And I tried, but
it took no time before my energy was zapped. I was slowing down. Dwayne
said if you quit on me, I will quit on you. So I pushed to go
faster. Dwayne said keep going but check this out, he was doing a one arm
pull up, and I was dying from burpees. Sweat was pouring off me face and
hands, but I pushed on. Dwayne kept yelling encouragement my way. But also
showed off and would do a one arm push up, when I was struggling to
breath. I was running on empty, every part of my body was tired and
hurting. Finally, I heard Dwayne say last one. I finished and I dropped to
the floor. I was drenched in sweat and could hardly breath. Dwayne came
over and said that was a great effort Mattie. Come on and lets hit the I
was still trying to get my breathing better and I said I cant move just
yet. Dwayne scooped me up and threw me over his shoulder and carried me
into the showers. He walked to the back wall and started a shower and next
thing I know, he sat me on the floor under the cold water. Still in my
shorts and shirt, but I was fine and happy. He turned on the shower beside
me and I looked over as he stepped out his shorts and pulled his tank top
off. He was a perfect male body. He turned under the shower and finally
asked if I was enjoying the show. I looked at the floor out of
embarrassment. He laughed and said don’t sweat it, guys always look in the
showers. I went to stand up and my legs were weak and wobbly. I made it up
and started to strip. Once naked I soaped and and rinsed, I grabbed a bowl
and walked back to the locker room as I dried off. Dwayne was right
behind. I sat on the bench and my body was ready to just die. I got dressed
and Dwayne told me what a great job I did. He said take tomorrow off from
working out and I said no, I will be here. Dwayne laughed and said I doubt
you will be at school tomorrow Mattie. I said we would see and we left.

I walked to the bus area and caught the last bus again, I walk on and Bruce
calls me and motions me to the seat near the back. I get to the seat and he
slides over tot the windows and I drop my bags on the floor and sit
down. Bruce says what you been doing. And I say Burpees in the weight room
with Dwayne. We talk as the bus pulls away. He there are only a handful of
people on the bus and he looks at me and whispers, are you gay and I just
nod. He said so you would have sucked us off that day in the bathroom. I
say maybe. Bruce sat back on his side. Then he whispers again, you ever
been sucked off and I say yea. I am too exhausted to lie. He says he wants
to get a blow job, but none of the girls like band geeks except for the
drummers. I just is there. If I asked you to suck me off what would you
say, I looked over at him and said we don’t have a place. Bruce said we can
do it in the bathroom at he high school, but I would need a ride home. I
said I will ask my brother about it and see what happened later on. Bruce
said I will even suck you off if we make this happen. I just nodded. At the
high school, I walk to the front of the bus and look at the driver. I ask
if there is anyway he can drop me off of the back near the old gym. He says
sorry cant do it. I say ok and start off the bus, he says sit down, you
look like you are hurting. I will get you there. I sat in the first row and
we pulled out the bus area and went behind the school. The old gym came
into sight and he finally stopped and said this is as close as I can get
you. I said thanks and got off. I was about 100 yards from the door Luke
told me about. I pulled out my cell and texted Keith and said I just got
off the bus. I walked to the door and turned the door handle, the door
opened and I walked in. But where was I. I looked around and all I saw was
old wrestling mats and some old buckets. I walked across the empty room and
opened a door and there was the bench where I sucked off Keith. Trying to
stay in the darkness, I moved so I could look out. I saw the guys on the
mats wrestling and some standing around talking. I sat down on the bench. I
texted Luke and said I will wait at the car for you. I looked out the door
as he read my message and replied ok before throwing the cell back onto a
towel by his mat. I sat and just rested. I finally heard the whilst and
the names started. Keith was the first name called and he went to the
locker room. Luke was called almost last again and once the gym was clear,
I saw Keith running my way. He casein and grabbed me and kissed me. I said
ouch and told him about being sore and the workout and everything. He said
I guess this means I cant fuck you today. And I said we can try. He said
no, he didn’t want me to do it when I was tied and sore. I said maybe
tomorrow and he was turning to leave. I said wait.. what about this. And I
explained how he could lube up my ass and cheeks and fuck up between the
without going in my hole. He said that might work. He walked toward me and
dropped his shorts as he walked. I reached in my gym bag and pulled out the
lube and handed to him. Then I remember the old wrestling mats. I said come
one and we walked into the backroom. I pulled a couple mats out straight
and watched as Keith lubed his giant cock. Keith walked over and said lets
try this. I rolled over and stuck my as up. I felt his hairy legs as he
knelt behind me and forced my legs apart. He pulled my checks open with one
hand and dripped lube in my crack I felt his gingers rubbing up and
down. Then Keith pushed his cock in between my cheeks, I felt the head at
my hole and went to move, but he moved it up. The first thrust and his cock
glided between my ass. I relaxed and I felt his body on mine. I was unable
to move anything, but I was in heaven. With started to thrust faster and
harder. I could feel the strength in each thrust. He fucked between my ass
cheeks for a while and then he stood up. He told me to stand up. I looked
at hm and said whats wrong, he said I need to cum and I know a better
way. I am faced him and he picks me up. My legs wrap around his body he
reaches between us and pulls his cock up between his body and my balls. I
look between us as he thrusts over and over. Each thrust I see his cock,
pushing up between my notes and onto my stomach, Each thrust pulls the piss
slit open, I hold on around his neck and he fucks fast and hard, and then I
were the grunt. I feel his cock throbbing on my balls as he started to
shoot. Cum is shooting between our bodies and hitting my chin on some
spurts. He finally stops and lowers me to the ground. I stand there and
look, my shirt is covered in his cum. I pull it off and open my gym
bag. The only other shirt I have is wet from the shower Dwayne put me in at
my school. I watch as Keith cleans hisself up and stuff his cock in his
shorts. Keith looks at my 2 shirt and says hang on. He walks out the
room. I clean the cum off me as best I can and he walks back in and tosses
me a white t shirt. He said it may be a little big, but its clean. Keith
says text me tomorrow and I say ok. I pull the shirt on and stuff my 2 back
into my gym bag. And my cell rings. I panic. I grab my bags and head out
the back gym door as I answer. Luke is saying where the fuck are you. I
thought fast and I said I ha to piss so I walked to the old gym and you
weren’t here. Luke said lock that door if you are there and I will pick you
up near the back gate. He asked if I knew where that was, I said yes. I
locked the door and walked out to the back gate. Luke pulled up and I got

Luke said you hungry and I said I could eat. He started enameling places
and I said I need something healthy. He questioned what I meant. I told him
about working out and lifting weights. He said ok, we went to the mall and
he said go sit down, I will get the food and bring it over. I found the
closest table, My legs were still weak and I was tired.I put my head down
on the table. Luke came back and kicked the table and I sat up, He said
here is our feast. He put it on the table. I saw a cinnamon roll that was
huge and covered in icing and I pushed it to his side. We had 2 take out
plates. I grabbed one and it was a pound of rice with teriyaki chicken and
steak and shrimp. It was covered in sauce. I open the other plate and it is
the same thing. Luke laughs and says eat boy. I ask him why he got all
this. He goes into how he has all the muscles and is in great shape. He
says you have to feed you body, and I said but not this. He says you know
you love this food. Eat and if you are serious about your body, I will help
you. I pulled the box over and started eating. I was telling Luke about
Dwayne helping me and he said cool. We talked about the burpees and he
asked ho many I did, I said I did them for 45 minutes. He laughed and said
damn, you going to be sore tomorrow if this was your frost hard day. We
talked and ate and before long, I had eaten the entire plate of rice and
meat. I closed the box and Luke was almost done with his. He pushed the
cinnamon roll over to me and I said no thanks. He said thats my way of
saying I’m sorry for being an ass to you, eco eat the damn thing and
laughed. I pulled it over and grabbed the fork. It was huge. I tried to cut
it with the side of the plastic fork but Luke laughed and said just pick
the damn thing up and eat it. I did just that. I took a huge bite and it
was so good. I put it down while I chewed and Luke leaned in and said you
look good with that creamy white shit all over your face. I know I turned
fifty shades of red. I grabbed a napkin an wiped my mouth. Luke was beyond
giggling and laughing at me. I took another smaller bite and put it down. I
looked over at Luke and he was laughing at me still and then the laughing
stopped and he is face went instant mad and he said where the fuck you get
that god damn shirt. I said its just an old t shirt. I looked down and it
was a white shirt, but I didn’t realize that on the front it said Mid
Stadium High school Wrestling team and had last year on it. I looked back
up at Luke and he said where did you get the goddamn shirt.

I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t tell him the truth. I couldn’t think
of a lie. So I just sat there and stared at the table in front of me. Luke
got up and threw cleared the table and said come on. I thought we were
leaving but instead we went to Hollister and went in. He grabbed a shirt of
the table and went to the counter to pay, He asked the guy if there was a
dressing room I could change in. The guy said its right to the left
here. He grabbed the shirt and threw it to me and said change. I walked in
the dressing room and looked in the mirror, how did I not see this when I
put it on. Pulled the shirt off and pulled on the new one. I picked up the
old shirt and opened the curtain, Luke was right there, still looking
pissed. He snatched the old shirt from me and put it in the bag and we left
the store. On the way out we were stopped twice. Once by a team mate on the
football team and the second time by some girl and her mom and the girl was
all over him and telling her mom how he was so good at football. We finally
got the car and I buckled up. Luke threw the bag in the floor at my
feet. He started the car and we drove. He asked me 3 times where I got the
shirt. And I didn’t answer either time. Thats when I felt him gun the car
and we went speeding down the road. He said you are going to tell me before
we go home. I was exhausted, tired and I could feel the soreness in my arms
and shoulders and well as in my thighs. As we drove, I was trying to think
of what I could say. Luke started asking if I was fucking someone at the
high school. I said that me and you fucked, but I regretted that as he
punched me on my leg hard. He was talking low and all I could make out was
who at the high school. I felt the car slow and I looked up and we were
headed back to the old barn he showed me. I did not want to go there
tonight. Luke said all this ends when you just tell me where you got that
shirt. Were you fucking someone on the team last year and I said no. He
said are you fucking someone on the team this year, and I started to answer
no, but I was tired, I didn’t want to die all the way to that barn again. I
said yes I am.

Luke slammed on brakes and pulled of the road and stopped. Who is it he
said. I shook my head. He started naming people and each time I shook my
head. He finally said Keith and I just looked over at him. The cussing
started. Luke was beyond pissed. His enemy on the wrestling team is fucking
my little brother. Fucking loser, mother fucking bastard. I finally spoke
up and said we have never fucked. This didn’t calm him down any. So you
sucking him off then, I just nodded. Maybe another day when I wasn’t so
tired I could have thought of a lie or something, but not today. Luke said
how do you even meet him, you have school, we have practice and then you
are with me at night. Luke said answer me. I said we only met 2 times and
both times were in the old equipment room at the high school. Luke
exploded. What the fuck do you mean. When does this happen. I say he
showers and comes to the old equipment room while you are one of the last
to shower. Fuck, so today when you I called you and you were at the old
gym, You and him were messing around. I just nodded. Luke unloaded on how
much he hates the baster and what a pice of shit he is and how I should
know better. I just sit there. Luke puts the car in drive and does a U
turn, the tires spin as we speed off, finally heading home. We get home and
I grab my book bag and my gym bag. I reach down and grab the Hollister
bag. Luke looks at me and says you get that fucking shirt out of my
sight. I head in and go to my room. I drop my bags on the floor and I lay
on my bed. Finally, I have wanted to rest all afternoon. Luke barges into
my room and I look over my shoulder. Luke comes to the bed and grabs the
back of my shorts and I feel his hand pushing between my cheeks, Oh my god,
he is going to feel the lube and think we fucked. His hand runs up and down
my crack, I can feel the lube, so I know he can. He whispers fucking lair
and he finds my hole and shoves his fingers inside me. I scream as there
was no lube inside me and his fingers didn’t get enough to make the
intrusion easy. Luke has his finger buried in my hole and lays on my back,
I am wiggling and saying take it out take it out, but he keeps in in me and
says you lied to me, You have lube on your ass, you let that bastard fuck
you. I said No I swear, He just rubbed between my cheeks like you did cause
I was so tired. I feel Lukes finger slowly pull out. So he didn’t fuck you
and I say no and that hurt when you put your finger in me with no lube. I
could tell he felt bad about the finger, but I could also tell he was
pissed. He pulled his hands out of my shorts and asked me how sore my body
was from he workout. I told him I was sore in my arms and back and legs. He
got up and went the bathroom.

I heard the water start in the tub and he came back and said go relax in
the water for a while. I get up and I almost see what I thought was a
smile on his face, bt he turned and went to his room. I go in the bathroom
and get undressed. The water is really hot. It takes me a while to get
fully seated. I turn the water off and lay back, it does feel good. I am
startled when Luke comes back in. He says let me show you a trick to keep
the water hot. He grabs a wash cloth and reaches into he tub near the
plug. I hear water start to drain out and then he pushes the rag over
it. The rushing water slows down. Luke reaches up and turns the hot water
on, but not full on. He said this way, the water will stay hotter. I say
ok, he turns and said I am still pissed at who you are fucking around
with. I say I know. Luke leaves and I just sit back and relax. I can tell
my fingers and toes are wrinkling from being in the water so long. I turn
off the water, I move the wash cloth and pull the plug. I just sit there as
the hot water races out and I feel the cool air all over my body. I get up
and theres no towel. I yell for Luke and he comes in and I say I need a
towel. He leaves and comes back with a towel and says I got this. He starts
at my head and dries me off. He dries my chest and stomach. I feel him
drying my nut sack and I just close my eyes, He dries my dick and legs. He
asks if I feel better and I say I really do. He turns me around and dries
my butt cheeks, and the back of my legs and feet. I am about to say I need
to dry my crack when I feel him pull my cheeks apart. I lean forwards so he
can dry me good, but I don’t feel a towel. I feel stubble and then a
tongue. Luke has buried his face in my ass. I can tell he hasn’t shaved in
a day or so cause of the stubble and his face. It rubs my ass every time he
licks my hole. I hate it at first, but the more he licks , the more I love
that stubbly face. I prop up on the counter as my muscle jock of an older
brother works my ass hole over with his tongue. I feel him reach around and
find my dick hard and he starts stroking it. Is Luke really going to jack
me off and eat my ass, it seemed so. I was enjoying the double sensation
when Luke pulled his face from my ass. He said go get in my bed. I walked
in there and laid down. I said I don’t feel like getting fucked today. Luke
said thats ok, you wont get fucked. You are going to fuck me.

I looked over at Luke and the anger was gone and now he had a look of
a****l lust in his eyes. I walked over to the dresser and grabbed some lube
and threw it on the bed at me. He laid beside me and said you ready for
this. I said I have no idea what to do. Luke grabbed the lube and stroked
my cock, lubing it up. He put more on his fingers and I watched as he
reached under his nuts and put the lube on his ass. He looks at me and said
we will do doggy style first. All you have to do is get it inside me and
instinct will take over and you do what feels right. Luke rolled over and
got on his hands and knees, I just looked at his body, Perfection in my
eyes and now, he was submitting to me, and letting me fuck him. I got
behind him and I said you are too high. He said you are in control. You
push me up or down. You put me in the position that is best for you. I push
on his ass and he starts going down. His knees moving wider on the bed. My
dick has never been harder. I say right there and Luke stops. I aim my dick
at his hole but I cant find it. I feel Luke reach between his legs and say
I will guide you in. I feel as he rubs my dick up and over his hole a few
times. He finally hold me still and I can tell my dick head is pressed up
against his ass hole. Luke says push in now. I start to push and my senses
run wild. The sensations from my dick as his asshole opens and my dick
enters him, just overwhelm me. I hear Luke moan. Wait, I made my older
brother moan from my dick being in his ass. Maybe I am not that small. I
feel his ass push back and he takes all my dick inside him. I lose control
and start to cum, Lukes starts to fuck himself on my cock as I shoot. My
mind is gone, I am seeing stars and fireworks. I close my eyes and I can
feel Luke still fucking himself on my dick even after I shot off, and I am
still hard. Can I cum again, will I stay hard, and in an instant, my dick
goes ultra sensitive and I pull out quick. Luke rolls over on his back and
I watch as my older brother reaches his had between my legs and lifts me up
and moves me closer so he can suck my dick. After I have just fucked him
and shoot off, Luke sucks and drains everything out of my dick. I am so
sensitive on my dick and he uses this to keep sucking as I wiggle and
finally pull out of his mouth. I look down at cant believe, I just fucked
my older brother. He pulls me down and kisses me and I can taste my cum on
his tongue. But we kiss. And its the best kiss I have ever had.

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