The Pat Wynn Look-a-like

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The Pat Wynn Look-a-like
Part 1
I had built the camper from the bottom up myself and to tell the truth I was pretty damned proud of it. It featured about any comfort you could possibly cram into a 2,5 x 6 m space in an old Bedford originally build for transporting horses. It was one of those old flat nosed trucks from the early sixties, but it had a new engine, breaks, gearbox and steering. I was a photographer working for different tourist boards and that summer I was working in Scotland. The nice thing about the work was that it gave me the right to park anywhere that for the common crowd meant no overnight parking. That night I had set up camp about 40 miles south of Fort Augustus on the west coast. I had just brewed myself a pot of Assam tea and was about to slip Gretchen Peters’ “Hello Cruel World” into the cd -player when there was a knock on the door.

I was sure it was a policeman who was about to tell me I couldn’t stay there overnight so I grabbed the permit showing I could and went for the door. It was not a policeman; it was a rather voluptuous woman in her late forties who bore an almost scary resemblance to Pat Wynn. “You wouldn’t by any chance have a mobile phone I could borrow” she asked “The battery is flat on mine and my car has broken down”. “Sure thing” I replied “Come on in, and I’ll check on the net to see if they got a garage up in Fort Augustus”. I fired up the laptop, found the number and handed her my phone”. They told her they could help out, but were unable to come before the next morning. I found a number for a taxi service and asked her if she wanted to call them so she could get to a hotel. “On the other hand you’re welcome to stay here for the night, as you can see there’s room enough for two and I’ll start preparing dinner in about half an hour.” She thought about it for a second then said “I accept the offer” with a big smile she held out her hand “I’m called Patricia” she divulged. “You would be, wouldn’t you” I mused. “So you noticed the likeness” Patricia laughed “That likeness has brought me a lot of nice memories I can tell you, young man. I’ll just fetch my bags”. She went out and came back with two large leather bags and a handbag “What’s for dinner” she asked dropping her things by the door. “Mulligatawny soup and chicken curry” I informed her “Washed down with Elephant Brand lager of course”.

Patricia had taken off her jacket and was looking around the camper “You really know how to travel in style” she commented “I know people who have flats looking worse than this”. “I live here all summer long and I like my comforts” I said “I take pictures for different tourist boards around the British Iles. This summer I’m touring Scotland”. I noticed that her blouse was semi-transparent giving more than a glimpse of her full, heavy breasts covered by a low cut lace trimmed bra. “No need to try to hide those sneaky peeks” Patricia revealed “I enjoy being looked at, particularly by good looking young men like you. Women my age need to know they can still catch men’s interest”. “I can’t see you having any problems that way” I divulged “I’d have a hard time keeping my eyes off you anywhere”. “How nice of you to say so” Patricia sighed stroking my cheek “But there is a little too much of me for most men’s taste these days. My boobs are too big, my bum too wide and my thighs to heavy. I even got a bit of a belly”. “No way” I ensured her “You’re perfect. It just can’t be too much of you”. “Oh, listen to you” she murmured “Flattery will get you anywhere with this here lady”.

When dinner was finished I fetched to Indian lagers from the fridge and started to set the table. Saving space was essential in campers so my dining table in the kitchen section was not wide and as we were eating Patricia had kicked of her shoes and one foot slipped inside my trouser leg and was stoking my leg softly. The conversation ran smooth and we both laughed a lot. “You know I’m old enough to be your mother” Patricia disclosed as we were clearing away the dishes. “So what” I answered as I began preparing coffee and found a bottle of port and two glasses “Most men secretly dream about going to bed with their mothers. Some even do”. “That’s no wonder with all the divorces these days,” Patricia countered shaking her head with a big smile “Horny young boys and lovesick single mothers in the same house you, know. Mom showing a bit too much bare skin too often and suddenly she is shoving the lot and nice things happen. Your fascination with mature women wouldn’t have started in your mom’s boudoir by any chance”. “In the shower actually” I grinned “But it continued in her bed and anywhere else we had the chance”. “Oh, you naughty boy” Patricia whispered as we headed for what I liked to call the living room. It was actually only two small easy chairs, a sofa and a tiny coffee table.

As I poured coffee and port Patricia asked where the toilet was and I pointed at the two small cubicles in the short hall way leading into the kitchen section. “Toilet to the left and bathroom to the right” I informed her “Small but contains every comfort needed”. Back from the toilet Patricia sat down beside me on the sofa and I pressed a button on the wall and the heavy curtains on the windows closed silently. “Nice” she giggled girlishly “You’re not thinking of getting naughty are you. How delightful, I knew the Pat Wynn look would get to you in the end”. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek her hand stroking my thigh lightly. I turned towards her and we kissed long and deep. I closed my hand over one of her breasts and felt the nipple pucker up and harden and Patricia und buttoned her blouse and surprised me by wearing a bra that opened at the front. She peeled it of her marvellous boobs and I replaced my hand. She began stroking my cock through my jeans and after a while she rose and eased out of her skirt with a teasing movement. She wore no knickers. “They’re hanging on the toilet mirror in case you’re collecting trophies” She whispered and pulled me up and opened my belt and pulled my zipper down. Then she peeled my trousers and boxers off. “Ooooh” she cooed happily “No wonder your mom lured you into her bed. Missing out on this magnificent piece of man meat would have been foolish”.
As Patricia sat down again I crawled in between her legs loving the feeling of her silken stockings against my skin. Her pubic hair was deep gingery red and thick and curly. It up under her frilly suspenders and ended in a thin strip a few inches above her navel. “Pat Wynn can’t compete with this view” I let her know “I love hairy women”. “We’re not much in demand these days judging by the men’s magazines” Patricia complained as I slowly licked my way up the bare parts of her thighs towards her crotch. I looked up at her face and replied “I stopped reading them when the shaving craze started”. Then I continued my licking and soon there were no more thighs do run my tongue along, only a nice, wet hairy cunt. I slipped my hands under her buttocks digging my finger into those large soft globes and pushed my tongue in between her fat cuntlips enjoying the salty taste of her juices and the exiting, musky, dark smell of mature woman. Patricia braided her fingers into my long hair and pressed her crotch into my face sighing happily. “I knew you’d be an oral man the minute I saw you. You actually licked your lips when you studied my ass as I brought my bags inside” she giggled “I saw it in the reflection in the door window as I closed the door”.

I am an oral man alright, I love licking, sucking and nibbling just about every part of the female body. Particularly did I love doing it to woman who enjoy it as much as Patricia did. She uttered small cries and moans as I ran my tongue over her clitoris then closed my lips around it sucking it in between my lips and whipped my tongue over it as I scratching her soft buttocks lightly. I was looking forward to finding out how she behaved when an orgasm hit her and could sense that I soon would be rewarded with an answer to it. Her thighs shivered lightly against my ribs and her breathing got heavier and when I wet a finger in the plentiful sticky liquids pouring out of her an rubbed it slowly over her ass hole she gasped loudly and whimpered “Yes, yes, yes, yeee-e-e-e-es”. A heavy tremble rippled through her body and she lifted her ass off the sofa her nails digging into my scalp. She whined gleefully as I pushed the slick finger up her ass scratching the wall of her back passage teasingly. The tremble grew heavier and heavier till she finally fell back into the sofa. “Thank you, thank you, thank you” she murmured happily “It’s ages since I’ve had my pussy eaten and even longer since someone have done it so expertly”.

Part 2
I brewed a fresh pot of coffee and we sat there chatting amiably sipping our port and coffee I completely naked a Patricia wearing only stockings and garter belt. “Where are you going tomorrow” she asked “Travelling northwards looking for good motives and then spending a day in Fort Williams photographing”. Then the next day I’ll carry on northwards along the coast and then out to the Isles” I told her “When I’m finished covering the Western Isles I’ll be finished for the summer”. “Do you like this life, traveling around Britain all summer long” Patricia asked. “I love the travelling bit, but I usually get very restless the first three or four weeks after I get home” I admitted. “And where is home” she pondered. “In Shanklin on the Isle of Wight” I replied “I used to live in London, but felt the need for a quieter and less stressing atmosphere”. Our coffee cups were empty again and Patricia’s hand had found my cock, weighting in her hand before closing her fingers around it pulling the foreskin slowly back as it rose and hardened. I got down on my knees and got in between her widespread legs and knew from experience that it would bring my cock perfectly level with her hairy deep ginger cunt. I slipped the head which was already coated with clear pre-come along her swollen pussy lips and up to her clit rubbing it for a few seconds then I entered her slowly enjoying the tight grip of her cunt walls. As I did Patricia sighed contentedly “Earlier today I hated that old car for breaking down, now I think I love it” She continued “I might have ended up in a hotel in Ullapool bored and alone and here I am with a lovely young man’s fat cock being fucked up my cunt in nice and unhurried pace”. She stroked my chest smiling into my face then let one hand drop down between her legs to touch my shaft as it moved slowly in and out of her.

After a while I took hold of Patricia’s wide soft buttocks and pulled her towards me with each forward stroke slowly increasing the speed and force of my movements. I was rewarded with big, fat, horny smile and a pair of silken smooth legs thrown around the small of my back pulling me towards her with every forward stroke. “You really love this don’t you” I whispered “I adore women who know how to take real pleasure in having sex. Too many are just going through the motions to please their partners. What a waste of time and energy. There should be more of the likes of you Patricia. Doing this with you is pure delight. When this is over I’ll go out and kiss that old car of yours”. “I might join you” she groaned “But no more talk now. Fuck me, fuck me hard. I’m almost there”. Those words were music in any man’s ears so I did as I was told and hammered my cock into her in full force feeling the muscles in her cunt ripple along my shaft. Patricia archer her back throwing her head from side to side panting higher and higher and I knew there was no need to hold back any more and as she cried out in pure lust I started to send a huge blast of thick, creamy come into her with every forward thrust. When Patricia’s orgasm had subsided she grabbed my head pulling it towards her and covered my face with kisses.

When we had both gotten our breath back Patricia asked me teasingly if I had a bed in this camper or did I just slept on the floor as she hadn’t seen any beds. “Well” I said “There’s one above the front of the truck, but I hardly used it because I have this one”. I got up and opened the cupboard against the toilet wall and folded down a bed and then I opened the cupboard against the bathroom wall and fetched the bed clothing. “You need practical solutions when you live on fifteen square meter most of the summer” I reminded her. “It even looks wide enough for the both of us” she observed with a big smile “It’s been a long time since I’ve fallen asleep with the warm body of a lovely young man against mine. Shall we go to bed, if you’re a good boy I might even tell you a bedtime story”.

We took turns in the bathroom and soon we were tucked nicely in with only the small lamp above the bed shining. I was on my back and Patricia curled up against me with one leg thrown over mine, on huge soft tits resting on my chest and one elbow on the bed her head resting in the hand. She looked down into my face “Do you think I am as good a fuck as Pat Wynn” she inquired giggling girlishly “I wouldn’t know” I countered “She was my dream woman and I was drooling over her pictures every night till I was sixteen. Then one day I ass fucked my mom in the shower and forgotten was Miss Wynn. Besides, I couldn’t care less whether she is good in bed or not, all I know is that you are and you are here in bed with me now. She’ll never be”. “How true” Patricia whispered “Did you bring a torch light to bed by the way or is that your pecker nesting so snuggly against my bum hole”. No torch lights I’m afraid” I informed her “So it has to be my pecker”. “Oh, how delightful” Patricia cooed happily “It’s more than welcome inside”. She shook her large soft ass invitingly.

I knew my cock head would be soaked in pre-come after having been sliding along the hairy crack of Patricia’s ass so I just pushed it slowly through her tight sphincter muscle. I loved the feeling of the tight ring muscle squeezing my glands so for a while I kept on pushing just the head in and pulling it out again. The squeeze on the way out felt even tighter than going in and I enjoyed the feeling immensely. Gradually I started to sink my cock deeper and deeper till my hips flattened her pear shaped buttocks. “I love a nice slow fuck up the ass before going to sleep” Patricia purred hotly “Knowing you used to do this with your own mom makes me giddy and hot all over. I love the thought of forbidden and dirty pleasures. Have you buggered any other close relatives”. “Yes” I whispered “Mom’s sister Maureen”. “Oh, crap” Patricia giggled “Do your mom know”. “She was there when it happened” I divulged “Just waiting to get her own ass fucked”. “My, oh my” Patricia panted “Dirtier and dirtier. You lucky bastard, sandwiched between to such obviously naughty woman”.

Patricia had one hand between her legs pleasuring herself as I kept on ass fucking her in the same slow deliberate pace greatly enjoying the tight grip of her anal passage. The dirty talk had made Patricia more than giddy and hot it had brought her very close to coming. She met my every thrust by pushing her big bum backwards and her fingers worked her clit franticly. With a series of low shivering groans she gave in to the orgasm that washed through her and the muscle along her back passage gripped me almost painfully and rushed my own orgasm on. I sprayed hot burst of come deep into Patricia’s bowls with every deep plunge. Finally we both lay still breathing heavily. Patricia turned around after a while and my softening cock slipped out of her ass. She put her head on my shoulder and in a few minutes we were both asleep.

Part 3
The people from the garage in Fort Augustus arrived as we were having breakfast and we went out. They handed Patricia a business card and we said we’d follow as soon as we had finished our meal. They waved as they towed Patricia’s car away and she nudged my arm “Do you think they could see in our faces what we did all of last night” she wondered “I couldn’t care less” I admitted “In my world there are only two kinds of people. Those I care about and all the rest. What those I care about might think is of great concern to me but what the rest might think is of no interest at all”. “A good way to see the world I think” Patricia told me as we entered the camper to finish our breakfast. When we had cleared away the food and the dishes we went through the door in the end wall of the kitchen section and into the front of the truck. When I revved the engine and set the car in first gear Patricia turned to me and said that it certainly didn’t sound like a car from the early sixties “That’s because neither, steering, breaks, engine or gearbox is from the sixties” I answered “They are all from a brand new Volvo truck”. “Smart move” she noted “But I love the fact that you have kept the inside of the driver’s cabin original. The sixties feeling put have a way of putting you in such a good mood.

When we arrived at the garage Patricia was told that it might take as long as a week to get hold of the parts they needed to fix her car. She told them that there was nothing anyone could do about that and that she was glad they were able to fix the old Renault at all. As we headed back for the camper Patricia seemed a little unhappy and I asked her what was the matter. “Well” she started “A week in Fort Augustus wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I headed north”. “You’re more than welcome to tag along with me” I offered “I’ll be busy taking pictures every now and then, but most of the time I’m either on the road or lazing in the camper. My work is not a very stressing one you know”. Can I really” Patricia’s threw her arms around me and kissed me then she continued “I’ll make myself useful. I’m a good cook and I can read maps. I noticed you had a road atlas on the dashboard”. “It’s settled then” I said giving her a hug as we reached the Bedford. When we were seated I told her to fetch the road atlas and check where the closest camping site was where we could empty the sewage tank and replenishing the water tanks and it took her less than two minutes. She was telling the truth alright, she could read maps. The camp site was along the northbound route so we could fix it on our way out of Fort Augustus in the afternoon. Before that I had to take some tourist friendly pictures of Fort Augustus and Patricia said she’d go shopping for dinner and that we could meet at café across the street from where the camper was parked when we were both finished.

When we were done emptying the sewage and had filled up the water tanks I told Patricia too look in the road atlas for a resting place along the road that was marked with a view point sign and was told there was one just a few miles up the road. We’ll set up camp there then I said and as we got there I parked the truck so we got the best view from the dining table in the kitchen. “It’s a sign there saying no overnight parking” Patricia informed me worriedly “It doesn’t apply to us” I told her kissing her cheek “I got a permit, I work for the tourist board remember”. When Patricia started preparing dinner I sat down to load the pictures I had taken earlier that day from the cameras into the a new folder, called it “fort_augustus” on the laptop and checked through them to see if there was any that I could drop in waste bin right away. I wouldn’t do a more thorough sorting until I got home when the trip was over.

When I had turned off the laptop I went into the kitchen to see how Patricia was doing and found that all she wore was high heeled shoes and an apron that left her lovely huge ass completely uncovered. “Have you introduced a completely new dress code around here” I commented “Yes” she informed me “You seem to love my big bottom so much that I’ve decided you should see as much of it as possible. You won’t be able to keep your eyes away from it and that will keep you constantly horny and that’s just the way I want it”. And she was right you know. I went to the fridge, got myself a beer and sat down at the dining table and glued my eyes to Patricia’s beautiful large pear-shaped ass as it moved from side to side teasingly as she worked. Her skin was without a blemish, soft and smooth and when she moved her feet a little apart the deep, ginger red hair that grew plentiful along the tantalising crack between her buttocks came into view. Did I get horny, oh yes?

Part 4
Patricia hadn’t lied about being a good cook either, dinner was fabulous. Shellfish cocktail and Lamb stew, with wild rice, served with perfectly chilled Chablis. And on the other side of the table was Patricia still wearing only her apron which did a poor job of covering her huge, soft boobs. I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the food which made her giggle girlishly and to make things worse she shook her amble bosom teasingly from time to time. Eating took longer than usual I can tell you. When we had done the dishes we brought the wine and glasses into the living room section. Patricia had left the apron in the kitchen and she was rummaging in a shopping bag she had brought from Fort Augustus. She pulled out a gossamer, extremely low cut see-through warm grey baby doll top with pink trimming and put it on. “A girl need some decent night ware” she purred as she sat down beside me on the sofa “My granny might not have approved but I fell for it the minute I saw it” she added.

“It’s kind of sexy to see naked skin through thin garments don’t you think” Patricia teased me “And if I get up you can still see my bare bottom you know”. To prove her point she got up turned her back to me and bent forward and true enough the short baby doll top rode up the small of her back baring her marvellous, soft buttocks right in front of my face. I leaned forward, placed one hand on each soft globe, pressed the apart and licked the entire length of the hairy crack between them before concentrating on her puckered ass hole. A hot, shivering moan escaped Patricia as I pressed my tongue in through her sphincter muscle. I kept on pushing my tongue into her ass hole pulling it out and pushing it back in again. “Holy crap” Patricia whimpered “I’ve never felt anything like it before. It is divine. I can’t believe you’re fucking my ass with your tongue. I think I’m going crazy”! I’d been tonguing Patricia’s ass less than two minutes when she cried out “I’m coming, I’m coming. God, I’ve never come this quickly in my entire life” Her whole body shook violently and I had to grab a powerful grip of her buttock to be able to keep my tongue in place. When her body finally quietened down she tittered happily “Good God, you’re goddamned crazy”.

“My bum still tickles and tingles” Patricia panted “That was incredible”. She ordered me out of the sofa pulled my t-shirt over my head, opened my belt and zipper and pulled my trousers and boxers down. I kicked off my black Reeboks and stepped out of the clothes. Patricia dropped down on her knees, pulled my foreskin back and closed her lips around the large plum shaped head rolling her tongue around it. She grabbed my ass pulling it towards her to show that she wanted me to fuck her mouth and I started to move my hips lazily and slipped my fingers into her hair. To see your cock disappear in between a woman’s lips feeling her tongue tease your glands knowing you are soon going to fill her mouth with your come kind of tops your day in a way. It’s more intimate than banging your cock up a woman’s cunt or ass, because a woman doesn’t go down on just anyone. That’s why you relish the times it happen and try to make it last. But with Patricia that was no easy task, she delivered a world class blowjob. But what the heck, it might not be the last time, so I let my orgasm build up and filled her mouth so full of come her cheeks filled up like small balloons before she managed to gulp it all down. When it was all gone she licked her lips with a big fat smile “Well” she giggled “That surely took care of today’s protein intake”.

“Have you got any decent porn among those DVDs” Patricia asked pointing at the shelves below the flat screen TV. “You know me” I sniggered as I poured fresh coffee “Most of them are from a time when body hair was still in fashion, so we’re talking late sixties, seventies and early eighties”. “Any Pat Wynn” Patricia’s voice could not hide her eagerness. “Not hard core” I replied shaking my head laughing “But I got a rather amusing soft core one featuring Pat and a burglar in a bath tub”. “That sounds great young man. Start it up” Patricia slapped my bare thigh anticipation glowing in her face “I want to see my look alike frolicking in the suds”. I went to the TV, found the DVD with the movie and loaded it into the player and soon Pat Wynn turned up on the screen chatting with a young man in a bar. Not much later the young man turned up dressed as a burglar as Wynn was lazing in the tub and the fun started. “If I give you my address and a key would you promise to turn up as a burglar sometimes when winter comes” Patricia whispered her eyes glued to the screen “I’ll unsure you that my bathroom is perfect for some naughty indecencies”. “That could surely be arranged” I laughed and continued nodding towards the screen “Only an idiot would say no to that”.

“I seem to remember you boasting about forgetting all about Pat Wynn the day you were stuffing you cock up your mother’s ass for the first time” Patricia teased me as we were preparing to go to bed “I saw the look on your face as we watched the DVD and I noticed the lascivious look so I guess you were not completely truthful. On the other hand, who am I to complain, had you forgotten her I’d probably been sitting bored and unfucked in a hotel room in Fort Augustus now”. “A sad thought” I commented “A wonderful, voluptuous, naughty woman like you alone and bored. And I here with only dirty DVDs to lighten up the evening. I think we should both be thankful to Miss Wynn and her sexy body’s ability to turn young boys to self-abuse”. “Self-abuse” Patricia giggled “What a charmingly quaint expression. Somehow it doesn’t fit well with the image of a younger version of you drooling over pictures of a naked Miss Wynn fantasising about shagging someone like her with your hand wrapped around your big cock”. “And who says fantasies don’t come true” I whispered into her ear stroking her bare ass “Here I am about to shag someone like her”. “I think I’ll send her a letter telling her about my Scottish adventure” Patricia contemplated “Thanking her for looking the way she does”. Patricia threw herself down on the bed face down spreading her legs wide “Would it be impertinent of me to plead for a bit of ass tonguing for starters” Patricia pondered looking persuasive at me shaking her bum invitingly “I think it is strongly addictive”. I crawled in between her legs and pressed her buttocks apart running my tongue over her surprisingly smooth anus before pressing the tip through her ring muscle and was rewarded with a deep quivering groan and a low “Oh, God”. Her sphincter loosened gradually making it possible alternate between swirling my tongue round in tight circles and running it in and out of Patricia’s asshole. Like the first time she didn’t last long, and just as the orgasm started to rage through her I sneaked one finger inn between her slippery fat cuntlips and stroked he clitoris softly. Patricia screamed wild and jubilantly her body shuddering spastically until her orgasm finally faded out. “That tonguing was incredible, unbelievable” she panted out of breath and added “I’ve never come this hard in my life”.

Patricia got up on her knees and slapped her buttocks “Fuck me” she cooed invitingly “I don’t care which hole you fill. Just fuck me; I need to feel your come splash into me”. I eased up behind her and ran my cock along her glistering cuntlips a few times before entering her. Patricia’s cunt was surprisingly tight for a woman her age, the clasp on my cock was wonderful and I grabbed hold of her buttocks pulling her towards me with every thrust. I could see her huge breasts swing heavily in the sparse light from the single lamp over the bed and marvelled at the luck I had when this wonderful woman nocked on the door of my camper. Travelling around taking pictures as I did each summer was usually rather lonesome so this was a nice change. I knew Patricia liked it rough so I was not holding back but slammed my hips against her soft buttocks ramming my cuck up her cunt looking down relishing the sight. “This is your treat lover boy” Patricia wheezed “Don’t wait for me, I’ve had my pleasures”. I was close to coming anyway and as I started to come I slipped my cock out of her cunt and rammed it up her ass fucking it hard splashing load after load of steaming come deep into her bowls.

The next morning after breakfast we headed further north and stopped wherever I caught sight of a decent view that could show tourists the beauty of Scotland. Throwing a glance at each other we both smiled warmly both knowing what lay in wait when we finally stopped for the night. As I navigated the narrow road I sent a thankful thought to the lovely Miss Wynn for looking the way she did and for filling my young mind with lusty thoughts and building the foundation for my love of mature women. As we draw near a resting place Patricia stroked my arm lovingly “Time for lunch” she asked “And maybe a quickie” She added with a naughty smile.

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