The Shocking Affair Of My Life – Part 3

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The Shocking Affair Of My Life – Part 3

Last night was one of the most amazing nights of my life because I had my first orgasm.

After seeing all that for the past two days those were the only things in my mind all the time and my panty would be moist the whole day. The next day my mom forced me to go to my cousins home and come back tomorrow morning and I knew there was something fishy about it, I decided to go but before going I took my handicam put a 64GB card in it and placed it behind the television and plugged in the charger in my mother’s bedroom and prayed that she dint notice it.

The whole day at my cousins home was restless I was eagerly waiting to get back home and watch the video, My wait was over and came home the next day and I acted causally, when she went into the bathroom I took the camera and ran to my bedroom and was happy that she dint notice the camera. I was really nerves to open it and watch thinking about what all might be there in it,

I started it and there it was her bedroom playing and nothing else for the next one hour or so and then’ I heard my name being called it was my mother calling from down stairs I paused the video and went out she said that she was going to her friend’s home and will come back in few hours, I was really happy hearing that and said bye she locked the door and went off and I ran again to my room and started the video there was nothing for a few more minutes but then my mother entered and she called someone it wasn’t clear but could hear she said “ haa vo jo do ladko ka photo dekha tha unnko book karri hu,… kya price hai app logo ka …… acha chalega ek ghante mai bhej do” at first I dint understand anything but then after thinking for a while I understood that she had called an escort service.

I was dumb struck after that and could believe my mother was actually doing it, then for the next hour or so I saw her getting ready for them. She was wearing a cream color sleeveless sari which was transparent enough to show her deep cleavage she was looking really sexy and even I was flattered by her appearance, then after forwarding it for some more time I saw two young men enter the bedroom they were looking good the first guy’s name was Raj and the second one was Atul.

Thinking about what was gonna happen made my panties moist, I was really excited and then my mom sat in between them and started talking I could hear little Raj said “ tum bohut naughty ho Anita do do ladko ko ek sath huh..” “ jadha maza aata hai” my mom said then Atul asked her “ tumare boobs aur gannd ka size kya “ she blushed and said “ boobs tho 36C hai aur gannd 30 aur mai soch rahi thi ki ajj tum dono mera size badda dogay” and blushed again as those guys laughed. I really couldn’t believe my mother just said that, all her sluttyness was coming out. “tujhe tho ajj jam kar chodege” said Raj. She then began to rub their thighs as I watched the video with wide eyes and heavy breathing,Raj started to smooch her and Atul began to remove her sari and in minutes she was just left in her bra and panty then they got out and undressed and sat naked on the bed, their dicks were of 5 and 6inch I guess because I couldn’t get a proper view as my mom kneeled in between them and started shaking their dicks at the same time , they opened her bra and were pressing her boobs one each and then she started to suck Raj’s dick and was giving Atul a handjob and then after a while she took Atul’s dick in her mouth, she switched it like that for a couple of times and then they got and started sucking my mom’s boobs at the same time she just closed her eyes and began to moan. Raj pulled her panties down and began to finger her cilt and pussy and Atul was fingering her ass hole while sucking her boobs and she was moaning on top of her voice “ohhh godd yess yes yeahh feels so dam good ruuko matt please aur jorr se katoooo”They kept rubbing her and all she could do was enjoy and moan.

Then Raj picked her up and slept on the bed with my mom on top of him, I was so horny watching my mom in this condition with two strangers, my panties were soaked with my juices. The with one push his dick entered her pussy and she screamed loud Raj waited till her pain went and then started ramming her , she was moaning and hissing all the while. Then I saw Atul licking her asshole and spanking her at the same time, I could understand from her moans that she was excited by what they were doing. He kept licking for some time and then kept his dick near her asshole as I saw it with wide eyes she was gonna have to dicks in her.

Atul his dick in her asshole and gave a push and she screamed really loud, they both waited in that position till she calmed down and then began stroking her slowly, at first her moans were in pain then in time it turned into pleasure she was enjoying two dick in her.

After fucking her for some time like that they switched holes they, and just began fucking roughly she screamed “aahhh ahhh maza aaraha hai meri chut aur gaand ko faad do ajj ohhh aaahhh aaaa ajj sari kasar nikal do aur auraur jorr se chodo mujhe ohh god yeahh” I was so shocked that I had rewind the video and listen to it again to believe that my mother just said all that, I never knew that she was so slutty, she was enjoying every moment of it and with a loudest moan she cummed but they dint stop fucking her.

After fucking for five more minutes they got down and were laughing seeing her condition I guess and Atul said “come on bitch get up and suck our dicks” she obeyed him like his bitch and got up and started giving blowjobs to them, she was sucking them very aggressively and in minutes they both cummed on her face and boobs. She said “maza aagaya ajj tho” then raj responded “ ye tho bas start hai re hai meri jaan abhi tho puri raat baki hai” and she had a wicked smile on her face.As they were resting the shocker moment happened a women entered mom’s bedroom I could not see her face because she was standing in the opposite angle and she said “Anita do do lund k maze le rahi hai rand ki tarah “ then Atul said” tho ye hai teri dost jo hamme join karne aae hai “ she said yes, and sat down on the bed and that is when I saw her face it was my mom’s friend Manjana aunty, I was surprised seeing her there and what was more surprising is that she got up and started undressing herself in seconds she got naked and my mom came and lied on the edge of the bed and Manjana lied on top of her in 69 position mo began licking her pussy and she began licking moms pussy, they both began to moan and I was just staring at the screen.

Both the guys then came in frame shaking their dicks , atul said” dono randi hai yaar dekh kaise chut chaat rahe hai ek dusre ka “ Raj smiled and began spanking Manjana aunt’s ass and I could hear it , two pussy and two dicks watching all that was really getting me aroused I even made my jeans wet seeing my mom and aunt like this. Then Atul inserted his dick in my mom’s mouth and began stroking it and from the other side Raj began fucking Manjana aunt’s mouth, I was watching porn of my own mother and her friend.

After making their dicks wet Raj began pushing his dick in my mom’s asshole while Manjana was fingering her pussy, then atul spat in Manjana’s asshole and pushed his dick in while my mom was licking her pussy, slowly they began fucking both assholes and my mom and Manjana were moaning and hissing and they kept on ramming them for some time and Atul came first and got down and then raj.

After moments of rest my mom began sucking Manjana aunt’s boobs, she had very long nipples which were even visible in video and then got down to her pussy and began licking it Manjana moaned and said “meri chut chat kutiya bohut din hogaye aur gaand mai b ungli gussa” I was really amazed by the way which she was talking, my kept licking and fingering her asshole for a while and Manjana came with a loud grunt. They all rested for long. And I reversed the video to their anal session and stripped my pussy hair was shining due to my juices and I began rubbing my clit and pinching my nipples at the same time which was soo good.

I was so wet that I was dipping my juices on to the bed sheet as I moaned in pleasure and then I licked my pussy juices which were kind of good. Seeing them get fucked in their ass I also wanted that, so I just licked my finger and rubbed my ass hole which gave me different sensation all pleasure but and then tried to push in but it pained then I licked my finger again and pushed it in my asshole “aaahhhhgg” I screamed but pushed it a little more in and began stroking slowly it began to feel so good, I was squeezed my clit and fingered my asshole til i had an wonder full orgasm

That day I realized that I am an ass sucker which means I would love just love anal sex . It was an amazing and shocking night for me as I found about my mother’s and her friend’s sluttiness 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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