The stand for taking virgin’s…

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The stand for taking virgin’s…
Claudia heard the knock and wondered what was wrong, for only an emergency would have someone disturbing her this late. “Who is it?” she called from her bed, expecting one of her ladies to be bringing her news of some dire emergency. “It is is mistress…Celadus. I have a boon to ask of you.” Celadus was undefeated in the arena, but would he be as lucky in love?
When Tim started hiking up my skirt and kissing me on my desk after everyone had left for the day, I knew we were going to have some hot office sex! He swiftly took off my panties and told me, “I’ve been thinking about attacking you all day, tasting your juices on my tongue…
When he took that soap and lathered up his cock, which was getting hard from the attention, I found my mouth hanging open and my pussy starting to clench at the though of him making love to me. I must have moaned watching him, because suddenly, he whipped his head around and spied me watching him from the trees…
After his first 3 week run, I was so excited about seeing him again, I decided to buy a welcome home bouquet of balloons, and greet him at the truck yard where he parked his truck. Poor guy, I heard him on the cell phone trying to reach me to tell me he was back in town while I was sneaking up on him with my balloons…
A girl stood looking out the window of her apartment, a hand on one hip, the other placed against the window, which was fogged over with condensation. She had soft skin of a color that reminds one of caramel, smooth and delicious. Her eyes were a dark brown, topped with fine eyebrows that flew along the lines of her high forehead. Down her back spilled raven-dark hair, straight and glossy wherever the light hit it. She had a small, soft-featured face, with full lips that were slightly puckered, as if she was constantly prepared to kiss someone, and pierced with a single ring. High cheeks and a strong, proud jaw line accentuated it all nicely, and led into a softly curved neck.
Fine fingers displayed across the window, long and tapering, slim like the body belonging to them. Wearing a thin tank top that fit to her body like a glove, the soft, supple curves of her breasts outlined nicely, and it left her stomach partially bare to reveal a hard set of abs. She had thin, muscular arms and a lightly curved pair of very feminine shoulders with an hourglass figure. Fit and sleek, she was, with long, killer legs and a firm rear highlighted in the spandex wrapped around her flesh as if they were worn to further get the point across.
Starring up at her she winked, motioning her fingers inviting me in. I stood there frozen debating the gesture. She slid her hand over the contours of every inch of her being enticing the command even more. The sudden rush of blood loss from my brain through my veins felt like a bullet shot from a gun and headed south to pump command to the intent. My subtle wink to her as my tongue licked my lips caused her to plant herself firmer against the glass. Slowly she turned about-face placing her ass against the glass of the window bending ever slowly forward revealing the pear form of that luscious ass tightening the skin highlighting the core and its little bean. Enough was enough, as the bulge in my pants grew hard enough to induce pain from its confinement. I stepped forward one foot after the other rocketing towards the door.
Arriving at the door I turned the knob it was open. A spiral staircase to the left of the doors opening was spotlighted from the suns rays from the window above the door as if it was like a cliché destiny. Firm & proud with a clear conscious in silence i gradually ascended the steps. Upon standing at the top I looked to right and to the left. To the right was a door slightly opened in the distance down the long hallway. With sunlight shining through I could hear deep sighs escaping her body. I took slow quiet steps towards the door. As I got closer I saw the very clothes I witnessed from the sidewalk being tossed to the floor. No body just the clothes. Pushing the door opening revealed the bombshell leaning against the footboard of her bed, the bar indenting her cheeks. Her right foot rests on the bottom rung. The mystery ended when our eyes connected. As my eyes spotlight every inch of skin, her body tells me an interesting story…
Hair slicked back as if though she was downwind of the air outside. Those lines of her being trace the soul of that which possess the perfect gem cut. An unmatched, unique, and priceless mold that is rare as the Lou Gehrig disease. The follicles of tiny peach fuse like hair across her the body, is like the “Snuggle” of softness sensation as your hand glides through hair, around head, shoulders, and small of the back. Not forgetting the collar, ribs, abdomen, pelvis, thighs, calves, buttocks, spine and lastly the neck. A chilliness breathes the air as we fix toward one another. The beats of blood pump through our bodies in tune with the sounds of subtle music playing in the background. Entranced in the moments that felt like hours before the first move of engagement.
She spoke no words just 1 finger over her lips commanding me the same. Her fingers then gestured me forward as I heeded to her command. Standing face to face my button down shirt began to come undone. She opened it exposing the b**stly chest of chiseled man as the shirts rolled from my arms to the floor. Her hands grabbed the waistband of my jeans while her mouth grabbed the strap of belt releasing its pin from the buckle. Her hands slid forward undoing the snap as her index and thumb pulled down the zipper. Those cold hands placed on my hips pushed down my pants till they hit the tops of my boots. One at a time she lifted my legs sliding them off. As she turned to face my now exposed throbbing member she slid her hands from ankles to the sight before her lips opening wide she took me in swirling her tongue around the head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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