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My wife’s name is Elsa. We were taking a bath together, watching each other, when I first thought of this. We were very much in love. All of a sudden she asks: “What are you thinking?”
I answered: “I was thinking what a very beautiful and perfect woman you are”.
“You say that just because you are horny” she said.
“Yes, I´m always horny and I want to fuck you” I said. “Every cell in my body hungers for you and loves you.”

She rose from the bathtub and I watched her body, mesmerized. She was washing the soap from her hair, knowing that I was watching her pussy. She was perfectly shaved and therefore nothing barred my view. Her stomach and breasts heaved and descended as she washed her hair.
This was such a wonderful sight and my cock was rock hard. I just wanted to immerse it deep into this cunt right there in front of my eyes. I rose too and placed my cock right in her crotch.
“Are you trying to push me away?” she asked.
“No, I just want to get in” I said.
“You have to wait for a while” she said and kissed me affectionately as she stepped out of the bathtub. I was feeling like my cock would explode right there and then and my heart kept pumping vigorously.
“I´m leaving, you have to cool down a bit” she said and walked into the living room. I took a cold shower and felt the cold water beat against my skin and after a while my dick went limp.

After I had dried my body I walked to the living room naked. There was Elsa, she was naked too, and had my laptop on her knee.
“What are you taking a look at?” I asked. “I would like to comb your hair”. I sat by her side and she turned her head a little to make it easier for me to comb her hair. I liked combing her red hair very much.

“What is this?” she asked all of a sudden. “Are you asking for a swing?” she said sternly.
“What?” I said, trying to win some time to figure out how to get out of this one.
“Yes, you have got an answer, I saw it in your mailbox, I was reading it.”
“And what does it say?” I asked a little hesitantly and a little afraid of what it might say.

She read it for me. “Hi, we are a couple seeking some adventure with another couple. No joke and no bullshit. We are clean and we love each other very much and are good friends. We are 30 and 39 and we promise 100% silence. Pictures of us are enclosed and we want to get some pictures of you in return. Please give us a phone number so that we can be in touch. Here is our number should there be any questions. Thank you so much.”

I looked over her shoulder and studied the pictures they had sent. There he was, 5 foot 11, black hair, handsome guy in nice suit. She wore a yellow dress, about 5’9”, her breasts similar in size to Elsa’s. She had a very nice body.
“A nice picture” I said and kissed Elsa on the neck.
She looked me in the eyes and said in a low voice: “Are you really ready to have another man fuck me?”
I tried to imagine this guy fucking her and said in a similar low voice: “Well that would be some sight. But would you like that?”

Without answering she said: “Let’s send them our picture and she what comes out of it. I’m not so sure that he would want to fuck me.”
“Hey Elsa, don’t say that, I’m sure that he will be dying to fuck you. Send them a picture and just wait.”

I took the laptop and found a picture of us, Elsa in a black dress and I in a dark suit. I sent the picture. “Now we just wait” I said.
I looked at Elsa and rubbed her breast with one hand. “You get hard thinking about them” she said.
“Yes, that’s right” I said and kissed her on the shoulder and kept on kissing all the way down to her navel.
I went down on my knees on the floor in front of her and she parted her thighs to give me access to her cunt which was very wet already. Clearly the thought was exciting for her too. When my face was right at her pussy I opened up her cunt lips and started licking her clit. She moaned a lot.
She took my head and pushed it away and said: “Come, give me your cock, I want it now.”
“No, you have to wait a little for that” I said just as she had said to me half an hour before. I didn’t want her to get everything so easily.

I rose and dragged her to the bed where I laid her down and mounted her. I found her hand taking my cock and steering it into her hole and it entered the wetness with ease. I reached for the drawer and took one of her favorite toys. I withdrew my cock and put the vibrator against the cunt without entering. I was waiting for her to beg: “Fuck me now, fuck me now, fuck…”
I put it in and withdrew and in again and again. “Try to imagine that it is the man in the picture fucking you darling” I said. That was enough for her, she had an enormous orgasm and shouted and cried.

I took the dildo out of her and placed it aside. At last I put my cock in her, having waited all the time since the bath an hour ago. I lifted her feet high and kept fucking her deep and hard, smashing against her ass as it went in. I watched her breasts jump and roll back and forth and enjoyed it immensely. I was just about to release my load into her, I could feel the hairs rising all over my body. My heart was beating faster than ever so it was as if a dam had crashed with all the water rushing forward. In the background somewhere there was soft music. I laid myself down on her and embraced her affectionately. “Thanks for that” I mumbled. “Thanks the same” she said.

Two weeks later as I was busy cooking when the phone rang. I answered and gave my name. “Yes, hi, this is Tammy, is Elsa in?”
I called Elsa and gave her the phone and showed by expression that I didn’t know who this was. I listened to what Elsa said which was not much. All I heard was: “Yes, okay, yeah, I’m ready. Yes, that will be interesting. See you, bye bye.”

I looked at Elsa with a questioning expression. “This was an old classmate of mine” she said. “We are going to meet at a café tomorrow.”

The next Friday when we were talking together, Elsa said all at once: “We are going on a visit tomorrow. I have arranged for the k**s to be taken care of. Where we are going? You’ll see.”

The following day as we had got the c***dren to where they would be taken care of, we started getting ready. I took on my best suit because I saw that Elsa had put on a beautiful dress and painted her face and was very beautiful. I looked at her, she was so beautiful that every man would have agreed.

“Where are we going?” I asked.
“Of course we are going to meet Tammy and Sam” she answered.
“Who are they? Are they some of your people?”
“They are the people you saw two weeks ago on the picture, remember? Tammy called and we met at a café and talked things over.”
“I wasn’t there” I said.
“No, it was just the two of us. We had to talk about some woman things, such as when we were not menstruating and such. This is their first time too, so that we are equal if that makes you feel better.”

My heart stopped beating. I started recalling everything of the last two weeks. Now there is no return, I thought.
“Do you want us to call it off?” Elsa said.
“Oh, no, don’t do that. We stick to our part” I said.

When we came to the place we saw a very large summer resort. “Hey, is that it? Are you sure that you are at the right place?” I asked.

We stood there at the door and looked at each other as if to get a mutual permission for the last time.
I knocked at the door. The man opened the door, handsome as in the picture.
“Hi there, both of you” he said and shook hands with us. “You must be Hal and Elsa” he said in a firm voice. He was very nice and took our coats. I saw that he watched Elsa with admiration. We followed him into the house, up a grand staircase where we entered an open space opposite to the kitchen. Then there was a dining room and a living room with a stove where the flames were already burning.

He led us right to the table. It was made for four. He handed fine wine glasses to us and poured us the finest wine. I thought that the night was already perfect even if we didn’t go on with the plans.
In a short while the lady of the house arrived. She was more beautiful than in the picture, dressed in a smart blue dress, high heels, blond hair falling down her shoulders. I watched her and Elsa alternately and Elsa knew perfectly well what I was thinking.

After the dinner we rose and started taking dishes off the table. “No, no, you sit down” Tammy said. “You just sit in the living room and make yourself comfortable.”
Sam led the way and offered us the seats. We sat down in this great white leather clad sofa and watched the fireplace. In front of it there was a very thick carpet, white on the dark floor. Elsa rose and walked over to the carpet. She sat down and took care to pull up her dress so that her underpants were in plain view. I saw how Sam watched her and he was getting very excited.

“Shouldn’t we wait for Tammy?” I asked in a light tone. “No, you just start without me” we all heard from the kitchen. Sam didn’t wait a moment. He went over to Elsa and sat down behind her and placed his hands on her thighs.
He looked at me. “Your wife is marvelous” he said. “Do you mind?”
I saw that Elsa was enjoying this immensely and nodded to him. I could not speak because I was afraid of being misunderstood. I watched him stroke her thighs and one hand went under her dress and pulled it up. I saw that her pants were soaking wet and Elsa was very excited already. She moved to give him better access to her crotch. I watched him put one finger under her pants and then he put it into her pussy. “Tammy, aren’t you coming” he shouted.
“I’m here” she said, she had arrived without us noticing her.

Sam was busy finger fucking Elsa and kneading her breasts through her dress. I saw him pull down the zipper. Then I woke up. If he was going to fuck my wife I certainly would fuck his. I rose and walked over to Tammy.

“I was beginning to think that I would be alone here all night” she said. As I came to her she parted her knees and thighs and gave me a nice view of her cunt. She didn’t wear any panties. I went down on all fours and started kissing at her knee and worked my way up her thigh until I reached her cunt. She was very wet. I licked her clit and sucked all her folds. She rose and pulled off her dress so that her adorable breasts came to view. I rose too and embraced her. She slid her hand down to my fly and felt my rock hard cock. She unzipped the fly and grasped my cock and pulled it out. “Can I use it?” she asked.
“Yes, you are welcome” I said. At the same moment I heard Elsa say “yes”, so I looked over at them. She was stark naked and lay on her back with legs parted. Sam was eagerly licking her soaking wet cunt.

I took off my shirt, it was getting very hot. Tammy had already taken off my trousers and underpants. She walked over to the sofa and laid herself on the back. She lifted her legs so that her knees were level with her breasts. I didn’t think twice. I went to her and put my cock into this soaking wet pussy. She crossed her legs over my back and held me tight. “You are not wearing a condom” she said. “That’s okay, I’ve had the tubes cut” I answered.

I looked at Elsa. She was holding this enormous cock in her hand. Probably 10 inches and so thick that she could not reach around it with her hand. I watched as Sam slowly moved towards her pussy with this great cock of his. Elsa was waiting for him with her pussy open as wide as she could. At first he placed his cock on top of her tummy as if to measure how far into her it would go. Slowly he drew it back down her stomach towards her pussy. I watched him insert the tip very slowly. Then he kept going deeper and deeper very slowly, as if she had sucked him in all the way. He started fucking in a slow rhythm and then all of a sudden he immersed his cock very forcefully.

I got very excited watching this. Tammy released her grip over my back, so that it was easier for me to watch them as I fucked her too. Elsa and Tammy were now both moaning loudly. I found that Tammy got wetter each time I slammed my cock into her cunt, so that a soaking sound was heard as I fucked her.

I looked over to Elsa and Sam. She had lifted her pelvis against him and also raised her head, so that I knew that her orgasm was very close. I knew those signs. Sam was fucking her very fast by now. I saw all his muscles get taught and it was clear that he was just about coming into my wife’s cunt.

Soon I heard Elsa chanting all the sounds that follow her orgasm. She was like a crawling worm under Sam who moaned loudly, the same as she did. I heard his moans and at last he fell down on top of Elsa. At the same time Tammy came forcefully, as I had kept on fucking her all the time and she had been watching them too. I found all my muscles harden and the familiar feeling started in my back, going down and right to my balls. Then I found my cum spurting out of my cock into Tammy’s cunt.

We lay there for a short while. Then Tammy asked us to come outside to the hot tub. It was dark and the stars were shining and there was a hint of northern lights. We sat there and now we were drinking the third bottle of wine. I was getting very warm, so that I sat up on the bank. Then Tammy came and immediately started sucking my cock. I started to harden again as if my cock was getting a new life. I watched Sam coming over to his wife and I could feel it on her breathing when he entered her.

Elsa was watching Tammy suck my cock while she was being fucked by her husband. She came over to me and started nibbling my lips. I put my hand over her pussy and started masturbating her. I could see that Sam was red in the face and he was watching us. I put one hand on Elsa’s breast, fucked her with the other hand while I was being sucked by his wife. I saw as he spurt his cum in the same cunt as I had been fucking just a while ago.

I was getting a bit cold so I entered the pot to warm up a little. At the same moment Tammy rose and asked us to come indoors so that we wouldn’t catch cold. Sam and I hurried indoors and so did the girls. As we came into the living room the girls sat down in the sofa side by side. I went over to Elsa and kissed her. She took my little member in her hand and guided it into her pussy. She wanted me and Tammy was sitting by her side so that I started finger fucking her while I fucked Elsa with my cock in her cunt.

When I had been fucking for a short while, Sam gave me a pick on the shoulder. He wanted to fuck Elsa. I went over to Tammy and found how much wider she was than Elsa. No wonder as he had been fucking her for ten years. Also very understandable that he wanted to fuck Elsa as she was much tighter around his cock. I could see how happy he was as we were fucking each others wife side by side on the sofa.

I was rubbing Tammy’s clit while I fucked her. I saw her look at her husband. She was turning red as he had been. She screamed loudly and pinched my arms to signal that I should stop fucking. I stopped and withdrew my cock and then forcefully inserted it once more. She had got enough. I stood up and helped her on her feet. She laughed and said that she needed to go pee.

Now I was sitting with my wife by my side as Sam fucked her. She asked me to join in and told me to lie down. I was lying down on the sofa as Sam ordered me to go to the carpet on the floor. I went there and lied down on my back. It was soft and comfortable. Elsa came over me and put my cock into her pussy. Then she lay down on my chest. Sam came over to us and started fiddling around in her crotch. Suddenly I found that he was forcing his cock into her cunt along with mine. “Don’t stop, don’t stop” said Elsa. She had never been double penetrated before.

Sam pushed it in slowly until she called out “Stop”. He obeyed and withdrew his cock. She rose and turned around then came down on me again and I suddenly realized that I was fucking my wife’s asshole. She leaned backwards and asked Sam to join in and offered him her pussy. He came and inserted his member and I could feel him in the cunt as I was in the asshole. We both fucked as possible and I could feel how immensely she was enjoying this.

He was holding her waist to be able to fuck her more forcefully. At last he came and let it all into her. He withdrew and I could feel the wetness run down my thighs.
Elsa was about to rise and go but I asked her to wait because I was not fully satisfied. She came down again and put her asshole over my cock. I fucked her as fast as I could and in a while she had an orgasm. So did I and had the best orgasm ever in my life.

As I took out my cock, I watched her lying on the soft carpet. She was exhausted and rubbed her face into the carpet. Afterwards we talked about several things but mostly about sex. We all agreed to do this again some time.

On our way back home in the car I watched Elsa closely. I thought that I was very lucky to have such a wonderful wife. “Are you satisfied with that?” she asked.
“Are you?” was my answer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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