The taxi home with not mum

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The taxi home with not mum
We were waiting outside for are pre booked taxi, myself and mum had been to a friend’s 50th birthday and was heading home. We were waiting outside the venue on a lovely summers night it was just before 11.30pm and we were talking about how nice it was to catch up with old friends, and how funny it was to see Dave still hitting on mum after all these year, even if it was a good friend of dads. We were both merry standing around waiting for are taxi to turn up. Mum was still a very attractive lady for her age, she is 55, around 5 foot 5 brown hair to just past her shoulders, slim but with curves and a lovely big bust. This evening she was wearing a flowing dress tight around the waist that flared out towards the bottom which was just above her knees which combined with like a vest top up top. Her bust looked amazing. No need for a push up bra her boobs sat perfect in her outfit. Not only did I notice but half the guys did at the party.

Mum and I have a great relationship, my father works hard and is never normally around hence we was at this party together as he was away on business. We get on well, always having a laugh together, never took ourselves to serious. Just then our taxi pulled up, a big ford galaxy arrived and we hoped in. Mum sat in the front and I got in the back. Driving us was Mohammed as he introduced himself in his broken English. Mohammed an Indian guy in his late 40’s took are address and drove off from the venue. Within minutes being a bit merry I started the usual conversation, how are you, are you busy. He seemed very pleasant talking back to me as he looked at his rear view mirror. A short silence as we was driving down the road I couldn’t help but notice even he checked his left mirror a lot or he was trying to check mum out. Sat in the back I asked Mohammed what’s it like being a taxi driver, you must see some sites. He laughed and in his broken English replied, you wouldn’t believe.

I asked Mohammed has he had people offer to not pay the fares in return of favours. He smiled looking through his rear view mirror. Some he said. He seemed a bit embarrassed as mum was joining in on the conversation too. I sat up forward in the middle and came out with it, mum I think his checking you out, she laughed and Mohammed started denying it with a smile on his face, no, no I’m checking my mirrors. We all laughed and I teased, mum I know his game. Mum being cool laughed with us, are you sure Mohammed she said. In his broken English he replied honest I’m not. Mum could see he was getting a bit embarrassed. It was then I joked to him, you don’t need air bags in the front with her boobs. Mohammed laughed, turned and looked at mum, I can’t answer that he said. Mum was smiling as she looked down at her cleavage. She cupped them with both of her hands, there not that big she said. Mohammed looked again. I nudge his shoulder and laughed with him. A Short silence which mum broke, well Mohammed what do you think. He looked at mum and in his broken English, what do you mean miss he said. My boobs, I know you’ve been looking. He looked into his mirror at me, I laughed don’t look at me, I know what I think, he smiled and Mohammed asked what’s that. I replied I think her boobs are great, he nodded his head, me to he said as we all laughed. I was now sat forward learning through the two front seats. Mum was looking down at her cleavage, so you both think I have nice boobs. Mohammed seemed to be a bit more confident now I said they were nice. Oh yes they are lovely. Having a good relationship with mum I reached over her seat and said look Mohammed they wobble great as I cupped them and gave them a little wobble. Mum didn’t flinch she just laugh. Mohammed saw me and smiled. Oh yes lovely he said as he was trying to drive but also look.

We were about 20 minutes into our drive, probably halfway home. Mum was sat in the front and I was wondering how she was feeling about this, to me she seemed very up for teasing the taxi driver. I was defiantly starting to get horny in the back. I asked Mohammed what size he thinks they are. Smiling still looking into his mirror he said he doesn’t no. Mum turned around to me and said well do you know, what’s your guess. I knew what size they were thinking to myself, as she leaves her bras lying about, I pretending I didn’t know, let me think I said, I lent through the two seats and was looking at mum’s chest, she laughed, really do you want a picture. I laughed well I need to see them to get this right. She laughed again you just bloody groped them. I said I might have to do that again, so I can get a better feel to tell you my guess. Mohammed driving along slowly looking at every opportunity. Mum turned herself, go on then if you must. Wow I thought to myself, she’s giving me the green light to have another grope. I didn’t waste a second as she was facing me side on, I reached out and with both hands had a cup of her boobs over her dress. Oh, wow Mohammed I said, they fill great your missing out. He laughed, as I gave them a little squeeze mum smiled at me, well what size do you think they are then she said.
Hmmmmm I said, I still don’t know, maybe get them out and I can tell you. Looking at each other she laughed, really you can’t have a guess from what you’ve felt already.

Knowing my mum already, I knew she was always up for a laugh, was I pushing it on was she about to flash her boobs for me and Mohammed the taxi driver. Go on, I’m sure Mohammed won’t complain. I won’t he said in his broken English Indian accent.
You could tell mum was debating whether to do it. Right, she said, quick flash. See Mohammed get ready your about to see a lovely pair of boob’s I said. Mum sat back in the passenger’s seat, she smiled I can’t believe I’m about to do this she said. I sat bolt upright learning against the two front seats peering over. I watched as mum pulled the straps from her dress down and lowered the top half so you could see her black patterned bra. She turned to me, are you sure that’s not enough. I smiled nope, come on let Mohammed see your boob’s as well. Then, she lowered her bra straps and pulled her bra down, out flopped her big tits. Fucking yes I said, kind of forgetting that was my mum showing off her big tits to me and a stranger. Mohammed trying to focus on driving but looking at mum’s bare chest. He was smiling. Well she said, I leant over, they defiantly are a 34dd am I right. She turned her head, yes you are, as she still had her bra pulled down. With a smile on her face mum says to us, is it ok if I put them away now. Mohammed laughed, I joked well no harm in having them out is there. She turned to me, you cheeky git as she pulled her bra back over her boob’s but not her dress up.

I sat back now mega horny as mum had just flashed her bare tit’s to me and Mohammed. Mum shocked me as she asked Mohammed if he was gay, oh no, he replied I am not, he said, I very much like you and your chest he said in his accent. For another shock Mohammed went on to say that he is not fussy, he will look at women and men. Mum asked another question, so if James got his willy out you would look, why not he said. Mum, really, I replied. She laughed what you just asked me to flash my boobs, and now you’re asking me to flash my dick. She laughed and nudge Mohammed yeah, I think he wants to see. I joked yeah right, I bet you want to see it too. Mum smiled well why not. I was stunned was mum asking to see my cock. Mohammed sat quiet, bloody hell if I must. Mum turned and was looking at me, I undone my jean buttons and pulled my jeans down to just above my knees. I was sat there in my boxer shorts with a bulge already. Mum nudge Mohammed and surprised me by saying his got a big one. I put my hand down my boxers and took hold off my cock and pulled it out from my boxer shorts, I had my cock out in my hand. Mohammed was looking at the rear view mirror at me, mum was facing me. Wow she said, I laughed what. Look at that, I laughed what, still staring she said you’ve got a big dick. I was surprised that she was staring at it, I gave it a little wiggle.

I had my cock out in my hand, mum was looking at it, blimey son I didn’t know it was that big she said. I laughed and let go so she could see it fully, freshly shaved and semi hard mum was looking at my cock. Mohammed was slowly driving and checking it out too. She turned and faced forward, oh I’m getting a bit flusted she said. Did I hear right, mum must of liked the look of it that much. She was still sat there with the straps down on her dress and bra out and I was sat in the back with my cock out, Mohammed was in for a right treat.

We were about 15 minutes from home, when I pulled up my boxers and jeans. Mohammed it’s your turn I joked. He laughed, but I am driving I can’t. Mum jumped in. Well pull over it’s only fair. We all laughed. Mohammed looked serious, do you want me to. I put it forward that if we stop I can have a quick toilet break. The beer had gone through me. Mum replied, yeah why not, I can have a peek then as she nudged Mohammed. Mohammed drove on for a few more minutes and pulled over in a lay by. He didn’t look nervous at all, seemed to be enjoying this as much as I was. We all hoped out of the car, I walked off to the recycling bin and went behind for a piss. As I walked back mum and Mohammed were talking. Well did you see it I said to mum. No, he hasn’t shown me yet, she said smiling. Mohammed didn’t say anything, he started to un buckle his belt and un do his trousers. By the side of the car he dropped his trousers and his pants. He had hold of his cock, it didn’t look that big maybe about 3-4 inches. Mohammed was more forward than I was, he was tugging it. Me and mum looked at each other and laughed. Mohammed was stood there wanking. Oh blimey, mum said laughing, you don’t waste no time Mohammed, she said. He smiled looking at mum pulling at his small dick. Mum being mum she was looking. I couldn’t believe in the past half hour, mum had flashed her tit, I had my cock out and she was telling me how big it was and now the taxi driving was out of his car wanking his cock in front of us.

It didn’t look like Mohammed was going to stop, I joked to mum, go on give him something to look at, she laughed well aren’t I enough. I joked with Mohammed I’m sure you want to see more. Mum was stood there, Mohammed replied, oh yes of course please. Mum laughed, well what. I was stood next to her, she seemed up for it. I held her dress at the bottom, well his already see your tit’s. I lifted up her dress, to see her sexy chunky bum in a black thong. To my surprise, she leant on the car facing it. I hitched up her dress passed her waist as she stuck her bum out. Me and Mohammed was now looking at her bum in her sexy black thong. Mohammed moved behind and next to me. It’s nice I said, He nodded as he was still wanking himself slowly. I suddenly found myself slap her ass. Ohhhh, she said, I did it again. Then I grabbed one of her as cheeks. I turned to Mohammed and he reached out and groped mums bare ass in her thong. I stepped out of his way and leant against the car next to mum.

Mum was slightly bent over, hands on the car, we were both looking at each other as Mohammed was behind her, cock in one hand and the other on her ass. We laughed as I said he seems to be enjoying your ass. Mum smiled, yeah, he seems to, I can’t believe he started wanking. We were talking as if he wasn’t there. Oh, she said, as he eyes widen, what I said laughing. His pulled my thong to the side. I looked over and he had moved her thong to the side, I caught a glimpse of her bald pussy from behind. She knew, I looked at her and she didn’t care. Mohammed was rubbing over her ass with one hand, down the crack of her ass cheek. He seemed to be getting closer to her pussy. He was going to try his luck. Suddenly I see his fingers run over her pussy from behind, I looked at mums face as she realised, she didn’t stop him. Instead she rolled her head back. I watched for a few seconds as he was rubbing mum’s pussy from behind. I looked at her as she smiled and said, yep there you go his in me, I was shocked, it seemed to happen so quick, I looked back at Mohammed he was fingering my mum on the road side. Luckily not a car had gone by. I stepped back a looked on. Mum had pulled her dress up more and I was looking at a stranger fingering her wet bald pussy from behind.

I leant against the car next to her, she smiled at me, our little secret she said. I smiled back, if you say so. Just then she let out a moan. I laughed are you enjoying that, fuck yes, she replied. I joked you dirty bitch. Again, she moaned, mmmmmmmm I am a dirty whore. Fuck, I was gobsmacked she just called herself a whore. She really was enjoying this. I couldn’t help myself. You are a dirty whore, mmmmmm, yes, she said again. She turned her head, come on Mohammed finger fuck my pussy. I could help myself, I reached out and pulled at her bra, testing the water she didn’t care, so I pulled her bra down and both her big heavy tits was out again. I started playing with them, she looked down and then up at me, you like your mum’s boobs, she said. I smiled and replied fuck yes. I carried on and she took her hand off the car. I had forgotten Mohammed was behind her finger fucking her pussy wanking his cock. I stood in front of her and held her big tits. Leant down and started sucking them. She grabbed onto my head and I heard her moan again, Just then I felt her hand cup my cock over my jeans. I stopped sucking her big hard nipples and stood up, facing her she said quietly, get it out.

I didn’t need asking again I stepped back and dropped my jeans and boxers, my hard cock sprung out, she looked down, wow look at that big hard cock. I could tell she was horny. I looked down at my hard cock her hand was next to it. She whispered to me, our secret, and smiled she grabbed hold of my cock and started wanking it. I looked at her as she had hold of my cock wanking it slowly, her busty tits squashed together. I was looking down as she was getting lower, she moved forward away from Mohammed, he stopped fingering her from behind. She looked up at me, and dropped to her knees, with a smile on her face she said, I can’t believe I’m going to do this. She held my cock towards her face, I watched as if it was slow motion, she pulled my forskin back and took my cock in her mouth. Fuck I said as I held my hands on her head as she was sucking on my hard cock. Mohammed moved round next to me, mum opened her eyes, she reached out at took his cock in her hand and started wanking him. She looked like a pro. I was holding onto her head thrusting slightly as I could fill my cock hitting the back of her throat. She stopped and pulled back, looking up at us both with her hands wrapped around both of our cocks. She smiled at me and moved towards Mohammed, she started to lick his cock, then in one mouth full took it in her mouth. I watched on a she was now sucking him. A few minutes went by I could see he was loving it. He held her head, I could tell he was going to cum. Just then he said it, oh yes I’m going to cum.

I watched as she was on her knees, she sat back squashed her tits together with her arms wanting him to cum on her tits without her asking. We leant forward and started wanking fast, I watched as he aimed his hot spunk all over her tit. For a little guy he shot a huge load over mum’s bare boobs. Mmmmmmmmmmm she said as he dropped every last drop on her tits. She looked at me, where was I she said, she took my cock again in her mouth, she started sucking me off for a few more minutes. She took my hard cock out of her mouth, come on cum for me too. Mohammed was watching, you dirty slut I said, you want your sons cum, taking my cock out of her mouth oh yes please. I stood her up, aware of our surroundings, I said come on then you dirty whore, I pulled her dress up over her and off her. She was standing on the road side behind the car in now her thong and cum covered tits. She knelt back down rubbing his cum into her tits. She leant back against the car in only her thong and had hold of her big tits, come on cum on mummy she said. I stood over her wanking fast as she was begging for my cum. I held my cock tight and then released the biggest load I have ever squirted. I looked down fully satisfied and looked at mum, she was covered in my hot spunk, her face was plastered and it was dripping down onto her tit’s. She laughed, blimey that was a huge load. I looked down at her cum covered body, wow that was needed. She got up and was wiping the cum from her chest. Just as I was about to pull my jeans up, she bent down and took my flacid cock again in her mouth. She gave it a few more sucks. She stopped, stood up as she grabbed her clothes to get dressed, well I loved that she said as we got back into the taxi.
Mohammed thanked us and drove on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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