The Trophy Wife

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The Trophy Wife
I am a trophy wife, I know it, you know it, everyone knows it. I am twenty years younger than my husband. My husband makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. I just stay home and keep myself fit and looking good and take care of the k**s and I don’t worry about things. I have been with only one other man besides my husband. I am snooty and stuck up. That is my life at 45.
I am 4 foot 11 inches tall, platinum blonde hair with store bought breast. Brown eyes. I stay in shape, go to the country club and play tennis and golf with the ladies. My house is clean. I have never even thought of another man, that is till Jed showed up. Who is Jed? Jed is a big black man that works for the landscaping company that maintains our lawn. Jed is the son of the owner who just dropped out of high school. He is 6 foot 6 inches tall, 250 pounds. A huge big guy.
I never paid much attention to Jed till one day I just happened to see him getting ready to go home. He was naked behind the barn washing himself off with the hose. Not only is this guy huge but he has a great body. The kind of body that made my mouth water, made me dripping wet. Then He turned and I saw his limp cock. It looked like a cartoon cock, swinging around like an elephants trunk with two huge balls. I could not stop looking at it. My pussy started to burn and tingle. I could not believe what I was thinking or feeling. I tried to put it all out of my head. I watched as Jed dressed and left the property then I went to the shower and masterbated myself to orgasim thinking of Jed.
The next month I kept thinking of Jed and running into Jed, mostly on purpose. This guy was almost young enough to be my son. But yet I wanted to see him naked again. Well truthfully, I wanted more than to just see him. My body wanted to feel him, my pussy wanted to feel him. My pussy wanted to feel that huge cock inside it. I had never had these thoughts and feeling before about any man.
I had laid out topless and even naked when I knew no one was around. Sometime the ladies would come over and we would all lay out topless or naked. I decided to lay out topless knowing Jed would see me, I made sure he saw me. He was beside the house and I knew he would come around by the pool to check the garden hose and so I was there topless when he did. I acted to be asleep with my sunglasses on. Jed did a double take as he walked by. As Jed walked back past me I said “Oh Jed, I did not know you were here, let me cover up as I am sure you do not want to be seeing this old woman.” Jed replied “Oh no, I was just working out here and I am enjoying the view, Liz, you just stay right there and I will be around this side of the house out of sight.”
This kind of play went on for another week as I tried to figure out what I wanted from Jed. Then one day Jed had his shirt off, his muscular young body just turned me on so much. And knowing about that huge sleeping cock he had. I decided I had to have it. I started to flirt with Jed, gradual at first but I ****d it up quickly. To one day I just could not wait any longer.
I laid out naked know Jed would be walking right past which he did. And he stopped dead in his tracks. This time I made no excuses, “Oh Jed, I thought you were off today, Well I am sure you have seen plenty of naked women so don’t let me get in your way, I am just going to get a few more rays.” My shaved pussy was dripping and I am sure it was open wide. My sun glasses hiding my eyes as I waited for a reaction, which I got when I saw the tent rising in his pants. So I asked Jed if anyone else was here and he replied no. So I invited him into the pool, to skinny dip. I jumped in feeling pretty sure he would follow. As I swam I watched Jed undress, when that huge monster sprang forth as he dropped his pants I almost fainted. It was huge, like a 24 ounce beer can.
We swam and played a little to get him to relax but I needed that cock. So I moved swiftly. I made sure I brushed across his cock several times knowing that he would not be able to resist me. Then ended up in his arms, with that hard cock pushing between my legs. I laid a kiss on Jed that I knew he would never forget. Then I told him that I have never done this kind of thing before. Jed then said that he had always found me attractive. With that I said I started to fondle his cock under the water then led him to the edge of the pool. We got out and I laid him on his back on the pool deck and put both hands around that huge cock. It was bubbling precum making his cock slippery. After just a few seconds I could not wait any longer. I placed my small body right above Jeds cock and started to fit that monster inside my hungry cunt. I was so worked up and wet that my cunt was able to swallow it quickly. As soon as it was all the way up inside me I felt it throb and pulse and realized Jed was cumming and blowing a huge load deep into my womb.
I guessed that I got him too worked up. Sticky jizz was all over my thighs, his cock still planted deep inside me and still hard as steel. “I am sorry Liz, this is the first time for me to do this.” Jed said. This made my pussy tingle even more, I just got his virginity. I had never been with a virgin. I told Jed not to worry and we rolled over with him on top. Jed then begin to plow into me like crazy man. This is what I had wanted. He was banging me hard, my sloppy pussy was getting a beating. He banged me hard for several minutes and I finally came, very hard. So hard I thought I would pass out and Jed came too pumping more of that young spunk deep into my cunt.
This was the beginning of a great relationship. Jed was there whenever I needed some hard cock and I took advantage of that very often. I could not wait for him to fill my little cunt full of his spunk. Now I know where the word bull comes from, all I have to do is walk in the yard and this bull will mount me, fuck my brains out , and fill my cunt full of spunk, and then go back to work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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