The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch12)

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The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch12)
The Great Hall of Castle Mombi began to fill with guest. The banquet held in honor of Dorothy. But the true meaning was to get together to discuss the rise of, The Wicked Nome Queen of the West. A gobkin guard stood by the door, announcing the guest as they arrived.

“Lord Omarion and Lady Talika, it is with great honor to announce the arrival of The Scarecrow, The Tin Woodman, and The Cowardly Lion.” The trio of friends stood in the entrance of the castle as the crowd clapped, welcoming the legendary heroes. The three walked up to the throne and bowed to Lord Omarion and Lady Talika. The Lord and Lady nodded their heads.

“Welcome my friends to my castle. Please eat and drink as we await our honored guest.”

“Thank you Lord Omarion. It is a great honor to be here.” The Scarecrow walked up closer and whispered to Omarion. “Where is the guest of honor anyway.” Lord Omarion looked at Talika for a answer.

“She’s getting ready as we speak. She’s been very tired after her ordeal. Two of our finest guards are taking care of her as we speak.”

Scarecrow bowed and joined his friends at one of the long tables filled with food.

“My dear maybe it be wise to find out if our two guards have taken care of Ms. Gale.” Talika rubbed her fingers on Omarion hand. “I’m sure shes fine. I’ll go check on her, once most of the guest have arrived.”

“Lord Omarion and Lady Talika, Queen Dolly of Merryland and Lord John Dough ruler of The Lolands and Hilands.” The crowd bowed as Queen Dolly and Lord John went up to the throne. Queen Dolly was a fairy of great beauty, who floated over the marble floor. She had fair pale skin, with short silken blond hair, radiate blue eyes and rainbow shimmering wings. While Lord John Dough lumbered beside her. He had the form of a man, but was made completely of gingerbread. He stood only five feet tall but was dressed like a Parisian gentleman. The two guest bowed and joined the other guest.

“Lord Omarion and Lady Talika, Queen Zixi of the Kingdom of Ix.” Talika stood as she watched Queen Zixi approach the throne. The crowd parted admiring the elegance of the queen. She had soft mulatto skin, with emerald green eyes and dark brown hair braided down her back. A crown of coral sat on top of her head. She wore a strapless flowing white gown, that slide across the ground as she walked. She began to bow but Talika stopped her.

“Please my Queen, it is us who should bow, not you.” The two friends embraced, it had been years since they had seen one another.

“You look stunning Lady Talika. So where is Ms. Gale, I wish to speak to her.” Talika gently pulled Queen Zixi out of ear shout of the other guest. ” She has been keeping herself busy since she woke. I found her with two of our guards in the royal bath. They were keeping each other, occupied.” Queen Zixi laughed, some of the guest looking over wondering what was so funny. “She reminds me of someone I use to know. Remember the time I caught you in the royal stables?” Talika turned red blushing. “How could I forget, I was training with the knights.” The Queen laughed again,”Training! You were fucking three of my knights, all at the same time.” Talika laughed as the guard announced the next guest.

“Lord Omarion and Lady Talika, Glinda, The Good Witch of the South.” Talika rejoined her husband, as Glinda flew across the floor, it seemed like her feet never touched the floor. She had her white hair done up in a curled bun, with a pink crystal crown on top. Her gown was dark red, that ended at the tip of her feet. Lord Omarion and Lady Talika bowed to Glinda, showing her respect, as Glinda nodded her head in gratitude.

As Glinda and Lord Omarion began to discuss news, there was a loud banging on the floor. They turned their head to the entrance, seeing Jack Pumpkinhead banging a long emerald staff on the floor.

He looked out on the crowd, seeing he had all their attention. “Ladies and gentlemen, Queen Ozma.” They knelt as Queen Ozma walked into the castle. Her long curled blond hair, flowing out over her emerald crown, down to her shoulders. A flowing green dress shinned in the torch light. Her snowy skin stood out from dull lite room. She walked up to the throne and put her hands on Lord Omarion and Lady Talika shoulders.

“Please stand my friends. I am honored to have such good friends in these turbulent times. Where is Dorothy, I have a guest who insist on seeing her right away.” Ozma turned to the entrance and wave for someone to come forward. A knight in red armor walked up in front of Lord Omarion and Lady Talika. “I have news from the king of Ev. I am to deliver it to Ms. Dorothy Gale, witch slayer, at once.” Lord Omarion sat back down eying up the knight. “And who am I talking to?” The knight removed his helmet to show a short hair, dark skinned, young man. “I am Sir Thomas the Red Knight.”

“Welcome Sir Thomas, you have traveled long, you must be hungry. Please fill yourself and we will get Dorothy.”

“My apologize Lord Omarion, but I must bring this message to Ms. Gale at once.”

Lady Talika walked up to the knight. “I will bring him to Dorothy, Im sure she’s ready by now. Follow me Sir Thomas.” Talika lead Sir Thomas away from the banquet and up the grand stairs. She decided to first walk down to the royal bathes. She got to the door and told Sir Thomas to wait while she checked. Talika walked in and looked around. It was completely empty. “Oh thank goodness, their done. They must have went back to get ready.”

“She’s not there, she must be in her room getting ready. Follow me.” She lead the knight down the long hallway to the thick wooden door to Dorothy room. Thinking Dorothy must be ready by now, Talika opened the door to the room. Talika and Sir Thomas stood in the doorway, watching Dorothy sandwiched between both gobkin guards.

Bahman laid on the bed, as Wilhelm knelt behind her. There big fat gobkin cocks filling her ass and pussy. Wilhelm hands on her shoulders, pulling her back on both cocks.

“Oh fucking god yes. Fuck me, make me take those big cocks.” The two guards shoved up into her harder, feeding her holes. They could feeling their cocks sliding in and out, almost rubbing against one another. Talika closed the door and turned to Sir Thomas.

“Let me have you wait in this room over here, while I get her ready.” Sir Thomas said nothing, walking into the room across from Dorothy’s. Talika walked back to Dorothy room, shutting the door behind her.

“Dorothy!Wilhelm!Bahman!, what the Oz are you three doing. All the guest have arrived. You two told me you would have her ready.” The two guards stopped keeping their cocks in her.

Wilhelm straighten himself up as he spoke to Talika. “I’m sorry Lady Talika, we were getting her ready but she insisted.”

Dorothy pushed back, grinding herself on both cocks. She smiled at Talika. “I’m sorry Tali, its all my fault. I just couldn’t help myself.” Talika sat down in her black gown. “Queen Ozma has just arrived and a knight from Ev is here with a urgent message for you from the king.”

“I’m sorry Tali we will stop.” Talika put her hand up stopping them from moving. “He can wait. He traveled this far he can wait.” Dorothy grinned at the two guards and Wilhelm slapped her ass, as they began to pick up the pace again. Talika watched as Dorothy ass and pussy spread wide, accommodating both big cocks. She crossed her legs, beginning to be turned on by the show.

Dorothy leaned down kissing Bahman, as Wilhelm shoved his whole cock into her ass. She moaned into Bahman mouth, feeling Wilhelm fat cock buried down into her hole. She pulled her mouth from Bahman lips, turned her head and kissed Wilhelm. Bahman held her waist and fucked up into her. Pumping his cock in and out the wet pussy. Dorothy moaned into Wilhelm mouth, the two cocks making her soaking wet. She looked over at Talika, seeing her crossed legged, fighting her urges. Dorothy whispered in Wilhelm ear,then smiled at Talika. Wilhelm slide his cock out slowly and walk up to Talika.

“Dorothy says you need some of this.” Wilhelm held the base of his cock, putting it in front of Talika face.

“No thank you, I have Lord Omarion cock to satisfy me.”

Dorothy rocked back and forth on Bahman cock. “Come on Tali, Lord Omarion has you, but he still fucked Leandra didn’t he?” Talika licked her lips, looking up and down Wilhelm hard cock. Wilhelm moved his hand, as Talika moved her hand up and held his base. She looked up at Wilhelm. “Don’t you dare tell Lord Omarion.” Wilhelm put his fist over his heart. “I swear I will tell no soul my lady.”

Talika opened her mouth and slide it down that shaft. She could taste Dorothy ass juices covering the cock. She sucked up and down, savoring the flavor. Dorothy watched Talika lips spreading around that cock, as she sat up and began bouncing up and down Bahman cock.

Talika stopped and pulled her mouth off. “Let me take this off so I don’t ruin it.” She slide out of her dress. Hanging it up, then sitting back down and sucking that cock again. She opened wider and pumped her mouth up and down. Spit began to ooze out the sides and down the veiny shaft. Wilhelm grabbed a hold of her hair and seeing her not pulling away, began to fuck her mouth.

“Oh fuck yes, fuck her mouth Wilhelm.” Dorothy pulled herself up and stood over Bahman cock and lowered her ass down his dick. His cock pushing her asshole slowly back open, until it was almost all the way in. She began to bounce herself, making her asshole take all those inches.

“Fuckkkkk, fuck my ass. Make me take it Bahman.” Bahman gripped her waist with his gobkin hands and worked her up and down his shaft.

Talika pulled her mouth off and stood up. “Sit down on the chair Wilhelm.” Wilhelm all too willing, sat down, his cock sticking up in the air. Talika looked back at Dorothy. “I hope your happy. You see what you make me do.” Talika got over Wilhelm cock and eased her pussy down his cock. “Oh my fucking god, that’s alot of cock, fuckkk.” She held onto his shoulders as she rode up and down. Wilhelm gripped her ass with his hands, both of them working her pussy on his dick.

Dorothy bounce harder, slamming her ass down on Bahman cock. “Oh fuck yes, fuck my ass. Fucking love a cock in my ass.”

Talika rode up and down, her pussy dripping as it took more cock. “Yesssss, oh god oh god oh god.” Wilhelm pushed up as she came down, the whole length of his cock inside her. He held her on his cock, swirling his thick dick inside her. Talika body shook, his cock making her cum all over his groin. Wilhelm held her steady on his cock and pulled on her cheeks ,spreading them. Thats when she felt the tip of another cock, brushing against her asshole. She looked back seeing Bahman behind her.

“Where are you going Dorothy?” Dorothy was throwing on a robe, smiling with a devilish grin. “I’m going to see what this knight wants. I couldn’t allow Bahman cock to go unattended, so I told him to join in with you two. Have fun.”

Dorothy left the room, as Bahman teased his cock on Talika asshole. “My Lady we can stop, we can leave, now that Dorothy has left.” Talika looked over her shoulder at Bahman. “She’s right, can’t let a cock like that go to waste.” Bahman grinned and pushed in, forcing his hard cock into that tight hole. “FUCKKKKKKKKKK,dam it, so big.”

Dorothy smiled listening to Talika moan as she opened the door and walked introduced herself to the guard. “I’m sorry you had to see that.”

“No apologize Ms. Gale, I saw nothing.”

“Thank you. Now what so important.”

“The King of Ev request you to come to The Land of Ev at once. There is a grand ball being thrown for the land to celebrate the Queen birthday.” Sir Thomas stopped talking as Talika could be heard. “Fuckking dam it, pull it out, fucking too big.”

“Go on Sir Thomas. Why do you need me to come to Ev.”

“Well Ms. Gale, the king believes he is going to be assassinated. Prince Evrob has invited The Wicked Nome Queen of the West to the ball. He believes she is coming to Ev to kill him and put his younger brother on the throne.”

“When is the ball?”

“In two days. The king also believes she wants The Expectacles. They are glasses that can tell the immediate future. They can’t see days, but hours. In a battle, she could see how the battle turns out, before it even starts.”

“Go down to the hall, tell Lord Omarion to gather the council. Tell them we will join them in the grand dinning room.”

“At once Ms. Gale.” Sir Thomas bowed and left, marching to the grand hall. Dorothy went back to her room, walking in finding Wilhelm and Bahman pounding Talika. She closed the door behind her and watched Talika holes being spread wide.

“Fuck Dorothy, I can’t believe you took both cocks at once. There so much.” Dorothy hung her robe up and began putting on her metal corset and skirt. “What’s wrong Dorothy?” The three of them stopped, seeing Dorothy face turn grim.

“Leandra is making a move for The Land of Ev. In two days she is going to kill the King and I would think the Queen too. I have told Sir Thomas to have Lord Omarion call the council together. We are to meet them in the grand dinning room.”

Then she smiled. “You got ten minutes, meet me there.” Dorothy closed the door behind her. As soon as the door shut, Wilhelm and Bahman started fucking Talika. Her hands gripping the top of the chair as both cocks shoved in deeper.

Bahman slide out slapping his cock on her asshole. “Lady Talika do you think we will have another chance to fuck you?” She caught her breath. “I would think not, this is a one time thing.” Bahman looked at Wilhelm,”That’s what we thought.” Wilhelm held her steady, as Bahman guided his cock along Wilhelm cock and slowly pushed in her pussy with him.

Talika eyes shot open wide. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, FUCKKKKKKKK!”

Bahman slapped her ass. “If it is one time thing, we going to make the most of it.” She could feel both cock sliding against one another, spreading her pussy wider then she ever been before. Bahman pulled her hair back, pulling himself into her pussy as much as he could. As Wilhelm held her cheeks, shoving his cock along Bahman’s, working both cocks like pistons, in and out her cunt.

“Were going to cum in your pussy together. Fill that cunt with thick sticky cum.” Talika closed her eyes and moaned, the guards feeling there cocks being covered, Talika squirting out over both shafts.

Wilhelm slapped her ass hard. “Were not going to cum until you beg for it.”

“Please cum in me. Fill my gapping pussy with that fucking nasty cum.”

Bahman pulled her hair back, arching her back. “Mmm that’s a good bitch. Your going to want us to fuck you again aren’t you. You love these big cocks. Who’s cum slut are you?”

Talika moaned loud,”I’m Bahman and Wilhelm cum slut!” The two guards shoved in together and exploded. Talika body shook as buckets of cum emptied into her pussy. There was so much it spilled out all over there groins. Talika could feel the cum shooting so deep it felt like it was filling her belly. They left their cocks in her, as the three of them caught their breath.

Talika opened her eyes, the room spinning a little. “I have to get ready. If Dorothy is right I will be going with her to The Land of Ev. I will need two willing soldiers to accompany me. Any volunteers?” The two of them shoved up into her, making cum spill out. “Mmmmmm, I take that as a yes.”

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