three gets crowded

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three gets crowded
I was over at a ‘friends’ house the other day. Just relaxing on the couch snuggling up to him watching TV. His couch is halfway between a full couch and a loveseat. He is also a fairly large older man (in his 50’s, around 6’2″ and weighing between 240-250). Just how I like my daddies 🙂

I was wearing a simple outfit. A nice colorful skirt that went to my knees and a simple blue tank top. Plain, but comfortable. He had one hand around me, and was running his hand across the skin on my arms when the doorbell rang. I quickly got up and answered the door. It was his friend ‘Jim’.

Jim also is not a small man, although he isn’t as large as my daddy, he is around the same age although a couple inches shorter and around 220-230 lbs. Jim sat down at the other end of the couch leaving me about 12 inch space between them. I looked down at my daddy questioningly and he smiled and said to squeeze between them. I blushed slightly as I barely knew Jim but they both just smiled innocently at me. I sat down between them and wiggled my way to get seated.

Here I was sandwiched between two men on the couch. After a few minutes my daddy put his hand on my knee and then started creeping his hand slowly up the inside of my leg. I looked up into his eyes, startled that he would act this way around his friend, but he just smiled back with a mischievous grin. My face started to go red as I put my hand on his to stop him from such an obvious sexual advance. Jim started laughing, and then he put his hand on my knee.

My heart was racing now, and I was sure they could both hear it. My hands started shaking, realizing what was going to happen. My daddy shifted his weight and started kissing my neck while his hand was creeping up my inside thigh. Jim started to kiss the other side of my neck, nibbling on my ear, while his hand crept up my other thigh. Breathing heavily, I just sat there, stuck between these two men, not knowing what to do. I closed my eyes, breathing heavily until they both reached my panties.

My eyes shot open and I moans slightly as they both started to pull my panties down. I could barely move as they both held me between them. They roughly pulled my panties down as Jim got up and lifted my legs up to remove them completely. My daddy bent me over his lap and pulled my top off. Jim got behind me and pulled my skirt off and then kneeled on the couch behind me. Jim grabbed my bare ass cheeks and started to slap them.

I winced as he slapped my ass. My daddy reached down between my legs and started to stroke me. He then tossed over a small bottle of lube to Jim. Jim just smiled and spread my ass cheeks apart and applied it to my anus. I didn’t know what to say. My daddy got up and moved to the end of the arm of the couch. My head was resting against it when he grabbed my hair and positioned my head against the crotch of his pants. He unzipped his pants with one hand and pulled them down.

My daddy was already rock hard as he pushed the tip of his cock against my lips. I opened my mouth as he thrust it in. He gripped my hair roughly and started to fuck my mouth. I gagged slightly, but he paid no attention to my difficulties. He was in the moment, and I was his property to use as he pleased. I felt Jim get between my legs and I could feel the tip of his cock up against my anus. Oh crap, I thought, as he pushed inside me.

It was difficult to gasp with a cock in my mouth, but I let out a loud moan as Jim entered me from behind. He was fairly large and I winced as he pushed all the way in. Jim moved his hands to around my waist and started to thrust more vigorously. My body started shaking with the pleasure of being ass fucked. His body pressed up against my ass. His fullness deep inside me. My daddy was gripping my hair tightly and I struggled to fit his cock fully into my mouth. I was squished between the two, holding on, barely able to move as they both used me.

After around five minutes of them both thrusting, my daddy pulled his cock out of my mouth and said ‘switch’. Jim pulled out of me and moved to the end of the couch, while my daddy mounted me from behind. I saw Jim remove his condom, and only then did I realize he was even wearing one. It didn’t even enter my mind if this stranger was fucking me safely. I didn’t have long to ponder this as he thrust his cock in my mouth and proceeded to fuck my face. He didn’t grip my head, but put his hands on my shoulders. My daddy entered me roughly from behind, I dug my nails into the arm of the couch as he did. It didn’t take him long to push fully inside me. As he thrusted, he would slap my ass roughly.

I have never been used by two men at once, all I could think about was how I must please them. It was so hard to concentrate, but I did my best. I felt Jim increase his speed of his thrusting and knew he was close. He grabbed the back of my head now and lost control. I grinned inwardly as I felt his load shoot into my mouth. The feeling of accomplishment as I know I served my purpose of bringing him that ultimate pleasure. My daddy was thrusting faster and faster now. I could barely hold myself together. I love being fucked and felt my daddy reach around and begin to stroke me. It wasn’t long until I lost myself completely and cried out that I was going to cum. He paid no heed to my pleas and just kept stroking me and thrusting inside of me.

I exploded in violent fashion. My body shaking as he kept thrusting. Crying out I felt him pull out suddenly. He roughly turned me over and came all over me. Some on my face, and the rest on my chest. He shook his cock getting every drop on my body. He stood up and pulled his pants back on.

Go clean up, he ordered me. I obediently went into the shower and washed myself down.

I walked out wearing only a towel and gathered my cloths to put them back on. My daddy was lounging on the couch. Apparently he cleaned it up. Jim was nowhere to be seen. I slowly got dressed, not knowing what to say. My daddy grabbed my hand and pulled me down back onto the couch. I looked at him with a stunned expression, but he just smiled. Snuggling up against him again we resumed watching TV.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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