Trapping My Father-In-Law – Distance Leads

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Trapping My Father-In-Law – Distance Leads

Read the past parts of this story to understand the line of the story guys.

I keep my body in good shape. I regularly shave my pubic hair and legs. I love people noticing me, I love attention. Hence I dress in the same way too, as I walk my ass swings to and fro, my breast swings up and down. Basically I am one of the good looking women in the place where I stay.

I was below him, his dick was inside me.I was turning hot. I was biting his shoulders in pleasure. I widened my legs further so that his dick could penetrate deep into my pussy. I was moaning out of pleasure , crying “Deep..Deeper…Ahhhh … push it deep..” meanwhile he reached his climax and moved aside , slept beside me and was breathing heavily. I was completely dissatisfied. I was not at all satisfied. I still wanted more , I was just getting into proper mood but he ejaculated early..

I placed my hand on his dick, it was wet and very limp.. I wanted another session , but the dick was very dead !! He didn’t even kiss my pussy, It was dying for getting eaten.. I couldn’t control myself my hands reached my pussy , and slowly pushed my finger into it and saw his face…

I took out the fingers and placed it head his cheek and was getting closer to kiss him, he opened his eyes and said “Yaak Sunitha, remove your hand, You placed it there and now you are keeping it near my face..You are turning dirty these days..”

He kissed me and said “We had a great time Sunitha..” I was utterly disappointed but smiled half heartedly and nodded my head..He closed his eyes and slept. I was lying naked, placed my fingers in my pussy and started fingering myself, I couldn’t understand what was wrong with my husband.He is passing out so fast nowadays. I love my pussy eaten , I love getting dick in my mouth, I love have a dirty and kinky sex but he is totally not of this type. I really miss my Father in law..

Its been two months since my body felt his touch. My in law’s are at my brother in law’s place for the past two months. I think they will be there for another two months. My body desperately needs my FIL’s manly touch. I want to get laid my him.

The AC in the room was on. I covered my naked body with blanket. I got goosebumps all over my body including my boobs , my nipples were hard erect. I pressed them myself and suddenly lost in his thoughts. I was blushing remembering how we had druken sex in hotel , how I dressed myself in yellow saree with red sleevless blowse which was exposing both my back and my boobs and how we had local tour in hyderabad that day. How the people were jealous looking me with him.We just behaved like husband and wife in the total tour, how romantic he was !! In spite of us being in public ..

I felt we were reshooting the rexona add !! He used to touch my navel in public, move his fingers on my belly , hold my hand , caress my shoulders , place hands on my ass cheeks.. But I was not lucky enough. Just after the tour my In law’s had to leave to my BIL’s place. I was lonely since then…

Next day I called him and told him that I miss him a lot. He consoled me saying that he will be here after two months. I could do nothing that day, I was very sad. That day my husband came home and said that he is going to chennai for two weeks for some business work. I was totally delighted. He said he is going to call here FIL and MIL to take of me. I was very happy as I could spend sometime with my FIL.

Next day my husband packed his luggage and left by flight. I got a call from my BIL’s mobile he spoke for a while and my FIL took the phone and said “Hi Sunitha, as it was a sudden program , we couldnt get tickets. I dont want you to stay alone, so I will come by bus, your MIL might not come as it is not comfortable. I am starting today night, will be there by tomorrow morning ” and passed the phone to MIl. I was on seventh heaven!! I will be with my FIL for two weeks !! NO MIL !! No husband !! I thanked God, he always grants me some good time alone with my darling when ever I need it desperately.. Immediately waxed my legs and cleaned my armpits as my darling was coming.

He reached home , my k** was there.

As soon as he came he hugged him , and asked “Grandpa what did you bring for me??” He took out his bag and gave him some toy and gave him a hug and left out for playing. I closed the door , went to him , hugged him tightly and asked “What did you bring for me??” he gave a smile took my hand and placed on the erect dick and said “I brought this for you. Where do you want to take it?? In bathroom or bedroom..”

I pressed it hard and replied “No room..Not today.I want to enjoy long sex with you not quickie.Let’s do it tomorrow. I want it whole day.Make me yours.” and was about to leave. He held my hand and pulled me towards him, my boobs crushed to his chest I was looking into his eyes and he was looking into mine. I smooched his lips and said

“Mavayya(FIl) I missed you a lot..”

He immediately kissed on my lips hardly.. We were kissing like mad lovers.I took out my tongue and moved it lover his lips. Even he took his tongue out. We were licking each others tongues like dogs. I sucked his tongue into my mouth, He started exploring my mouth. I could feel his saliva moving from his mouth to mine. Suddenly my k** knocked the door. We separated. After my k** slept , I went to his room he was waiting for me, we hugged each other and slept.

The next day , I sent my k** to school,took head bath and I was preparing lunch. My FIL came and hugged me from behind and said “I have controlled so much, Cant control now let me see your boobs at least please remove your blowse please…” and was pressing my boobs. I turned towards him, and said “MAmayya ! I know what will happen if I expose my boobs.. you will go out of control. Let me prepare lunch first.”

He started kissing my neck and said “Who is going to eat lunch ?? I am going to eat you..chew your melons, drink your juices.” He was pleading me … Even I wanted to tease him..

So I said ok , but on one condition. I went and brought a chair made him sit on that and tied his both hands to the chair. Then I opened the jacket hooks one by one, as soon as I opened my boobs popped out.

I completely opened the jacket and threw it on him and wrapped the saree around my waist. I was nude above my waist. My FIL said “Suni .. Remove that Mangalsutra as well. Its covering your boobs partially. Dont ever cover those marvales monuments ever.” I was flattered !! I removed the mangalsutra and completed the cooking nude. I was also getting mood slowly. I went and sat on his lap his erect dick was pricking into my ass.He was trying to bite my boobs.

As they were tied he could’nt reach them.I raised both my hands and was tying my hair, he immediately kissed my armpits and said “How can they be so fair suni..They smell great and taste good too…Raise it further”

I completely raised my hands he was kissing them, took out his tongue and was licking both them. I didnt stop him. It was creating tickling sensation i was laughing out loudly and said “Mavayya ..enough enough.. I will get ice cream for you..” I brought ice cream took it in my hand and applied it to my boobs and kept my nipple in his mouth .. He licked the ice cream around the nipple and bit it hard. I gave out a cry “Abbaa..Mavayya…do it slowly..”

I placed by other boob near his face he bit the other one too..”Mavayyaaaa ….Your son is not going to come for 2 weeks.I am yours completely.Do it slowly darling.” I said and I took some more ice cream removed his dhoti and placed it on his dick and started licking it.. He was moaning “Oh suni…you are the best sucker… I wish I could get this pleasure everyday.”I removed the rope that I tied to his hands.. He Lifted me in his arms and held the remaining ice cream as well..

He took me to the bed and threw me on it. He jumped on me just like a lion jumping over a deer. He took the ice cream and applied it near my neck ,through my shoulders.

He started kissing my neck and licking the ice cream..I was enjoying it a lot..the ice cream was melting and it passed into my armpits..My father IN law started licking that also…I was moaning in pleasure..I havent experienced this from my husband for the past two months..I was having a totally erotic foreplay.He hugged me, the ice cream on my skin was making us feel as if we were glued together by some gum.

He kissed me on my lips and hugged me tightly,there was no gap between us , he said “Sunitha, I love you a lot.Dont leave me please.” I smiled and said “Mavayya..How can I ever leave you alone.Dont ever think of being alone.Whatever you want , just ask your daughter in law, I promise, I will give all the pleasures you need.” Saying that I removed my saree that I tucked around my navel. I sat on his knees his looks fixed on my pussy.

He rolled his fingers on my pussy and said “This is the best pleasure in the world, having sex with a beautiful and horney women .The best ever pussy Sunitha. When did you shave it? Hairless and it smells great.”

I winked and said “Its my duty mavayya(FIL) to know your likes and dislikes and to serve their Father in Law is duty of evey DIL. Now its yours..” while saying that I spread my left leg and placed my right leg on his lips. He kissed my toes , kissed my foot anklets and calf slowly reached my thighs and was moving his hands on the other thigh.

He reached my pussy and gave a kiss. I gave out a sound “uff..mavayya…Its had been waiting for your touch. ahhh”. He took the remaining ice cream in his two fingers and pushed it into my pussy. Due to that , I gave out a cry “Abba Mavayya ..Its cold uhhh remove it..” he was not listening, He kept stuffing my pussy with ice cream totally. Due to the cold sensation in pussy I couldnt control the pain..The ice cream was meting and flowing out of pussy.

He started licking the ice cream he separated by legs further and moved his tongue deep into my pussy , he was using both his lips and tongue. He parted my pussy lips and sucked the ice cream, it got mixed with my juices. I was moaning in pleasure , I held his head and pushed deep into my vagina.

After that he took his dick and pushed into it. I hugged him tightly. He increased his pace. He was biting my nipples and pushing it very hardly. After sometime he turned me sidewards, lifted my leg pushed into my pussy from behind. He was rubbing my belly from behind.

I was crying in pain and pleasure.. He increased his pace, I couldnt control myself I was moaning out loudly, I took his hand pushed his fingers into my mouth and started sucking them. At point of time, his dick started hitting to my spot , I couldnt control myself and bit his fingers hard.

He stopped for a while and started kissing my spine. I turned towards him and took out my tongue and rolled it on his chest. I kissed on his nipples and bit his chest.. His dick was still erect. I laid him flat and I sat over him. Took his dick and placed into pussy and I started riding on him. The COWGIRL style. I was moving up and down. Even he increased his pace.

The room was filled with Thup THup thup and my moans ahhh ahhh.. ufffffff ..mavayaa …. He was not moaning loudly but he was breathing heavily and saying “Sunii…suni..” I bent , he was still pushing deep…I kissed on his eat lobes and licked around his ear..and cried “Mavayya…Do it.. Release it ..I can’t control further…please do it noww…ahhhh” he replied “Not yet darling ..” he stopped pushing and laid me back to missionary position and started strokes ..I ejaculated …I was just shouting uhhh uhhhh uhhh

I started sweating , he started to kiss my neck and bite there , his bite was so strong that I felt his teeth markings even after he stopped. He pressed my boob and bit it there , but he didnt stop stroking. I was enjoying in peaks. He said “Suni …Ahhh Its coming …” and he ejaculated..

As soon as he took out his dick our juices flowed out of my hole. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes and said “Such a pleasure….ahh..every women needs this..uff..that was awesome..” he slept beside me and said “Sunitha..that felt like heaven.” We kissed each other and slept there naked..

Suddenly I heard a doorbell. I quickly got dressed woke him up. Even he ran to bathroom and i opened the door. It was my son. My father in law dressed and came out of bathroom and wished my son. My son saw the red love bite near my neck and asked what was that. I placed my hand there and said It was a mosquito bit turned to my father in law and smiled naughtily and winked at him.

In the late evening, I was talking to my son regarding his home work and studies, he came to my room switched on the AC. We all three of us were talking. Suddenly he gave an idea that we shall watch a Ghost movie.

My son started jumping with joy “Movie ..Movie ..Movie..Ghost movie.” Even I said ok as his work was completed but I was sensing that there is some plan behind this. He brought the laptop and started the movie.

After the titles he said that we should watch it after switching off the light then only we can enjoy the movie properly. I totally understood it and said “No need. He will be frightened. ” but even my son insisted to off the light. We all started to watch the movie.

The room was turning cold. We covered ourselves in blankets. We all were on my bed, Laptop near my son , I was lying beside him and my FIL beside me. We were sleeping and watching, After sometime I felt my FIL’s hand on my ass.

He moved it further and pressed my boobs. I tried to push his hand but he was doing it again and again. I stopped resisting as my son might get doubt. He slowly pinched my bellow. Moved his fingers around my belly button and pushed into my saree…He couldnt reach my vagina as saree was tight. Even I got aroused and I loosened the saree .

As soon as I did that he slid his hand to my vagina.. He started fingering…I couldnt control.. I covered ourselves in blanket..My son was totally into the movie. My FIL’s fingers were moving fast in my pussy. He started with one finger slowly pushed another .

He moved his fingers there as if he was drilling hole deep. He was pinching my legs with his..I lost control and I held his dick and even I started moving it up and down..I griiped it hard. I managed to give him a hand job slowly. Slowly he started releasing precum..He removed his hand from my pussy and tried to move my hand away but I gripped his dick very hardly. It was semi erect and I continued doing handjob..He released his juice in my hand. It got sticked to my fingers.

I took out my hand from blanked and showed him the juice that got sticked to my fingers and his juice formed a thin strand between my middle and index and middle and ring fingers , he smiled. I licked his sperm that was in my hand and on my fingers and whispered to him, you didnt do it in my mouth today.” he smiled and said “I will do it tonight.” Adjusted his lungi and left the room.

I was waiting for my k** to sleep. Every second was like an hour. I was just looking at the clock. We had dinner. The time was around 11PM. I checked twice if my son was asleep or not. He was in sound sleep. The light in my Father In Law’s room was on.

I went to my wardrobe and picked the short and the TShirt in which I seduced my FIL. Went to washroom and left my hair free. Applied lipstick and makeup. I applied black kajal and darkened my eyebrows.

I looked myself in the mirror..I should’nt praise myself but I was looking very hot..I wore new anklets that suited these modren clothing and applied perfume. This should arouse him. My boobs were poking out of the tight T Shirt. The shape of my nipples was clearly visible.

I went out of room silently and bolted the door outside. I took my Father In law’s favorite whiskey and a glass with ice and went to his room.

I stood at the entrance of his room seducingly with my hips and boobs upright with whiskey bottle in one hand and glass in another. I bit my lips and said “Hey handsome, wanna have fun!!” and dear readers you can understand what happened next. If you ask me what happened , I would just say it was one of the wildest nights I had. My face was covered with his cum. The total night he drilled me. I enjoyed the pleasure of sex.

Though he is in his 60’s he cummed thrice in a day, I am very lucky to find such a manly father in law. Please send me your comments

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