tribute to kimmykk

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tribute to kimmykk
Its late afternoon and its oh so hot out you are wearing your shorts and a t shirt and me I’m wearing my combat shirt and cargo pants as we walk along the lake shore near your home you stop look at me and ask me do you want to make a camp fire here and I pull my eyes away from your legs and say ah what Kimmy you simple look at me with a funny grin and say will you please stop looking at my legs your eyes are stuck did you want to make a camp fire here and you hear me say ya lets do that
As I start the fire going you bring more wood and twigs to keep it going and soon it is a roaring campfire and you say ok lets go into the water and as you rush into the lake fully clothed you say to me you can’t catch me nenner nenner nenner and you see me take off my shirt and remove the lower half of my cargo pants legs and then I rush towards were you are standing almost knee deep in the water and you try to run away but I end up catching you and we both fall into the water and as we surface you feel my hands holding you close to my body and you try to wiggle your way free and you yelp in surprise and say we both are all wet let’s go back to the fire case we get cold
As we sit together by the fire that has burned down to a steady glow of red hot embers you start to shiver aand you ask If could hold you please and I take my shirt and d**** it across your shoulder to keep you warm you have a strange look in your eyes and you say I asked you to hold me so I could be warm so I sit closer to you and put my arms around you as you snuggle in closer to me and I feel your soft womanly curves pressed against me you notice that my manhood is starting to harden and to rise and you just giggle and kiss me on my cheek and ask are you saluting me and you wink
My hands slowly start to cress your long lean legs as I feel your head leaning on my shoulder and feel your hands as they cress my leg almost touching my manhood thru my pants and you notice that as you do that it swells and presses against the fabric of my pants and again you just giggle and say what’s wrong and all I can do is moan softly with my head thrown back eyes closed and you simple giggle and say are you ok and as I reply back yes kimmy you know I am
Now you feel my fingers as they cress your legs and they softly touch the very hem of your white shorts that are still damp to the touch you look at me and say I think I need to take off my shorts they wet and you pull away from my touch and from my reach you stand and slowly seductively take off your shorts and sit back down beside me the whole time you notice that my eyes are taking in your every curve every inch of your body and you see that I have hardened and you can see my cock throbbing against the fabric of my pants and you reach down and cress it thru my pants as you whisper in my ear take off your pants and get more comfortable as I undo the fly and my rock hard cock springs free you let go with a little gasp as it stands out and throbs in your sight and then you smile
You take my face in your hand and pull me closer to you and kiss me long and deep and as you do you force me back and you lay half on half off my body and you can feel my hands running up and down your back as we explore each other’s mouths with our tongues and you feel the passion building inside you as much as you feel it building in me ad you can feel the hunger in me as we lay there in the growing darkness you reach down and slowly stroke me to even greater hardness you can feel the heat and feel it throb harder in your hand as you hear me moan louder and louder as you feel my hardness swelling and throbbing more and more to your touch and you look into my lust filled eyes and you smile a smile that betrays your thoughts as much as the look of lust filling your eyes betrays what you are thinking and you take my hand and guide it to your pussy and whisper into my ear ross slide in
As my finger slide into your woman hood I can feel the first small drips of your wetness damping my finger as it goes into you in and out faster and faster as my thumb cresses your clit rubbing it in little circles until you start moving your hips trying to get more and more of my finger into you and you start to also moan little quiet moans of your building lust and you look deep in to my eyes and you say ross do you want be in me now and all I can say is yes and you pull away
And tell me to lay flat on my back as you slowly kiss me and then you place your legs on each side of my waist and you reach down taking my rock hard cock in your hand and you rub it against your pussy teasingly as my moans grow louder and you feel my hands on your hips trying to pull you down so that I am inside of you and you look down at me and just giggle and say not yet ross I am not ready and you continue to rub my cock against your pussy and your clit and you feel me trying to thrust up against you trying to be in your sweetness and you just giggle and say no ross I am not ready you need to see if I am wet enough and with that you move so that your thighs are on either side of my head and you lower yourself onto my face and you can feel me kissing your legs and licking your pussy lips as you grind down upon my face
As you grind yourself upon my face you can feel my hand caressing and kneading your hips and the cheeks of your butt and you can hear my moans of pure lust softly escaping from my lips as I reach up and undo your bra and you take it off and throw it away as my tongue licks you and savors your juices that flow from you in bigger and bigger amounts now you feel my arms wrapping around your hips pulling you down upon my face as I suck on your clit as my tongue trys to lick up all your juice and you lean back arching your back as you gap a hold of my cock and you can feel the heat radiating from it and you can feel it throb to your touch as I lick you harder and harder and the passion building in you slowly at first but with every lick of my tongue and every flick of my tongue across your clit you feel your excitement building until you feel like your pussy is going to explode and then you feel me reach up cress your nipples between my fingers pulling and twisting them and you reach down grabbing the back of my head and force your pussy hard against my face and I grab your hips and pull hard so that my head is hidden between your thigh’s you feel the first of many organisms explode thru your body first one then another until there are several one after another washing over you in waves of pure passion and you moan slowly your voice builds till you are screaming out in passion and you collapse and roll off my face and then now that my head is freed of the prison of your thigh’s I roll onto my side to look at you as you lay breathing deeply you look and see that the lust in my eyes is still there as I devourer your hot sweaty body with my eyes and I kiss your neck and roll on top of you kissing and licking my way down to your breasts and you quietly say u no you need to cum too but it falls upon deaf ears as I suck first one then the other nipple into my mouth savoring the taste of your sweat on your breast and then you simple lay back and enjoy what I am doing to you
Now you feel me kissing and licking my way down your body as your thigh’s spread wide so that I can lick your there yet again and this time you feel my head between your thighs and you clamp them tight against my head and you place your hands behind my head and gentle push yourself up against my face as I lick up all the juices that have flowed freely from you and you can feel yet another organism building inside you as I wrap my arms around your legs and my fingers run lightly up and down your thigh’s only this time your organism is building deeper inside you slowly as I lick your lips and slide a finger inside you rubbing your clit in small circles and my tongue slides between your lips you feel your organism building stronger and stronger as I savor your juice and I gently nipple on your clit with my teeth building and building your organism swells inside you and your moans grow louder and louder as you hips wiggle and squirm beneath my face until it explodes thru you and you jam your hips up against my face and you pull down hard on the back of my head forcing me to rub your clit with my nose as your juices rush out of you like a flood coating my tongue with the taste of you and your moans become screams of passion and your body is racked with uncontrollable jerks as the organisms wash over you again in wave after wave of pleasure slowly as they subside and you lay back you feel me kissing my way back up your body until I lick your nipples that have hardened into little pebbles and you moan in pleasure and you feel me kissing my way up to your neck you open your eyes and smile up at me and say why did you not cum and I just smile at you and say kimmy I wanted to taste your juices
Then you say to me ok ross lay on your back and you roll us over so that you are on top and you reach down and yet again grab a hold of me my hardness undimmed by what has happened so far you take me and rub my cock against you lips now wet with your juices and rub me against you feeling my trust up trying to enter you and you look down and just giggle saying ross do you want me and I just moan out kimmy I’ve always wanted you wanted to be in you wanted to be right here since the first time we met and you giggle and say yes I know and then you thrust yourself down onto me hard so that all of me is in you and you hear me moan a deep moan filled with passion and you ride my hard cock faster and faster with every downward thrust of your hips you feel me thrusting up into you till we are like a machine working hard and both of us moaning in passion and pleasure my hands grabbing your butt kneading and caressing it and you lean forward so that your breasts are within reach of my mouth and you say lick my nipples ross make me cum again and I do sucking hard on first one then the other as your hips move up and down faster and faster and you feel yet another organism building in you and your moans as I lick your nipples your moans build in volume and you feel my thrusts building faster and faster driving my manhood deep into you and I can feel you squeezing me with the muscles in your pussy an you start to moan now ross now and I moan back oh god yes kimmy yes then just as you reach the peak you feel my cock swell inside you
Then just as your organism starts you feel me explode deep inside you and you feel it wash and fill you to the point where it starts to leak out of you around my cock that is still deep inside you and you lean down kissing me on my lips and say ross can we do this again and you see me smile up at you and say kimmy I belong to you and you can have me any time you want and I enjoy you as much as you enjoy me
to that I laugh and say to you kimmy I always want to be in you every day and every night I want to be inside you and feel you wrapping around me and then you start wiggling your hips on me and my cock is still hard so I smile up at you and say to you ok kimmy ride me as hard as you can because I want to cum as many times as you can tonight so long into the night you ride me Cumming several more times and later I pull out of you and lick you having you cum on my face several more times till
we both notice that the sun is starting to rise and you say ok we best be going home and I look at you and say in a little bit and I reach over grabbing you and rolling you onto your back and I slide deep into you and a ram my cock into you hard and fast like I am in a rush and you wrap your legs around my hips wiggling and screaming against me as you feel me going harder and harder driving my rock hard cock deep inside you until I almost start to explode in you yet again with my cum and then we kiss deeply passionately and you say time for a good morning bang as i pull out of you and my cum shoot across your belly and tits and then we get up and you lick mry cock clean and we get dressed

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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