Trip with Sub Wife to Adult Bookstore

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Trip with Sub Wife to Adult Bookstore
Last Saturday night I decide that I would take my sub wife to,a local adult bookstore since we have not been in a few months. I walked with her to our bedroom and looked at what I wanted her to wear. I found gartebelt, nylons, shelf bra and 6″ red fuck me heels and a leather collar that had SLUT in studs on it. I told her to get herself ready shaved and her blond wig since she has a bald head. I left her and told her she had 2 hrs to get ready. She took a long hot bath and shoved hernpussy and her head and started to get dressed. She called down and asked me if I wanted her to wear makeup I said yes heavy. I see her walk down the stairs and she looks great I look at her and her make up is heavy. I walk to her and ask her if she wants to go as she is or wants to wear a coat. She says a coat I say ok. I attach a leash to her and add leather cuff to wrists and attach. I lead her out of house to our car she sits in front and I seat belt her in and unbutton her raincoat. We drive across town and when we stop I roll down the window so any trucker can see her tits. We finally park in the in the lot and I lead her in.
We we look around not very crowded we walk to the clothing section and the girl that is working in the section walks over and asks if she can help. I say sure I then remove my subs coat she is not even startled as she looks at he. She does say you have a nice looking sub. Sir. She shows us some leather items a lace up bustier I said looks nice can we try it on? The girl says sure follow me. We walk to a small room and the girl removes my subs bra and then places the bustier around her and clipped the front hooks in place then turned wife around and started to lace her up and soon wife was gasping for air. Her breasts were fully exposed now and she was bound up. The girl said I have something in the back that your sub will like. He say ok. She walks to back room and when she returns she has a mouth spreader with a funnel attached and she hands to me. I say no,you can attach it to her. I say open up and she does not and I grab her nipple and twist and she starts to open mouth and I place in mouth and buckle it behind her head. I look anther and say to her master doesn’t she look great. He says what do you else have here she walks away and return s with an inflatable butt plug. He tells me to insert it in her ass. I grab some lube from the counter and she does bend and I lube her asshole and butt plug. I slide the butt plug in her ass it slide in easily. I hand bulb to master to inflate and he says for me to pump,her up I pump it 3 times and she try’s to scream but she cannot. I remove the inflated rube and look at her master and tell her she is ready for,our porn theater. We walk across the store and the sales girl asked her boss if she can stay with us. He says yes but they need to pay for the admission. Master hands over $20.00.

As we walk in we stand in back till,eyes are getting used to the dark. The screen has a girl getting pounded in all holes. As soon as eyes are ready the girl,leads me I up and down the aisles and I see more guys sitting in th seats and countered about 30. As we walk around the young girl makes sure that all she my sub wife. The girl finall stops,me in the front of the theater and announces to everyone that we have a special guest for you guys. I have a sub here that is here for you to feed her you cum guys. The girl helps my sub to kneel and she then also stands and removes her blouse and pants and she is also naked and then master walk to the sub and pulls the wig off exposing her bald head. The young girl says ok guys you can come up and master ate on the sub and I will be here to,help you I will be what is called a FLUFFER I will not let you cum on me you must cum on her I will stroke you and suck you but you must cum in the funnel and you can also cum on her too.

Just then hen the master saw 8 guys rush forward and the young girl starts to stroke then and one shoves his cock in the mouth and as she is doing this 2 guys just walk up and unload in the funnel and some on her face.
Soon the guys are using the FLUFFER leave her and walk over and unload in and on wife. The their is a circle around the young girl and she strokes them and then one after another walk to wife and unload on her and in funnel. I turn and see if their are any more and the crowd has subsided. Master tells me to take the mouth spreader and funnel out and you see the funnel is full and their is a cork in bottom of funnel. The master tells both of us to lay down on the cum filled floor and have your mouths next to each other and he says to the young girl to kiss the sub and licked the cum off her face and feed it to her. I,start to,lick and sway cum. The he says ok face to face mouths close to each other. He stands above us and uncorks the funnel and the cum flows over both of our faces covering us both. He says ok both ofmyouncan stand up and cum is dripping down both of their faces and over they breasts. I saw you both are a mess. I reach in pocket and take a dog collar out and clip on the sales girl and then I un cuff my sub wife and then apply one cuff to the young girl. And then attach a leash to both of the girls. I lead them from the theater and as we are leaving guys are walking back in and they see. Now my two subs covered. I walk out of back to the manager and hand him an envelope and say your sales girl is coming with me she might be back to work next week but do not schedule her for a while.

I wlak both subs out of the front naked cuffed and chummed on we walk across the parking lot and I open trunk and say ok sluts get in and they get in and soon they are in 69 position in trunk and I say girls you can eat each other till we get home.

i close trunk and drive to home and I open trunk and they are going at it in the trunk I pull them from trunk and walk them into the house. I stand my sub wife up and tell the girl to kneel. I walk over and attach the hose to butt plug and deflate plug and pull it from her ass. I tell,the girl to crawl over and rim my slave she crawls over and runs her toungue in and around her tight rose bud.

she finishes and stand them both up side by side and un cuff them remove collars and leashes and ask thenm both if they have a comment on the scene. My sub wife said she loved the cum and she said that she did like the sale girl and asked if she can play with her some more.

I askred red the sales girl her name and she said it was Christie. I asked her did you enjoy the scene she saidvshecdid and would love to be a collared sub with us. I asked her age and she said 20 and lived alone and she always wanted to be owned and sun missive and that she was bi.

I turned to to my sub wife and asked her if she wanted another sub in the group knowing that we also have Stephanie and she is full time sub live in and now do we want Christie as part of the family.

she thought for a minute and said yes if Christie is up for it I would very much like her to be part of the sub family.

christies answer was thank you thank you very much.

i say very well Take her and both of you get cleaned up and we will sleep together tonight and her trading will start tomorrow. Good night subs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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