Trish, Kate and me: part two

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Trish, Kate and me: part two
After the events of the previous story, things changed in our class. My mate flunked his exams on the retry and quit school. Another boy, let’s call him Klay, came and quickly became my best friend.

The girls (Trish, Kate en Mel), Klay and me became a sort of organism on our own that year. There were other people in our class, but they were satellites. The core of the room was us. We’d sneak our hands down another one’s pants during math class. We’d lick an earlobe at lunch. Sometimes there were boyfriends and girlfriends from outside our group, but they never last. That ambiance, that intertwining friendship, became the closest thing I ever had to the relationship those k**s in The Dreamers had with each other. Klay and me never did anything with each other, but the girls had no reservations.

We were in a boarding school. When the boys went to their separate dormitories to smoke week and sleep, the girls had their very own chambers of secrets, where stuff happened that to this day, I do not know the full extent of. But I do know of two double sided dildo’s. That’s something.

Early that summer, ten months after the events in the abandoned school building of the previous story, Mel had her birthday party at her home. We would all spend the night.

It started normal enough, but once Mel’s parents left us alone, things went haywire fast. Trish and I started kissing heavily in the garden by the campfire we had set up. We’ been wanting to do this all evening but been holding back until the parents left. As I was sliding my hands up her legs under her dress, she whispered in my ear: “I want only you tonight, and I want you to only want me.”

Mel and Klay looked like they made a similar pact and disappeared to the attic where we’d all sleep. Kate felt guilty and hung out with the other classmates, who were once again excluded from the organism that was us.

To have some privacy, Trish and I too hurried to the attic, where the other two were rolling around intensely. We scuffled past them, I threw Trish on a mattress and went to work. The dress had to go. I had trouble with her bra, which was sort of see through lace lingerie, so I just janked it and pulled it over her head. She didn’t mind. Soon enough, my clothes had vanished too, and Trish, after licking pretty much every corner of my teenage body, went down on me. Three meters to my right, I saw Klay was going down on Mel. She moaned, lifted her ass up as to push her pussy harder against Klay’s mouth. We exchanged looks. She looked so hot. This was all again so fucking hot. I wanted more.

Trish looked pleased to just let me finish in her mouth. She wasn’t a virgin anymore, but we’d never done it with each other. That was pretty much the last border to cross. I needed to cross it.

I held her head and pulled her to my side. I carefully lay one hand on her thong. ‘Do you want to?’ I asked. She didn’t say anything, but, in one smooth move, started kissing my neck and escorted my hand under her panties. She was so wet. Even though we’d done so much with each other, I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. I rubbed her clit until she came, then pulled her panties to the side as I’d seen in porn clips and entered her. Very gently. I looked to Mel and Klay again, I’d completely forgotten about their existence. It seemed like they had finished each other. Klay was naked on the farthest side of the attic, rolling a joint. Mel was looking at us. She’d been looking, it seemed, for a while. When we crossed eyes, she crawled over and kissed both of us. No tongue, just a sweet, warm, long kiss on the mouth as Trish and I were slowly fucking missionary style. Then she was off again, put her dress over her naked body and went down with Klay to smoke that joint.

The sex was as good as it can be at our young age. We only changed position once (from me on top to her on top), then she let me cum on her perky bosom. We hugged for minutes on end afterwards, I didn’t care I got my cum all over me.

Eventually we came down too and we all actually had a pretty good time. Everybody got nice and drunk, Kate loosened up, we all went to bed together. Trish was hammered and fell asleep instantly in my arms. I let her roll over a bit so I had my arm free again and chatted in whispers for a while with Kate, talking her through what Trish and I did. Mid conversation, she put my hand on her breasts and kissed me. “I want it next time”, she said.

Then we fell asleep. The next morning (noon, really) we had brunch and Mel started taking pictures again, something she stopped doing when things started heating up the night before. I still have that photo album today. In two of them, you can see giant hickeys on my neck as Trish and I are looking at each other, smiling.

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